How Weak Immunity In Children Makes Them Vulnerable To Infections?

As a mother, you feel responsible for your child’s health. If they are not eating correctly or falling sick frequently, you keep wondering where you went wrong and what you can do to help your child. It was the same with me. Although I was a working mom, I always tried to ensure my child ate a healthy diet. However, growing children can be fussy over food at times, making it challenging to ensure they get all the necessary nutrients. And a lack of essential nutrients in the diet can lead to a weaker immunity, causing your child to fall sick very often, which was the case here.

Here are some common symptoms to look out for in children suffering from weak immunity:

  • Frequent episodes of pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections, ear infections, and skin infections
  • Blood disorders such as low platelet count or anemia
  • Digestive ailments such as cramping, loss of appetite, diarrhea, and nausea.
  • Inflammation and infection of internal organs

Every visit to the doctor meant she missed out on her classes and took a lot of medicines, which I was not in favor of. Also, falling sick so often was affecting her physical growth, mental health, and academic performance.

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What Did I Do Next?

When I was small, my grandma used to tell me about the goodness of natural ingredients and every night before going to bed, irrespective of all my protests, she would ensure I would have a glass of haldi doodh. This was supposed to boost immunity and keep the system strong.

I decided to start it with my daughter the next day itself. However, my six-year-old turned out to be not so obedient like her mother, and with just one sip of the turmeric milk, she made a face and refused to have it. So after one hour of negotiations and adding two spoons of sugar in it, I managed to make her have half a glass! I realized this would not work. After working the whole day, I wouldn’t have the patience to struggle with her for one hour, nor would so much sugar and just half a glass of milk benefit her.

Why Curhealth?

Why Curhealth

When I started researching alternative solutions, I found out that while curcumin in turmeric helps build immunity and helps fight against viral replication, you could be missing out on its advantages if you don’t take it with pepper. Piperine found in pepper helps increase curcumin absorption by ten times! So I focussed my search for an immunity booster that contained piperine and curcumin. And then, I came across Curhealth. It offered a tasty, nutritious mix that included the goodness of piperine and curcumin. Also, it was available in a delicious Kesar badam flavor, which is precisely what I was looking for to ensure my kid would have it.

Did My Daughter Like It?

I read through the product ingredients carefully and saw it was free from sugar and gluten, making it a much healthier option than just adding haldi and pepper to milk. Also, it was available in sachets to be mixed in 200 ml of milk, making things extremely convenient for all.

Trusting my intuition and research, I ordered this. I was a little apprehensive whether my daughter would like it or not, but just the first sip, and she loved it. Within minutes, she finished her glass and happily went on to play. I was so relieved. Now what mattered was will it work for her or not? I decided to be patient and continue giving her this for a couple of months.

And The Results Were Conclusive!

And The Results Were Conclusive

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In just a month, I could see a significant improvement in her health. The episodes of falling sick had reduced, and she was eating much better. I was relieved and happy. Over the next few months, I hardly had to visit the doctor and could see a remarkable change in my daughter’s overall health. She was growing well, could focus better on her studies, and now I could confidently send her to play outside every day without being afraid of her falling sick.

My Final Decision.

My Final Decision.

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I decided to make this wonder product a part of my family’s health needs. I started giving the same to my husband and in-laws and even started taking it myself every day. We all noticed a significant improvement in our immunity and overall health. I never knew one could enhance immunity with such simple steps and the vast benefits of improved immunity. This entire episode instilled my belief in the importance and numerous health benefits that nature offers us. As Mahatma Gandhi had rightly said, “ It is health which is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”. Curhealth has now become a part of our daily diet. It’s tasty, nutritious, and wholesome and a great way to ensure an immunity boost for the entire family.

Click here to purchase Curhealth on Amazon and start your journey of Health and immunity.

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