70+ Best Birthday Poems For Sister

The relationship with your sister is unique and irreplaceable, and her birthday is not only a special occasion for her but also a time of celebration and felicitation for you. So, we bring you some heart-touching birthday poems for sister to help you express your love for her. You may argue and fight with your sibling but will also go to any length when it comes to protecting her and making her happy. Sisters are cool, stylish, fussy, bossy, and adorable and always hold a special place in your heart. They take care of you just like your mom and fulfill your every need. Sending heartfelt greetings in the form of a poem on her birthday will bring a beautiful smile to her face. Dive into this post for some thoughtful poems to wish and honor your sister on her birthday.

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70+ Birthday Poems For Sister

1. Birthday Wish

It’s your birthday time again;
It’s true; there’s no denying,
Another year has come and gone;
You know that I’m not lying.
So for you, the birthday person,
Here’s what I want to say:
I hope this birthday’s the best one yet,
In every delightful way.
So happy birthday to you.
Have lots of birthday fun!
May your birthday wishes all come true,
Even if you have a ton.
— Karl Fuchs

2. Happy Birthday Sis

Happy birthday little Sis,
Even though we fight sometimes,
but you know I still love you,
So I would just like to say happy birthday.

I wanna see your face always putting on a smile,
Can’t wait for one more mile.
Until I reach your birthday,
So happy to be in your birthday.

— Lily Stuart

3. Love and Light

Today, dear sister
Cakes, candles, and stars – all bright
Shine in love’s warm light.

–Benidamika J. Latam

4. My Wishes For You My Dear Sister

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
There’s so many things I just want to say.
You inspire many with your thoughts and actions,
We’re all so grateful for your calm reactions.

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
You’ve always been there when we needed you to stay.
Kindness and thoughtfulness is your forte,
Our love for you, we wish to convey.

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
We wish you the best, without any delay.
Hope you enjoy it, from beginning till the end,
Here’s a hug and kiss, we’re ready to send.

— Pretty Ene Davis

5. Happy Birthday My Beloved Sister

My dear sister, on your special day,
I’m sending all my love your way.

With each passing year, may you grow,
May your light shine bright, a radiant glow.
And may your laughter, smile, and grace,
Bring joy to every place.

Happy birthday, my dear sister,
May your day be full of bliss and laughter.

— Kavita Kankani

6. Years Gone By

Remembering the years gone by
The times we laugh, the times we cry.
Growing up with you, sister dear
Was a blessing, I see that clear.

And today as you celebrate
Don’t forget to eat a piece of cake.
Be glad of the years gone by
Don’t let this age make you sigh.

Happy Birthday to you Sis
A day that I wouldn’t miss.
I hope the coming year
Brings all to you that is dear!

–Catherine Pulsifer

7. Sisters for Life

Sisters for life; Birthday poems for sister

Image: IStock

From the beginning,
Together we grew.
You were willing,
And always knew what to do.

As time would escape us,
Now memories we cherish.
Though now we fight and make such a fuss,
From then do those memories, through our lives flourish.

You loved me ever so much,
That I always knew.
And I couldn’t have asked for a better older sister,
Than you.

— Danielle Singh

8. For My Companion For Life

Sister, you enter your third decade this year,
So, let’s raise a toast and have a hurrah.
You’re hitting the big three and zero,
But don’t you worry, my clothes will still fit you.
I have spent twenty-five of my years with you,
From riding cycles in the backyard to drinking rum,
We have come a long way.
However, your taste in music still needs a tweak!
You’re thirty now, so please take a pledge
You can’t blame your mistakes on your little sister anymore.
Even if you need prescription glasses to read this today,
Don’t you worry, age is just a number, albeit a growing one.
Keeping funny apart this special day,
May laughter and joy come your way.

– Pratibha

9. Always By Your Side

Hello and welcome to the world, dear sister,
For you were needed by the family,
You are a value addition, and we will,
Value your presence till eternity,
With each passing day and night,
We know that you are a sanguine sight,
With a heart so generous and a mind so bright,
Can we not call you the family`s light?


10. Happy Birthday My Only Sister

A world of wishes Sister,
Meant especially for you,
May all the nicest things be yours,
today and all year through!
Happy birthday, Sweet Sister

— Eunice Ratshivhadelo

11. A Birthday Candle

Thirty today, I saw
The trees flare briefly like
The candles on a cake,
As the sun went down the sky,
A momentary flash,
Yet there was time to wish

–Donald Justice, loc.org

12. The Passing Years

Age is a quality of mind:
If you have left your dreams behind,
If hope is lost,
If you no longer look ahead,
If your ambition’s fires are dead,
Then you are old.

But if from life you take the best
And if in life you keep the jest,
If love you hold,
No matter how the years go by,
No matter how the birthdays fly,
You are not old.

— Edward Tuck

13. Happy Birthday Sister

God gave me a beautiful gift when he gave me you.
Not only a big sister but a best friend too
To share times of laughter and memories.
You can’t put a price on precious times like these.
What a blessing to have you in my life
Always compassionate in times of hardships and strife.
Wishing you a Birthday making wonderful memories
With friends, family, and everything to please!

–Kathryn Ann, postpoetics.org

14. It Feels So Good With You

It feels so magical in your company.
We talk about so many things.
We talk about our hopes.
And things of the blings
We talk about our life to come.
And other things per se
You are the reason for my life.
Can’t even stay a day without you
Coz I simply love you.
For best sis forever
Happy birthday to you. God bless you!

— P. Knudsen

15. A Blessing

Sister, it seems like only yesterday
We had no worries, we just played.
And now the years have quickly passed
Our childhood years no longer last.

May this birthday be a blessed one
Filled with love and lots of fun.
May the coming year be also blessed
You’re a great sister, you’re the best.

–Catherine Pulsifer

16. A Birthday Gift

Birthday gift for sister

Image: IStock

No gift I bring but worship, and the love
Which all must bear to lovely souls and pure,
Those lights, that, when all else is dark, endure;
Stars in the night, to lift our eyes above;

To lift our eyes and hearts and make us move.
Less doubtful, though our journey be obscure,
Less fearful of its ending, being sure.
That they watch over us, where’er we rove.

And though my gift itself have little worth,
Yet worth it gains from her to whom `tis given,
As a weak flower gets color from the sun.
Or rather, as when angels walk the earth,
All things they look on take the look of heaven
For of those blessed angels thou art one.

— Robert Fuller Murray

17. Best Sister

But where did all the years go?
Was it yesterday we played in the snow?
Now the years have gone by fast,
But our memories will always last.

I just want to say to you
Happy Birthday, and who knew
What a great friend you are to me
You’re the best sister that could ever be.

–Catherine Pulsifer

18. Count Your Garden By the Flowers

Count your garden by the flowers
Never by the leaves that fall.
Count your day by golden hours
Don’t remember clouds at all.
Count your nights by stars, not shadows.
Count your life by smile, not tears.
And with joy on every birthday, Count your age by friends, not years…

— Edouard Zania

19. 21 Years Today

For thirteen years my sister you’ve been,
and I’m quite sure you’ve not always been keen
on me ruining your stuff and copying your style,
but you always forgot that after a while.

The love we share goes unprepared,
because it comes so naturally.
You see, the love we have is close,
it’s like our own melody.

I don’t know how to say it,
but believe me that it’s true.
There’s no sister in the world
that could ever compare to you.

So I’m wishing you a happy birthday,
one only I can say.
I say this from the heart,
have the greatest 21st birthday.


20. Here Is A Wish

Here is a wish that says:
Warm, happy hours be yours
Shadows are of passing note
But healing laughter cures.
Be, therefore, ever joyful, Friend,
And walk on gladsome feet
Towards tomorrow’s brand new dawn
And promise sweet!

— John McLeod

21. Sisterly Wishe

I know you care for my well-being
I can see your love for me
Sunny or rainy days
You make me calm
On all those messy days

Happy birthday, my sister.


22. As I Grow Old

God, keep my heart attuned to laughter
when youth is done;
when all the days are gray days, coming after
The warmth, the sun.
God keep me then from bitterness, from
When life seems cold;
God keep me always loving and believing
As I grow old.

— Arnold West

23. Happy Birthday, Super Star Sister

From the day you were born, I’ve watched you grow.
Into the nicest person, one could know.
Love changes everything, words oh so true.
My world changed the moment I first held you.

A baby sister who captured my heart,
Nothing and no one could tear us apart.
That goes for all those who love you to bits,
Especially your children and grandkids.

So bouncy and lively, zesty and bright,
That’s the way you go on sailing through life.
You light up a room, soon as you appear.
A gift to the world, so precious and dear.

May this special day and all days after
Be filled with abundant love and laughter.
Every moment a moment to treasure
For a sister who brings so much pleasure.

Never change from the woman that you are.
To us, sisters, you are a “Super Star.”

— Beryl L Edmonds, postpoetics.org

24. Age Is Not To Be Feared

Another birthday, another year
Remember though that age is not to be feared
You are just achieving your prime
Here’s to your health and living a long time

As they say, be happy, don’t worry
Enjoy your life and don’t be in a hurry
We take this opportunity to wish you
Happiness in all you do.

We appreciate your caring
Your always willingness for sharing
Thank you, for being you
We love you and all you do.

— Catherine Pulsifer

25. Warm Birthday Wishes

A life of prosperity and health,
And all that you can summon in terms of strength.
Luck and fortune should come your way,
And should keep you happy I must say
These are what I pray for you on your birthday,
And wish for your dreams to come true this very day…


26. We Want You To Know

Happiness you do bring
To those who love you so

If we could give you anything
We want you to know:

We wish much happiness for you
In everything you do.

And always remember we love you
No matter what you do

May all your wishes come true this year
Because to us you are very dear.

— Catherine Pulsifer

27. My Sister, My Little One

Like a bright and beautiful bouquet,
My sister shines on her special day.
The little one with a face so sweet,
Her love is the world’s best treat.
On her birthday, I promise a life of trust and support,
And unwavering commitment and life of comfort.


28. A Birthday Wish

This Birthday wish is just for you,
And I hope it comes true:

B e yourself, we love and appreciate you
I magine and achieve all you can be
R elax this day and celebrate another year
T ake time to look after you, you are so dear
H umor, never lose your sense of humor
D etermination you do have that great quality
A ttitude, yours is positive and felt by others
Y esterday is gone, tomorrow is not here, live today and enjoy the year.

— Catherine Pulsifer

29. Happy Birthday Sis

Yet another birthday and another reason to celebrate,
The birth of my sister so great.
I look up to you for all things in life,
Without you I wonder the extent of strife.
May life bestow only the best upon you,
And blow away everything blue.


30. Be Thankful

Be thankful; birthday poems for sister

Image: IStock

My sister, we no longer see each other every day,
But you’re in my thoughts in every way.
When you were young, you wanted to grow.
While now, our age is beginning to show.
Don’t be sad, be thankful, be glad.
Another birthday is to be had!

— Catherine Pulsifer

31. Good Times We Shared

Dear sister,
The good times that we share,
All that love and little care,
I really owe many things to you,
Because I so love you,
Happy birthday to my dear sister,
Keep smiling forever!


32. My Wish, Sister

My wish for you, my special sister, on this your birthday:
May Sunshine and happiness fill your life.
May Inner peace fill your heart.
May Smiles and laughter fill the coming year.
May Time be good to you.
May Encouraging people surround you.
May Relaxation find you on this day!

— Catherine Pulsifer

33. Happy Birthday Sister

Glad because of a sister like you
Who is loving and thoughtful too.

So on this birthday, I wish only the best
Don’t let your age make you feel stressed.
Celebrate and be happy for
Another year, for you in store.

May your dreams come true
You deserve it, you do.
Thanks for being a sister, a friend,
Happy Birthday, wishes I do send.

–Catherine Pulsifer

34. Another Year

I’m wishing you another year.
Of laughter, joy, and fun,
Surprises, love, and happiness,
And when your birthday’s done,

I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to me,
More than you can know.

— Joanna Fuchs

35. To My Dear Sis

Happy birthday to my sister,
Of all the things to me,
Your love being special,
For me to see,
You have a special place in heart,
No one can make us apart,
Have a lovely day ahead!


36. Happy Birthday, Special Treasure

God gave a gift to the world when you were born—
a person who loves, who cares,
who sees a person’s need and fills it,
who encourages and lifts people up,
who spends energy on others
rather than herself,
someone who touches each life she enters,
and makes a difference in the world,
because ripples of kindness flow outward
as each person you have touched touches others.
Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday,
because you are a special treasure
for all that you’ve done.
May the love you have shown to others
return to you multiplied.
I wish you the happiest of birthdays,
and many, many more,
so that others have time to appreciate you
as much as I do.

— Joanna Fuchs

37. Happy Happy Birthday

When I look at you, I see
A Sister who is always been
Happy and carefree.

May this birthday be a special one
That fills you with love
Celebrating all you have become.

Sister, I am so proud of you
In all you are
And all you do.

No one deserves it more
A birthday celebration
For sure.

Happy, Happy Birthday
We will sing out and cheer
For a sister, we love in every way!

–Catherine Pulsifer

38. Birthday Reflections

Your birthday’s a time for careful reflection.
About your life and its future direction.
You see where you’ve been when you look at the past;
Most of it’s great; you had quite a blast!

You wonder what’s coming, what life has in store;
Will it be just the same? Will there be a new door?
Remember this, as you blow out the last candle:
Life holds no challenge that you cannot handle.

— Joanna Fuchs

39. You Are Too Cool

Sometimes you are my mom,
Because of you I am so strong,
The many ways which you guide me along,
The difference between right and wrong,
I really love you to the core,
Can’t ask for anymore,
Happy birthday to you!
God bless you!


40. A Heartfelt Wish

This heartfelt wish is just for you
Today is your special day
May all the dreams you do pursue
Be realized in every way.

A special person you are to me
You deserve the best of everything
So may this birthday and the coming year be
One that offers you the best that life may bring.

— Kate Summers

41. Wishing You

Wishing you much happiness, dear
On this special day
And for the coming year
May blessings come your way.

Be thankful for each day you have
Thank God in heaven above
Fill your life with happy not sad
Remember you are loved.

— Kate Summers

42. We Are Like True Friends

We are true friends forever for life
I know we are connected by blood
So lucky to have a loving sister like you
So lucky to have you around and through
With whom I can share my life
With whom, I can share what I feel
You help me in all the times
When I am under the reel
Thanks for everything dear sis
I simply love you
With you life gives a new zeal
Happy birthday to you
God bless you!


43. Hard To Believe

It’s hard to believe you are celebrating another birthday
It was only yesterday your life was full of play
Now here you are with accomplishments in life
And your attitude is one without strife
We are so proud of you
We wish you success in all you do.
So on this day we wish you well
We think you are special and oh, how swell!

— Kate Summers

44. It’s Like A Dream For Me

It’s like a dream come true
Having a true sister like you
Always there to help me in need
Always there when I need to lead
Explain me if things are tough
Encourages me in the rough
So glad that you came in life
Coz I could not ask for more
With you life is fun galore
Love you lots my sis
Happy birthday to you
Sealed with a kiss!


45. Time Goes By

The years go by so fast
It seems like only yesterday
We had a birthday splash
And now a full year has again gone past.

Time goes by and then we see
How the years just seem to fly by
I know that you agree with me
It is a fact of life we can’t deny

So live this year
Be all that you can be
As we will turn around
And next year will be here.

— Kate Summers

46. We Fight Like No Other

We fight like cats and dogs
And we don’t speak for days
There are times when you show attitude
And I do that without any say
But at the end of the day
I know that you can’t live without me
And I truly can’t
As we are bonded together for life
As you are the reason why I survive
For a loving sis on her special day
A very happy birthday to you!
God bless you!


47. Sweet Sister

Sweet sister; birthday poems for sister

Image: IStock

Happy birthday,
sweet sister of mine.
Whenever I see you,
my heart seems to shine.

You’re a truly wonderful,
sweet sister and friend.
birthday hugs and kisses,
I’d like to extend.

Happy birthday,
sweet sister of mine.
It brings me joy,
when we just spend time.

I’m eternally grateful,
you’ve always been there.
Through your actions and words,
you show that you care.

Happy birthday,
sweet sister of mine.
Life with you,
is exceptionally fine.

I hope you enjoy,
another joyous year.
I promise my love,
shall always be near.

48. To My Awesome Sis

Happy birthday to my sis,
We fight a lot I know,
But, there are unsaid emotions to show,
Coz I know there is no one like you,
I am amongst the blessed few,
Because I have you,
I love you a lot,
Wish you a lovely day ahead!


49. Today

Today is the birthday,
of my sister and friend.
My love and my wishes,
I’m hoping to send.

She’s a beautiful person,
which is obviously clear.
I’d just like to wish her,
another great year.

Looking back at the times,
together we’ve spent.
So much to my soul,
they truly have meant.

I know that her birthday,
shall bring many close.
She blossoms and smiles,
just like a rose.

Today is her birthday,
and she is my gift.
Whenever I see her,
my spirit shall lift.

These words give no justice,
when I try to express my tribute,
for that place in my heart,
dedicated to her.

50. To You From The Heart

Hey do you know that you are the best,
Better than all the rest,
Coz there is not a single sis like you,
You are really one in few,
And to put in simple,
I so love you,
Happy birthday to you!


51. True Bond

You are my sister,
and we share a true bond.
It’s magically special,
like those stars way beyond.

I’m excited to celebrate,
since today is your day.
So many kind things,
I’m hoping to say.

It seems like our true bond,
has naturally grown.
Just like our long talks,
that we share on the phone.

Your success and happiness,
warms my mind and my soul.
To bring you joy on your birthday,
is my number one goal.

I know that our true bond,
shall only expand.
Since you are my sister,
and “We” is our brand.

52. Special Sister

Not just on your birthday,
but every day of the year
You’re a Sister who is special,
wonderful, amazing, and dear.

But on this day we celebrate
the year that you were born
You deserve a celebration with
cake, gifts, and a horn.

—Catherine Pulsifer

53. Just One Day You See

Just one day I did think
That what if you were not there
What if you did not care
I would have been lost in this world
With all the things I do not like
You held my hand through
In all the struggle and strive
So a loving thanks from me to you
With time and age our bond and love only grew
I love you a lot
From the most special thought
A very happy birthday to you
God bless you!


54. Rhymes With Wish

Hey sweet sister,
I nearly forgot.
About your birthday gift,
that I recently caught.

I’m really serious,
it’s not a joke.
I went totally organic,
since I’m extra broke.

It was a challenge,
to properly wrap.
To find this gift,
I needed a map.

Just make sure,
you open real slow.
It’s straight from my heart,
and not meant for show.

The very first thing,
you’ll probably think.
Why does this gift,
officially stink?

A “FINtastic” birthday,
I’d just like to wish.
So I caught you,
a smelly old fish.

55. Happy Birthday Sweetie

Happiest birthday, dear sibling of mine,
You are a reflection of mama,
You are a xerox of papa,
In you, we find all we have lost,
Including hope, love, care, and adoration,
For you are the backbone of our family,
The thread that joins the rosary beads,
Whom we call our family.


56. It’s A Small Wish

Happy birthday is just a small wish,
I have many things to say,
But, words would not be enough for you,
On this special day,
Let me tell you from my heart,
That you are the best,
In life’s every test
You stood with me,
Happy birthday to you!


57. A Sister Like You

Happy birthday,
you deserve a surprise.
Wish for anything,
and then open your eyes.

Wish for a car,
or maybe a book.
Or a new wardrobe,
with a new look.

Happy birthday,
you deserve all the best.
Your heart is so sweet,
I truly attest.

Since you were small,
you knew how to care.
A sister like you,
is officially rare.

Happy birthday,
a big hug is due.
Open your gift,
I won’t give a clue.

Whatever you wish for,
I hope it comes true.
I’m really fortunate,
to have a sister like you.

58. Yes I Know I Am Your Sister

Yes I know I am your sister
And that is the choice from the start
But the years of togetherness has surely
Bought you in my heart
I share a special bond
And the way that I care
Blessed as I have you in my life
So many memories I make with you
With you each day is cool and new
Thanks for being an awesome sister
Like you!
Wishing a happy birthday to you!
God bless you!


59. My World’s Greatest Sister

Birthdays come and go every year,
But we get to realize how,
Thankful we are, and our family is,
For your presence,
For your company,
For your undeterred courage,
And unfaltering hope,
For what it means to wish in chorus,
A happy birthday to you every year,
A happy birthday to you every year.


60. A Life Worth Sharing

From the beginning,
Our childhood years.
You stood by my side,
Like a shoreline’s high tide.

We journeyed through Everest,
Experiences and remembrances afar!
When I was in trouble,
You were always my double.

As we grew older,
We didn’t slow down.
From birthdays to weddings,
To a child’s cute beddings.

As time would escape us,
Your voice was so neat,
Memories to cherish,
A sister so sweet.

Happy birthday!
My partner in crime.
When we’re together,
Life seems so – sublime.

61. Such A Loving Sister

People say why you don’t have friends in life
I just have answer to give
When I have such a loving sister besides
Why I need friends in need
For she is my bestie and my friend
Love so true there is no pretend
A love that is only for you
Oh, my lovely loving sis like you
On this special day I want to tell you
That I truly love you!
Wishing a happy birthday to you!
God bless you!


62. A few words

A few words, painless and short,
It’s your birthday, be a sport.
At your age, you look great,
Have you been lifting weight?

Wish you health and all the best,
Joy and laughter, I suggest.
Happy birthday, one more time,
Times are tough; here’s a dime.

— Martin Dejnicki

63. Our Sisterly Bond

Life is a fabric and we are two threads
Continuously intertwining.
Our love for each other
As vast as the stars.
We may cry and laugh
But in every moment, our bond is steadfast.
Today, as the candles flicker bright,
I celebrate you, my dear, in love’s pure light.
–Benidamika J. Latam

64. Sister

Sister – love you….
love the memories we have,
the celebrations that we share
the family things we do.
Love all the ways
you show your love…
Just by being you.
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday
And know that you are loved in every way.

–Catherine Pulsifer

65. Your Birthday Is Here

Another year has passed,
Your birthday is here,
May this year bring joy,
Twelve months you hold dear.

Follow your true bliss,
Achieve all you can,
Dream the good dream,
Create a new plan.

This year will be great,
This I wish for you,
You deserve all you want,
May your dreams come true.

— Kevin Nishmas

66. Every Moment For You

My sister with you every moment is magical
The little talks about things
That sharing and caring ways
Those silly fights and stupid days
I remember every moment spent with you
With you my life has been perfect all through
For an amazing sis as you
Stay this way forever for I love you
Happy birthday to you!
God bless you!


67. Happy birthday!

Birthday poems for sister

Image: IStock

May you have a very happy birthday,
A celebration with family and friends,
Filled with whatever brings you joy,
The kind of joy that never ends.

With all the love your heart can hold,
And the utter joy birthdays bring,
May you have a truly special day,
You deserve the best of everything.

Let’s raise a glass and make a toast,
Wishing joy, peace, and health to you,
May your birthday be truly happy,
Full of love and life all day through.

— Kevin Nishmas

68. I May Ask The Lord

I ask God to give my sis
Everything that she needs
For she is my only love in life
The one that I care from my heart
Its this way from the start
A sister whose like a mom to me
I ask God to give her all the glee
On this super awesome day
I just want to say
You are the best my sis
Stay as loving as you are
Happy birthday to you
God bless you!


69. Joy Big And Small

My fondest wishes are for you,
Since today’s your special day,
May every dream you chase,
Come true and never stray.

You are so special to me,
You deserve the best of all,
May your birthday be ageless,
May you know joy big and small.

— Kevin Nishmas

70. Our Passions Are The Same

Our passions can be different in life
But we share the same kind of love
I may not always understand your ways
And there may be lots of fights in days
But at the end I now there is a loving sister like you
Whose always there to help me through
Have an amazing day my sis
As its your day to smile
All the way and While
Wish you an amazing birthday!


71. Another Year

Another birthday, another year
May you have problems that disappear
May you have health
And a bit of wealth
May you share
With those who care
May the coming year
Be one of good cheer.

— Theodore W. Higginsworth

72. It’s The Days With You

Birthday bliss that I share my sis
I cannot think of anything else
Just the loving days of the childhood
And the ways we used to pretend
We used to stand for each other
And we used to defend all the way
I just want you to know
No I just wish to say
That I feel so blessed to have a loving sister like you
So pure by heart and love so true
Happy birthday to you
God bless you!


73. Thinking Of You

Thinking of you today with love
You’re a special person who gives us much pleasure.
We thank God above
As He sent us a special treasure.

May this year bring you.
Success and happiness in all you do
A very Happy birthday
Is our wish for you!

— Theodore W. Higginsworth

74. A Sister That I Need

A sister needs no reason to explain
She does not need a thing to bling
For she understands what is in your heart
You feel bad when she is not around
You feel bad from the start
A sis like you whose like an angel to me
I ask God to give you all the glee
So that you keep smiling and through
Happy birthday to you
God bless you!


Note: The poems in this collection are not original works of MomJunction but have been sourced from various authors. No claim of ownership is being made by us. Credit has been given wherever the details were available. If you are the original author of any poem and wish to have it credited or removed, please contact us. We value the creative rights of authors and will address your request promptly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can writing a birthday poem for a sister help express my love and admiration?

Writing a poem for your sister on her birthday is a great way to express your affection and appreciation for her. Since poems are a great way to express sentiments and warmth that we may not be able to do otherwise, they will make her feel unique, cherished, and cared for.

2. Why is it important to give special attention to a sister’s birthday?

Since birthdays are unique occasions we celebrate every year, it reminds us how far we have come. Celebrating and giving special attention to your sister on this joyous and festive day will make her feel great joy, and you could also express your gratitude to her.

3. How can writing birthday poems for sisters help strengthen the bond between sisters?

Poems are a fantastic way to communicate love and deepen ties, but they are insufficient. Some factors that may strengthen your relationship with your sister are quality time spent together, meaningful conversations, mutual understanding, and support.

Birthdays are a wonderful occasion to celebrate with friends, family, and close relatives. They are filled with cheerfulness and togetherness, and your lovely sister’s birthday is all the more special. Birthday poems for sisters are a personal and unique gift you can give your sister on her special day. All sisters in the family share unique relationships, so pick a poem or a verse that best describes your special relationship with your sister from those given above. Alternatively, you could draw inspiration from the above poems and compose your own poem expressing your gladness to have her in your life. You could also write about your favorite moments together to bring a smile to her face.

Sisters are your best friends in every stage of life. When it’s their birthday, you must communicate your deepest happiness. Create the perfect birthday poem or letter with this video.

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