81 Artsy Bohemian Baby Names For Boys And Girls

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If you’re in love with the nomadic way of life, it makes sense to look for Bohemian baby names for your little one. Hippies, nomads, gypsies come to mind when talking about bohemians. Someone is considered a bohemian if they live a carefree life, appreciate and celebrate art, and don’t let the worries of the world trouble them. We have curated a good list of fun bohemian-inspired names. These are unique, eccentric names and will stand out from the crowd. Read on to know more.

Bohemian Girl Names

1. Delilah:

If you want a Bohemian baby girl name that is more traditional than unique, Delilah will make an ideal pick for you. Delilah is an Old Testament name and means ‘delight’ or ‘amorous’. In the Old Testament, Delilah was the temptress who tricked Samson into revealing the secret behind his strength.

2. Tabitha:

For parents who like thinking out of the box, this cool indie name would make a perfect choice for you. Tabitha is a whimsical, unique and fun baby name with a mix of modern edge and vintage charm.

3. Paisley:

Paisley is both a Scottish name and a fabric design pattern that was in vogue during the 70s and 80s. So, we think that it would make a good artsy name for your daughter.

4. Deja:

Deja is a French word for something that has happened or was seen before.

5. Saffron:

Saffron, the most expensive spice in the world, is used largely in the Indian cuisine. The color saffron was quite popular in the hippie days. So you have both Indie and hippie name in one.

6. Cadence:

Cadence is a rhythmic flow that is applied to both music and poetry. This name rose to fame after the movie American Wedding was released. It has been in the top 100 names for a decade.

7. Clover:

Clover is a sweet smelling flower that is also a traditional symbol of comfort, luck, and wealth. This brilliant and inspirational name would suit both boys and girls.

8. Calliope:

The Greek goddess of epic poetry had a fantastic name that would suit a young artist. It got a boost after being featured in the television series Grey’s Anatomy. Its variations such as Poppy and Callie make it look very Bohemian.

9. Blue:

Famous pop star Beyoncé named her daughter Blue Ivy, but we think that Blue would work equally well as a standalone name for both boys and girls.

10. Arwen:

Arwen is a Welsh name that came to the forefront following the release of Lord of the Rings. In the movie, Arwen was the Princess of the Elves and was played by Liv Tyler. The meaning of Arwen is ‘noble’ or ‘maiden’.

11. Allegra:

The name Allegra, derived from the pharmaceutical industry, has a beautiful meaning. It’s Italian for happy. Artsy people would recall the music tempo allegro and the literary term allegory. Allegra Kent, the renowned ballerina, is its most famous bearer.

12. Caroline:

Author Neil Gaiman brought this name to everyone’s attention after penning down a novel of the same name. What makes it Bohemian is the option of nicknames it gives like Corrie, Cora, and Coral. And there’s no doubt that it’s creative.

13. Claudine:

Claudine is the French feminine version of Claude. St. Claudine, the patron of the female authors, is the most famous bearer of this name. But unfortunately, this moniker is on the edge of extinction because of the chicer versions like Claudia or Claudie.

14. Harper:

Harper is a lovely Bohemian girl name meaning ‘harp player’. This artsy baby name is a favorite with celebs as well. It was chosen by Bill Hader, the Beckhams, Neil Patrick Harris, Jenna Fischer and more.

15. Catrine:

Catrine is a cool, sophisticated and sleek version of the classic name Catherine. Cat would make a fun nickname potential for Catrine, especially for a family of cat lovers.

16. Coriander:

Coriander is a fun unisex indie name for you to consider. It was mentioned in the Bible as “the manna,” which fell from the heaven. In daily life, Coriander is a herb used in Indian and Asian dishes.

17. Aria:

This moniker has gained widespread acceptance in the recent years, thanks to Arya from the popular television series, Game of Thrones and Aria from Pretty Little Liars.

18. Lyric:

The term lyric is used for both poetry and music. Parents are choosing this name confidence in the recent years, and its popularity is also rising on the baby name list. Currently, this name is in the top 300 baby girl name list.

19. Avery:

Even though Avery has been unisex for a few decades, it has now heated up for girls, mainly because of the popularity of its alternative Ava. Avery moved from number 802 in the year 1990 to 13 in 2014. Jason Sehron and Angie Harmon used this name for their daughter.

20. Tamara:

The name Tamara oozes glamor, all thanks to its bearer Tamara de Lempicka, the Polish Art Deco painter. It means ‘date palm tree’ sounds a bit odd, considering its happening namesake.

21. Monet:

The name Monet conjures the impressionistic paintings of country cottages and lily pads. We picture this name on a teen with a paintbrush in hand. We also think it sounds softer and more modern than Mona.

22. Story:

Story is a lovely name that does not really beat about the bush. It has a fine balance of being free-spirited and spunky and that’s what we like the most about it. Its modern sound reminds us of names like Cory, Stormy, Stella, and Rory.

23. River:

River is a fashionable name inspired by nature. This moniker not just has the undercurrents of rock music, but is also associated with the acting genius Rivers Cuomo. Famous singer Kelly Clarkson and her husband chose this name for their daughter.

24. Lydia:

The name Lydia was an uncommon name when Winona Ruder played the role of Lydia Deets in “Beetlejuice”, Tim Burton’s funny and artsy movie. Now it’s one of the top 100 names. You can opt for other characters’ names too, like Juno, Beryl or Delia.

25. Charlotte:

Best known for her classic novel Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte belonged to an artistic family. Her sisters Anne and Emily were also renowned novelists and poets. This name topped the most popular baby girl name list in the year 2013.

26. Cyan:

Cyan is a modern alternative to Rose, Violet, Scarlett and Lavender. This attractive color name is an alternative to Cyane, the name of the Sicilian nymph who resided in the blue pool.

27. Cyrene:

Cyrene is the name of a female figure in the classical Greek mythology. The meaning of Cyrene is ‘sovereign queen’.

28. Demelza:

Demelza is an uncommon name with Cornish etymology. It began to be used in the UK in the 1950s after the British television series based on Winston Graham novels. The heroine of the series was named Demelza.

29. Adele:

The British singer with a soulful voice brought this old-fashioned name to the forefront again after decades. Meaning ‘noble’, Adele would make a powerful name for your daughter.

30. Mareike:

Mareike translates to ‘bitter’ but sounds anything but bitter. This name is famous in the English-speaking lands as a variation of Mariah.

31. Ilona:

Illona, the Hungarian form of Helen, means ‘torch of light’. This moniker looks beautiful when written and sounds pretty when you roll it off the tongue.

32. Chiara:

Chiara, meaning ‘light’ in Italian, is a perfect representation of the shining light your girl will be in the lives of everyone throughout her own.

33. Lilou:

If you love the names Louise or Lily, you will love the name Lilou, a combination of both the names. Lilou is pretty and straightforward, and the best part is that it can be shortened

34. Ivy:

Ivy is an offbeat, quirky and botanical name, referring to the climbing plant with the yellow flowers. It comes from the Old English word ‘ifig’. Ivy was also considered the Celtic symbol of friendship.

35. Bluebell:

Geri Halliwell chose this fairy-like name for her little girl. Even we think it’s more attention grabbing than Lily. Some people may find it outlandish, but we think it’s charming and distinctive. What’s your call?

36. Serendipity:

This word has a mystical and magical sound to it. Whether your child turns out to be an artist or a pop-culture junkie, this name would suit her perfectly.

37. Tess:

Tess is the diminutive of Theresa, and means ‘to harvest’. This moniker has a lot more style, strength, and substance than most of the single syllable names. The famous bearers of this name are Tess Mattison and Tess Harper.

38. Melody:

Melody is a sweet artsy girl name derived from the Greek elements, Melos, which means song and ‘aeido’, which means ‘to sing’. This melodious name was hugely popular in the 60s and has started to gain tempo again.

39. Ophelia:

The name Ophelia was first used by Jacopo Sannazaro in his poem ‘Arcadia’. William Shakespeare adopted this name for a character in Hamlet. The meaning of this Greek name is ‘help’.

40. Pearl:

This gem name has been used as a given name in English-speaking countries since the early 19th century. We think it would make a great middle name alternative to Rose.

41. Roxanne:

This Persian name has an exotic touch from the Middle Eastern origins. This moniker topped in 1954 and stayed on the top 200 until dipping to top 1000 in 2012.

Bohemian Boy Names

1. Miles:

This name brings to mind Miles Davis, the jazz icon. While it would be a bit difficult to replicate his brand of coolness, his smooth and sleek name can definitely be considered.

2. Alder:

If you are a Bohemian-loving mommy, but want to give your son a hippie name, this one’s for you. Alder is an English name, derived from the Alder tree.

3. Armon:

This moniker will make your son stand out in a crowd. Armon is a Teutonic variation of the German name Armin. We think it’s a lovely artsy baby boy name, but is not much heard of in the country.

4. Ocean:

The name Ocean is inspired by the Greek name ‘Okeanos’ for Titan in the mythology. It suits both boys and girls, who is friendly, creative and artsy.

5. Jack:

Jack Kerouac, one of the main voices of the Beat Generation, epitomizes the 50s school. As a name, Jack has consistently hovered around the top baby name list in Australia. So there is a high possibility that your child will meet a few Jacks in his school.

6. Patchouli:

Patchouli was and still is the official scent of India. It’s spicy, sweet and musty to the nose and gives soothing and relaxing properties. The name is unisex, but it would suit boys more than girls.

7. Chakra:

Chakra is a name of Indian origin. It is said to be the center of the spiritual power of the body and the centers are called ‘chakras’.

8. Julian:

Julian Schnabel, the renowned American painter and film director, can be credited for giving this name an artsy connotation. Meaning ‘youthful’, the name Julian exudes an understated confidence.

9. Max:

Meaning ‘greatest’, Max is apt for the multi-talented German artist Max-Ernest. He was a sculptor, poet, and graphic in the early 20th century.

10. Leo:

Leonardo is artistic, but Leo is artsy. This Bohemian nickname does not just recall Leonardo da Vinci, the most talented artists of all time, but also gives a nod to Leonardo DiCaprio, the most famous actor of our generation.

11. Andy:

You cannot get more Bohemian than Andy, a diminutive of Andrew, which means ‘strong and manly’. Andy Warhol, the artist renowned for his animated rendering of a Campbell’s soup can, is its most popular namesake.

12. Auden:

The surname of W.H. Auden, the most celebrated American writer of the 20th century, holds a soft corner in the hearts of art lovers. Noah Wylie, the famous writer, named her daughter Auden, and Amber Valletta gave her son this name.

13. Claude:

If you are expecting twins, you can call the baby girl Claudine and the baby boy Claude. But you may have to ignore the fact that it means ‘lame’. The impressionist painter Claude Monet and composer Claude Debussy are the familiar namesakes. Both were on top of their fields in the 19th century.

14. Vincent:

The Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh is the most famous artsy bearer of this classic name. This is still popular across a wide range of countries and cultures, from French to the Italians.

15. Riordan:

Riordan is an Irish name, meaning ‘little royal poet’. Pronounced as Reer-den, Riordan would make a unique pick for the Americans. The best-selling author Rick Riordan is giving it a creative feel. You can use Riordan as a first or last name.

16. Piper:

We choose Piper for its musical meaning. It means ‘the one who plays the pipe’. This moniker has not looked back since it featured in Charmed, the television show.

17. Memphis:

Memphis is a bluish American city home to different genres of music. It has also launched the careers of countless freelancers and artists including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Aretha Franklin.

18. Hendry:

Hendry is truly a rocking baby name. It has roots in the classic name Henry. We think it’s a fresh change from other Bohemian baby boy names like Phoenix and Axl.

19. Ansel:

The German name Ansel, meaning ‘God’s protection’, brings to mind the black and white images of the photographer Ansel Adams. This moniker sounds down-to-earth and chic at the same time. We must say, it’s a fresh ‘A’ beginning name.

20. Chivalry:

Chivalry is one of the rarest Bohemian names. It would make an inspiring first or middle name. It effectively captures the romance of the middle ages. Besides, it would also affirm the chivalric virtues in your son.

21. Eryk:

The Norse name Eryk means ‘lovable’, which is exactly what your child will be. It also translates to ‘eternal ruler’ in the Nordic language. It represents a perfect balance of your son’s character, adorable and strong.

22. Luis:

Luis, meaning ‘famous warrior’, would make a solid name for your Bohemian child. It’s a variation of Louis. Luis Bunuel, also known as ‘the father of the cinematic surrealism’ is the famous bearer of this name.

23. Xander:

With a powerful meaning (defender of humankind), Xander is sure to make a great name for your son. It sounds cool when you say it, especially as there are very few cool names starting with ‘X’.

24. Giotto:

This gorgeous baby name was borne by Giotto di Bondone, the Italian architect and painter from Florence. The name continues its artistic legacy with Giotto Calendoli of Milan.

25. Asher:

Asher is a Hebrew baby name, meaning ‘fortunate’, ‘blessed’ and ‘happy’. In Old Testament, Asher is one of Jacob’s sons and the founder of Asher tribe, one of the 12 tribes of Israel.

26. Breeze:

Breeze is an English word referring to a puff of air and gentle cool wind. The moniker is also associated with ‘briza’ the Spanish word for the cold, northeast wind.

27. Flint:

Flint is derived from the Old High German word ‘flins’, which means ‘hard stone’. For a cooler look, you can spell it as Flynt.

28. Christian:

Christian is a timeless and a longstanding favorite name. Honoring the follower of Jesus Christ has been firmly planted in the top 25 names since 1996. Christian Bale is the most popular bearer of this name.

29. Alchemy:

In the Middle Ages, the alchemist tried to turn base metals into gold and silver, but in vain. You can perform this alchemy by bestowing this name on your child.

30. Kai:

Kai is an evocative, exotic and intense Hawaiian baby name used for both boys and girls. In the Germanic and Frisian countries, Kai is considered the diminutive for Gerhard and Nicolas. The meaning of Kai is ‘sea’.

31. Leif:

Leif is one of the most familiar Scandinavian names, all thanks to the Icelandic explorer Leif Erikson. This moniker has a pleasant association with the word ‘leaf’. The meaning of Leif is ‘heir’.

32. Nirvana:

The name Nirvana falls in the same category as ‘peaceful’, ‘heaven’ and ‘liberty’. While we certainly appreciate its concept, the name could be slightly tricky if your son wants to blend into the crowd.

33. Quest:

Quest is a high-octane moniker for an imaginative boy. It sounds like a superhero dressed in a bright-colored costume.

34. Rebel:

If you want to give your kid an ultra-cool name, give him the gutsy moniker Rebel. Your child will look fierce swinging on the playground in his leather jacket.

35. Woody:

Woody is a diminutive of Woodrow and means ‘row of houses by the wood’. It’s often used as a nickname for Woodrow. Woody Allen is the most famous namesake of this moniker.

36. Tristan:

Tristan is one of the rarely used Celtic names, meaning ‘sorrowful or noise’. Well-known in the medieval legend, this moniker has a certain touching and wistful air to it.

37. Zest:

The name Zest has an upbeat and energetic quality to it.

38. Orion:

In the Greek mythology, Orion was the name of the handsome giant. He was the son of Euryale, the daughter of King Minos and God Poseidon. After his death, he was placed among the stars as a constellation.

39. Sebastian:

Sebastian is basically a Greek name, but is used mainly in the Latin speaking countries where it means ‘from Sebastia’. It became widespread in Europe after Saint Sebastian’s popularity.

40. Stellan:

Stella is a Swedish baby name associated with Stellan Otto von Morner, who left Sweden for Brandenburg. The meaning of Stellan is ‘quiet’.

Bohemian baby names can be interesting, especially if you are a fan of a nomadic way of life. Bohemians live unconventional lifestyles with few permanent ties and often pursue music, arts, and literature. There should be a tremendous amount of courage to follow the idea of Bohemianism and live life to the fullest. They embrace themselves and be proud of their life. They always voice their rights and are not interested in materialistic things. You may find both Bohemian baby girl and boy names with deep meanings that suit your children.

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