101 Heartwarming Birthday Wishes For Crush

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The birthday of your crush provides you with an opportunity to impress her and win her over. Writing birthday wishes for crushes can be a tricky task. You want your wishes to stand out from others and also profess your secret liking for her. But not everyone is good with words. If you have difficulty with translating your thoughts into words, we have you covered. Check out these romantic birthday wishes for your crush, and choose the one that resonates with your heart. Sharing a heartfelt birthday text will make her feel special, and she might as well fall for you.

101 Birthday Wishes for Crush

Grab this opportunity to impress the person you desire the most. So get ready to make them smile by sending these lovely birthday wishes.

Birthday Wishes For A Crush

  1. I wish you an amazing birthday. You are the perfect creation of God, and you deserve everything in the world.
  1. Even the angels above are celebrating the birthday of one of the beautiful girls today. Happy birthday.
  1. I’m grateful for this day. It is the special day when God has brought you to this earth. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.
  1. There are a billion ways to tell you how important this day is for me. May you have a fabulous birthday.
  1. You are the most elegant person I have seen. Happy birthday to you.
  1. I am glad to have met you, and today I cannot contain my happiness as it’s the day you were born. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  1. May this year bring you a lot of happiness and success. Happy birthday, dear. 8. You are the reason behind my smile, and I promise to keep the smile on your face forever. Happy birthday.
  1. May all your dreams and wishes come true this year. Happy birthday, dear.
  1. May this special day be brighter than the sun and warmer than the moon. Happy birthday, darling.
  1. Today, I woke up smiling and was happier than usual because it was your birthday. Many more happy returns of the day, dear.
Birthday wish for crush

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  1. Today is a special day not only for you but also for me. Happy birthday, dear.
  1. My wait has come to an end, and finally, it’s your birthday. Happy birthday to the smartest and wisest person I know.
  1. It’s your special day, and I thank God for bringing you to this world. Happy birthday.
  1. You have been in my thoughts since yesterday because it is your birthday. Have a great one, dear.
  1. Happy birthday to the cutest person I know. You are the reason why I wake up every day with so much excitement. Happy birthday.
  1. Happy birthday to my favorite person in this whole world. Wishing you all the good things in the world.
  1. Happy birthday, dear. My life would have been so boring if I didn’t meet you.
Happy birthday dear crush

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  1. I never imagined that one day I would get so obsessed with someone. Happy Birthday to you, dear!
  1. I woke up today with a lot of energy and positivity because it is the special day of my favorite human. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Male Crush

  1. Happy birthday to this amazing guy who always brings a smile to my face.
Happy birthday amazing guy

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  1. The positivity in your presence is hard to resist. I’m thankful to have you in my life. Happy birthday, dear.
  1. You made my dull world vibrant. Happy birthday, my prince.
  1. My feelings for you cannot be expressed in words. Happy birthday, dear.
  1. Dear crush. On your big day, I pray to God to give you everything you wish for. Happy birthday.
  1. My heart beats faster when you are around. Happy birthday, my dear.
  1. I keep thinking of you day and night. You’re truly amazing. Have a joyous birthday.
  1. Happy birthday to the man my heart beats for. May the blessings of the Lord are always be with you.
  1. I wish you abundant happiness, not for only this day, but for all the days of your wonderful life. Happy birthday.
Wish you abundant happiness on birthday

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  1. My best wishes are always with you. May your birthday bring you a long, happy and prosperous life. I wish I could have told you how many colors you add to my world.
  1. Wishing a super joyful birthday to my dream boy. Happy birthday, dear.
  1. I start blushing when your thoughts cross my mind. You are so special to me, and I wish you the best on your birthday.
  1. To the most handsome man I know, I wish you a fabulous birthday. Thanks for all the beautiful memories over this brief span of time.
  1. You are the most handsome man I have ever seen. I can’t stop thinking about you on your special day. Have a fabulous birthday.
  1. Your presence brings a lot of happiness to my world. I’m lucky and blessed to have such an amazing man in my life. Have an awesome birthday.
  1. Sweetheart, You are hard to resist. Have a fantastic birthday and year ahead.
  1. Happy birthday! Celebrate your special day to the fullest. Coz you are an important part of my world.
  1. Happy birthday to the most dashing and lovable man in the world. I hope all your dreams come true soon.
  1. Do you know the reason behind the smile on my face? It’s you and only you. Happy birthday, darling.
  1. You bring immense joy into my life. Have a fabulous and joyful birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Female Crush

  1. You are everything to me. May this year bring you abundant happiness and joy. Happy birthday.
  1. I love your sweet voice as it always takes me to paradise. Thanks for gracing my life. Happy birthday, my angel.
  1. I wish your birthday was as wonderful as you are. Happy birthday.
  1. Happy birthday to the special lady of my life! May your birthday be loaded with joy, love, and fun.
  1. You are the most beautiful girl I know, and you deserve the best. Happy birthday.
  1. On this special day, I am sending you loads of joy and love. Happy birthday, dear.
  1. You brighten up my life and make it beautiful. Happy birthday.
  1. I love everything about you. Happy birthday to the cutest girl I know.
  1. May God bless you with everything you want in life. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  1. You are the most special girl in my life. May God fulfill all your dreams. Happy birthday.
  1. Happy birthday, dear. You are the cutest girl in the college. Have a blast.
  1. I pray to God to bless your life with peace and joy. Have a fabulous birthday, dear.
  1. You are the sweetest girl I have ever met. May this year bring you more happiness. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday sweet girl

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  1. Thank you for making my life exciting. Happy birthday, dear.
  1. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Never feel down with the thought of getting older. You are still gorgeous than ever.
  1. Sweetie, have a fantastic birthday! I was lucky to meet a sweet girl like you.
  1. Since you entered my life, not a single day passed by without you putting a smile on my face. I wish you an awesome birthday, my special lady.
  1. I feel lucky to have met you. You fill my heart with happiness. Happy birthday.
  1. Did anyone tell you that you have the cutest smile? May your birthday give you more reason to flaunt that cute smile. Happy birthday, dear!
  1. Your stunning look is hard to resist. May you get all the amazing things on your birthday.

Happy Birthday Quotes For Crush

  1. “Having a birthday is like reaching a higher peak on a mountain. Pause to admire the view; reflect on how far you have come.”―Richelle E. Goodrich
  1. “Many times we search for the perfect words to say as well as the right reasons to stay but never have I doubted you and your ability to make me happy. You care about me, you show me ur undying love and you understand me on levels that I never thought anyone would. Happy birthday love!”― Hopal Green
  1. “I feel so lucky to have you as my friend. Hope your birthday is as special as you are. May all of your dreams come true. Thanks for being such a great friend. Happy birthday!”― AhsanSeehar
  1. “Celebrate your birthday with the greatest joy for the priceless gift of life, be filled with joy that brings renewed strength.”― Wayne Chirisa
  1. “It’s such an honor to have an unpaid therapist friend like you, who memorize every little thing about me and made it today as my jolliest birthday ever.”―ShaaZainol
  1. “I know I don’t always show it, but you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Let’s make your birthday the very special celebration it should be, and I’ll remind you of just how much you mean to me. I love you!”―AamirSarfraz
  1. “I may not be physically present to stand by you while you cut your cake, but you’ll be in my thoughts today! Happy Birthday.”―AamirSarfraz
  1. “Birthdays are special days. It reminds us of that day when the heavens gave miracles our way. You are a MIRACLE. Bless yourself. Bless others. Be a blessing.”― Mystqx Skye
  1. “Some birthdays make you happy. Some birthdays bring you down. Some birthdays make you jump for joy while others paint a frown. Regardless of your feelings or if you’re far or near, the earth was blessed this special day, when Heaven placed you here.”― Richelle E. Goodrich
  1. “I lost my life many times since your birth. Though finally, you killed me twenty years ago, I am still alive to wish you on your birthday … Greetings”― Dr.P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar
  1. “May today be the best birthday of your life, I give you my heart as the most precious gift I can give you and I promise I always will love you.”―Auliq Ice
  1. “There are many beautiful songs but I do not dedicate any of them to you because they do not describe the infinite love I feel for you. It is better that I tell you that myself, that I love you with all my strength. Have a happy birthday.”― Auliq Ice
  1. “The day of your birthday is the one I expect the most in the year because I love to surprise you and do everything for us to enjoy wonderful moments together. God bless you today and always and may all your goals come true.”― Auliq Ice
  1. “Today you are fulfilling another year of life and I will do everything to make it a memorable day for you.”―Auliq Ice
  1. “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” – Oprah Winfrey
  1. “A birthday is like a new year and my wish for you, is a great year full of happiness and sunshine!”– Catherine Pulsifer
  1. “I believe that no matter what condition you are in when someone close to your heart remembers your birthday and wishes you a happy birthday, you feel happy.” – A. Singla
  1. “Today you have added another candle of knowledge and wisdom to your life. May it give you the power to enlighten the whole world. On your birthday, I wish you joy and happiness.”-DebasishMridha
  1. “Your birthday is my pleasure. You are my sweetest treasure.”– Danny Demeersseman
  1. “An angel you have been to me. Today, on this special day I want you to know how much you are loved and appreciated every day of the year. Happy Birthday.”– Catherine Pulsifer
  1. “A special person you are to me, you deserve the best of everything. So may this birthday and the coming year be one that offers you the best that life may bring.” – Kate Summers
  1. “You bring happiness into my life. And on this birthday my wish and hope is that you are happy today.”– Catherine Pulsifer

Funny Birthday Wishes For Crush

  1. Last night I dreamt of you kissing me on your birthday. I got up early today and cannot wait for your birthday party to begin.
  1. Everyone wishes me a happy birthday because it’s your birthday. When are we making it official?
  1. I don’t mind being single if you are with me. Happy birthday.
  1. The more I see you, the more I get a feeling of burning sensation. Have a great birthday.
  1. I think of you, and my heart skips a beat. I have escaped death so many times. Happy birthday, darling.
  1. Everyone says if you do a good deed, then you will get a reward. So here I’m remembering your birthday and wishing you. What am I gonna get?
  1. Your thought tickles my spine and gives me goosebumps. Happy Birthday, dear.
  1. Age is a just a number, and your number is getting higher. Happy birthday, dear.
  1. I’m here because you don’t get confused about whom to give the first piece of cake. Happy birthday, dear.
  1. Though you are getting older, my eyes still find you younger. Happy birthday, dear.
  1. I’m attending your birthday party because God wants to send you the best birthday gift.
  1. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Please save the cake for me.
  1. Thinking about what to do with the leftover cake? Call me home. Happy birthday, dear.
  1. Happy thoughts, happy dreams, happy moments, happy feelings. A very happy happy birthday to the happiest person.
  1. Happy birthday to the magical lady whose beauty defies the age.
  1. Happy birthday from the one who successfully copes with your tantrums.
  1. I wish next year I will stand close to you when you cut the cake. Happy birthday. 100.Are you gonna buy as many candles as your age? Happy birthday, dear.
  1. You look more handsome than last birthday, or is my eyesight getting worse. Anyway, happy birthday to my hero.

As you plan to send birthday wishes to your crush, pick the right one that you think would get you the desired result. We hope you find a special space in their heart with these birthday wishes.

Infographic: Birthday Quotes And Wishes For Crush

Your crush will get lots of wishes and presents from everyone around them. Therefore, to make your birthday wishes and presents noticeable to your crush, you must be creative and stand out from the crowd. Keep this infographic handy to get some inspiration on quotes and wishes you can send or write for your crush on their birthday.

birthday quotes and wishes for crush [infographic]
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