15 Sweet Birthday Poems For Niece

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A beautifully written birthday poem for niece would be a great way to express your love for her on her special day. Nieces always have a unique place in the hearts of their aunts and uncles. The relationship they share is as beautiful and warm as the one they share with siblings and best friends.

Uncles and aunts love their nieces unconditionally and support them in every way. So, when celebrating their birthdays, they make it as special as possible—they pamper them with gifts and plan a great celebration.

Here is a list of birthday poems for nieces. Read one to her during the celebrations to bring a beautiful smile to her face and create great memories for her to cherish.

15 Birthday Poems For Niece

Shower your niece with love and affection by sending loads of love in the form of these heartwarming birthday poems.

1. Beautiful Niece

Aunt reciting birthday poem for niece

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No niece in this world is comparable:
No niece in this world is as adorable,
No niece in this world is as extraordinary,
No niece in this world is as beautiful,
No niece in this world deserves as much as you.
Happy Birthday beautiful.

– Unknown

2. Colorful Life

A bright tone of yellow
For your bubbly personality-
A peaceful shade of white
For your soulful humility.

A lovely hue of pink
For your high spirits-
A sophisticated black
For your intelligence and wits.

A deep shade of cherry
For your myriad thoughts-
We wish you a colorful life
Because we love you lots.
Happy Birthday, Niece!

– Anonymous

3. At Times You Are Mine

At times, I am your friend
And other times your agony aunt
The things that your parents don’t allow
I am the one to grant
Sure, I have pampered you a lot I know
Sure, I care for you to show
But I know that you are a gem from within
A true gem from your heart
Stay blessed is my wish for you
It is like this from the start
Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece
God bless you!

– Anonymous

4. Special Niece

A niece is so special
She will fill your life with love
Like a rainbow made with sunshine
When rains fall from above
Precious memories she will give you
Many heartaches and some tears
She’s a treasure that is priceless
That will last you all your years
Happy Birthday

– Daisy Santiago

5. For A Special Niece

Niece is special for uncle

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I’m not sure where all the years have gone
But there’s one thing I want you to know,
You’ve been such a shining star in my life
And I’ve really loved watching you grow!

You’ve given me moments of laughter
And memories that warm the heart,
Of a Niece who’s an absolute treasure
A joy to be with from the start.

And though time has passed to quickly
I’m grateful and so proud to see,
That the beautiful woman before me
Is the woman I knew you would be!

– Mary Valencia

6. Darling Niece

Beautiful eyes, a tender heart
And a smile that’s very sweet,
Before you came into my life
It was very incomplete.

You always make me happy
You brighten up each day,
In the things, we do together
And all the things you say.

I just want you to know
And hope that you can see,
You are a precious person
That God has shared with me.
Happy birthday Niece!

– Anonymous

7. Amazing Soul

A niece is,
A rainbow on a rainy day,
A golden ray of sunshine,
A twinkling star in the night sky.
Someone who makes everything
just a little bit more special!
Have a wonderful birthday.

– Unknown

8. Princess Niece

Princess niece, birthday poem

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My niece, my little princess
You truly rule my heart,
In the story of my life
You are the best part.

Your sweet loving smile
And magical ways,
Bring happiness in my life
And joy that forever stays.
Happy Birthday!

– Jennifer Anne

9. About Aunts And Nieces

About Aunts and Nieces
There’s something
You should know
As time flies by, and years pass
Their love tends to grow and grow

In the grueling journey of life
When everything else withers away,
An aunt and a niece’s bond
Is something that will always stay…

– Angela Rhodes

10. To A Great Niece!

A day full of happy
A smile full of bright,
A mood full of sunny
A heart full of light.

A year full of peaceful
A sky full of blue,
A life full of lovely
For wonderful you!
Happy Birthday!

– Anonymous

11. The Day You Came In Life

Amazing niece birthday poem

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I have never seen an angel in life
But I only heard about the same
The day when you came into life
Is the day I saw its true
Bless to have the most amazing niece like you
So adorable to the core
And so cute in her ways
You make our lives pleasant
In every which ways
May your smile all through in life
Happy Birthday to you
God bless you!

– Unknown

12. Perfect Pair

You and me
Make the perfect twosome.
You and me
Make a pair awesome.
You and me
Are wonderful together.
You and me
Are like no other.
You and me
Are not just aunt and niece.
We are inseparable
Like pizza and cheese.
Happy birthday.

– Danielle Craigg

13. In Family Tree

In our family tree,
There is one person that you can see,
Who easily stands out
From the big crowd,
And that person is you,
Without whom our family couldn’t make do.
Happy Birthday!

– Unknown

14. Friends Are Jealous

All my friends are jealous
Because I have a niece like you.
They are envious that I am
Your aunt, that I’m one of those lucky few
Who gets to hang out
With a lovely young woman,
Who gets to share her life
With a niece who is so much fun.
Happy birthday!

– Anonymous

15. I Am So Happy As Its Your Big Day

Uncle wishes big day for niece

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I am so happy as it’s your big day
I am happy all along the way
You will feel a new ray of light
This will make your world so bright
Let go of all the inhibitions
As I advise you to pursue your dreams
Let of things I just want to tell you
Of things that really matter to you
My dear…Make the best out of your time
Make the best out of all the moments
Happiest Birthday wishes to you
May you stay blessed and through!

– Unknown

Nieces are beautiful angels who bring laughter and joy to your life. Your niece may not be your age, but you share a unique friendship with her that grows over time. So celebrate your special bond by sharing a heartfelt birthday poem with your niece. You can pick a poem from our list of sweet birthday poems for niece or pen down a personalized poem for her. Either way, let your poem be the tool to express your endless love, affection, and admiration for her.

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