401 Romantic And Funny Birthday Wishes For Your Girlfriend

Your girlfriend’s birthday is arriving, and you have thrown a grand party to surprise her. She would appreciate your loving gesture. However, if you share well-written birthday wishes for your girlfriend, she will treasure them. The power of words is magical. It pulls the right strings in the heart and makes you put across your feelings with ease. If you are unsure of what to write, read on. This post has a comprehensive list of romantic, funny, and heartfelt birthday wishes for your lady love. If you prefer long messages, we cover those too. So, go ahead and explore love through these romantic birthday wishes for your girlfriend.

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Romantic Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

1. Darling, you fill my soul with sunshine; we are two parts of a whole. Happy birthday!

2. Five blissful years of togetherness and my love for you has multiplied every year. Happy birthday, my dear!

3. I never believed in true love until I met you. The moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew I found my soulmate. Many happy returns of the day, darling!

4. When we are together, the world disappears, and I see only your beautiful eyes and enigmatic smile, and hear only your lovely voice. Happy birthday, dear!

5. Wishing you a day that’s as bright and beautiful as your smile. Happy birthday, darling.

6. Happy birthday, my love. May your life be filled with love and unforgettable memories to cherish.

7. I hope you receive all the love and joy of this world because every moment with you is a gift. Happy birthday, my love.

8. My love for you increases with the number of candles on your cake. Happy birthday, my beautiful lady.

9. Always together, never apart. You have captured every inch of my heart. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

10. My life was black, white, and dull, but your arrival filled it with all colors of the rainbow, making it vibrant and beautiful. Many happy returns of the day, my angel!

11. With you, the reality is more beautiful than even the best of dreams! Happy birthday, love of my life.

12. I need you more than I need to breathe. You make me complete. Happy birthday, my lifeline!

13. I want to convey to you that you are the reason behind all my smiles and the source of my happiness. Happy birthday, darling.

14. Every day feels like a celebration with you by my side, but today is extra special. Happy birthday, my gorgeous lady.

15. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the most incredible woman in my life. Have an amazing birthday, love.

16. My world is brightened by your smile, and your love fills my heart. Wishing you a shining birthday.

17. Every time you look at me, my heart skips a beat. Wish you a very happy birthday, my sweet angel!

18. With you, I am the king of the world. Without you, I am a soulless pauper. Happy birthday, my girl!

19. I was only drifting through life until I met you. You taught me how to live life to the fullest. Wish you a happy and sweet birthday, my guardian angel!

20. May this day bring you all the success and happiness that you deserve, the girl who has my heart. Happy birthday, love.

21. I mark this day by celebrating your birth and the day you entered my life. Happy birthday, dear.

22. Every day with you is an adventurous journey. Happy birthday.

23. You are the key to the song of my life. Happy birthday dear.

24. A day in a year can never be enough to celebrate the birth of someone so unique and dear. Happy birthday, my forever!

25. With you is my favorite place to be. Every time I close my eyes, it’s you I see. Happy birthday, my beautiful baby!

With you is my favorite place to be.

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26. Nothing in the world is as sweet as you are, not even your birthday cake! Happy birthday my sweetie pie!

27. I may put the whole world at your feet, but I still can’t match up the gift you are to me! Happy birthday, my baby!

28. I knew you were the one from the moment I met you. Happy birthday to the most incredible lady in the world.

29. Happy birthday, my beautiful princess. You make me feel like a fairytale hero.

30. I express my thanks to the heaven above for bringing you into my life. Happy birthday.

31. The best things in the world always belong to you, my sweet girl. Happy birthday.

32. Today is the day when an angel came and filled the world with beauty and love, and nothing was ever the same. Happy birthday, my angel!

33. Happy birthday to the person who makes my world go round. Love you, my girl.

34. Close your eyes and listen; my heart is singing a birthday song for you, my dear. Happy birthday to the queen of my heart!

35. Every time we meet, you take my breath away; use it to blow the candles on your birthday. Many happy returns of the day, babe!

36. I hope that you feel nothing but love and appreciation every day and year. Happy birthday, my princess.

37. I am overwhelmed by the love you have given me. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

38. You are the missing piece of my heart that completes me. Happy birthday, love.

39. Happy birthday, my queen. I’m truly blessed to have a girlfriend like you.

40. I wanted to give you the moon and the stars, but even they cannot match the glorious light that you are. Happy birthday to the light of my life!

41. On this day, God gifted the world something so precious and rare that the world couldn’t help but wonder and stare. Happy birthday, dear!

42. Falling in love with you was not predictable but inevitable. Happy birthday, beautiful!

43. Several lifetimes would not be enough for me to show you what you mean to me. Stay with me forever, and I can try. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

44. I will never grow tired of loving you. Wish you a colorful and prosperous birthday, my girl.

45. May God grant you infinite peace, prosperity, and happiness. Happy birthday, dear.

46. Happy birthday, my girl. Even though days pass by, my love for you will never change.

47. With every passing year, your beauty and grace seems to grow. Happy birthday to the most stunning girl I know.

48. Today, I celebrate the day you were born because it brought you into my life. Happy birthday, pretty lady.

49. I forget me when I am with you. Happy birthday, beautiful!

50. Your birthday is special to me, even more than my own. On this day, my lifeline was born. Happy birthday, gorgeous!

51. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I hope all your wishes are fulfilled because being with you has already fulfilled all of mine.

52. When I look at you, I see the other half of my soul reflected in your eyes. Happy birthday, my soulmate!

53. You are not just a year older today, but a year more beautiful. Happy birthday, beautiful.

54. You have been a wonderful friend and the most loving girlfriend a man could ask for. Have an amazing birthday, lovely lady.

55. You are the sole reason that keeps me going throughout the day. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

56. I start and end each day with a thought of you. Wishing you a fun-filled birthday, milady.

57. Even if the universe turns upside down, you’ll always be the prettiest girl in my eyes. Happy birthday, sweet lady.

58. The day you were born, heaven mourned because they lost their most beautiful angel, but the Earth rejoiced because they were blessed by you. Happy birthday my sweet angel!

59. Every time you look at me, my heart threatens to burst out of my chest, craving to be with its rightful owner. Happy birthday to the queen of my heart!

60. When I am not with you, I feel homesick. My dear, you are my home. Happy birthday, my everything!

61. You can blow out your birthday candles, but nothing you do can ever lessen the fire burning in my heart for you. Happy birthday, my sweetheart!

62. With you, the most terrible days become beautiful, and all my darkest thoughts disappear. You are a magical fairy, my dear. Happy birthday, girl!

63. Meeting you was no accident. My soul called out to yours from across a thousand yards. Happy birthday, my soulmate!

64. Close your eyes as you make your birthday wish. I hope you ask for us to be together forever, as I promise you a lifetime of happiness and bliss! Have a wonderful birthday, my girl!

65. No other music can make my heart sing the way your voice does. Happy birthday my love!

66. I had prayed to God and He answered my prayer by giving me you. Happy birthday, honey.

67. When I am with you, I feel immensely blessed with heavenly love, my love. Happiest birthday, sweetie.

68. Your arrival in my life was like a storm that blew me off my feet, but I am unable to get enough of you. I can’t stop loving you, dear. Happy birthday.

69. I asked the stars to shine brighter on your birthday, but they shied away saying that with your light so bright, you will not be able to see them anyway. Happy birthday to the light of my life!

70. I found paradise right here on Earth the day I met you. Happy birthday, my angel!

71. The birthday of the most amazing person should be celebrated not only by us but by the whole world! Happy birthday, my love!

72. Our love was meant to be. It was God’s whispered wish written by the stars. Happy birthday my soulmate!

73. I want us to be together only twice, today and forever. Happy birthday, dear!

74. Your love is like a drug; the more I get it, the more I crave it. It is something that I cannot live without. Happy birthday, my love!

75. My heart beats for you and only you. Happy birthday, my lady love.

76. You are the only person who brings out the best in me. Wish you a very happy birthday, love.

77. Happy birthday, my love. If a flower bloomed every time your thoughts crossed my mind, this world would have been a garden!

78. our hypnotic eyes leave me so entranced that the whole world might end around us, but I still wouldn’t notice. Happy birthday, angel; you are truly magical!

79. If God offers me a choice between a minute with you or a full life without you, I will choose that beautiful minute because, in that one minute, I will feel more bliss and happiness than an entire life without you in it. Happy birthday, my love!

80. The sun may rise in the west and set in the east, and the earth may stop spinning, but nothing in this universe can ever change my love for you. Happy birthday, my queen!

81. From being my friend to best friend and then to girlfriend, the journey has been pleasant. I hope to see you in the future as well. Happy birthday.

82. Words will fall short of describing my feelings for you. Happy birthday.

83. I do no doubt that you were born to make my life beautiful. Happiest birthday, cutie pie.

84. People said I was a player, but in reality, I was a wanderer looking for half of my soul, which I lost a lifetime ago. The day we met, our souls intertwined, and my search was complete. Happy birthday, my better half!

85. I will walk through hell and sacrifice all that I have just to see you smile once. I love you. Happy birthday, my darling!

86. Your love is an exquisite perfume that fills my life with the fragrance of happiness and contentment. Happy birthday, my sweetheart!

87. I want to express my gratitude for everything you’ve done on your birthday. Happy birthday.

88. Without you, my love, I would be lost. I cherish you and your love. Happy birthday.

89. When all my dreams and wishes come true, of all the people in the world, the one special person I want beside me is you. Happy birthday, my soulmate!

90. I used to wonder if love is worth fighting for; then we met, and I realized, for you, I am prepared for war! Happy birthday, my love!

91. I want to be close to you forever. Even if I were Superman and you were my kryptonite, I would gladly hug you even if it meant certain death. Happy birthday, my girl!

92. Happy birthday, my darling! All the papers in the world are not enough to write our magical adventure, but it can be summarized in one single word: “LOVE.”

Funny Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

93. Your choice to be with me proves your impeccable taste in people. Keep up the good work! Happy birthday, my girl.

94. You must be a magnet; I keep getting pulled towards you all the time. Happy birthday, beautiful!

I keep getting pulled towards you all the time.

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95. It is impossible for me to ever forget your birthday, honey; I know you will kill me if I do. Just kidding! Happy birthday, my love!

96. I was thinking of buying you the most beautiful dress on your birthday, but then, I thought why waste money when you look beautiful wearing anything. Hahaha! Happy birthday, my beauty!

97. Hey! It’s your birthday, but don’t worry about getting old because you are like a fine wine that turns better with years.

98. Happy birthday to my partner-in-crime. May you have an amazing and sweet birthday as you are.

99. You may turn a year older, but you are the same goofy gal I’m in love with. Happy birthday.

100. To my birthday girl- may your special day be filled with cakes, chocolates, and wine.

101. On this special occasion, please accept my sweet and delightful birthday wishes and kisses. They are free of sugar, cholesterol, or additives, so you don’t have to worry about gaining weight. Happy birthday, my love!

102. On this wondrous day, babe, let’s go out for dinner because when you cook, there is a risk of a fire hazard! I am joking; please don’t kill me before I wish you a happy birthday!

103. Everyone thinks we are perfect together because they don’t know how crazy you are. Oops, I mean crazily beautiful! Happy birthday, my darling!

104. You know you’re old when the candles are more expensive than the cake.But don’t worry, more candles means more wishes! Here’s to you my wise partner!

105. Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s your birthday and it’s absolute fun like you. Happy birthday.

106. Congratulations on getting closer one more year to wrinkles and gray hair. Happy birthday, my love.

107. You’re not simply getting older; here’s to an upgraded version of yourself. Happy birthday.

108. Babe, I think you are a blockbuster movie because I want to watch you on repeat. Happy birthday!

109. Every time I walk into the room, it feels like I am in a designer boutique because, darling, you look terrific in any dress. Happy birthday, my fashionista!

110. Do you know how lucky you are? You have the best boyfriend in the world! Even if you forget, I will always keep reminding you. Happy birthday, my lucky girl!

111. Sending birthday wishes to the woman who always has a witty response.

112. Another year of making me laugh so much that my sides hurt. Happy birthday to my natural comedian.

113. You are a true magician as you can turn any situation into a humorous one. Happy birthday.

114. Sweetheart, I know you love diamonds. So, on your birthday, I am giving you 13 diamonds… Just don’t forget to throw away the rest of the playing cards! Ha ha… Happy birthday, my queen!

115. Happy birthday, babe. You are one of the best girlfriends I have ever had. Oops! I mean, you are my best girlfriend forever! I love you. Happy birthday, my dear!

116. Hey birthday girl, you are my favorite thing in the world, apart from food, of course. Happy birthday, babe!

117. This birthday I give you the most precious gift with a lifetime warranty– Me! Happy birthday you lucky girl!.

118. Laughter is said to be the best medicine, so let’s give you a big dose of it on your special day. Happy birthday, my sweetest clown.

119. I didn’t forget about your birthday; I just wanted to be a bit late in wishing you the best one yet!

120. I thought I was weird until I met you. Then I knew what weird really is! Happy birthday, my cute weirdo!

121. On your birthday, two things I wish for are always to keep you happy and to be Superman. Apparently, the second one is not happening, so I will focus on the first. Happy birthday, my love!

122. Hey darling, will you lend me a kiss? I promise to return it with interest and also grant you a birthday wish. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

123. Congratulations on another year of pretending that you’re not secretly unhappy with the gifts I give you.

124. Here’s wishing a happy birthday to the woman who never runs out of words.

125. Another year of being the center of attention at the party. You know how to indulge people into having good times. Happy birthday.

126. You must be a blanket; you make me feel warm and cuddly. Happy birthday, my darling!

127. Happy birthday, babe! I love you more than anything! Even more than a pizza. But please don’t make me prove it. Love you, darling!

128. Can I change your name to “Asthma”? Because you always leave me breathless. Happy birthday, my lifeline!

129. You don’t need to hit the gym anymore because you are constantly running through my mind. Happy birthday, my love!

130. Sending birthday wishes to the girl who makes my heart skip a beat and my wallet cry!

131. Congratulations on being one year closer to the age where naps become a routine part of the day!

132. Congratulations on surviving another year without getting sick of me. Just kidding! Happy birthday, love.

133. Research says that kissing burns two calories per minute. Let’s burn your birthday calories together. Happy birthday, babe!

134. If I were a magician and you were my assistant, I would never make you disappear because you are too wonderful to be hidden away. Anyway, I would be a crappy magician to pull off this trick. Happy birthday, my beauty!

135. Are you math? Because you add meaning to my life and subtract pizza from my plate. Just kidding! Happy birthday, my love.

136. Let’s call the fire brigade because, girl, you are on fire today. Happy birthday, babe!

137. Happy birthday to the most favorite person I like arguing with.

138. You’re not aging; you’re progressing in the game of life. Happy birthday, queen.

139. Congratulations on another year of pretending to like my cooking…you’re an exceptional actress! Happy birthday love.

140. It’s just one year away from being able to claim senior citizen discounts! LOL! Happy birthday.

141. Thank God I found someone who looks at me like she looks at chocolate cake. Happy birthday, my love!

142. By now you must know I love you because you are beautiful… I mean because you have a beautiful heart. Happy birthday, my girl!

143. We complement each other perfectly, like Tom and Jerry. They fight a lot but are incomplete without each other. Don’t worry. I don’t want to eat you yet! Happy birthday my cute Jerry!

144. Sending birthday wishes to the girl who is always able to brighten my day, even when it’s raining cats and dogs.

145. Happy birthday to the naughty girl who stole my heart and has kept it with herself.

146. Wishing my girlfriend a very happy birthday, whom I love almost as much as I love myself.

147. Happy birthday to my amazing and funny girlfriend. It’s no surprise we match each other so perfectly!

148. I promise to love you forever, even when it’s soccer season. Happy birthday, my princess!

149. Before I met you, I used to think of so many things; now, I only think of you. Thank you for affecting my brain. Happy birthday, my darling!

150. Wishing a happy birthday to the person who makes every day feel like a romantic comedy.

151. Thank you for surviving my terrible jokes and puns another year. Happy birthday, my very patient girlfriend.

152. Happy birthday, my love. May your birthday be as amazing as your ability to nap anytime anywhere.

153. Happy birthday to my favorite alarm clock. You know when to wake me up with a bright smile.

154. It is said that you fall in love, but, my darling, you fall everywhere. You love the floor more than me. Don’t worry, my baby; I will always be there to catch you. Happy birthday, my clumsy princess!

155. Happy birthday, my girl! My heart beats faster every time you are near. Are you trying to give me a heart attack, my dear?

156. Although I’ve aged a year, the woman I know and love is still the same quirky, adventurous, and downright amazing one. Happy birthday.

157. Wishing you a happy birthday to the only person who could endure my annoying habits for so long.

158. Thanks for being my punching bag, my love. You brighten up my day like nobody else. Happy birthday.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

159. You have the kindest heart and the warmest smile I have ever known. Thank you for always being there for me. Have a wonderful birthday, my love.

160. No matter how sad or angry I am, you always manage to make me smile. Happy birthday, my sunshine!

161. They say people fall in love, but your love makes me rise to new heights. Happy birthday, my darling!

162. When you hold me close, all my worries disappear, and with you by my side, there’s only pure joy, no fear. Happy birthday, my dear!

163. Happy birthday to the ruler of my heart. Every day feels like a blessing from God to be able to spend time with you.

164. From the moment I met you, I knew that I had met my soulmate. Happy birthday. You mean the world to me.

165. Happy birthday to the light of my life. May your birthday be as radiant as your personality.

166. Your support, trust, and words of motivation have made me what I am today. I owe you my whole life. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

167. Your infinite love for me is the most precious thing in the world. May God shower you with all the things your heart desires. Happy birthday, love!

168. The day you entered my life, my whole world became beautiful and peaceful. Happiest birthday, my darling!

169. On your birthday, I give you a lifetime supply of the warmest hugs, beautiful kisses, and a promise always to put you first. Many happy returns of the day, my soulmate!

170. I owe my sincere gratitude to you for choosing to be with me through the highs and lows. Happiest birthday, lovely lady.

171. Happy birthday to the most beautiful lady I have ever seen in my life. Your presence fills up my empty space.

172. Being with you is one of the most favorite leisure times of my life. Happy birthday, my love.

173. My heart does a happy dance every time you are near. Thank you for filling my life with unparalleled joy and love. Happy birthday, dear!

174. No one can replace you in my heart because you own it forever. Happy birthday, my sweetheart!

175. Today, on your birthday, I made you a promise. Every breath I take, till my last one, my heart will love only you, and I will dedicate my life to fulfill all your wishes. Happy birthday, my darling!

176. You deserve to be worshiped like a goddess on your birthday because you rule my heart. Happy birthday, my lady luck.

177. You are a fabulous person inside and out, and I can’t think of anyone better than you for myself. Happy birthday, sweetie.

178. I am ready to give away an ocean full of my tears, sweat, and blood just to see you smile. Happy birthday, my angel!

179. They say you fall in love only once, but I have fallen in love many times, every time, deeper than before and always with you. Happy birthday, love!

180. Dear girlfriend, for the days ahead, I wish for you to reach your goals through all the challenges. Happy birthday.

181. I assure you that my love for you will never die till my last breath. Wish you a very happy birthday, lovely soul.

182. I’m thinking about the best birthday gift for you and then suddenly I thought of myself. What do you think? Happy birthday, my princess.

183. I want to spend every waking moment with you and dream about you when I close my eyes, in this lifetime and all the others; I want you now and forever. Happy birthday, my love!

I want you now and forever.

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184. I was born for the sole purpose of making you happy. God sent me here to cherish you. Today, on your birthday, allow me to pamper you the way you deserve. Happy birthday, my girl!

185. Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world! My heart is overwhelmed with energy for this special day!

186. Although I don’t need special occasions to know how important you are to me, let me take this day to remind you how much I love you. Happy birthday, dear.

187. As long as you are by my side, I will overcome anything that comes my way. Happy birthday.

188. Happy birthday, baby. Never let the light of your eyes dim away. Keep shining forever.

189. Happy birthday to my biggest supporter, my partner in crime, my soulmate, and the most wonderful person I have ever known. On your special day, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the love and joy you bring into my life. I love you, babe!

190. In your arms, I have experienced unparalleled happiness and love, much more than I deserve. Happy Birthday my love.

191. All you do is make me fall for you over and over again. Happy birthday.

192. Honey, you taught me what love is and how to love. Here’s wishing my lady love a birthday filled with love and joy.

193. Let me take this opportunity to tell you that I will choose you today and always. Happy birthday.

194. Even the plants in my garden are jealous of you because you’re more beautiful than them. Happy birthday, my gorgeous lady.

195. I pray to God to give me the strength to fulfill all your wishes and make your birthday a magical one. Many happy returns of the day, my dear.

196. Today, on your birthday, I promise you that even when we grow old, our love will forever stay young and beautiful. Happy birthday, my soulmate!

197. Happy birthday, my darling. In all your highs and lows, I will always be there by your side, holding your hand. We are connected forever.

198. My lady love, I hope all your birthday wishes come true and I want to remind you that you are truly special to me. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

199. One smile from you and my life falls into place in an instant. Happy birthday baby.

200. I don’t know what good I did to deserve an amazing person like you, but I know that you deserve all the goodness and happiness in the world. Happy birthday, my angel!

201. All my aspirations, dreams, and fantasies start and end with you, my darling. Happy birthday, my life!

202. I might as well be the luckiest man in the world. Thank you for coming into my life. Happy birthday!

203. You’ve sparked a flame in my heart, and it’s burning brightly since the first day we saw each other. Here’s wishing you a heartwarming birthday.

204. I still can’t believe I fell in love with an angel like you and became yours. Happy birthday my charming angel.

205. All the flowers on the earth cannot compete with your beauty and grace. Happy birthday, beautiful!

206. I may not be your first kiss, first love, first date, or first wish, but I want to be your last everything. Happy birthday, my girl!

207. All the diamonds in the world cannot match up to the brightness of your soul. Happy birthday, my soulmate!

208. Every single moment I spend with you is much more valuable than all the wealth in this whole world. Happy birthday, my precious!

209. Happy birthday to the most gorgeous and kind-hearted soul I have ever met. You are everything to me. Happy birthday.

210. Dear girlfriend, you are the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Happy birthday.

211. My life loses its meaning when you are not beside me. Happy birthday, darling.

212. My eyes shine when you smile and it fills my heart with purity. Happy birthday to the most caring person I have ever met.

213. Some things in life are unforgettable. I might forget who I am, but I can never forget the love in your eyes, the sound of your voice, the feel of your lips, the warmth of your embrace, and of course, your birthday too! Happy birthday, my darling!

214. On the birthday of a vibrant girl like you, birthday candles will be too dim; you deserve fireworks, my bae! Have a wonderful birthday, my gorgeous girl.

215. I love teasing you, and I want to keep irritating and annoying you for the rest of our lives. Happy birthday, dear. I love you.

216. Happy birthday to my extraordinary girlfriend. Thank you for coming and enriching my life with bright colors.

217. You are the inexhaustible source of love, joy, and happiness. It is a dream come true to fall for an endearing person like you. Happy birthday, sweet love.

218. In this ever-changing life, you have remained the same beautiful soul as ever. Always stay as you are. Happy birthday.

219. Loving you is an honor. But you loving me back is a miracle. Being with you is a dream come true, and I hope all your dreams come true on this special occasion. Happy birthday, beautiful!

220. Happy birthday, my smarty. May God usher His love and blessings on you always.

221. It’s the biggest day of the year- it’s your birthday and I’m super excited. Happy birthday, my lady love.

222. Let us celebrate your birthday like a grand festival. I’m blessed to have your constant support with me. Happy birthday.

223. I love you unconditionally and the days will pass by but my love for you will never change. Happy birthday.

Long Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

224. You are an angel,
Soar high and free,
I will gladly be in the shadows, supporting you silently,
You, my darling, deserve all the fame and glory,
I will be the wind beneath your wings, my lady
And love you unconditionally
Happy birthday, my beautiful baby!

225. My beautiful girl, you are a year older today,
I have many things in my heart
But I am lost for words
So, I just close my eyes and start to pray,
That we always are together and never part,
I open my eyes, and the angels arrive
To bless you and sing happy birthday!

226. On this special day, my love
You shine so bright in the radiant sky,
With everyday your beauty grows,
And for you my love, my heart deeply glows.

227. To the one who makes my life fulfilling.
You and your birthday is truly amazing,
With you, my life is a beautiful ride,
I want to have you by my side.

228. Hey birthday girl, life is beautiful with you here.
Every day is magical, full of love and delight,
Sprinkled with craziness but no worries or fear;
Today is special, so I want to kiss and hug you tight,
And wish you a wonderful birthday, my dear.

229. I want to shout out from the rooftops and tell the world
It’s the birthday of the most beautiful girl,
A person with the most amazing and kind soul,
Who makes me feel complete and whole,
Happy birthday, my enchanting angel!

230. Your hair radiates an amazing shine,
Your skin glows with vibrance
Your almond-shaped eyes are the color of the wine
Your beauty makes me lose all sense
Happy birthday, my angel.

231. It’s your birthday again, that special day of the year,
Which always reminds me of how lucky I am that you are here,
I want to tell you how amazing you are, my dear,
I want no one else but you as my life partner,
May God bless you with success, happiness, and hearty laughter
Happy birthday, my soulmate, my forever!

232. Girl, you have a heart of gold, all pure and loving,
Your kindness makes the world better,
So today I want to celebrate this day,
May you get a long life full of success, good health, and happiness
And wish you a very happy and sweet birthday, my darling!

233. Hugs, kisses, and plenty of gifts
I will gladly fulfill your every wish,
Because it’s a very special today,
It’s my beautiful queen’s birthday!
I want to sing, dance, throw a party and say
My dear queen, wish you a very happy birthday!

234. In your eyes, I find a shining light,
With you my love, everything seems right,
May your birthday be as sweet as your smile,
With you my life seems to be worthwhile.

235. Another year is added to the life of an amazing human being
You are so special; you love me despite my craziness and eccentricities
If Genie were to grant me a wish, I would always choose to be with you,
You mean the world to me, my sweet pie
Have an amazing birthday, my beautiful queen,
May God bless you.

236. Your love has transformed me altogether and has made me who I am today
You make my days bright even when they are dark
Living without you for a moment is like living without life
I may not be telling you every second that I love you,
But every time my heart beats, it says I love you
Happy birthday to you.

237. On your birthday, I want you to forget the world,
Dance freely without caring about what the world thinks,
Sing wholeheartedly, without inhibitions,
Love passionately like never before,
Live life to the fullest, without any regrets
You will always find me with you, every step of the way
Happy birthday, my love!

238. Happy birthday to my soul mate and my partner-in-crime,
My best friend, my lifeline, and my last hope on a deserted island
I think we make a great team together
I just want you to be beside me in every instance of my life.

239. For many years, I was lonely and sad, acting like I was ok. Then you came and turned my life on its head. Your presence made my world colorful and special. Now I don’t have to act any longer. I am truly happy and completely ok because of you. Thank you for making my life beautiful.On your special day, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for the love and joy you bring into my life. Happy birthday, my sweet girlfriend.

240. It’s surprising that my love for you grows by leaps and bounds every day
I can’t imagine my life without someone who has given me so much to cherish
I love you with all my heart and soul
Happy birthday, my girlfriend.

241. Happy birthday to the lady I love
You are the sweetest, most wonderful person in my life who I will never want to lose
I’m deeply and crazily in love with you dear
I want you to be my shoulder to cry on, my hand to hold when you fall,
And my ears to listen when you need to talk
I want you to be mine forever
Happy birthday to you my love.

242. I have never met anyone so vibrant and positive. Your motto in life is, “Everything happens for a reason,” and you believe it wholeheartedly. When I met you, I was a selfish man who cared only about himself. Still, you gave me a chance because you have a heart of gold. Being with you made me a better man. My love, you are my better half in every way. Happy birthday.

243. Your presence feels like the sweetest fragrance in this world
I thank the Almighty daily for sending you into my life
And I don’t want to lose you at the cost of anything
No matter wherever you go, my love will never fade away
You are the one whom I can never forget
You will always be there in my heart
Happy birthday to the one who stole my heart secretly.

244. The way your eyes crinkle when you laugh,
Your raised eyebrow when you think I am being stupid,
The way you cry silently during movies,
When you talk even in your sleep,
And your animated hand signs when you speak,
I love every little thing about you, my girl,
Happy birthday, sweetie!

245. You’ve been there for me through my best days and the darkest hours
There’s no way I can ever thank you enough for what you’ve done for me
I love everything you do for me
Happy birthday to you.

246. In a million different eras,
In a million different worlds,
In a million different forms,
In every version of reality.
I promise I will always look for you and choose you.
Happy birthday, my soulmate!

247. With you, every sunshine and every day is a new experience for me
You are the sweetest angel who lives in my heart
And whose breath runs through my body
I’m so lost in you that I have no knowledge of other things in the world
However, it gives me immense pleasure to get lost with the sweetest girl
Happy birthday, my cutie.

248. The world might think you are ordinary
But to me, you are extraordinary
Your love fills my world with bliss,
It’s heaven on earth when we kiss
Happy birthday, my love!

249. Ever since you entered my life,
Everything seems to have been illuminated by your angelic presence
You fill my life with abundance and meaning
May God bless you with luck, wealth and health
I love you!

250. Everything feels lovelier with you around,
I love my eyes when you stare into them,
My name sounds like a melody coming from your mouth
I love my lips when you kiss me
I adore my heart when you put your hand on it
My life is a paradise with you in it.
Happy birthday, my angel!

251. There’s nothing that can pose a barrier to me in thinking about you
No distance can refrain me from you and your love
In the end, your love is what matters to me the most
God has sent you to me so that we remain forever happy in each other’s company Happy birthday, my angel and may all your dreams come true.

252. Your gorgeousness cannot be described by any word in the dictionary.
The love you bring to my life is nothing but legendary
You are truly a beautiful fairy
May you have the best birth anniversary
Happy birthday!

253. Every time I see you,
I can’t take my eyes off of you,
It’s like my eyes are stuck by superglue
I can’t even blink if I want to,
You have mesmerized me
Happy birthday to you!

254. I have found my world in you for you are the sole reason for my happiness
You are my treasure for a lifetime
And I have found the girl of my dreams
So I’m blessed that my dream has turned into the happiest reality
I thank God an infinite time for showering His best gift on me
Happy birthday my love.

255. Just like the Earth needs the sun to rise in the morning, so do I need you
When I look at myself in the mirror, all I can think about is how lucky I am to have you And life would be so boring without you
Happy birthday to you.

Every time I see you, I can’t take my eyes off of you.

Image: IStock

Short Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

256. I may not be a genie, but I want to fulfill all your desires even before you express them. Happy birthday, my dear!

257. Happy birthday Monica to my Chandler. I love you. Happy birthday, babe!

258. Happy birthday, my secret superstar. You will be my heroine forever.

259. For me, nothing is more valuable than your lovely presence in my life. Happy birthday.

260. On your birthday this year, I too want to make a wish. And my wish is to be able to celebrate all your birthdays with you from now till forever.

261. Happy birthday to the most romantic girlfriend in the universe.

262. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart. I wish you nothing but love and an eternal life with me.

263. You are sweeter than honey, cuddlier than a soft toy, and more intoxicating than the finest wine in the world! Happy birthday, my darling!

264. Happy birthday to the biggest blessing in my life. Have a lovely day, my bae!

265. There are many like me, but no one like you. So thank you for choosing me. Happy birthday, my love!

266. On this day a princess came to my life and made my life the best. Happy birthday.

267. Celebrating your birthday today and every year to come. Happy birthday, my love.

268. Your birthday is as special as you are to me. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

269. Ever since you came to my life, all colors have got a vivid meaning. Happy birthday, my colorful lady.

270. I may be asleep or awake, but you are always on my mind. You have bewitched me. Happy birthday, my angel!

271. Happy birthday to the queen of my heart and soul! I am your humble servant. I love you.

272. I wish I could turn back time and meet you earlier. I want more time to love you. Happy birthday, my soulmate!

273 Happy birthday to the world’s finest piece of art.

274. Your birthday is just the beginning of a new chapter in our life. Happy birthday, princess.

275. I wish a fabulous birthday to the muse of all my romantic poems.

276. I don’t think there’s a better way of celebrating your birthday by spending time alone with me. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

277. You are my Minnie Mouse in real life. Happy birthday sweetie.

278.The days spent with you are the most cherishable ones. Happy birthday.

279. All the money in the world is worthless without you, my love. Happy birthday!

280. Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world! Sending you loads of hugs and kisses.

281. It’s true. I am crazily, passionately, deeply in love with you. Happy birthday to the most breathtaking and amazing girlfriend in the world!

282. The best days and nights come when you are with me. Happy birthday, honey.

283. Happy birthday, love. I wish you a life loaded with success, energy, and accomplishments.

284. Happy birthday to the sweetest individual I know.

285. I’d like to wish a beautiful and lovely soul a blasting happy birthday.

286. Just want to say happy birthday to my yummy girlfriend. I hope you have a great time at the cake cutting ceremony tonight with friends.

287. Happy birthday to my starlady. I can’t wait for you to come home and hug me.

288. Roses are red, the sky is blue, my life is a black and white movie without you, colorless and boring! Happy birthday, my girl.

289. Forget the butterflies; I feel the whole zoo in my tummy every time I see you. Happy birthday, my angel!

290. I love you with all my tummy. I want to say heart, but I have a bigger tummy. Happy birthday, baby!

291. I’m so thankful that you chose me over anyone else. Happy birthday, dear girlfriend.

292. Cheers to an amazing girlfriend and even more to a brighter year ahead. Happy birthday.

293. To the one who is the keeper of my heart, happy birthday.

294. May your birthday be as extraordinary as the bond we share.

295. I just asked Google, “Who is the most beautiful girl in the world?” It gave me your photos. Happy birthday, my beauty!

296. I hope your birthday is just like you, full of colors and sunshine, exciting and divine. Happy birthday, my love!

297. Cake, presents, Italian food, and expensive wine; a wonderful party for a girl so fine. Happy birthday, my sweetheart!

298. Ask for the world, and I will put it at your feet. Happy birthday, my love!

299. Even if today is your birthday, I get the best gift — an entire day by your side. Happy birthday, my darling!

300. Before you, I thought all the romantic songs were sappy; since I met you, all the romantic songs are about you. Happy birthday, my girl!

301. You are the soothing music to my heart’s song. Happy birthday, my muse.

302. Here’s to another year of loving more and endlessly. Many happy returns of the day, sweetheart.

303. You are the one I have been searching for throughout my life. Happy birthday.

304. Here’s to another year of having adventures together.

305. There might be eight billion smiles in the world, but your beautiful smile will always be my most favorite. Happy birthday, darling! Keep smiling.

306. Many happy returns of the day, sweetheart! Baby, I don’t gamble, but with you, I really hit the jackpot!

307. I can’t keep calm because today is the most gorgeous girl’s birthday! Happy birthday, beautiful!

308. Today, we celebrate the best decision your parents made. Happy birthday, my love!

309. Sending you my love and kisses on your special day. Wishing you a very happy birthday dear.

310. It’s your birthday and I’m more thrilled than you.

311. Our hearts are intertwined despite our distance. Happy birthday, my true love.

312. To the Cleopatra of my heart, happy birthday.

313. I love your humor, especially when it is wildly inappropriate. Happy birthday, my crazy girl!

314. Happy birthday, my darling! Thanks for being my second mother, my best friend, my free therapist, and my biggest cheerleader.

315. Happy birthday to the best cook in the world. Have a great year ahead!

316. Wishing you a heartfelt birthday, my partner-in-crime and in love.

317. Happy birthday baby. Hope you have a fantastic birthday.

318. Happy birthday to the possessor of angelic eyes and divine beauty.

319. Screaming Happy Birthday to my chocolate. It’s your day.

320. You make me happy the way nobody can. It’s my turn now. Have a wonderful birthday, beautiful!

321. Happy birthday, my love. With you, every day is an adventure. Let’s explore the world together.

322. Everything in life comes with an expiry date except my love for you. Happy birthday, darling!

323. Happy birthday to the person who is more precious than a rare gem. Love you, my precious!

324. You are the reason why I smile everyday. Happy birthday, sweetie.

325. You are mine and will always be. Happy birthday.

326. Thank you for being my girlfriend on whom I can rely. Have the best birthday, dear.

327. May your birthday be filled with sweet memories and unwavering love.

328. Besides your birthday gifts, unwrap me as your most sizzling present.

329. Wishing you a day as unforgettable and marvelous as you are. Happy birthday, bae!

330. Blow your candles and make a wish; I will then give you your first birthday gift, a sweet kiss. Happy birthday, my girl!

331. Promise me we will never stop doing crazy stuff together. Happy birthday, my crazy girl!

332. May you remain the apple of my eye forever. Happy birthday, my Eve.

333. Your radiant smile lights up my life. Keep shining, birthday girl.

334. Sending you hugs and kisses on this special day. Many happy returns of the day, baby.

335. Here’s to many more exciting years ahead together. Happy birthday.

336. Happy birthday to my heroine, who has stood by me all the time.

337. Happy birthday to my forever valentine.

338. People say life is not easy, but with you, it’s a breeze. Happy birthday, my lifeline!

339. Step aside Cinderella, Ariel, and Snow White; my favorite princess is here, and it’s her birthday. Happy birthday, princess!

340. I was just hopeless; your love transformed me into a hopeless romantic. Happy birthday, my girl!

341. On your birthday, let’s make a trade; you take all my happiness and give me all your worries. Happy birthday, love!

342. May this birthday mark the beginning of a golden period in your life. Happy birthday, baby!

343. You are not getting older; you are becoming more alluring and sexier. Happy birthday, babe!

344. Let’s make great memories on your birthday to shower my love on you. Happy birthday.

345. You are the most innocent and pure soul that I have ever met. May you smile always. Happy birthday.

346. Wish you a mirthful birthday to the sweetest girl on this planet.

347. Hey baby, it’s time to celebrate the most special day of yours with pomp and show. Happy birthday.

348. Happy birthday, my love! I look forward to celebrating a lifetime of birthdays with you.

349. Happy birthday to the person who has captured my heart and soul. Love you, my girl!

350. Happy birthday to my girl who made me understand why people risk body and soul for the one they love.

351. Alone I was ordinary, but together we are an extraordinary team. Happy birthday, my world!

352. Our love is like a breeze. You can’t see it, but you can always feel it, and it refreshes you. Happy birthday, my girl!

353. Many happy returns of the day, my dear! All the good things in life become the best when we are together, so your birthday party will be amazing tonight!

354. Happy birthday, my darling! If being with you is a dream, I never want to wake up.

355. Happy birthday to the most lovely girl, inside and out.

356. Your love is a solid rock constant. Thank you for being there with me. I wish you a fun-filled birthday.

357. On this special day, I pray to God that He keeps you away from sins. Happy birthday, my dearest angel.

358. Your energy is unmatched. Let’s celebrate your birthday with this unparalleled energy.

359. May God bestow eternal beauty and grace on you. Happy birthday.

360. Cheers to one more year of falling deeper in love with you; you make it so easy. Happy birthday, beautiful!

361. From the moment you open your eyes till the time you close them, I will ensure your special day is as rocking as you are. Happy birthday, cutie!

362. Happy birthday, my girl. I can’t wait to pamper you, shower you with gifts, and cherish you today, my baby!

363. You are the answer to my every prayer, dear. Many happy returns of the day, my queen!

364. Happy birthday, my love! I am forever yours. Sorry, return policy not applicable.

365. May the divine light of God become a guiding star for you. Happy birthday, my doll.

366. I want to give you infinite hugs and kisses on this special day. Wish you a very happy birthday.

367. You have sown the seeds of love in my heart. Wishing you many joyful returns of the day, my love.

368. Darling, we are two pieces of the same puzzle, so the universe conspired to bring us together. Happy birthday, my soulmate!

369. Many happy returns of the day to the person who can match-up to my weirdness. Being normal is clearly overrated.

370. Happy birthday, my goddess! My world was complete chaos, but the moment you touched me, it became blissful and serene.

371. I would love to prepare everything for your birthday and celebrate it with full vitality. Happy birthday

372. I don’t know why people fall in love because in your love I have grown as a better person. Happy birthday, my lady luck.

373. With every year, you seem to grow more ravishing and alluring and my love has grown deeper. Happy birthday, sweet lady.

374. Happy birthday to the one who knows all my flaws and imperfections and still loves me the most.

375. I wish to God for our love to become greater than the universe and brighter than the sun. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

376. Many happy returns of the day, my love. Your every move is exquisite poetry in motion.

377. A swarm of lovely kisses and amazing birthday wishes are buzzing your way. Happy birthday, my bee-utiful Queen Bee!

378. Happy birthday, my girl. Losing everything will still be ok as long as I have you by my side.

Losing everything will still be ok as long as I have you by my side.

Image: IStock

379. It’s your birthday today, so I am calling in lovesick. You can make me better by giving me a kiss. Happy birthday, my love!

380. Today is a celebration of a miracle that is you. So, let’s have a blast or two. Happy birthday, beautiful!

381. I pray to God that he protects you from all wrong deeds. Happy birthday, gorgeous.

382. You add a kaleidoscope of colors to my monochromatic life. Happy birthday, my lovely girlfriend.

383. The best birthday gift I can offer you is my constant love and companionship. Happy birthday.

384. Happy birthday to the hottest girl on the planet. Even the sun cannot compete with you.

385. Happy birthday to my rockstar, who knocks my socks off. Love you, girl!

386. Happy birthday to the special person with whom every day is a celebration. Today, it’s time for a double party.

387. Your birthday is the most special day of your as well as of my life. Happy birthday, my love.

388. Today is the perfect day to tell you that you are simply the best girlfriend. Happy birthday, darling.

389. Falling in love should be permanent as I want to fall for you every time. Happy birthday

390. Girl, you blasted into my life like a tornado and threw me off my feet. I am still falling….in love. Happy birthday, my dear!

391. Sweetheart, you are the yin to my yang. Happy birthday, beautiful!

392. I admire every aspect of your personality. Happy birthday, beloved.

393. All I wish is that the kindness of God should flow in you to make you the most humble being on the Earth. Happy birthday.

394. If you were born on another planet, I would have still found you. Happy birthday.

395. Dear girlfriend, I want to promise you that I will stay with you forever, no matter what the situation is. Happy birthday, my darling.

396. Meeting you made me believe in miracles. Happy birthday, my queen!

397. Rose is red, sky is blue, I understood the true meaning of love the day I met you. Happy birthday, my love!

398. My life is a fairy tale with you in it. Happy birthday, my princess!

399. I thank God every day for bringing you into my life. Happy birthday, babe!

400. I may not be able to give you the world, but I can give up myself for you. Wish you a great birthday.

401.Great things are yet to happen, my princess. Happy birthday

birthday wishes for your girlfriend_illustration

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make my girlfriend’s birthday extra special?

There are many ways to make your girlfriend’s birthday extra special. Some of the best ways to do it are by planning a surprise birthday party, gifting her a present she always wanted, planning a fun day out, or planning a mini vacation to a place she always wanted to visit.

2. What is the importance of sending birthday wishes to your girlfriend?

Sending birthday wishes to your girlfriend is important since it shows that you care for her and celebrate her presence in your life. Heartfelt words also display your genuine affection for her, strengthening your relationship.

3. How can expressing your affection and appreciation through birthday wishes make your girlfriend feel supported?

Sharing a heartfelt birthday message with your girlfriend can help her see your affection and adoration for her. You can write a personalized birthday wish highlighting her strengths and achievements to celebrate her accomplishments. This gesture will help her recognize your unwavering support and admiration for her. When she sees the love of her life become her biggest cheerleader, she feels supported, and her heart fills with enthusiasm.

Well-composed birthday line for girlfriend will never lose its charm. But it might sometimes need a little extra help to put those feelings of love and care into words and come up with a beautiful message. You could refer to these birthday wishes for your girlfriend and surprise her with a card and a sweet handwritten note. We have covered both short and long messages that you can use. So scroll through and choose the one you like the most and conveys your feelings appropriately. You could also add a few lines of your own and give a personalized touch to it.

Infographic: Innovative Ways To Send Birthday Wishes To Your Girlfriend

It’s your girl’s birthday, and you would love to be the first one to wish her and make her day extra special. But writing and sending a message is what every beau does, right? So, how to send a message so that your sweetheart will appreciate both the message and your effort? Dive into this infographic for some exciting ideas on sending a birthday message to your girlfriend.

ways to send her birthday messages (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get the high-quality PDF version of this infographic.

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Words can connect your soul with your loved ones. Here are some heartwarming birthday wishes for the queen of your heart.

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