85 Popular Vowel Baby Names For Boys And Girls

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“What is in a name?” asked Shakespeare. We’d say vowels and consonants, mostly.

Vowel baby names, evidently, begin and end with the letters A, E, I, O, U. These names are soft and lovely and can be paired easily with any last or middle name. In fact, vowel baby names flow better than names beginning with consonants. Keeping with the trend, we’ve compiled a list of vowel baby names. Just keep reading!

Popular Girl Names That Start With Vowel:

1. Abigail:

Abigail is a soft and dreamy vowel name with a varied history.

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2. Ashley:

This graceful and old-fashioned name has been made famous by actress Ashley Olsen.

3. Elizabeth:

This classic name has zoomed past favorites like Hannah and Sarah to reach the top ten.

4. Alexis:

Alexis makes a gentle and soft baby name for both a girl and boy.

5. Ayn:

This short and tart name has strong associations with Ayn Rand, the “Atlas Shrugged” author.

6. Ella:

Ella Fitzgerald brought this name into the mainstream. Just like her voice, her name will also not go out of style.

7. Eva:

The name Eva made a huge comeback in the last few years and is rising with every passing year.

8. Aveen:

The name Aveen carries the glitz and glamor of a rock star.

9. Emmy:

Emmy is quirkier than Emily, just like the beautiful actress Emmy Rossum.

10. Amelia:

Timeless, elegant and literary, Amelia is a classic and graceful name.

Baby Girl Names Ending With A Vowel:

1. Emma:

Sweet and sophisticated name Emma brings to mind a teenager in a poodle skirt, eating ice cream.

2. Olivia:

Olivia is a timeless name that transcends into trendiness. In fact, it remained one of the top baby girl names over the centuries.

3. Maeve:

Maeve is an Irish name inspired by the legendary Celtic queen. The name got its literary spin from the author Maeve Binchy.

4. Isabella:

From actresses to philanthropists, the name Isabella indicates someone who is serious, wise and dependable.

5. Alyssa:

The name Alyssa has been associated with innocence and sweetness ever since it appeared in the mainstream.

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6. Amanda:

Amanda is sleek, pithy and clear as a bell.

7. Alexandra:

Alexandra is the feminine variation of Alexander. It has an old-time charm to it.

8. Belle:

Belle is a straightforward and classic name ringing with feminine grace.

9. Jane:

Jane is a conventional, safe and average baby girl name.

10. Anna:

The name reminds one of the Disney character.

11. Ava:

Ava is a delicate and lovely name conjuring the image of a little girl in a floral dress.

12. Anita:

This feminine name has taken off in popularity in India.

13. Annette:

The name may not have much flavor on its own, but will make an absolutely fine middle name.

14. Elle:

We removed the last letter from Ellen to give you an alluring and vivacious name. And it’s the title of the magazine too!

15. Kai:

Kai is a very well-traveled name. It started off in Greek, and is now familiar with Hawaiian, Scandinavian, and Welsh parents.

16. Sue:

Since Sue is short and sweet, it would work very well as a middle name.

17. Stu:

A rather odd name. We think it would work best as a nickname.

18. Sookie:

The name Sookie is perfect for a girl with a pixie haircut.

19. Sabelle:

The elegance and clarity of this Isabella variant have made it one of the top 100 baby girl names.

20. Angelina:

The beautiful actress Angelina, who seems to grow more beautiful every year, helped keep this name a favorite.

21. Ellie:

Ellie brings life to the outdated El names like Elmira and Eleanor.

22. Charlotte:

Charlotte is a soft sounding and literary name, popular with both grandmothers and little girls.

23. Carlyne:

Carlyne is a thoughtful and serene name, bordering on trendy.

24. Grace:

Grace is one of the most popular and loved names of the past century.

25. Grazia:

The name Grazia exudes a mystical sense of elegance and calm.

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26. Lorelei:

This alluring name belonged to a mythological siren who lured the sailors to death.

27. Sophia:

Sophia looks and sounds a bit more sophisticated than its sister Sofia.

28. Lolita:

Very few names have such strong literary associations as this one.

29. Millie:

This sweet name is a charming abbreviation of Amelia or Camilla.

30. Chloe:

This name epitomized feminine chic, just like a perfume house.

Baby Girl Names Without Vowel:

1. Brynn:

Brynn brings to mind a girl with soft, hazel eyes.

2. Gwynyth:

The name sounds friendly and outgoing.

3. Kyryn:

Kyryn is one of the most endearing English names.

4. Lyryc:

If you want a musical name for your daughter, go with Lyryc.

5. Cyndy:

Cyndy is a variation of Cindy.

Baby Boy Names That Start With Vowels:

1. Andrew:

Andrew is one of the most famous names in the US. Andy would make the best nickname.

2. Anthony:

Anthony represents a fine and upstanding boy.

3. Allen:

The name Allen will work just as well for an athletic boy as it does for a no-nonsense boy.

4. Eugene:

The name Eugene is falling slightly from the popularity list, but is still smart, robust and a solid pick.

5. Eddie:

Eddie can either be an upstanding hero of a novel or a boy in a vest making hot dogs on the barbecue.

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6. Arthur:

The name Arthur has a dated feel to it. One of the classic boy names.

7. Ethan:

Ethan is a refreshingly honest name.

8. Alex:

The name Alex started out as a nickname for Alexander, but now stands high on its own. It sounds like a charismatic name for both girls and boys.

9. Adam:

Adam is upright, straight and a bit boring. It sounds like one of those guys who follows all the rules.

10. Eric:

The name Eric can suit anyone, from a rock star to cute, university boy.

11. Alexander:

The name Alexander is usually chosen by parents who want to name their child after their older relative.

12. Austin:

Austin sounds like the name of a friendly and laid-back dude.

13. Elijah:

The moniker is serious and slightly humorless. It seems to suit a middle-aged man.

14. Isaac:

Isaac is short but sturdy, just like a piece of Scandinavian furniture.

15. Evan:

The name Evan has a dependable, masculine and virtuous ring to it.

16. Isaiah:

Isaiah is a sophisticated update on Isa.

17. Addison:

Addison is a preppy and funky baby boy name. Cut down to Addie for a perfect nickname.

18. Asher:

Asher is a popular and contemporary Biblical name.

19. Oliver:

This literary name has had a resurgence lately.

20. Owen:

The name Owen has a cool and confident demeanor, just like the actor, Oliver Wilson.

Boys Names Ending In A Vowel:

1. Jake:

When Jacob, a sweet and sensitive boy, turns into the captain of the crew, he’ll most probably turn into Jake.

2. Beau:

Beau is a quintessentially Southern gentleman’s name. Just imagine your child in a boater and bow-tie.

3. George:

Its contemporary Jordan is more famous now, but nothing can replace George. Use Geordie for the short form.

4. Lee:

Lee is a crisp and classic name suitable for both girls and boys.

5. Sea:

This nautical-themed name looks better in theory than in reality.

6. Dave:

Dave is a strong, one-syllable name.

7. Mike:

The name Mike hovers between the nerdy and cool border.

8. Theodore:

Theodore is a stoic and smart moniker, just like President Roosevelt.

9. Charlie:

Charlie is a friendly and open name, suitable for both boys and girls.

10. Jade:

Jade is our favorite gemstone name.

11. Nate:

The name Nate is friendly and sharp-witted, just like the hero of the book series Nate, the Great.

12. Leonardo:

The name Leonardo oozes with confidence and glows with the star power.

13. Leo:

The Oscar-winning actor has given the name Leo a cinematic appeal.

14. Eli:

Eli is an ancient, Biblical name with a clean and simple elegance.

15. Levi:

Levi has become extremely popular of late, rather surprisingly.

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Baby Boy Names Without Vowels:

1. Ryn:

At the age of one-syllable baby names, Ryn is a short and sweet nickname that has now found a new lease of life.

2. Qwinn:

Qwinn is a short and sweet name for your little one. It’s easy to pronounce and spell too!

3. Lynn:

Like Fay and Beth, Lynn is one of the functional, but colorless names. It will work best as a middle name.

4. Sky:

Sky is another popular name that’s steadily climbing the popularity charts.

5. Chrys:

Chrys is a variation of Chris.

Vowel Names Trend:

Vowel baby names are hugely popular, but it was not the case always. In the late 70s and 80s, consonant names were mostly used. In the year 2000, ten of the top 20 baby girl names were vowel names. From a decade preceding it, the top baby girl names were Isabella, Emily, and Emma, all vowel names. But boy vowel names were not as popular as the girl names. But now, even they are shooting up the popularity charts.

So which of these names would you select for your child? Tell us in the comment section below!

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