30+ Most Popular Birthday Party Themes For Girls

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Everyone gets excited about a birthday party and wants to make it memorable. However, the event should be more than just cutting cakes, exchanging gifts, and adorning the area with balloons. If you are looking for some birthday party themes for girls, our post can give you some ideas. The decoration is an indispensable part of every celebration. So, to make your birthday party stand out from others and give it a unique touch, you need to come up with a cool birthday theme. A great theme can elevate the overall mood of the party and make it even more exciting. Here we list down some birthday party ideas for girls to make your big day even special. However, you may improvise the theme based on your likes and interests.

Easy Color Themes For Birthday Parties

1. Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink birthday party themes for girls

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Does your baby girl love pink? Whip up a pink birthday party that she would cherish. You can go casual or make it a chic party according to your daughter’s style.

  • Start by getting a pretty pink birthday frock or gown for your girl.
  • Add extra pink strawberries and cherries to your pink cake.
  • Decorate the house with pink balloons, ribbons, and pom-poms.
  • Arrange for pink cupcakes, candies, and jellies. You can make some pink lemonade for the guests.
  • Use shades of pink for the curtains, tablecloths, and napkins.
  • Play guessing games by asking guests to name all the pink things.
  • Get pink fridge magnets or stationary as party favors.

2. Lavender’s blue dilly dilly

This is a perfect laid back theme that you can get creative with shades of lavender and blue.

  • Dress your princess up in a beautiful lavender trailing gown.
  • Set up the decor in shades of lavender, purple, or blue. A nice mix of purple and gold will blend well.
  • Get a black-current birthday cake and customize all the food with purple chocolate syrup or sparkles.
  • For a game, hide papercut lavender flowers around the house and have the little ones find them. The person who collects the most flowers wins.
  • Little lavender mirrors or photo frames would make great return gifts.

3. Shimmer and shine

Girls love shimmer and will love this theme.

  • Get your girl a bright shimmering dress of gold or silver.
  • Pitch shining pom-poms and balloons all around.
  • Decorate a photo booth or a background with stars and shimmer and invite the girls to click pictures before it.
  • Of course, you could add some shimmer and shine to the cake.
  • Play a little dress up game with all glittering accessories.
  • Add some glitter nail colors or some shining bracelets to the party favors list.

Classic Birthday Party Themes

4. Slumber party

Slumber birthday party themes for girls

Image: Shutterstock

Slumber parties are every teenage girl’s dream. There are tons of ideas you can use to add to the fun.

  • Throw a spa-themed sleepover party for the girls. Find some DIY recipes for lip gloss and face packs, and let the girls’ gossip and relax until the lights are out.
  • Get some glow in the dark supplies or make some of your own. Turn off the lights and enjoy the craziness of the neon T-shirts, nail polish, hair wigs, and glow sticks.
  • Have a lip-sync or a dance contest, play karaoke or just watch a movie.
  • Get artistic and make friendship bracelets and personalized diaries.

5. Tea party

A fine tea party is an elegant way to celebrate your little girl’s birthday.

  • Get creative while making the invites. Cut them out to look like a tea-bag or a teapot.
  • Ask your guests to dress up in chic summer outfits.
  • Set up tables and chairs and decorate them with flowers in teapots and light-colored streamers.
  • Finger sandwiches, biscuits, cookies, cupcakes, and macaroons are ideal for tea parties.
  • You may serve lemonade, hot chocolate, or iced team.
  • A game of tea leaf Pictionary or sugar cube stack would complete the day.
  • As a return gift, give your guests a satchel of tea accessories or a little container so that they can fill it up with sweets.

6. Picnic themed party

Enjoy a lovely warm summer day’s picnic on your little one’s birthday by inviting guests over to a nearby park or reinvent your backyard and have a picnic.

  • You can set up your own cozy shade with some blankets.
  • Have chalked signboards around to show guests the way to the picnic spot.
  • Distribute picnic party hats and decorate with some DIY beehive lanterns.
  • Spread out vibrant colored blankets and set up a picnic basket decorated with balloons at the center of each of them.
  • Serve fruits on sticks, watermelon pops, salads, and lemonade.
  • Spice things up with a scavenger hunt or a lemon and spoon race.
Do remember
Bring trash bags so you can leave the place as tidy and litter-free as you discovered. Compostable cups, napkins, and plates can be used to organize an eco-friendly celebration.

7. Outdoor pool party

Tea birthday party themes for girls

Image: Shutterstock

Outdoor pool parties can be fun, the perfect choice for a summer birthday bash. Whatever the size of your pool, these tips will help you throw a fun-filled pool party.

  • Decorate with some jellyfish lanterns and some beach ball garlands.
  • Throw in some balloons and inflatables into the pool.
  • Set the table with a striking mermaid theme or some popping and beach colors.
  • For food, set up an open snack table to keep your little guests. You can serve snow cone cupcakes, tasty popsicles, sand dollar cookies, jello, and some marmalade.
  • Engage the kids in games like water balloon piñata and sponge ball toss.
  • Get some cool shades, towels, and water bottles, or spray bottles for return gifts.

8. Costume party

A costume party is an incredible way to make your little girl’s special day a memorable one. Follow these tips and have fun.

  • Pick out a simple theme, inform your guests, and decorate accordingly. Turn your living room into a pirate ship or a royal castle based on your theme.
  • Pick up props and set the mood with inflatable balloons. You can hand out masks while welcoming guests and make it a masquerade.
  • Play a pirate treasure hunt or draw out a chalk obstacle course and let the kids enjoy it.
  • Get your darling daughter a customized cake that matches your theme.
  • Chips and dips, sandwiches, veggie sticks, fruit platters, pizza slices, and juice will keep your party-goers lively.

9. Ice cream themed birthday party

Ice creams are the best way to melt hearts. Little girls love ice cream, and an ice cream party is a perfect way to excite them on their big day. Make sure you have everything you need.

  • An ice cream cake.
  • Decorate in ice cream colors that highlight the flavors. You can buy ice cream themed decor or do it yourself with some easily available craft supplies.
  • Setting up a modern ice cream parlor or a traditional ice cream truck heightens the mood.
  • Lay-out the flavors you are serving, the toppings, and sprinkles. Make sure to label the containers, so that guests can make their customized ice creams.
  • Serve in themed scones and plates and use decorated spoons.
  • Tickle your taste buds with a blind-flavor-taste game.
  • Have some cute little jars ready so that your guests can pick up some ice cream or candy to snack on later.

10. Cupcake wars

Cupcake wars birthday party themes for girls

Image: Shutterstock

Cupcake wars are ideal if you are running short on time and can’t do much decoration. Just pull out or buy some baking and cake decorating tools, and you are all set to party.

  • Send out party invitations, and don’t forget to mention that you are having a ‘cupcake wars’ themed celebration.
  • You can allow the girls to bake their cupcakes from scratch or bake them yourself. Let them get creative with their cake decorations.
  • Make sure to have sufficient flavors (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and red velvet), sliced fruits, sprinkles, and whipped cream along with the piping and decorating tools.
  • To add to the fun, you can split the guests into teams and have them bake or decorate their cupcakes. The best wins.

Unique Custom Birthday Party Themes

11. Farmhouse party

If you miss the good old countryside, dress your little girl up as a cowgirl, set up a small indoor farm, and let the farmhouse fun begin.

  • You know the colors, red, white and cow! Decorate around the house with the classy red barn houses, hay bales, and cow patterns.
  • You can set up a snack table with a fence and serve themed foods.
  • Get innovative with hatching chicken eggs, hay bale rice crispy treats, and popcorn wrapped like cobs of corn.
  • You can serve fresh milk and crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots.
  • Have some great country music and play games based on farm animals.
  • A little basket of farmhouse takeaways like a bottle of milk, some cheese, and apples would be great as return gifts.

12. Underwater mermaid party

Underwater mermaid birthday party themes for girls

Image: Shutterstock

If your baby girl loves the sea and outings on the beach, an underwater mermaid party is a perfect way to celebrate the special day of your little one.

  • Dress your child in a fabulous mermaid or a fishtail dress.
  • Get a customized birthday cake decorated with mermaids and seashells or with a picture of Ariel, the Little Mermaid, on it.
  • Decorate the house in blue or sea green. You can add cutouts of shells, sandcastles, and mermaids to the wall hangings.
  • Give your guests a mini seaweed garland or a seashell headband.
  • Have an underwater limbo or a mermaid tailrace (sack race) to ignite the fun.
  • Distribute little mermaid toys or fridge magnets to your guests for party favors.

13. Floral delights

Welcome your girl’s new year with a brilliant floral party. Girls like the freshness and joy of colorful flowers. Flowers are a great theme for your baby girl’s first birthday party. If you are looking for more first birthday ideas, click here.

  • Get your little flower into a chic floral dress.
  • Decorate the venue with artificial or real flowers such as roses and lilies.
  • Add in some paper cut and handmade DIY floral decor and hangings.
  • Give your guests a little paper flower garland or a hairband decorated with flowers.
  • Customize the birthday cake with sugared flowers.
  • Include fun activities like stringing paper daisies or a blindfold ‘pin the bug on the flower.’
  • Give away a floral plant to your guests in remembrance of the lovely party.

14. Birthday butterfly party

Bring in the vibrant colors of a butterfly into your little girl’s birthday party. This is an easy theme to set up and doesn’t require much time.

  • Pick out a pretty little outfit for your little girl and pin on a pair of wings to her back. She can now fly around like a butterfly.
  • Blow balloons with butterfly prints and inflatable butterflies for your decor. You can use butterfly cutouts.
  • Hand your guests some butterfly printed hats.
  • Get a customized cake with butterflies on it.
  • If your girls are adventurous, add in a trampoline to add to the butterfly effect.

15. Bubble bubble birthday bash

A summer birthday party for your girl calls for bubbles.

  • Dress up your girl in bright summer colors.
  • Decorate the venue with transparent balloons and colored jelly balls that swell up when soaked in water.
  • Customize your cake with a sweet bubblegum flavor.
  • Serve round sandwiches, ice cream balls, and cupcakes with sugar bubbles.
  • Let the children play with bubble wraps and blow soap water bubbles.
  • Distribute packaged soap water bubble kits to your little guests to take home.
Quick fact
Soap bubbles float, not fly, because the air within the bubble film is extremely light. As a result, the bubbles ride on top of dense carbon dioxide gas molecules, pushing them up, up, and away.

16. Circus-themed birthday party

Circus birthday party themes for girls

Image: Shutterstock

This is quite a huge theme and allows much room to let your creative juices flow.

  • Pick up anything you can find in the classic circus colors, red, blue, and white.
  • Send out party invites designed like carnival or circus tickets saying that your little girl will be performing the opening act.
  • Decorate the tables with striped clothes and use polka dots to give your circus a mild variation.
  • Customize a nice big fondant cake with the circus colors decorated with clowns, poppers, and ribbons.
  • Pitch in a photo booth with red and white ribbons hanging in the background. Plop some magician hats, goofy goggles, magic wands, and clown wigs in there and let the girls have fun.
  • Popcorn, donuts, cotton candy, and cupcakes are your go-to food.
  • Send your guests home with a large pack of popcorn.

17. Ramp-walk ‘fashionistas’

This is for your stylish teen ‘fashionista’ back home. Throw her a surprise fashion themed party that she will never forget.

  • Dress the birthday girl as a model with elegant make-up.
  • Decorate the house with a ramp and some cutouts of lipsticks, perfumes, heels, and mirrors.
  • Have a customized cake topped with fondant fashion products and mimic the same on the snacks you serve.
  • Host an engaging fashion show for all the ‘fashionistas’ who show up.
  • Don’t forget to arrange a photo booth.
  • Distribute make-up kits and nail colors for return gifts.

18. Fairies, unicorns, and rainbow-themed birthday party

Fairies, unicorns, and rainbow birthday party themes for girls

Image: Shutterstock

Wake your little girl up to the magical land of fairies and unicorns on her birthday.

  • Dress your baby girl like a fairy in pretty colors, pin on a pair of wings to her back and hand her a magic wand.
  • Revamp your house to resemble a fairyland with unicorns, elves, and rainbows. Use cutouts, balloons, and glittering lights and streamers to decorate.
  • Order a fairy inspired birthday cake.
  • Give each of your little guests a tiara and a magic wand so that they can join in the fairy-fun.
  • For a fun activity, give each little fairy a small magical task to do and when they accomplish it, give them titles. For instance, if your task is to eat a whole cupcake, the title would be “Fairy of the cupcakes.”
  • Serve food with sparkles crafted with unicorn horns and rainbows on them.

19. Let’s go polka

An unbelievably stylish and chic way to celebrate your baby girl’s first birthday.

  • Get your girl into a pretty polka dot dress.
  • Decorate everything with polka dots and chic colors.
  • Use polka dot balloons, table cloths, napkins, disposable cups, and plates.
  • Bring in a personalized polka dot birthday cake.
  • Play a little dice game. You can give each child a polka-dotted balloon to protect while trying to break others’ balloons.
  • Distribute polka dot mugs or napkins as party favors.

Fan Girl Birthday Party Themes

20. Paw Patrol

Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Skye, Zuma, Rocky, Rubble, Everest- if you can name all eight of them, chances are that your little one watches a lot of Paw Patrol. Why not throw her a Paw Patrol inspired birthday party?

  • Decorate with paws everywhere. Use personalized props, cutouts, and balloons.
  • Give each of your little guests a paw patrol helmet.
  • Serve bone shaped crispy rice treats, marshmallow paw-print cupcakes, and chocolate fetch sticks.
  • Have a Paw Patrol birthday cake.
  • Have competitions for children to string ring-o cereals or candies to make collars or watch who pins the batch on Marshall while being blindfolded first.
  • Handout cute little Paw Patrol “doggie bags” filled with sweets for a party favor.

21. Frozen

Frozen birthday party themes for girls

Image: Shutterstock

You can sparkle your princess’s birthday party with the winter wonderland effect from the all-time Disney favorite Frozen.

  • Dress your little girl as Elsa and give her some snowy white and blue confetti to use as magic dust.
  • Set up a gorgeous white ice castle with cardboard and cut out snowflakes and hang them everywhere.
  • Distribute tiaras to children who attend.
  • Serve snowflake sugar cookies, chilled ice tea, and a custom birthday cake made with blue and white frosting.
  • Build a little Frozen castle or miniature Olafs with marshmallows and candies.
  • Give away customized favors with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf printed on them.

22. Barbie

A must-try theme for your baby girl’s birthday bash because she simply loves Barbie.

  • Dress your girl as Barbie and get her a custom Barbie cake.
  • Decorate the house with cutouts of Barbie and some Barbie dolls.
  • Let the girl gang click some amazing pictures in the Barbie photo booth. You can organize a little fashion show.
  • Distribute Barbie dolls or accessories as party favors.

23. Disney princess

Every little girl has at least one Disney princess that she looks up to. It may be Merida, Moana, Cinderella, or Snow White. Surprise her by letting her be the princess of her dreams on her big day.

  • Dress the birthday girl as her favorite Disney princess and get her a fondant castle cake.
  • Decorate the venue with the relative theme, castles, and cutouts.
  • Ask other children to come in as the other Disney princesses, and now you have the whole bunch.
  • Pull up props for an amazing Disney photo session with the beautiful princesses.
  • For return gifts, you can give away printed mugs, little purses, or clips.

24. Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse birthday party themes for girls

Image: Shutterstock

Throw your girl a mini Minnie Mouse themed birthday party that she is sure to love.

  • Dress the birthday girl in Minnie Mouse’s pink and black.
  • Decorate the house with pink, black and white balloons. Add in a big cutout of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse if you feel adventurous.
  • Hand your little guests Minnie Mouse headbands.
  • Let the little Minnies solve puzzles.
  • Give away Minnie Mouse mugs and accessories as return gifts.

25. Lion King

Turn your house into a lion’s den with this amazing birthday party idea that is sure to be loved by girls.

  • Pick out your little girl’s dress in the colors of a lioness and give her a mask with Simba’s or Nalla’s face on it.
  • Revamp your house and decorate it to resemble the Pride Land. Use stuffed animals and plants to decorate.
  • Order a customized cake with a picture of Simba or shaped like the Pride Rock.
  • Present the guests with masks of characters from the Lion King and have them mimic their characters through the party.
  • Use cutlery and party favors that go hand-in-hand with your theme.

26. Minion

Throw your little girl a memorable Minion party. You are sure to love watching little minions celebrating in real life.

  • Dress the birthday girl in a casual yellow T-shirt and blue denim strap pants.
  • You can ask your guests to wear a dress that matches the theme.
  • Decorate the house in bright yellows and blues. Use balloons and cutouts of all your favorite Minions.
  • Get a custom Minion cake and serve cupcakes topped with Minion faces.
  • Set up a Minion bowling challenge and watch them tumble.
  • Give away Minion fridge magnets or stationary as a return gift.

27. Vintage Superhero

Vintage superhero birthday party themes for girls

Image: Shutterstock

Superheros are ideal for a themed birthday party. Follow these tips to make your girl a superhero

  • Have your child pick the superhero that she admires the most and dress her accordingly.
  • Decorate the venue with bright colors and cutouts of superheroes and comic words like “pow,” “boom,” “crack,” etc.
  • Keep the cake, food, and cutlery in line with the theme.
  • Ask the other girls to dress up as their favorite superheroes and arrange a photoshoot for them.

28. Finding Dory

Who doesn’t like adorable Dory? Finding Dory theme-based party will surely be a great fun

  • Get your little girl a bright blue and yellow birthday dress.
  • Set the stage for an underwater birthday party and decorate with cutouts of Nemo and Dory.
  • Of course, the cake must have pictures of Nemo and Dory on it.
  • Hand out caps with pictures of Dory or Nemo to all the guests.
  • Play games like “Finding Dory” or a simple treasure hunt with the kids.
  • Give away personalized themed gifts.

29. Harry Potter

Harry Potter themes go beyond age and gender. Allow your little girl to engross herself on her dream journey to Hogwarts.

  • Mimic your party invites as the Hogwarts acceptance letter.
  • Set the mood by decorating with Hogwarts banners and pictures of the characters. Add some steaming pots that brew potions and dim the lights.
  • Dress your girl up as Hermione or any other favorite character.
  • Customize a fondant Sorting Hat cake or simply add Harry’s glasses and scar to the cake.
  • Allow the kids to brew their own potions (drinks) and have them sorted into houses.
  • As party favors, give your little guests themed banners or little souvenirs.

30. Hannah Montanna

If your teen rockstar idolizes Hannah Montanna, why not set up her next birthday party with the theme?

  • Dress the birthday girl up just like Hannah Montanna and give her a rockstar’s welcome.
  • Decorate the venue with cutouts of Hannah Montanna, her microphone, and guitar.
  • Have a playlist of Hannah Montanna’s songs ready and have a karaoke competition or a mouth sync showdown.
  • Give away Hannah Montanna printed tote bags as return gifts.

31. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty birthday party themes for girls

Image: Shutterstock

Here’s an all-time favorite for little girls’ birthday party themes. Guests will love being a part of this bright and fun Hello Kitty party. Just put the picture of your favorite kitty on everything, and you are ready to go.

  • Decorate the venue with Hello Kitty lanterns, hot pink fans, pom-poms, and lace.
  • Dress your little one up in hot pink and a headband with a red bow on it. You can distribute the headbands to your guests.
  • Serve Hello Kitty donuts, cookies, and cupcakes. Add pink straws to milk bottles to serve hot milk.
  • How about a game of pin the bow on Kitty or who has Kitty? Kids would love a mouse hunt.
  • Give your guests Hello Kitty stationery as return gifts.

32. Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland is an evergreen theme-based birthday party that your girl will enjoy-. Your little girl will be Alice. Invite the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cats, and the Queen of Hearts, and let the tea party begin!

  • Send out invitations with a little copy of the Alice In Wonderland book or do it with cards labeled ‘Read Me.’
  • Decorate the entrance to look like a Rabbit Hole and add signboards everywhere to show your guests the way.
  • Mismatch chairs and tables. Cover tables with colorful and lace table cloths.
  • Stack books everywhere and place teapots and clocks on them.
  • Decorate open umbrellas as mushrooms. Hand streamers from the ceiling and add some lanterns and twinkles.
  • Serve cupcakes, biscuits, cake pops, brownies, pies, and sandwiches that suit the theme.
  • Reinvent games like the Queen of Hearts says, pin the grin on the Cheshire cat or a Mad Hatter’s hat toss.
  • Teacups, watches, key rings, and playing cards make perfect party favors.

The recent birthday trends are all about theme parties because they are more fun and allow children to connect better over costumes, customized gifts, and theme-inspired food. The birthday party themes for girls mentioned in this post do not require much decoration or planning. You just have to assemble a few theme-related things, call over your daughter’s friends, and get ready to have fun. Also, the best thing about these themes is that you may get creative and blend a couple of ideas to come up with a new theme altogether.

Key Pointers

  • Make your girl’s birthday party memorable by using pretty pink, lavender-blue, or shimmer and shine themes.
  • Tea parties, slumber parties, picnic parties, and outdoor pool parties are some classic ways to keep the entertainment quotient high.
  • Get creative with unique party themes, such as farmhouse, underwater mermaid, circus, and unicorn.
  • For fan girl party themes, choose Frozen, Disney Princess, Lion King, and other fascinating concepts.

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