35 Best Birthday Poems For Grandma

Best Birthday Poems For Grandma

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Grandmother’s birthday is a special day. On this big day, grandma came into the world and made it a better place to live in. She is a blessing to the family, and therefore, she needs all the love she deserves. Make this day memorable for her by celebrating with your family.

How about wishing her with a special poem to make the occasion more memorable? Send her a poem via text, create a beautiful handmade greeting card with a handwritten birthday poem, or recite a poem during the cake-cutting ceremony.
She will appreciate the gesture and shower you with all the love, care, and warm hugs.

Poems For Grandma’s Birthday

Choose a birthday poem for grandmother and read it aloud to her. The beautiful lady needs your love and care on her special day.

1 My Grandmother’s Beautiful Smile

Happy Birthday, Grandma.
Your ready smile reassures me,
Oh yes, everything is going to be all right,
and what I said or did, no longer matters.
Open arms welcome home those who’ve strayed.
Like sun shining on still water, your smile warms my heart.
Soft-spoken words make me brave whenever I’m afraid.
Your wisdom reaches beyond the boundaries of judgment,
and I find acceptance and unconditional love.
You’ve taught me that second chances are real,
When I want to describe what love is, Grandmother, I simply say your name.

—Sally Painter

2 You Are Too Good

You are the laughter that brightens up my life,
You are the most amazing grandma,
You give me hope to lead a good life,
On your birthday dear grandma,
Let me thank you endless times,
And I am proud to call you mine,
Love you,
Wish you a very happy birthday!

3 Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma,
Your special day is here.
It’s one your grandkids wait for
With anticipation each year.
You do so much for us, Grandma,
And now it is our turn,
To show how much we love you,
And all the respect you’ve earned.

—Kelly Roper

4 A Grand Mom Like You

Happy birthday to the most adorable grandma I know,
Not many gestures to show,
But, you have been like a pillar of my might,
With you, lovely is my every sight,
Your shade of warmth means a lot,
From my most loving and respecting thought,
I love you a lot grandma
Happy birthday to you!

5 Loving Memories

This birthday poem is in appreciation of you, Grandma.
It holds all the loving memories we’ve shared over the years.
Like the first time we baked cookies, all covered in flour and giggling,
All those tears you dried and generous kisses you gave,
Listening to your soft hum as you rocked me to sleep,
Your hugs, always so comforting.

When I think of you, Grandma, I can feel the sunshine on my face,
Relive so many rainy days creating crafts on the porch,
or hear those heartfelt songs we sang,
And remember the sweet scent of freshly picked strawberries lingering.
Vignettes of life with you, Grandma, I cherish every day,
And when I think of home, Grandma, I always think of you.

—Sally Painter

6 You Are The Reason Behind My Success

You have taught me enough
And so I can face this life with ease though it is tough
I will cherish in my heart every word of yours
And use them continuously in life’s course
I will employ your words for inspiration anytime I get upset
Because I know they will make me the best
Happy birthday, granny

7 Birthday Wishes To My Kind Grandma

I have grown to know you as a person no one can reject
Because you are full of love and kindness
Every word that comes out of your lips give inspiration and direction to the confused mind
You’ve showed me so much love that nothing I can ever do can repay you in kind
Happy birthday, Granny
Today, is the day God brought an angel to live amongst the human race
Yes, it is you, Granny, you’re an angel
With you by my side, there’s nothing I can’t face
Whenever I’m in your company, all my doubts disappear
Thank you for driving away all my fear
And wiping away my every tear
Granny, you are such a dear—
Happy birthday

Poems for grandma from granddaughter

Grandmother and granddaughter share a special bond. They are like best friends, who love to spend long hours together. Check out these birthday poems for grandma from granddaughter.

8 Sweet Wishes For Sweet Grandma

For your cookies and cooking
For your laughter and your singing
For your stories and your love
I want to wish you the happiest of days as we celebrate your wonderful ways.
Happy Birthday, Grandma!

9 Wise Grandma

Grandmas are repositories
Of knowledge
Of life
Sharing stories
Of substance
Of lessons
Of strife
With each year
And each birthday
They get better with age
Starring actors in society’s
Play on the stage

10 To Be Like You, Grandmother

Your watchful eye protects me, mostly from myself.
Your unconditional love encourages me to be myself.
Your confidence empowers me to try new things
While your laughter fills me with hope.
Your many acts of kindness soften my heart and make me stronger.
Under your guidance, I have grown and someday,
When someone calls me grandmother,
I pray she feels the same way about me.

—Sally Painter

11 My Grandma, My Fortune Cookie

Many years ago, a wonderful woman was born,
A woman I used to bake cookies with.
And even now, we still have a great time together.
Despite our age difference,
I want you to have a happy birthday, Gran.

12 Salute To You, Grandma

I owe you a lot because you never led me astray
When sorrow and trouble tried catching me, you kept them at bay
Every day, you show me that you are not just a mother but a GRAND mother
With you by my side, I don’t need any other
You still loved me even though I often caused you bother
No amount of gift can convey my love for you
In my heart you will always stay
Grandmother, do have a wonderful birthday

13. Wonderful Grandma

A woman so wonderful
With sophisticated grace
With a great sense of humor
And a beautiful face
A woman like wine
Getting better with age
Whose love is important
With the wisdom of a sage
Is obviously my grandma
And today of all days
Is to tell her she’s special
Happy Birthday!

14. A Blessing To Us

God gave us a saint
when you created you
out of love and kindness
and the scent of gardens.
You have the soul of an angel
and the laughter of a bell.
God bless you on your birthday.

15. Childhood Memories Of Grandma

Grandma, on this special day, I’m so grateful you were born!
Your presence in my life, is a blessing cherished every day, especially today.
From the first moment you held me and whispered my name, I felt loved,
And as I grew, you guided and taught me how to live.
It’s no secret, Grandma, that I was the envy of my friends; they wanted you for their own.
My birthday wish for you, Grandma, is that you receive
all you’ve given to me:
A love that knows no bounds,
Kindness that’s gentle and guiding,
Patience that has no beginning or end,
A caring that stretches beyond family and friends,
Laughter so infectious,
And the joy of living with those you love.

Happy Birthday, Grandmother, from your adoring grandchild.

—Sally Painter

16. I May Depend On You

I may depend on you for everything
I may even shout at times
But you have been so good
You took all in your stride
With that happy smile on your face
And your loving and charming grace
Granny you are simply awesome
Have a lovely day today
Coz it’s your birthday!
Stay blessed in life!

17. Love You, Grandmother

All of this,
All of them, they started with you
You are the reason we sit here today
To laugh and love and learn and play
If not for you, I would have no birthday
I wouldn’t exist
You started all this
And I couldn’t be more grateful to you
For giving me this family, this love, and this life
Today we celebrate you, and all that you are
I love you grandma!

18. I Love You Grandma

Who has the tenderness of a mother?
Who has the wisdom of a schoolteacher?
Who has the tricks of the magician?
Who has the ability to see the world through a child’s eye?
Who has the stories about Mum and Dad?
Who has always loved me no matter what I do?
Who has the songs to sing to me when I am blue?
Of course, it is my Grandma,
And I love you and you blessed my life!

—Catherine Pulsifer

19. Grandma, My Greatest Teacher

From you I have learned
All the secrets of life
how to bake cookies
and be a good wife.
To me you are a miracle
of wisdom and charm,
the strength of a woman
growing up on the farm.
You teach me the values
that you hold so dear
that life is worth living
and there is nothing to fear!
Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Poems for grandma from grandson

Boys are mischievous and naughty in their childhood. It’s the grandma who shapes the future of her grandson and makes him a gentleman. On grandmother’s birthday, wish her like a gentleman. Choose a sweet poem and make her special day memorable.

20. From Your Favorite

Happy Birthday, Grandma
from your favorite grandson.
We don’t say that in front of the others,
But we both know I’m the one!

—Kelly Roper

21. In Bliss With You

All the blissful years that you gave me,
All the things you made me see,
The special efforts you took for me,
You gave me glee,
Even when you were not well,
All this while could not thank you,
So, would like to do it today,
Thank you so much grandma,
I love you a lot,
Happy birthday to you,
You are special, and one in few!

22. Sweet And Loving Grandma

Sweet and loving is the heart that lies in your chest
You are very wise and extremely smart
I couldn’t have asked for a better grandmother
You’re simply the best
Endearing and comforting are the words that come out of your lips
And so I religiously listen to your advice all the time
I shall love you forever
Happy birthday, grandmother

23. Many Times That I Have Tried

Many times I have tried to tell you
That you play the most important role
You have always been with me
To achieve my every goal
You are so selfless and your love is so true
I am so blessed to have a loving granny like you
My super granny I so love you,
Wishing a very happy birthday to you!
God bless you!

24. You Are Worth More Than Gold

Happy birthday to a lady who is worth more than gold,
You haven’t been told how much we hold you dear to our hearts.
Today we will start loving you more because you are just so grand,
We have a plan to let you know how we love you so,
And today we start anew with all the good things to do.
Happy Birthday Grandma.

25. Birthday Wishes To My Energetic Grandma

Age is just a number
You still smile like a baby
Wonder like a child
Are crazy like a teenager
And dance like you’re in your twenties
Don’t ever stop being you
The years come and they go
But you have, and always will be
My favorite contradiction
My favorite ball of fire
Happy Birthday Grandma, I love you!

26. I Can Count On You

I can count my blessings because I have you in my life
You have been there with me in my every strive
You love me and support me
You also shout at me
But for me to become a better person to thee
Granny I simply love you to thee
Happy birthday to you!
May god bless you!
You are a granny one in few!

27. Happy Birthday Grandma

To my sweet grandma, who taught me everything,

You are still able to outshine me,
Despite the fact that I’m younger,
You are the sun in our lives and we love you.

28. You Are My Life You Know

You have that defining age,
You have that charming grace
Today on your special birthday,
All I would like to say is,
Stay young and sexy as you are
You shine bright like a star
Oh my lovely granny dear
Be as you are really are,
I love you so much!
Happy birthday to you!
God bless you!

29. My Special Grandma

Grandma you are so special,
There’s no one quite like you,
You always know just what to say,
And always what to do.
And so today’s your birthday,
And I am very blessed,
To have you for my Grandma,
You are the very best!
Happy Birthday, Grandma

30. My Angel Grandma

Your comforting words always kept my sadness at bay
You thoroughly cared for me in every way
Your ears were always opened to my childish words
And with smiles, you answered every question I had
By your side, I will always stay
For your happiness, I will always pray
May the Heavens bless you abundantly as you celebrate your special day
Grandpa, do have a happy birthday

31. I Love To Visit Grandma

I love to visit Grandma
She likes to play and sing
She takes me to the park
To push me on the swing
She always has a smile
And a pocket full of sweets
She makes the most amazing cakes
And other delicious treats!
Happy Birthday Grandma

32. Birthday Wishes To Adorable Grandma

Our bond is unbreakable,
oh Grandmother dear,
and we grow even closer
with each passing year.
Our life is full of memories;
those of brunches and of songs,
telling our tales
and laughing along.
You grow so refined,
full of wisdom and laughter,
elegant beauty
and a sweet ever after!
Happy Birthday Grandma!

33. Grandmother’s Special Day

for once, sit down and rest
in your favorite armchair
and let the rest of us
cater to you.
Let us cook dinner
and bake cookies and cake
and spoil you with gifts.
And meanwhile,
tell us stories that we haven’t heard
or have forgotten
about the time before us
of memories you never get to share.
On your birthday, Grandma,
let us show our love for you.

34. Reason For My Smile

Whenever I feel down
Your words lift me up
Whenever there is depression in my heart
I become cheerful just by hearing your encouraging words
Oh, what a wonderful grandmotherI have
Happy birthday, dear grandma

35. My Precious Grandma

Happy Birthday, dear Grandma
Happy Birthday to you
Whose heart and whose mind
Are fair and are true
Whose care and affection
Are unparalleled
And whose capacity for love
Cannot be held
Happy Birthday, dear Grandma
Happy Birthday to you
Celebrate the amazing
One that is you.

Take inspiration from these poems and write a short yet sweet poem telling your grandma how special she is and how much your adore and love her. You sweet words can warm her heart and make her feel blessed. Also tell your grandma that her lovely stories and cookies are your favorite things in this world.