Teaching About Body Parts To Kids

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Our bodies are wonderful machines. They function like a clock and are a perfect proof of the miracle of nature. But when you have kids, this miracle can become the source of a billion questions! It is very normal for children to want to know more about their bodies. After all, children are an inquisitive lot. They are constantly on the lookout for new information and soak it all up like a sponge.

So, what is the best way to teach kids about their bodies?

The first thing you need to do when teaching your child about the body is not to beat around the bush and use made up names for body parts. Why? Because your kid will grow up one day and needs to get his facts right!

Children need to know their body well because it forms such an important part of their developing language skill! Interacting at home and the school also requires that your little one know his body parts well.

So, are you ready to give your kid some body-awareness?

There are numerous ways with which you can teach your child about his body. We have compiled an easy to-go list to help you out!

1. Teaching Body Parts Through Songs:

Music is a great way to keep little ones engaged fruitfully. You can easily help your child learn about his body with music. Some of the songs that may work for you include:

  • Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
  • Hokey Cokey
  • One Little Finger
  • If You’re Happy and, You Know It
  • The Pinocchio
  • Chubby Cheeks, Dimple Chin

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2. Teaching Body Parts Through Stories:

There are books galore that can lend a helping hand when you are trying to teach your child about his body parts. We recommend the following books to get started:

  • Blue Hat Green Hat
  • Go Away, Big Green Monster (parts of the face)
  • Where’s My Baby by Julie Ashworth and John Clark
  • From Head to Toe by Eric Carle
  • Barney Plays Nose to Toes

3. Teaching Body Parts To Children Through Games And Activities:

Kids learn best when they don’t know they are learning! That is why it makes sense to use fun games and activities to hammer in the body parts information into your little one’s brain, figuratively, of course!

Games To Teach Kids About Body Parts:

Looking for fun ideas? Look no further! Here are some games and activities that will not just teach your kid but will also keep him happy!

1. Simon Says:

Kids love to play Simon says! And who can blame them; it is such a laugh riot after all. But you can use this popular game to teach your kid about his body parts too. Gather your child and his friends and get the ball rolling. “Simon says, put your hand on your shoulders” – A simple phrase that will reaffirm your kid’s body vocabulary while keeping things fun.

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2. Chain Actions:

The perfect game for the busy kid! Do you have a whiteboard at home? Well, that’s all you’ll need for this super fun game. Simply write out an action on the board, for example, “wave your hand.” Even before your kid can complete that action, write out the second action, like “clap your hands.” You can write out any number of instructions and watch your kid scamper to complete them in the right order

3. Body Balancing, With A Twist:

No, your child doesn’t need to be a gymnast to do this activity! What you need for this fun game are some toys or flashcards. When the kids are ready, you have to tell them to put the object on a particular body part. For example “put your toy on your head”. There will be tons of giggles and fun with this activity, all the while your child is learning about his body. A win-win situation for everybody!

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4. Label The Body:

If you are looking for an activity for your classroom, or to help a group of kids learn about their body parts, this will be perfect. Divide the kids into groups and ask for one volunteer from each set. The volunteer will need to stand in the middle of his group while the other children write out body part on post-its and stick them to the volunteers clothes or body.

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5. Brainstorming Race:

A great activity to get the little brains running! If your kid is old enough to read, you can write out a description that describes some body parts, like “It is between your head and neck.” If your child is too young to read, you can simply shout it out! Now, the fun part begins as your kid (maybe along with his friends) scamper to come up with the right answer. If your child is old enough, he can write out the answer, or he can draw it out, use a flashcard, or simply shout it out!

6. The Monster Maker:

Kids are a funny lot! They are scared of monsters but still can’t stay away from them! So, use your child’s fascination with monsters to teach him about body parts! You’ll need two dice for this game. One of the dice should have the name of body parts written on its sides while other one need to be your regular dice with numbers. Now, ask your child to roll the dice. So, what’s the combination? If the body part dice says, nose while the number dice says four, ask your child to draw a monster with four noses! Let your kid’s imagination run wild and watch as he grasps and learns about his body without breaking out into a sweat!

7. Dumb Charade:

Dumb Charade is a popular party game but did you know that you could use it to teach kids about body parts? Get the family together and start the game! How about explaining “I have ten heads”? Or “I have a hand in my head” through actions? The crazier the phrase, the more fun it will be for your kid (and the entire family), ensuring that your child learns without too much effort.

Learning need not be cumbersome! With these body parts activities for kids, you can turn a fun time into an opportunity to learn. Remember, body awareness is vital for kids. They need to know and understand their bodies. So, what are you waiting for? Let the games begin!

How did you teach your kid about body parts? Did you use some particular games or activities? Tell us!

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