151 Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids

Children get all excited about their birthday. It’s a special day for them to be the center of attention and receive all the love and gifts. If you are looking for children’s birthday wishes, you are at the right place. The birthday of your little one is a great opportunity for you to show them how much you love them and what they mean to you. So, along with a cool gift and yummy cake, make them feel special by penning a heartfelt wish. Birthday wishes for a child should be sweet, simple, and meaningful. In this post, we bring you some moving birthday wishes for children.

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151 Happy Birthday Wishes For Children

Birthday wishes for boys

To celebrate the birthday of that special little boy in your circle, send a happy birthday wish for the kid boy from the following suggestions. These birthday messages are not restricted to a boy alone because you may use them to wish your girl as much as to wish your boy.

  1. Happy birthday to the future superstar! One day you will become a global icon.
  1. Wishing you a birthday filled with sugar candies and marshmallows. A very happy birthday to the sweetest little boy I know.
  1. Congratulations on your big day! May God shower all his blessings on your birthday. Happy birthday!
  1. Birthday greetings to a very special kid. Happy birthday, brave-heart.
  1. Wishing the science genius a very Happy birthday. May your year be filled with lots of discoveries and inventions.
  1. Why fit in, when you were born to stand out? Happy birthday to the one and only unique boy in the town.
  1. Reach beyond the stars, moon, and sky. Happy birthday, rockstar!
  1. On your birthday I wish that you become the best version of yourself. Be self-competitive. Happy birthday, kiddo!
  1. Be the change you want to see in the world. Happy birthday, hero!
  1. He-Man, Batman, Superman were all little kids like you one day. Happy birthday to the most courageous boy I know.

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  1. Happy birthday, genius. Learn and grow more in the coming year.
  1. Your kind heart makes you so special from the rest. Happy birthday, darling!
  1. May you be blessed with the best in everything, birthday boy. Happy birthday little kid.
  1. You amaze everyone with the new things you keep doing. The world is waiting to see your wonders. Happy birthday, smarty!
  1. Happy birthday to a very intelligent boy. Your brilliance will bring to you many accomplishments in the journey of life. Wishing you a great birthday.
  1. On this day a little prince was born. And that handsome prince is you. Happy birthday, dearie!
  1. May God shower his blessings on you today and every day of your life. Happy birthday baby boy!
  1. You have a tiny heart with lots of love and compassion for the needy. So blessed to have you in our lives. Happy birthday precious one!
  1. It is difficult to buy a birthday gift for a boy who deserves everything great in this world. Happy birthday, dearest!
  1. Happy birthday baby boy. On your special day, I wish nothing less than a bright and happy future for you.
Hugs, kisses, and lot of birthday wishes for kids

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  1. Crazy and fabulous. That’s you! And on your birthday I wish your life is filled with crazy adventures. Happy birthday!
  1. Enjoy the sweet and warm birthday wishes coming your way. Have an awesome birthday!
  1. Happy birthday to the happy little star of the family!
  1. Don’t count the candles, see the light which they give. Hope your life is always filled with light and positivity. Happy birthday!
  1. Birthday greetings to a very talented young boy.
  1. You are a blessing and inspiration to many! Keep spreading your positivity wherever you go. Happy birthday!
  1. May a bucket full of happiness come your way. Have an amazing birthday.
  1. Blow the candle and say a prayer. Angels will protect you forever. Happy birthday!
  1. Are you ready to celebrate with your friends and eat delicious birthday treats till your stomach hurts? Have a blast on your birthday.
  1. Set new goals on your birthday and strive hard to achieve them in the coming year. Birthdays are the best time for new beginnings. Have a very happy birthday!
  1. Little champ we love to see you win. On your birthday, I wish you stay blessed always. Happy birthday!
  1. Wishing you all the glory and prosperity in life for your birthday. Happy birthday, my little boy.
  1. Confetti, glitter, and balloons add to your birthday madness. May you have a fantastic year of celebration. Happy birthday!
  1. Never ending love, pampering, and undivided attention are our gifts for you on your birthday. Happy birthday, dear son.
  1. You illuminate our lives in a million ways. Your smiles make each day brighter. Happy birthday to the sunshine of our lives.
  1. On your birthday, we wish you blessings today, tomorrow, and always. Happy birthday!
  1. Happy birthday to the future racing car champion. Fuel up the tanks till you grow up and get your license.
Drown in the pile of presents birthday wishes for kids

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Birthday wishes for girls

Little girls make the world a whole lot sweeter and they are in high spirits on their birthdays. Here are various ideas to draft lovely birthday wishes for girls. Pick your favorite from the list and impress the birthday girl.

  1. You are one more year closer to becoming an astronaut. Happy birthday to the science genius.
  1. You are sugar, spice, and everything nice. On your birthday, I wish you twice. Happy birthday! Happy birthday!
  1. On your special day wishing you an abundance of laughter, sunshine, and blessings. Happy birthday!
  1. Happy birthday to the smartest girl in town.
  1. Wishing a very joyous birthday to the Barbie kid. Happy birthday!
  1. Happy birthday to the bravest girl I know. You are an absolute superhero.
  1. Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who gets treats of them all? You! Because it’s your birthday! Enjoy all the candies and delicious birthday treats on your special day. Happy birthday!
  1. Billions of kisses to the most beautiful birthday girl. Happy birthday!
  1. You are a girl blessed with truckloads of creativity and talent. Happy birthday little princess. Shine on!
  1. Explore. Learn. Discover. And do everything you want to! A very special happy birthday to the curious mind.
  1. Happy birthday to a naughty, mischievous, sweet little angel.
  1. Tutus and tiaras add so much to your cuteness. On your birthday, I hope you get a closet full of them. Happy birthday, baby girl.
  1. Happy birthday to the most adorable little girl. Have lots of fun on your special day.
  1. Sweeter than candies and more precious than a pearl. Happy birthday to a lovely birthday girl.
  1. Wear a pretty dress and put on those shiny shoes. Let your hair loose and party hard on your birthday. Happy birthday!
  1. Happy birthday to a girl with twinkling eyes and bright smiles. Have a fun-filled celebration.
  1. Happy birthday, sunshine! Shine brighter than the sun, moon and the stars on your birthday.
  1. Dear little princess, may you have a fun-filled birthday. Happy birthday to our darling angel.
  1. Happy birthday to the shining little star. Have a birthday full of surprises, laughter, and merry memories.
protip_icon Did you know?
It is important to wish your child on their birthday to make them realize how much you love and adore them. Special greetings will make them feel they are important in the family.
  1.  May your birthday be filled with rainbows and unicorns. Happy birthday, doll.
  1.  Happy birthday to a brilliant girl. You are so wonderful and magnificent.
  1. Best wishes to a very pretty girl on her birthday. Happy birthday!
  1. Cake and toffees, balloons and more, you are the birthday girl that I adore. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  1. It’s your day to shine like a Barbie. Have an amazing birthday!
  1. Wish for happiness and sunshine on your birthday. Hope the sad rain clouds never come your way. Happy birthday to a precious little girl.
  1. For your birthday I wish that you grow up to be a smart, wise and tough girl. Happy birthday, darling angel.
May all your wishes come true

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  1. You are an incredibly amazing kid. We are blessed to have you. Happy birthday!
  1. You are tiny and small, but stolen the hearts of all. Happy birthday baby girl.
  1. To a beautiful angel born on this day, I wish a bright and beautiful future. Birthday greetings for you.
  1. Sending an abundance of birthday wishes to a very gifted young lady.
  1. You have the prettiest smile in the entire universe. Wishing you a life full of bright smiles. Happy birthday!
  1. The excitement of your birthday is in the air. Bazillion hugs and kisses to the most attractive birthday girl.
  1. Special birthday prayers for such a wonderful kid. May your life be filled with beautiful surprises and happy moments.
  1. The family tree is incomplete without the presence of such a cute and adorable girl. Happy birthday to the girl with innocent smiles and a very kind heart.
  1. Your accomplishments at this tender age make all of us very proud. On your birthday we hope that you continue to grow and learn each and every day.
  1. Board the train of your dreams. Keep eating a lot of ice cream. Life is all about making fun memories. Happy birthday!
  1. Close your eyes and make a lovely wish as we celebrate your splendid happy birthday.
Why such a big cake Because you are a super awesome kid and it’s your birthday.

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  1. May your birthday be as wonderful and fantastic as you are. Happy birthday, sweetie-pie!
  1. Wishing all the fairies in the sky and stars in the universe will bring you everything your heart desires on your birthday!
  1. May your life be filled with fairytale moments. Happy birthday gorgeous!

Cute birthday wishes for kids

All kids are super-cute and their cuteness multiplies on their big days. Pick up a cute birthday wish for kids to double their birthday euphoria.

  1. On your birthday, wish you a lifelong supply of candies and twinkling smiles. Happy birthday!
  1. Small in size, Big in wonders. Happy birthday to the genius kid. May you accomplish greater heights in life.
  1. Not all superheros wear capes. Some are gentle and kind like you. This year, I hope you spread your kindness wherever you go. Happy birthday!
  1. As you blow out every candle on your birthday cake, I wish all your wishes come true. Happy birthday!
  1. Happy birthday to the cutest kid in town. Have a joyous birthday filled with cheer and laughter.
  1. Sing and dance in joy because it’s your birthday. Happy birthday, cutie!
  1. Waffles and pancakes, loads of memories to make. Have a fabulous party on your birthday. Happy birthday, kid!
  1. Another 365 days of fun memories have passed. Cheers for the next 365 days. Special birthday wishes for an extraordinary kid.
  1. Warm birthday wishes to a kid who can bring smiles to everyone. Happy birthday!
  1. Play in mud and get soaked in the sun. Childhood days are the best days of your entire life. Make crazy memories every single day. Happy birthday!
Enjoy your special day birthday wishes for kids

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  1. Hugs and sweet kisses. A bucket filled with warm wishes. Happy birthday! Have a super fun birthday party.
  1. Your smiles are like a combination of sunshine and rainbows. May your birthday multiply your smiles and laughter. Happy birthday!

protip_icon Quick tip
The best age to start throwing a birthday party is four. By then, your child has friends to celebrate with and a better understanding of their big day.

  1. You are more precious than an uncut diamond. And it’s your day to shine. Happy birthday!
  1. Happy birthday to the most adorable, charming and funkiest child.
  1. Roses are red. Violets are blue. Happiest birthday to you!
  1. On your big day, may god shower his blessings in an exceptional way. Happy birthday to you.
  1. Today a very special person was born. And that’s you — happy birthday little one.
  1. May all your wishes be fulfilled on your birthday. Happy birthday, child.
  1. Even at this tender age, you see only the positive in life, and you always find love around you! Happy birthday little champ!
  1. Birthdays are magical and full of fun. Hope you have a very special one. Happy birthday!
  1. You deserve a lifetime supply of cupcakes, waffles, and ice creams. I hope all your wishes come true. Happy birthday!
  1. Life is filled with many ups and downs. But never let your smile frown. Face every day with a brave, courageous heart. On your birthday I hope your life is as colorful as rainbows in the sky. Happy birthday!
  1. You are our best blessing. Your birthday is a reminder of the happiest memories of our life. Happy birthday!
  1. Birthdays are synonymous with presents. Hope you get a lot of them. Happy birthday!
  1. You sparkle like glitter every day, but today it’s time for you to rule. Happy birthday, star!
  1. Cheers to you, birthday girl. Sparkly wishes on your big day. Have a splendid birthday.
  1. You are like your birthday cake, very sweet and super cute. Happy birthday dear kid!
  1. Time just flies away while you are having fun. On your birthday, I hope you are always blessed with a fun life ahead of you. Happy birthday!
  1. Twinkle twinkle little star, birthday kid gets a candy-filled jar. Birthday greetings to the apple of our eye.
  1. Happy birthday to the sweetest kid in the whole wide world. Your presence brings immense joy to the lives of so many.
  1. A superstar deserves a grand birthday celebration. May all your wishes and desires come true. Many many happy returns of the day!
  1. Hey kid, you are just super amazing and a bundle of pure joy. On your birthday I wish your positive energies multiply manifold.
  1. Hope your birthday is filled with as many sweet and cute moments as you truly are.
  1. A perfectionist at such a young age, you are a bundle of creativity and talent. I hope you reach greater heights in life. Happy birthday!
  1. It’s time to clap and dance and rejoice every moment of your birthday celebration.
  1. May your life be always surrounded with light and happiness. I wish you a very happy birthday.
Your wings already exist just fly, birthday wishes for kids

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  1. You are one of the jewels of our life. Happy birthday!
  1. On your birthday may you bloom like a beautiful flower in the garden. Have a jolly birthday blast!
  1. Sending truckloads of birthday wishes your way! May all your wishes be granted. Happy birthday!
  1. For your birthday I wish that your worries reduce and happiness doubles. May all your dreams come true. Happy birthday, sweetheart!
  1. Play hard, laugh harder, cry at times. These are the experiences of life. Hope your birthday brings a lot of delightful memories in your life.
  1. Enjoy the riches of the world and also share your blessings with the ones in need. Dear humble kid, wishing you a very warm birthday.
  1. Like flowers bloom in spring, may your life blossom too! Little one, happy birthday to you!
  1. Wishing you a birthday celebration filled with lots of fun and laughter.
  1. Wishing you a pot of gold and all the happiness your heart can hold. Happy birthday!

Funny birthday wishes for kids

Erase that frown on the birthday kid’s face by wishing them with these funny birthday wishes, which are sure to make them happy and excited.

  1. What is more fun than breaking those toys? Your birthday! Happy birthday to a very special kid.
  1. You know what rhymes with May, Your birthday! Happy birthday, champ!
  1. Blow the candles and dig into your birthday cake. Share a slice of the cake with me. Happy birthday!
  1. Are your teeth ready for chewing and biting? You are turning one more year older today. Happy birthday, baby.
  1. Joy and chaos go hand in hand with you around. Happy birthday naughty one!
  1. Happy birthday to the kid who loves broccoli more than toffees, veggies more than candies.
  1. It’s that time of the year when you are allowed to monkey around and no one will stop you. It’s your birthday! Go bonkers! Happy birthday!
  1. A wish made on the birthday is granted super soon. Go wild and make tons of crazy wishes. Happy birthday, kid!
protip_icon Point to consider
While inviting kids to the birthday party, follow the general rule of age plus one. That means you may invite five friends for your four-year-old’s birthday. It is best to invite at least one friend your child meets often and feels comfortable with.
  1. “Drum rolls” It’s the birthday of someone very special. May you have a fantastic birthday.
  1. Birthdays are the best excuse to sit and binge-watch all the Disney movies. Go ahead and watch all your favorite ones. Happy birthday!
  1. You are the king today! Treat us as your slaves and then treat us with a birthday party. Happy birthday!
  1. How do pickles celebrate their birthday? They relish every moment. May you live every moment of your life like a pickle. Happy birthday!
  1.  Forget your homework and play lots of games. Have truckloads of fun on your big day. Happy birthday!
  1. It’s your day to splurge, but you don’t have the license to drive yet. So let’s go out shopping for your birthday. Have a very merry birthday celebration.
  1. Time is flying by so fast. Your rosy cheeks remind me of your infant days. Don’t grow up so quickly. May every day of your life be as special as your birthday. Happy birthday!
  1. Today we celebrate your special day even though you were very naughty all year. Happy birthday to the naughtiest kid in the town.
  1. Wishing you all the ice-cream, cupcakes and marshmallows you can eat on your birthday. Gobble them up as quickly as you can. Happy birthday little munchkin!
  1. Congratulations! You are turning older by another year today and getting closer to losing another tooth. Birthday greetings from the tooth fairy!
I love you to the moon and back birthday wishes for kids

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  1. Can you turn the clock back? No! But you can still wind it up again! Happy birthday!!
  1. Happy candle-blowing, wish-making day to you and cake-eating day to us! Happy birthday!
  1. Cheers to yet another year of laughing till it hurts. Keep smiling and laughing always. Happy birthday!
  1. Don’t let anyone touch your birthday cake unless you cut and finish eating it fully. Cheers!!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to write birthday wishes for my kid?

Writing birthday wishes for children may seem challenging, but it’s pretty simple if you follow some handy tips. It is important to keep the wishes age-relevant, add cutesy elements such as stickers or emojis, make it colorful, and write a beautiful message expressing your love and affection.

2. How to wish my child a happy birthday?

Birthdays are the most eagerly awaited events for children. Pour your emotions into heartfelt birthday wishes or greetings to make them memorable. Blessings and prayers also make birthday wishes heart touching. Along with the wishes, you may also include exciting gifts to double your child’s happiness.

3. How do I make my birthday wishes stand out and be memorable for a child?

Make your birthday wish stand out by sending it as a voice note or a beautiful handwritten letter. You can include something related to the child or recall their best trait to personalize your greeting. You may also record the wish in their favorite toy as a heartfelt audio and present it to them as a gift. Additionally, you may organize a celebration and write the wish on a big banner for the child to see.

4. How can I incorporate humor into a birthday message for a child?

You may start by exploring humor-filled birthday messages and write a playful greeting. Additionally, you can address the child by their favorite movie character name and include age-appropriate humor that the child can understand. Add some pop culture references. Recall the shows that your child watches often and use them to create a plot for writing your greeting.

5. What are some common mistakes to avoid when writing birthday wishes for kids?

Using difficult language, not addressing the child by their name, and not being specific about what you appreciate about them are some key mistakes to avoid when writing a birthday wish. Sometimes people also use extremely formal language that may confuse the child and make them more serious. Also, try to avoid long sentences and messages since children may not have the patience.

Birthday wishes for kids are a great way of communicating your feelings on that very special day. Children are always super excited about birthdays when they are showered with cards, gifts, and blessings. The cakes, balloons, songs, and the party add to the fun. We have put together a list of loving wishes to help you convey your feelings and choose the right expression of words. Choose from the options we present separately for boys and girls to bless their day and put a bright smile on your little one’s adorable little face.

Infographic: Superhero Birthday Wishes For Children

Children love superheroes and superstars. So on this birthday, be it your own child, your nephew, niece or just a child you know, get creative and make a birthday card for them using their favorite superhero character. Also, check out this infographic for inspiration on what to include in their superhero birthday card as the ideal birthday wish.

superhero birthday greetings for your little ones (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Birthday wishes for a child should be sweet and simple.
  • You can send a gift and a cake with a beautiful birthday wish.
  • The messages can be motivational or convey your love.

What are your favorite birthday wishes from the list? Tell us in the comments section below.

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