70+ Beautiful Birthday Poems For Aunts

Make your aunt feel special and loved by sending her beautiful poetry. You don’t have to write it as our post brings you a collection of birthday poems for aunt and makes your work easy. When she has pampered you with so much love and care all through your life, she deserves mention on her special day. So, write down the poem on a card and give her some chocolates, a bouquet, or something she likes. She will like your gesture and will be glad to have you in her life. So, strengthen your bond with your lovely aunt and enjoy a good time with her.

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Birthday Poems For Aunts

Your aunt is like your mother, who always wishes to see you happy and successful. So, on her birthday, surprise her with a lovely poem or some thoughtful verses.

1. Aunt Your Birthday Gives A Sense Of Euphoria

When I get good grades in school
You are the first person to know
When I get a new dress
You are the first one I want to show
When I achieve something
You are the first to hear about the same
When I feel a sense of euphoria
What comes to mind is your name
When I face a difficulty
I try to think how you would advise
When I am down in the dumps
I rejuvenate thinking of our memories so nice
In summary, this simply means
That everything I say and do
Everything I feel and think
Is somehow linked to you
Happy birthday, aunt!

2. Happy Birthday

The world was blessed with your beauty on this very special day.
Thank you for being so truly great with the amazing personality you portray.

Your grace cannot be matched as it’s unique in every way.
Your heart cannot be snatched as you give love freely anyway.

What I wish for you is for all your dreams to come shining through.
What I pray for you is for your success, which is overdue.

Happy birthday to you from someone who truly appreciates you.
Happy birthday to you for all the good work that you always do.

–-Vashni Kelly

3. Aunt’s Grand Birthday

Dear aunt, there’s no one quite like you,
You’re spunky, funny, and perky—it’s true.
When I heard it was your birthday I just couldn’t resist.
For your birthday I hope you have quite a day, a very grand birthday, that’s what I wished.

4. B – Is For Birthday

H – is for the Happiest of all days
A – is for All the wishes and praise
P – is for the Presents you’ll open with delight
P – is for the Party that will last into the night
Y – is for the Year leading up to your day

B – is for the Balloons a celebration they’ll say
I – is for the Ice cream to have with your cake
R – is for the Ribbons and decorations you’ll make
T – is for the Theme you’ll decided to throw
H – is for the Hats made with confetti and a bow
D – is for the Day you know will be fun
A – is for Another great year that is done
Y – is for Your special day.

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Hip-hip hooray!

–Erika L. Shields

5. Happy Birthday To Awesome Aunt

Aunts like you are awesome
Everyone should have an aunt so terrific
Aunts like you are comforting
Not just that, you are also inspiring
Aunts like you make life beautiful
Fun, enjoyable, and colorful
Aunts like you are a true example
Of their role in life being indisputable
Aunts like you are worth looking forward to
Happy birthday dear aunt, I love you.

6. Sweet Birthday To You

A wish for lots of birthday fun
To last until the day is done.
Hoping that all your wishes comes true,
and your birthday cake is as sweet as you!


7. Aunt, You’re Always There For Me

When my parents are too busy, and touch have had too much,
I can always count on you to get in touch
I wanted to say happy birthday to you,
You always have a special place with me, it’s true.

8. Love And Hugs

A bunch of flowers,
A homemade cake,
That special gift,
A birthday steak.

A Facebook greeting,
And a cyber card.
We hold these gifts
In high regard.

But the greatest gift
I can truly say
Is our love and hugs
On your special day.

–Pamela J. Langdon

9. To Mother Like Aunt

To mother like aunt, birthday poem

Image: IStock

Aunts are a lot like mothers
But slightly different
They come without the yelling
And they aren’t so blunt
They also shower
Treats more often
And do things that are
A lot of fun
They hardly ever nag
And are always ready to play
All they bring is joy
In their niece or nephew’s way
From such lovely aunts
All mothers should take cue
If every mother was like you
Happy birthday.

10. Birthday

On this special day so bright and gay,
We celebrate you in every way.
Aunt of love, so kind and true,
Happy birthday with all our love for you!


11. Hurray! It’s Aunt’s Birthday

Cake and balloons make the day a party, and today is the perfect day for that.
Today is birthday its finally here I want you know that you are a dear,
You are my aunt and I love and adore you so much. Happy birthday dear aunt.

12. Birthday Wishes

To my dear aunt, on this special day,
With love and joy, we’re here to say,
Your presence in our lives is a gift so grand,
On your birthday, we applaud and stand.


13. Missing You On Your Birthday, Aunt

Although we don’t meet often
You are always in my mind
I think of you many times
Even through life’s daily grind
Although I haven’t seen you
Since quite a long while
Thinking of you always makes
My face lights up with a smile
I miss you a lot, dear aunt
On this special occasion
I send you lots of hugs
Since I can’t be there in person
Happy birthday.

14. A Loving Aunt Like You

With a loving aunt whose so sweet
And different ways to meet and greet
An aunt who always spreads the smile
Not for a day but all the while
My aunt you know you are the best
In everything that you do
You really have no clue
That I so love you
On your special day today
Wish you an amazing birthday
God bless you!

– Unknown

15. Happy Birthday To Special Aunt

There is a reason why
Aunts were sent on this earth
Of love and affection
Because there was a dearth
Then God decided to spew
And bless you with his magic
That’s how aunts were born
To make life fantastic
Happy birthday aunt.

16. You Are The First One

You are the first person I open my heart to
It’s been this way from the start
The first one to know my secrets
The first one to know about my gain
You are the aunt anyone would love to have
Without you life would be all bane
You are the most wonderful aunt
On your special day today
Wishing you a great birthday, my auntie.
Stay blessed in life!


17. Sweetest Aunt’s Birthday

Hope your special day is filled with happiness and joy
You are a wonderful, bright, amazing person
You deserve nothing but laughter and smiles on your special day
May today be filled with peace and happiness
I hope that there are many more days like this one, happy and simple
I hope that these days outweigh the bad ones
I hope that when the bad times do come, that you are strong enough to get through them, and know that your family is always here to love you.
To many more!
Happy birthday, aunty.

18. I Don’t Need A Friend In Life

I don’t need a friend in life
And I don’t need a reason to survive
Coz having an amazing aunt like you
I feel happy all day and true
You always listen to what I have to say
You are always there come what may
You are so pretty from in and out
I would like to give you a shout out
That have an amazing birthday
Stay blessed today and each day
You are simply the best!
Many happy returns of the day.


19. Family’s Best Aunt’s Birthday

In our family tree, you will
Always be the best leaf for me
For I cannot imagine
My life without your company
Even when seasons change, often
And strong winds blow over the tree
I know that as my aunt
You will always hold on to me
Happy birthday.

20. Aunts Are Always The Best

Aunts are always called as second mothers in life
Aunts give some love in time
The way they care and the way they share
You know that they are always there
They do things to please you
And you know that they are lovely too
So, for a wonderful aunt like you
There is a super thank you
Happy birthday to you
Have a blessed day ahead!


21. Best Wishes To My Idol

I look up to you
In every way
I try to be like you
Every single day
I ape the best
Of your personality
I do everything to get
A bit of you in me
This is how much
To me you are special
Happy birthday aunt
You are my idol.

22. So Many Fun Things With You

So many fun things I do with you
You bring lots of things and new
The many faces of your love
And that grace is there you know
An aunt like you is hard to find
An aunt like you is just so awesome
So, thank you for all the love that you give
And I feel so blessed to have you
Happy birthday to the most wonderful aunt!
God bless you!


23. Adorable Aunt’s Birthday

Happy happy birthday!
I can not thank you enough or express in words how special a person you are
You are truly one of a kind
You are generous and kind
a friend and a mentor
wise and quick-witted
you are everything I could ask for and more
You always put others find, including me
and I can’t thank you enough for that
you deserve all the best on your special day
I hope you have a great time celebrating!

24. We Can’t Meet Everyday

We can’t meet every day as you are busy
Nor we can talk on the phone
But I know that you care for me
And I know that you are always there
So loving is your grace
And that motherly trace
I don’t have words to describe my love for you
Just want to say that I truly do
Thanks for everything my aunt
Have a great birthday, aunt.


25. Wishing On Your Birthday, If You Were My Elder Sister

If I had an elder sis
She would be just like you
If I did something wrong
She would scold me black and blue
If I tried to use her stuff
She would try to drive me away
But if I would go to her with a problem
She would help me any day
She would share her bedroom with me
And I would share my life with her
I wish you weren’t my aunt
But my adorable and kindhearted elder sister
Happy birthday!

26. Blessed Are Always In Ways

Blessings are always in different forms
You are the silent blessing in my life
You share my life and all my sorrows
You give my new hope for tomorrow
You inspire me to be as I am
You motivate me all along
And tell me to be all strong
A loving relation that I have with you
I have with only one and few
To a lovely aunt of mine
Wishing a very happy birthday to you!
God bless you! Love you, auntie.


27. Dear Aunt

Dear aunt, birthday poem

Image: Shutterstock

You are my agony aunt
In the true sense
I can call you any time
To discuss anything intense
Even if I feel like
Laughing for no reason
The person I would call
Dear aunt, you are the one
Happy birthday.

28. Aunts Are The Best

Aunts are truly like angels on earth
They shower with so much affection and care
They are there in your every need
And the way they help you to take the lead
Aunts are like angels who love you without reason
No matter what is the season
Thy are the other name for love
There is only care and no shove
Thanks for being such a wonderful aunt that you are
Wishing a very happy birthday to you


29. Time For Treat, It’s Aunt’s Birthday

I hope today is one for the books
I hope you smile more than you frown
and I hope that your cake is pineapple and upside down
or carrot or chocolate, or whichever you choose
I hope it’s exactly what you want,
because it’s your day and you can have whatever you like.
May your day be everything you hope for and more,
wishing you and your family a wonderful day filled with laughter and memories and many more to come!

30. I Can’t Imagine My Life

I can’t imagine a single day without you
Actually you are my friend and aunt so true
When I am in the spot
The first thing I do is that I call you
On your special day my aunt
I want to confess that you have a special place in my heart
From the beginning and from the start
Wishing a very happy birthday to you.


31. Cute Aunt Of Cute Niece

An aunt like you
To a niece like me
You make my life
Carefree and bubbly
Although there is a large
Age gap between us
We get along like besties
Without any fuss
We aren’t just like
Any other aunt and niece
Of my life’s puzzle
You are a precious piece
Happy birthday

32. Some People Are Plain

Some people are plain lucky in life
And I am one of those
Having a wonderful aunt like you
Is like raising a toast
So many fun sessions and good laughs
Things we do for fun
When you always motivate me
To be the number one
You are too good in every way
And I just want to say
Stay blessed in life!
Wishing you a great birthday!


33. Aunt’s Birthday Means Sweet Treats

Your birthday should be made
Aunt’s Day officially
For you, are the best aunt
That can ever be
I am going to give
Sweet treats to many people
As a tribute from me
To an aunt so lovable and filled with generosity
Happy birthday.

34. You Have A Special Place

You have a special place in my heart
Right from the very start
So blessed to have a loving aunt like you
Whose always been there in life
Whether in my happiness
Or in my every strive
Today I want to wish you well
For it’s a special day for you
You are the best, know that my aunt
Wishing a lovely birthday to you.


35. Aunt You Are Precious

My friends become
Full of envy
Whenever they know
That you are with me
Everyone knows that you are
My heart’s precious piece
And that I have always been
Your most favorite niece
Happy birthday aunt.

36. I Have Not Only Shared

I have not only shared my happiness
But I also shared my pain
You were the one to stop my tears
When I used to cry in vain
You guided me along my way
You motivated me every single day
You have had a big role to play
And I thank you for always being there
You have truly been there and I
Know that you also care
I love you a lot my aunt
Wishing you a very happy birthday!


37. Sincere Birthday Wishes

Sincerely making
A birthday wish for you
Is none other than
Your dearest nephew
Hoping for the best
To happen to you
Wishing you get
Success which is due
Happy birthday.

38. You Are So Comforting

You are so comforting in life
With you, I have all the time
I feel free to express my heart with you
I feel so free when I talk to you
Am I blessed because I have
Such a pretty aunt like you
Whose so special in every way
Who makes efforts to make my day
Thank you so much for your love
Thank you so much for your care
Wishing you a very happy birthday
Have an amazing day!


39. Dear Aunt, Life Without You Is Empty

Dear Aunt, Life Without You Is Empty, birthday poem

Image: Shutterstock

To my dearest aunt
Family gatherings
Would be so boring
If not for you
I would be yawning
Family portraits
Would look so empty
Without your presence
Pictures would be dreary
If not for our memories
There would be no nostalgia
Life would be colorless
In monotone sepia
Happy birthday

40. I Can Call You My Mom

I can call you my second mom
You have a huge role to play in my life
You have not only motivated me
But also helped me in my strive
You have scolded me I know
You have also made me smile
With you, I have a rapport so great
I know it is called as good fate
That I have an amazing aunt like you
To start with, I simply love you
Enjoy your special day, my dear aunt.


41. To Angel Aunt

A thoughtful soul of kindness,
A great big heart of love,
A gentle caring spirit,
An angel from above.
My auntie is quite perfect,
So on this special day,
I want to tell her that I love her,
She deserves a great joyous birthday.
Have An Amazing Birthday!

42. The Joy That You Bring In Life

The joy that you bring in my life is immense
Whenever I am with you, I am never tensed
There is a sense of freedom and happiness
That can be seen on my face
For an aunt so special
You have the most amazing grace
Be the kind of person you are
I know that you are so lovely
Wishing you a very happy birthday
I pray that you stay blessed each day!


43. Happy Birthday To Best Aunt

You are an aunt
Beyond compare
In front of you I can
Lay my heart bare
You know me inside out
You are my confidante
That’s why I always claim
To have the world’s best aunt
Happy birthday

44. I Know That We Don’t See

I know that we do not see each other
I know that we are busy in life
But let me tell you oh my aunt
That you have a special place in spite
You are so adorable let me tell you
It is always a happy face with you
Over the years this bond has become
So very special without a cue
Stay this way is all I wish to tell you
Enjoy your birthday!


45. Life’s Special With You, Aunt

Maybe when I become
An aunt like you one day
I will realize why
You always behaved this way
Why you have always
Showered so much love on me
And also why you have
Treated me so affectionately
Until then, I want you to
Set the perfect example
So please continue making
My life so special
Happy birthday!

46. The Love And The Affection

The love and the affection that you give
Can’t be compared with anything else,
The warmth that you have in your eyes
And all the lessons you have given me
To be a lot more wise
It is so wonderful to have an aunt like you
Whose always been there and through
I hope that this love stays forever in life
I wish you a great year ahead, aunt.


47. Happy Birthday To Fantastic Aunt

My aunt is one fantastic lady,
known me since I was a baby.
Brings the sweetest treats in town
and molds a smile out of a frown!
She always make me feel special;
she pinched my cheeks covered in freckles.
I am so glad to spend this day
making such a grand display!
Happy Birthday Aunt!

48. I Call My Mom And Dad

I call my mom and dad my family
I call my brothers and sisters too
But without your name my aunt
It’s surely incomplete in through
Because you are special in every way
Without talking to you my aunt
I can’t simply imagine my day
My love for you will never change
Happiest birthday to you my aunt
May you always stay blessed in life!


49. Happy Birthday To Favorite Aunt

My aunt is my favorite
For she always brings me
Sweet treats and games
That makes me happy
I don’t how she always
Manages to figure
What is the thing
That I always desire
Happy birthday

50. You Have Had The Biggest Influence

You have had the biggest influence in my life
Actually, I can call you my role model
I have learned so many things from you
In all the moments old and new
You guided me along my way
You have helped me to have my say
The bond that I share with you
Is truly special so to say
Thank you my lovely aunt for everything
Thank you my aunt for being a wonderful person
Happiest birthday to you
Have an amazing day too!


51. Missing Aunt On Her Birthday

Missing Aunt On Her Birthday Poem

Image: Shutterstock

The one place where
I always go
When there is something
That I don’t know
That is none other
Than my aunt’s place
Where I’m always welcomed
With her smiling face
Happy birthday aunt!

52. For All The Amazing Drives

For all the amazing drives with you
For those scoops of ice cream I share
I silently know about you my aunt
I know that you always care
You want good for me in life
You want that I find success in through
On this special day of yours
There is something I also want to tell you
You will always have a special place in my heart
It’s been this way from the start
Happiest birthday to you my dear
Don’t forget to spread the cheer!


53. To The Coolest Aunt

Aunts are special women
who specialize in fun days
and awesome gifts.
They don’t act like mothers,
and act more like friends,
which is why “cool aunt” exists.
As far as aunts go,
I’m pretty sure I have one of the coolest.
Happy birthday!

54. I Have A Special Aunty

I have a special aunty,
Who is very kind to me,
She takes me on shopping trips,
And invites me round for tea.
She never has a grumble,
You never hear her moan,
And if I haven’t seen her for awhile,
She’s always on the phone.
So now it is her birthday,
She deserves the very best,
For having an aunty so caring.
I have been greatly blessed.

–Janyce Cotterill

55. Auntie You Are My Bestie

Calling you aunt
Is just a formality
For I think of you
As my bestie
I can chat with you
Late into the night
Until I figure out
What is wrong and right
We have ties of blood
Not just because we’re family
But because we are friends
Who love each other dearly
Happy birthday.

56. To Our Auntie

Auntie we think of you
Auntie we care
Auntie you live so far away

Auntie we love you
Auntie your special
Auntie have a fantastic day

Have a special birthday.

–Belinda Ellingham

57. I Remember Your Birthday Aunty

You’ve always been there
To send birthday cards and call
When I need support and love
I love you, and that’s not all
You’re smart and loving
And your family and friends care
We all love you
And we just want to share
A happy birthday to you!

58. Special Aunt

You are a special aunty
No other can compare
you’re always been there for me
you’re always been wise and fair,
so this birthday card is sent to you
which is full of love and best wishes
to hope your day is special
till your special day finishes.

–Susan Smith

59. My Aunt

To my dear aunt, on your special day,
With love and warmth, we’ll brightly convey,
You’re a treasure in every single way,
Happy birthday, in every moment, you shine like a ray!

60. Birthday Wishes To Social Media Freak Aunt

I could have used Facebook
To send you a ping
I could have downloaded
A birthday card from Bing
I could have used Google
To look for birthday wishes
But you deserve nothing less
Than lots of hugs and kisses
Happy birthday aunt.

61. Happy Birthday Auntie

Our calendar says it’s a special day
The time to make a fuss
It’s time to say ‘Happy Birthday Auntie’
With love from all of us.’

–Hilda Mullinger

62. Facebook Told It’s Your Birthday Auntie

Dear aunt
I could have just wrote on facebook
For your birthday
But you deserve better than that
And I just wanted to say
How much I love you
For all of your love and support
I hope your birthday is wonderful!

63. To My Wonderful Auntie

I hope you have a fabulous day
You have always been great to me
And there when I need you,
I could not ask for a better aunt
I wish you a very happy birthday.

–Margaret Mullan

64. Come, Let’s Celebrate Your Day, Aunt

You should visit us more often
Meeting so rarely is just not done
Although you are so busy
I wish you’d take more time out for me
But since you are far away
I wish you a happy birthday
Through this sweet greeting card
May you spend the day partying hard
Happy birthday.

65. It Is Your Birthday!

So much more than an auntie to me
A very good friend to me of course
Someone who’s always there for me
Thank you for all you have done
I hope you have the best day ever.

–Laura Jones

66. Dear Aunt, You Are God’s Best Gift

As sweet as a macaroon
In my life, you are a boon
As tangy as candy
You always make me happy
Just like a really good meal
Everyone’s hearts, you steal
The taste of your care, I will savor
Not just now but forever
Happy birthday aunt. I am always thankful for you!

67. Best Aunt

Happy Birthday
to the best Aunt
in the world
And if they have Aunts
on the moon,
you’ll be the best
one there too
Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

–Julie Hassall

68. To My Dearest Aunt

Mom likes you because
You are the best
Dad likes you because
You are better than the rest
All the cousins like you because
You are the life of the family
But I like admire you because
You bring out the best in me
Happy birthday, aunt.

69. Auntie

Auntie dear Auntie
your the greatest one i have
your like a friend to me
instead of my Aunt
you open up your arms
when you see me coming
so can i say a wish for you
For the best birthday

–Tracey Richardson

70. Auntie, You Always In My Heart

Aunt always in my heart poem

Image: Shutterstock

My best memories are the ones
Of all the time that I have spent
With you and the family
Full of crazy fun and enjoyment
The best moments of my life
Have been the ones with your presence
If not for you, life’s memoir
Would lack joy and exuberance
Happy birthday.

71. Happy Birthday Auntie

An Auntie as nice as you
Deserves a very special Day,
So we hope that this one is
extra special for you
Happy Birthday.

–Diane Vermeer

Note: The poems in this collection are not original works of MomJunction but have been sourced from various authors. No claim of ownership is being made by us. Credit has been given wherever the details were available. If you are the original author of any poem and wish to have it credited or removed, please contact us. We value the creative rights of authors and will address your request promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I write a heartfelt birthday poem for my aunt?

When writing a heartfelt birthday poem for your aunt, consider her admirable qualities and the precious moments you shared. You can also use emotive language to express your fond feelings. Also, you may add meaningful quotes or phrases that reflect your relationship with her.

2. How can I personalize a birthday poem for my aunt?

Adding a personal touch to a birthday poem for your aunt can enhance its significance and preciousness. So, try including any stories, inside jokes, or adventures you shared with your aunt in the birthday poem.

3. What are some creative ways to express my love for my aunt in a birthday poem?

Some creative ways to express your love for your aunt in a birthday poem are metaphors, similes, and a little humor. You can take inspiration from similar poems and create your version that captures the bond of friendship you share with your aunt.

The idea behind birthday poems for aunts is to use the opportunity to show your love and gratitude towards them. They have been there for you and are almost like your parents. They feel delighted to be a part of everything you go through and would love to be made to feel special by you. So on this particular day, choose the most accurate poem for your favorite aunt and show your affection. Ensure to find something that perfectly describes your relationship with her and see her face brightening up with a wide smile.

Birthday wishes for a wonderful aunty! This video will let your aunt know how much she means to you.

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