Did You Know That These Bollywood Celebrities Have Adopted Children?

Did You Know That These Bollywood Celebrities Have Adopted Children

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Bollywood is an integral part of our lives, especially in the Indian subcontinent. Not only does it entertain, but many Bollywood celebrities are also looked up to for inspiration and positive influence in many ways. No wonder then that these celebrities and their lifestyle are closely followed by the general public and fans. Yet, despite this fan following, there are certain aspects of their lives which are hitherto unknown to us. For instance, did you know that some of our favorite celebrities have adopted children? Yes, you’ve heard that right. Many Bollywood celebrities had adopted kids at a very young age or even at the height of their careers to complete their families in more ways than one. So, here are a few of them we bet you didn’t know about:

1. The Respectable Raveena Tandon

The Respectable Raveena Tandon

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Ravishing Raveena, as she was known at the height of her career in the 90s, was perhaps one of the first actresses to take this bold step of adoption even before she was married. In 1995, Raveena became a single mother by adopting two girls, Chhaya (8) and Pooja (11). In 2004, she got married to Anil Thadani and soon had her own kids – a girl (Rasha) and a boy (Ranbir). But Raveena continued to take care of her adopted daughters well. Recently, her younger adopted daughter, Chhaya, got married in a beautiful ceremony in Goa, with mother Raveena proudly by her side.

2. A Stupendous Mother – Sushmita Sen

A Stupendous Mother - Sushmita Sen

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This Miss Universe never ceases to inspire us. While most women in her place would have got busy with a Bollywood career after winning the crown, this beauty was simultaneously waging a war to adopt her daughter – Renee – all at the age of 25! Let us remind you that adoption isn’t an easy process in India, especially for single parents. However, Sush had her way. Not only that, she even adopted a daughter – Alisah – the second time around too and is now an icon of a happy single mother.

3. The Gold-Hearted Mithun Chakraborty

 The Gold-Hearted Mithun Chakraborty

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Lovingly called Mithun da (brother), this star of the 80s had an entire generation grooving to his disco moves. However, beyond his dance moves, he also has a heart of gold. Once a local newspaper reported the finding of a newborn girl in a garbage bin. Mithun, who already had three sons then, was so moved by this news that the very next day he came forward and adopted the girl. He brought up his daughter with the utmost love and care and named her Dishani. Today, Dishani has grown up into a beautiful young lady and shares a great bond with her brothers.

4. The Ever-Smiling Preity Zinta

The Ever-Smiling Preity Zinta

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Every time Preity comes on the big screen or TV, we are completely taken in by her cute, dimpled smile. However, behind her cute looks and the billion dollar smile lies a large-hearted confident woman. In 2009, when Preity turned 34, she adopted a number of girls from the Mother Miracle School in Rishikesh. And guess how many girls they were? Not one or two, but 34! Today, she makes sure they get a good upbringing and education. She also takes some time off her busy schedule to visit these little angels.

5. The Lady With A Beautiful Heart – Sunny Leone

The Lady With A Beautiful Heart - Sunny Leone

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When this Canadian-born Indian-American actress landed in India, she charmed everyone with her beauty and sweet manners. But, once we look beyond her beyond her beauty and glamour, we’ll find an equally beautiful heart. For a long time, Sunny wanted to start a family with her husband – Daniel Weber. However, she stunned everyone by adopting a little girl from Latur, Maharashtra. Sunny named the girl Nisha Kaur Weber and said she was happy to start her family in this way.

We are sure that these facts about your favorite Bollywood celebrities might have surprised you. By adopting, not only did these celebrities bring happiness into their own lives but also gave these little angels, who had been deprived of family and parental love by destiny, a better shot at life. So, let us salute them for their humane spirit! Respect!

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