100 Unique Plant Names For Girls And Boys, With Meanings

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Plants are nature’s best creation. Most life forms on this planet depend on plants directly or indirectly. Naming your child with this nature’s best gift is inspirational. They have numerous qualities that inspire you to give your baby a plant name.

The best part of plant names for babies is that they never get old. Check out our list of the 100 plant names for girls and boys and pick the one that best suits your baby.

Plant Names For Girls

These are some lovely plant names for your daughter.

1. Abelia

This is a refreshing name, as Abelia means ‘breath’ in Hebrew. Also, the Abelia plant is an appreciated beauty.

2. Ada

It is a rare orchid plant that is not so common these days. The name Ada is simple, elegant, and has varied meanings. In German, it means ‘noble’ and is a popular vintage girl name.

3. Agathi

It is a name of a plant that is also known as the ‘vegetable hummingbird.’ In Greek, Agathi signifies ‘goodness.’

4. Aila

A name that shouts life as it means both light and a plant. It is similar to Helga in Finnish.

5. Aloysia

It is a name that would bring kindness and courage into your daughter’s life. Aloysia is a flowering plant and also means ‘famous warrior’ in German.

6. Alpinia

It is a flowering plant indigenous to tropical regions. It is named after the famous Italian botanist, Prospero Alpini.

7. Alyssum

It is derived from the Greek name for the plant ‘alyssos,’ which means ‘curing madness’ as this plant was used for the treatment of various ailments. The name also means ‘noble’ and can also be associated with ‘beauty’ due to its alluring flowers.

8. Ameretat

It means ‘immortality.’ It is also the name of the Zoroastrian Goddess of plants.

9. Arnica

The Arnica plant grows near Siberia and Central Europe and belongs to the sunflower family.

10. Balsam

It is famously known as the ‘touch-me-not’ plant. In Arabic, Balsam means ‘balm’ as the resin from this plant sap is known to possess therapeutic properties.

11. Bay

The Bay leaves were used to make the crowns of great poets, doctors, and warriors. It also means ‘sea inlet’ in English.

12. Briar

A classic European name refers to the white heath plant found around the Mediterranean Sea.

13. Bryn

In Welsh, Bryn refers to a ‘hill,’ most likely the one with vegetation and flora.

14. Bryonia

The Bryonia is a gourd plant and bears red or black fruit. It is a name that sounds loyal and trendy at the same time.

15. Bryony

It is inspired by the Bryonia plant and is also a variant of the name Brionia.

16. Calendula

It is another name for the ‘Marigold’ plant. In Latin, Calendula means ‘little calendar’ as it would bloom on the first of every month.

17. Calla

If you want your daughter to have a summer name, this name is inspired by Calla lily plants, which usually grow during spring and summer.

18. Cerise

If you need an alternative name for ‘cherry,’ Cerise means the same and is of French origin.

19. Chloe

It is inspired by the name of the indoor plant Kalanchoe. It also means ‘growth’ or ‘blooming’ in Greek and is also an epithet of the Greek Goddess of agriculture, Demeter.

20. Cicely

It is the name of a garden plant and means ‘blind’ in Old English.

21. Clark

It comes from Clarkia, which is the name of a flower also known as Farewell to spring flower.

22. Clivia

It is a name of a beautiful plant with yellow to red flowers, which are commonly referred to as Natal lily.

23. Clove

It is the unisex name of a well-known spice known for its strong and aromatic fragrance, which lingers for a long time.

24. Coriander

The most commonly used Asian herb would be a pretty name for your daughter.

25. Cory

It is a wonderful name inspired by the plant Corydalis, which holds therapeutic properties.

26. Daphne

It is the Greek name for the Laurel tree. According to Greek mythology, Daphne, the beautiful daughter of Peneus, was transformed into a Laurel tree to keep her safe from Apollo.

27. Durian

This is the name of a spiny fruit-producing plant. Since the fruit is unique, the name would be ideal for your daughter or son.

28. Fennel

It is derived from Latin and means ‘hay.’ This plant was a prized possession of Ancient Greeks and Romans.

29. Ginepro

Ginepro is the Italian name for the Juniper plant. The Juniper plant was also a symbol of Syrian goddess Ashera.

30. Ginger

It comes from the name of the ginger root, a plant with several health benefits and therapeutic properties.

31. Holly

These are the evergreen shrubs that usually yield red berries. This plant is considered sacred for Christians and is also used for Christmas decorations.

32. Indigo

It comes from the indigo plant, meaning ‘Indian dye’ in Greek. This natural dye is the gem of all dyes and would be an ideal name for any child.

33. Jacinda

It is the feminine form of the Spanish name ‘Jacinto’ and refers to the hyacinth plant.

34. June

It is the diminutive form of Juniper, a well-known group of trees and shrubs.

35. Lantana

It is the name of a type of shrub that produces clusters of flowers known for their beauty.

36. Liv

It is a popular name derived from the olive plant. In Norwegian and Danish, Liv also symbolizes ‘life.’

37. Myrtle

If you want a Victorian-era-inspired name, Myrtle is a splendid choice. Its variant Mirtel is also a popular and unique name.

38. Odell

It is a name of Old English origin and means ‘woodhill.’

39. Oleander

The name comes from Greek and means ‘everlasting tree’ or ‘evergreen tree.’

40. Poppie

It comes from the name of the Poppy plant, known for its beautiful red flowers.

41. Ren

A short and sweet name, Ren means ‘water lily’ in Japanese.

42. Roselle

In Latin, it is the name of Rose. It also refers to a type of hibiscus plant found in several parts of Asia.

43. Saffron

One of the most exquisite plants known to humans, and if you want a name that speaks royalty without saying it, this is the name.

44. Sage

It is a perennial evergreen shrub with a name that means ‘wise’ in Latin.

45. Sakura

It comes from the Japanese Sakurayu plant and means ‘cherry blossom.’

46. Savannah

In Spanish, this name refers to grassland with a few plants or trees. Savannahs are known for their beauty and vital role in the ecosystem.

47. Sorrel

Sorrel is a leafy herb and is also known as ‘spinach dock.’ The herb is cultivated in many parts of Asia and Europe.

48. Vina

It is a name of Spanish origin and means ‘vineyard.’ In Hebrew, the name means ‘beloved.’

49. Verbena

The stylish name has a Spanish and Latin origin, and means ‘sacred foliage.’

50. Yasmin

A beautiful name for your lovely daughter, Yasmin means ‘jasmine’ in Arabic.

Plant Names For Boys

These plant names for boys are unique and pleasing.

51. Abebe

A unique name, Abebe comes from the Amrahic language and means ‘flower.’

52. Aby

It comes from ‘Abies,’ which are popularly known as Fir plants.

53. Acer

It is the Latin word for the Maple tree.

54. Ainsley

It means a ‘meadow’ in Gaelic. The name is also used as a surname.

55. Alder

It is the name of a plant genus consisting of many plants, such as Birch trees. According to many mythologies, Alder symbolizes power and strength.

56. Alfalfa

It is the name of an important legume in many countries and is a common word in North America, making it a great plant-inspired name for your child.

57. Almond

It is a simple and sweet name for your child. The Almond plant has been mentioned six times in the Old Testament and is said to symbolize resurrection.

58. Basil

A name that speaks royalty as it means ‘king’ in Greek. Basil is a prominent ingredient in several cuisines, and the herb symbolizes good health and love.

59. Bentley

Even though it is the name of the famous car company, Bentley means ‘bent grass’ in Old English.

60. Bean

It is a popular plant-based name due to the famous television character called Mr. Bean.

61. Busch

This name was given to the boys who would always dwell near bushes in Old English. It makes for an adventurous name for your son.

62. Biden

It comes from ‘Bidens,’ a plant commonly known as Spanish needles. The name is also used as a last name.

63. Birch

The name Birch is of Old English origin and is a symbol of ‘brightness.’ People who lived near this plant or tree were tagged ‘Birchs’ in the olden days.

64. Bramble

In Old English, Bramble meant ‘Broom plant’ and also referred to people living in the areas of thorny shrubs.

65. Bramwell

It is a cognate of Bramble and comes from Old English. The word originally referred to the Broom plant.

66. Cedar

This is a mountain plant holding a lot of spiritual significance. The name originates from the Greek word ‘kedros.’

67. Cheney

It is a French origin name and means ‘oak.’

68. Chrysanthos

This name comes from the Chrysanthemum plant. It also means ‘golden flower’ in Greek.

69. Clint

It comes from the Clintonia plants, which belong to the Lily family.

70. Chervil

It is the name of the popular French herb, which is also known as French parsley.

71. Cress

It is an edible herb known for its high growth rate. The name means ‘from the top of the hill’ in French.

72. Dill

A short and sweet name, Dill is a popular herb and spice related to coriander and parsley.

73. Dozier

It is an Old French toponymic name meaning ‘from the willow.’

74. Elm

Elm plants and trees are specifically known as shade-providers and have an Old English origin.

75. Ewan

It comes Gaelic and refers to the English yew tree. In Hebrew, it means ‘born of youth.’

76. Florin

Florin means ‘flowering’ in Romanian and French, and is related to plants and nature, in general.

77. Forrest

The name Forrest is of Old English origin and was given to those ‘living or lurking near the woods or bushes.’

78. Foxglove

The plant Foxglove produces flowers shaped as hanging bells. According to a few folklores, foxes wore these flowers while sneaking into the farms, thus giving these plants their name.

79. Herb

A simple and easy-to-spell name, Herb originates from ‘herba,’ which means ‘grass’ in Latin.

80. Ivo

It is derived from Yew, which is the name of a tree. The name Yew itself comes from the Old German word ‘Iwa.’

81. Kale

It is a popular leafy vegetable whose name comes from the Latin word ‘caulis,’ meaning ‘cabbage.’

82. Larch

It is an Old English toponymic name given to those who lived near a ‘larch tree.’

83. Leaf

The leaf is the main part of any plant. The name Leaf comes from the Old English ‘leef.’

84. Linden

It comes from the name of the popular tree, which is also referred to as Lime tree or Basswood.

85. Liko

It means ‘leaf bud’ in the Hawaiian language and the name symbolizes hope and birth.

86. Mace

This is the name of a well-known spice. The name is of English origin and means the ‘gift of God.’

87. Myron

The name refers to the ‘Myrrh plant’ in Greek. The name also means ‘plant oil’ or ‘plant perfume’ in Ancient Greek.

88. Narcissus

It is the Greek name of the ‘Daffodil,’ which is a plant known for its resplendent flowers.

89. Orrin

It is derived from the Irish name ‘Odhran,’ which means ‘green.’

90. Palmer

It is derived from the Latin word ‘palma,’ meaning ‘Palm tree.

91. Parker

It is an Old English occupational name for ‘park caretakers.’

92. Patrin

The name is said to be of Romani origin and means ‘leaf trail.’

93. Perth

It is the name of several places and comes from the Welsh word, ‘perth,’ meaning ‘thornbush thicket.’

94. Sherwood

It comes from the name of the famous Sherwood forest and means ‘bright wood’.

95. Sylvan

It is derived from the Roman forest God ‘Sylvanius’ and means ‘forest’ in Latin.

96. Thorne

It is the Old English word for ‘thorn.’ The name is also a popular last name.

97. Thyme

It is the name of a popular herb and originates from the Greek name of the herb, ‘thymon.’

98. Timothy

It comes from ‘Timothy-grass,’ a perennial grass found in many regions of Europe.

99. Valerian

It is a name of herb found in many regions of Asia and Europe. This plant is said to have first appeared in Ancient Rome.

100. Vernon

It comes from the Gaulish word ‘vern,’ meaning ‘Alder tree.’ The name is also used as a surname.

These names are fascinating since they also provide a peek into the history of various plant names. An association with nature keeps one balanced, even if it is through the means of a name. These 100 plant names for girls and boys can make it easier to pick one for your little one.

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