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Your best friend is someone who knows you better than anybody. So, when it is their special day, why don’t you send them a thoughtful birthday letter to best friend instead of normal wishes? When you send your best buddy a letter with your feelings in it, it makes them feel special, and they will know how much they mean to you. Letters are personal, and in the age of digital media and instant messaging apps, a letter will show how much you care for them and value your friendship. We have combined several birthday letters for your best friend in this post. Scroll down and take your pick.

35 Birthday Letters To Best Friend

Explore the most unique and heartfelt birthday letters for best friends that make an outstanding share with your pal.

Best Friend Birthday Letters

Here are some warm birthday letters that can be used for expressing your love to your buddy.

1. Dearest bestie,

Wishing you a happy birthday!

You are the strongest support in my life, and I am blessed to have a true friend like you who has always stood by me through the most challenging times. On your birthday, I wish that all your dreams come true and you are showered with happiness and success in life.

2. To my bestie,

Happy birthday dear!

Sometimes I feel that had you not been there in my life, it would have been such a boring and dull life. You are the cheese to my pizza and maple syrup to my pancake because I cannot imagine my life without you.

Cheers to all the amazing memories we have created together! I cannot wait to make many more.

3. Happy birthday, bestie!

Life is adventurous, fun, and thrilling when you are with me because there is so much energy and positivity surrounding me. Having you as my best friend is nothing less than a blessing, as you are the only constant in my life who has always stood by me through thick and thin.

On your special day, I pray for lots of smiles and good luck for you.

4. To my best friend

Friends for life

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I still look back to when I first met you in kindergarten, and we connected instantly. Nobody would have thought that we will come this far, but now I know that we are friends for life and no matter what happens in the future, we are always going to stick around.

Warm wishes on your birthday, my dear!

5. Happy birthday to my best friend

It is not easy to live with you, but it is all the more difficult to live without you. You are that friend to me who will first laugh at me when I fall and then come to help me. But no matter how crazy and weird you are, you will always be my special friend and will find me right next to you.

6. To my best friend

Happy birthday, dear!

I never missed having a sister because I always had you by my side. You have helped me through my Math problems and my relationship troubles. I cannot imagine my life without you because you are an essential part of it.

7. Happy birthday, bestie!

Special person in the entire world

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On your special day, I want to tell you that you are the most special person to me in this entire world. You are my partner-in-crime and my companion in everything I do. The way our wavelengths match, I sometimes feel that you can hear me even when I am not talking. I am so lucky to have you as my friend.

8. My dear best friend,

Wishing you a happy birthday!

You are the friend who defines true friendship. You have always been there with me, extending the support and affection I needed. When you are with me, I feel the happiest and the strongest because you are the strongest pillar for me.

9. Happy birthday, dear

Having you around is like having happiness around. Since we used to share our books to the times when we share our problems, it has been an incredible journey. I sometimes feel that had I not found a friend in you, my life would have been so much different and difficult. I am blessed to have you!

10. My bestie,

Wishing you a happy birthday!

You are the most precious gift given to me by God. The way you understand and support me is something that cannot be expressed in words. I pray to God that our friendship always stays strong, and we keep creating beautiful memories to make this life all the more incredible.

Touching Birthday Letters To Friend

Let the words do their magic, send warm greetings, and express your feelings through beautiful birthday letters.

11. Dearest bestie,

Today is your special day, but it is also a day that gives me all the reasons to celebrate. I am blessed to have found a true friend in you who is the shoulder I can cry on and my biggest strength. On your birthday, I wish that you always stay happy, healthy, and blessed.

12. Bestie,

Happy birthday to you!

No words in this world are enough to express what you mean to me. You are that friend who is also a family. You are that friend who has always supported me and stood by me through the most challenging times. I hope our friendship always stays the same, no matter how old we get and how the course of life changes.

13. Happy birthday, dear

Today is the day when I look back and cherish all the beautiful memories that we both have created together. I remember our drunk parties, sleepovers, late-night conversations, and all the good times we have had. Thank you for filling my life with such lovely memories that always bring a smile to my face.

14. Dear,

I have found a confidant, a sister in you

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We meet so many people in our life, but there are a few who touch our hearts, and you are that one special person who has touched my life in so many ways. After I met you, I have found a confidant in you, a sister in you. You have always been there with me, extending all your support and love.

Warm greetings on your birthday to you.

15. Happy birthday!

Your presence in my life is God’s way of telling me that he cares for me. I may not have told you, but I strongly feel that I have found a true friend like you because of the good karma. You have always understood me, heard me, supported me, and believed in me. Thank you for always being there for me.

16. Bestie,

When I found you, I found a missing piece from the puzzle of my life that I searched for long. Since the times we have become friends, my life has been happy and cheerful. I will always cherish the late-night phone calls, honest pieces of advice, and never-ending conversations that we have had because they have been the best part of our relationship.

17. Happy birthday!

A friend like you is rare to find, and I find myself extremely lucky to have you. You have always been a true and honest friend to me who has brightened my days with smiles. When I am with you, I don’t need words to talk because you understand me and my feelings beyond words. You are the sunshine that God has blessed me with, and I can never be more thankful.

18. Dear,

Having someone who loves you even when you are at your worst is a blessing. You are the one who gives me strength when I am weak. You are the one who supports me when I need it the most. You are the one who completes me and my life.
With lots of love, I wish you a happy birthday!

19. To my loving bestie,

You have taught me the real meaning of friendship. It is not just about partying together, but it is about standing with each other. On your special day, I wish that all your dreams come true and you are showered with the best of happiness, health, and opportunities in life.

20. Dearest friend,

Having you around has always brought countless joys into my life. There are so many times that I had laughed with you when all I wanted to do was cry. I remember so many moments when I broke down, but you were there to hold me and give me strength. Thanks for being there for me every time.

Funny Birthday Letter To Best Friend

These birthday letters are drafted with a hint of humor to make your pal laugh.

21. Bestie,

We are blessed to have eachother

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Sometimes, we don’t realize how lucky we are, and therefore, we need others to make us realize that we are blessed. On your birthday, I just wanted to remind you that you have no idea how blessed you are to have a friend like me.

22. Happy birthday, dear!

You are such an adorable sweetheart that no gift can match your cuteness and worth. Therefore, I am just sending my warm wishes to you on your special day.

23. Dear,

I am always going to be your friend in need. Whenever you tumble, you will always have me help you get up back on your feet, but only after I have laughed enough.

Happy birthday to you.

24. Warm wishes on your birthday!

There is no one in this world as excited as me for your birthday. You don’t know, but I have been fasting for the last three days to ensure that I do complete justice to your birthday celebrations.

25. Dearest friend,

I believe in sending warm wishes and lots of love on birthdays because they are more precious than presents. But I certainly believe in celebrations and parties, on special occasions like these. So, what have you got for me?

Short Letters To My Best Friend On Birthday

These short, sweet, and precise birthday letters to a friend make a thoughtful share on your buddy’s special day.

26. Bestie,

You are the sunshine to my life and the smile on my face. On your birthday, let us celebrate by counting the lives you have touched. May every day of this upcoming year be filled with beautiful smiles and lovely moments for you.

27. Happy birthday, dear!

I am always more excited about your birthday than you are because it is the most special day to me as you were born. May you continue to spread smiles and continue to move ahead in life. With lots of love, I wish you a blessed and cheerful year ahead.

28. Dear pal,

Beautiful smiles and lovely moments

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On your birthday, I look back to all the amazing memories that we have created together and look forward to creating many more beautiful memories with you to cherish when we are old. Happy birthday to you!

29. Bestie,

When you are with me, I see a different world around me because you make everything look so much more incredible and cheerful. I wish we are always together with each other to experience and explore life.

30. My dear friend,

Since the first day we met, we have gotten along so well as if we were always meant to be together. We have grown together from crazy kids to mature adults, but no matter how old we will get, our friendship will always remain the same.

31. Happy birthday, bestie!

On your special day, I want to tell you that having you in my life has made me a much better person because I have someone who understands me and believes in me like no one else in this world. I am blessed to have you.

32. My best friend,

Together we can win this world because we are pure magic. I wish that the synergy of our friendship keeps spreading positive vibes in our lives and keeps us bonded together, today and forever.

33. Warm greetings on your birthday!

It is so difficult to find true friends in life, but I think I just got lucky as I have you with me. You have always been my strongest support and biggest strength, and when you are with me, I know everything is going to be alright.

34. A very happy birthday

The one person without whom my smiles are dull and life is incomplete is you. Bestie, you are the only one who fills my life with colors of happiness and goodness. Spending a little time with you makes my day a cheerful one.

35. Dear,

I always wonder when I haven’t met you, my life was so boring and since the time you arrived, each day is full of high spirits and new hopes. You have brought so much positivity and good luck into my life that I have no words to thank you.

Letter writing may have become a thing of the past, but the feelings they carry can never become old. Best friends add fun to your lives and are a place of comfort. So, writing a birthday letter to a best friend can be the most meaningful thing to do on their special day. Use the samples given to create your personalized letter. Make it special by adding your love and warmth. It will be something your friend will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Infographic: A Few More Birthday Letters

In case you are unable to pick from the options given above, here is an infographic containing an additional list of birthday letters that you can use to write your best friend a heartfelt message and make them feel special. So read through the infographic and choose the one(s) that you can relate with the most, and also remember to save it for future reference.

birthday letters to friends [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

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