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We are all forever inquisitive about our future and how life’s going to pan out in order to make some sense out of our chaotic daily lives. And, it is this curious nature that attracts us to various ‘alternate sciences’ like palmistry, astrology, numerology, etc, to get a sneak peek into what lies ahead. These sciences may or may not be scientifically proven, but of late, scientists have been doing a lot of research with regards to the effects of the month that we are born in. They have found that our birth months indeed influence our health (1), personality, and career (2), etc. to name a few. Armed with this knowledge, we have compiled some of the important aspects of what your birth month says about your personality.

1. January

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People born in January are stubborn, sensitive, smart, loving, and loyal. They are prone to colds and most likely develop Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s, or Epilepsy, later in life. This is because they are not exposed to much sunlight while they are still in the womb and the first months of their life.

2. February

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The February born babies are intelligent, clever, shy, yet temperamental. They are ambitious and rebellious. Due to the lack of sunlight exposure during their first few months, babies born in February tend to prefer evening hours more than morning, which is likely to make them prone to sleep disorders.

3. March

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People born in March are affectionate, honest, and attractive. They are also hot-headed and make hasty decisions. Babies born in March are generally deprived of Vitamin D, which requires sunlight to get activated, in the womb. Because of this, their respiratory development may be hindered, making them prone to asthma.

4. April

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People born in April may come across as bossy and impulsive. But their perceived bossiness stems from their inborn leadership qualities, charisma, and creativity. Lack of sunlight inside the womb may make babies born in April prone to depression, autism, or seasonal affective disorder.

5. May

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Often perceived as stubborn or stone-hearted, people born in May are actually loving and sensitive. They have a good imagination and are highly motivated. However, they are at greater risk of diabetes or glaucoma. During certain months, a fetus requires sunlight even in the womb, the lack of which interferes in development stages and could also result in lower IQ levels.

6. June

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People born in June are polite, talkative, funny, and humorous, but also gossip mongers. Babies born in June get enough amount of sunlight exposure inside the womb as well as after birth. However, since they are deprived of the same in early stages of development inside the womb, they are more likely to suffer from vision issues.

7. July

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Fun-loving, secretive, and witty–people born in July imbibe all these qualities with a generous dose of optimism. Their optimism is rooted in the fact that they received ample sunlight inside the womb followed by the first few months outside. While this makes them more likely to be happy than others, they may also be short-sighted (myopic) due to lack of sunlight in the womb during the initial months.

8. August

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August-born people are attractive, brave, and jealous. Their leadership qualities make them great philanthropists. They may also exhibit low levels of resistance to illnesses. Because of this, they are more likely to struggle in academics, with frequent illnesses and missed classes.

9. September

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People born in September are suave, calm, and clever. They are, however, overly critical about things and tend to bottle up their feelings. According to Institute of Fiscal Studies, UK, the highest school achievers have been those born in September as they’re the oldest in their classes and may master new concepts easily (3).

10. October

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People born in October are loyal, opinionated, decisive, and emotional. But they are also easily hurt and get angry often. People born in October live the longest, on an average 160 days longer. This is because, during pregnancy, they received an optimum amount of sunlight.

11. November

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The November-born people are forward-thinking, brilliant, and dynamic. However, they have no control over their emotions and are known to be pessimistic. Their pessimism stems from being born during the cold months and deprived of dopamine, the “happy chemical”, which requires a good dose of sunlight to thrive.

12. December

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People born in December are loyal, patriotic, honest, and trustworthy. But they are also short tempered. Since babies born in December experience extremely cold weathers, they are most likely to suffer from allergies or asthma. Also, lack of sunlight in the first few months of their life can also make them prone to bipolar disorders.

Your birth month personality traits may not predict your future accurately, but they do give you ample insights into the kind of issues you may face in the future. So, take good care of your health and prepare yourself for future issues, if any.

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