75 Exquisite Boy Names For Girls That Are Super Trendy

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Gender roles have always been defined, constraining you to a particular type only. There were times when people looked at you weirdly if you stepped out of those roles and took up additional ones. But in the era where gender neutrality is everything, naming kids based on their gender is becoming passé as more and more parents are picking up boy names for girls.

This craze came into forefront when Blake Lively, whose name isn’t typically ‘female’, named her daughter James. Before her, Hollywood actresses Reese Witherspoon, Drew Barrymore, Taylor Swift, Cameron Diaz, and Parker Posey brought the trend to everyone’s notice.

We at MomJunction personally love the idea of giving a little girl a boy name. Gender-neutral names are charming and give the bearers a dash of both sensitivity and strength.

While Maddison, Harper, and Addison had already become popular names for girls ages ago, a few newer ones are also moving towards the girl’s side. Do you want to know what boy names are being recast for girls? Then keep scrolling.

Cute Boy Names For Girls:

1. Ace:

Every parent, whether a girl’s or boy’s, deserves to have an ace up their sleeve. Ace, a Latin name, meaning ‘first’, is fitting enough for a princess.

2. Aidan:

This mega-popular Irish saint’s name is occasionally used for girls as well, in all its variations. Aidan means ‘little and fiery’.

3. Alex:

Several variations of Alexander are now being used for girls, but we particularly love the boyish charm of Alex. It’s powerful, edgy, yet super feminine. Emmy-winning actor, Alex Borstein, adds a cool factor to this name. Alex means ‘defender of mankind’.

4. Alfie:

Alfie is a variation of Old English name Alfred and means ‘elf counsel’. This supremely adorable name would go well for both boys and girls.

5. Amari:

Boys, whether you like it or not, you have to share this name with girls. This Hebrew name, meaning ‘eternal’, sounds absolutely perfect for your little bundle of joy.

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6. Ashton:

Ashton Kutcher is the one who comes to mind when we hear this name. But lately, we’ve heard girls with the name Ashton, and it sounds fantastic on them too. The meaning of Ashton is ‘ash tree town’.

7. August:

August, meaning ‘majestic’, is traditionally associated with boys, but has been used for girls as well. In fact, in the recent times, August is used more for girls traditional versions Augustina and Augusta. August Anna Brooks, daughter of singer Garth Brooks, is a significant bearer of this name.

8. Austin:

The 151 Austins born in America in 2015 indicate that parents have begun using Austin for little girls as well. Austin means ‘venerable’.

9. Avery:

Avery is now more familiar as a female name than male, primarily due to the epidemic of ‘Ava’ baby names. Avery for females has experienced a major rise, moving up from number 802 in 1990 to 16th spot in 2015. The name Avery means ‘elf counsel’.

10. Barry:

Barry, meaning ‘spear’, has become outdated for boys and innovative for girls. The name is originally an anglicized form of Bearach, but is used as a short form of Finbarr as well.

11. Bellamy:

Whether you like “Scandal” or not, Bellamy could make a fun baby name for your little girl. This name has both Irish and English origins and means ‘fine friend’.

12. Billie:

This short form of William, meaning ‘resolute protector’, is a part of the trend of using male nicknames for girls. It was completely used for boys in 1880 but was given to 55 girls a decade later. Today, we’re seeing more and more girls named Billie than boys.

13. Blaine:

This one’s seriously perfect for a baby girl. Blaine is a Scottish surname and means ‘thin’.

14. Blake:

All thanks to Blake Lively for making this name acceptable and usable for girls. Even we love the way this name sounds on a girl. It’s sweet, yet strong, something every parent wishes for their daughter. The name Blake means ‘one with pale skin or hair’.

15. Bobbie:

Male name Bobbie came into being for girls in the 1970s, but before that, Bobbie was used as a nickname for boys. The spelling here though was a tad different. Bobbie means ‘famed or bright’.

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16. Cade:

Cade, a four syllable name with strong roots, is a beautiful choice for a baby girl. But it’s viewed more as a variation of Cady than the original English surname. Cade means ‘round barrel’.

17. Cameron:

Of late, we’ve noticed a lot of parents naming their baby girls Cameron, all thanks to Cameron Diaz for paving the way. Its variant Camryn has same phonetics, but a more feminine spelling. The name Cameron means ‘crooked nose’.

18. Casey:

Casey may typically be a boy name, but we feel it has a feminine sound to it. The name is derived from Irish Gaelic word ‘cathasaigh’, which means ‘watchful or vigilant’.

19. Chandler:

We hadn’t heard Chandler for a girl until a few months ago. And since then, we are finding hard to imagine a boy with this name. The name Chandler means ‘candle seller’.

20. Chase:

Even if you are not that great at running, Chase is a name that is sure to bring home the gold. The name is derived from the French word ‘chacier’, which means to chase. Chase is also used as a surname in some English families.

21. Claude:

There’s a general conception that Claude is a male name, and Claudia is its female counterpart. But this ancient clan name is used for both boys and girls in France. Claude means ‘lame’.

22. Cory:

What was once a name strictly for boys is becoming a much-loved girl name today. If you want to make this name a bit more feminine for your little girl, spell it Cori instead of Cory. The name Cory means ‘chosen or horn’.

23. Curtis:

Curtis Sittenfeld, the bestselling Prep author, transferred this boy’s name to the girl’s territory. This moniker, with its lovely meaning and clean sound, is sure to survive all the trends that come and go. Curtis means ‘courteous’.

24. Daryl:

The name started making waves for girls ever since Daryl Hanna appeared as a gorgeous mermaid in “Splash”. This edgy and cool moniker means ‘open’.

25. Douglas:

Douglas, meaning ‘black water’, is now used mostly for guys, but at its incarnation, Douglas was used for both boys and girls. And we firmly feel it could make a comeback as a girl’s name.

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26. Drew:

Drew Barrymore did an excellent job at feminizing this name. And today, it sounds like Drew was made only for girls. It has the perfect amount of sugar and spice, and the tough vibe of Drew Barrymore. Drew originated as a short form for Andrew, but now stands strong on its own.

27. Dylan:

Despite being one of the top 20 names for boys, Dylan is gaining traction as a female name as well. And it sounds a lot more melodious when it crosses genders. Ralph Lauren was one of the first celebrities to popularize the name Dylan for a girl. This Welsh baby name means ‘son of the wave’ or ‘born near the sea’.

28. Elliot:

Here’s another name that turned towards the girl camp. The idea of using Elliot for girls was led by George Stephanopoulos and his wife, Ali Wentworth. It’s spelling Elliotte is the most used variant for girls. Eliot means ‘Jehovah is God’.

29. Flynn:

Just like other Irish surnames, Flannery and Quinn, there’s no reason why Flynn cannot be used for girls. We particularly love its casual and easy going charm. Flynn means ‘son of red-haired one’.

30. Frankie:

Frankie, one of the most adorable variations of Frances, initially began being used for boys, but it later became a catchy name for girls as well.

31. Gary:

Gary isn’t an androgynous name in the strictest sense, but has been used for girls over the years occasionally. And since it’s losing its glitter for boys, females can use it to their advantage. Gary means ‘spearman’.

32. Glenn:

There were just a handful of girls named Glenn until Glenn Close, the award-winning actress launched a trend of using this name for girls. This name is derived from Gaelic word ‘gleana’ and means ‘valley’.

33. Harlan:

This is one of our favorite boy names for girls. What makes it striking is the ‘n’ ending in a two syllable name. You can call your daughter Har for short. Harlan means ‘hare land or grey land’.

34. Harley:

Old English name Harley translates to the ‘meadow or harewood’, but it’s now associated mainly with the renowned motorcycle company, Harley-Davidson. Despite being a macho name, Harley is now beginning to be used for the little female rebels as well. Remember Joker’s assistance Harley Quinn from “Batman” series?

35. Hayden:

Hayden Panettiere, the renowned actress, cemented this name firmly for girls, and it’s now steadily showing itself off in the mainstream. Hayden means ‘heathen’.

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36. Hendrix:

Baby name Hendrix is full of life. It’s derived from German word Haganrih, which means ‘ruler of an enclosure’. And it’s also the name of a badass guitarist. What else could you ask for?

37. Ira:

Hebrew name Ira, with tonal qualities similar to popular female names such as Keira and Tyra, would make an excellent option for gender switch. Warren Beatty and Annette Bening were the first ones to use this standard, Old Testament, male name for girls. It’s already being used as a short form for Irina. High time it made a hold as a given name for girls as well.

38. James:

Who would have ever thought that the name James could be used for boys? Thanks to Blake Lively for making it possible. And considering the authority of this power couple status, we’re sure there will be more girls with this stellar name in the future. The meaning of James is ‘supplanter’.

39. Jamie:

From actor and model Jamie Dornan to musician Jamie Foxx, there’s no dearth of celebs with this name. But Jamie is as popular for girls as it is for boys. Take Jamie Chung for instance. Jamie means ‘supplanter’.

40. Jessie:

A few decades ago, Jessie wasn’t used much for girls because it was a boy’s name. But the trend of using Jessie for boys began in Scotland where it was/is used as an Anglicized form of Teasagh.

41. Jordan:

Jordan was one of the leading unisex names of the 90s, but prior to that, it was given only to baby boys baptized in Holy water from the Jordan River. Jordan means ‘flowing down’.

42. Jude:

Baby name Jude, has a musical and poetic feel to it, along with an incredible song about it. So how can anyone not like this name? If you want, you can use Jude as a nickname for Judith. This name means ‘praise’.

43. Kendall:

Ever since Kendall Jenner has exploded on our television screens, this name has grown dramatically in favor of girls. This Celtic origin name means ‘from the bright valley’. And going by the success of Kendall Jenner, any girl with this name will have a glistening future.

44. Kyle:

It’s been proven in instances more than one that surnames make the best given names. Derived from Gaelic word ‘caol’, Kyle is a Scottish family name, which is now being used for both boys and girls as first names. It means ‘narrow’.

45. Kyle:

Kyle, meaning ‘narrow strait or channel’ was originally a surname used by thousands of parents every year for its combination of style, strength, and simplicity. But it is now used for girls, not extensively, yet significantly.

46. Lou:

This one’s for all the creative parents out there. Lou brings to mind a couple of crazy and creative people, such as Lou Reed. He fused music and poetry and Lou Doillon, the daughter of fashion icon and actor Jane Birkin and director Jacques Doillon. The name Lou means ‘famous warrior’.

47. Lyle:

Scottish name Lyle is one of those names that sounds cool on girls. It’s a straightforward, one syllable name, meaning ‘someone who lives on an island’.

48. Madison:

Classic name Madison is perfect for girls of any culture, region, or ethnicity. It lost its popularity amongst boys a long time ago, and has been rising the ranks for girls over the past few decades. Madison means ‘gift of God’.

49. Mason:

This super trendy name is beginning to cross over for girls now. It was used recently by Kelsey Grammer for her daughter. The name Mason means ‘stone worker’.

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50. Maxwell:

Jessica Simpsons brought this name into the spotlight by naming her little girl, Maxwell. And honestly speaking, if it weren’t for her, nobody would have even thought that Maxwell could sound so amazing on girls. Maxwell means ‘great stream’.

51. Merritt:

This English surname has a certain ring to it, which is unavoidable. It was highly popular for the boys in the 19th century, but it rules the chart for girls now. Merritt is definitely one of the strongest boy’s names for girls option for you to consider.

52. Murray:

This typical, old man name, sounds incredibly cute when used for both boys and girls. Murray is originally a Scottish clan name, meaning ‘settlement by the sea’.

53. Neil:

Neil is one of those boy’s names that now sounds fresh more for girls. Its spelling variation, Neal, will work even better for girls. The name Neil means ‘cloud’.

54. Noah:

This Old Testament name, meaning ‘rest or comfort’, was brought into the female realm when singer Billy Ray Cyrus bestowed it on her daughter. If you want, you can spell the name as Noa, but that would mean ‘movement’.

55. Owen:

Owen is basically an out and out a boy name, but ever since Michelle Branch gave it to her little girl, the possibility of crossover began. This Welsh name means ‘young warrior or well-born’.

56. Parker:

Parker Posey, the famous Indie actress, put the female imprint on this English occupational name, meaning ‘park keeper’.

57. Peyton:

This unisex surname has continued to grow all these years, mainly because of its southern-accented softness. It’s at the 20thposition for girls and 260thposition for girls. Peyton means ‘fighting man’s estate’.

58. Quincy:

This Presidential surname sounds both strong and cute when used for a baby girl. It will sound quirky as a first name, but will go well in the middle spot too. The name Quincy means ‘estate of the fifth son’.

59. Raleigh:

This North Carolina place name has a soft and sweet sound, making it appropriate for a little girl. This classy, yet approachable name means ‘meadow of roe deer’.

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60. Randall:

This sweet, little name was initially an English surname derived from the term Randolf, which means ‘shield wolf’.

61. Reagan:

This strong and straightforward unisex name with a glint in its eyes, has been leaping the popularity charts for girls for a few decades. It means ‘little king’.

62. Reese:

The sassy appeal of Reese Witherspoon, the Oscar winning actress, has solely propelled this name into the popularity charts for girls. We love it even more for its sweet, funny, beautiful, and female rights activist namesake, Reese Witherspoon. The name Reese means ‘ardor’.

63. Ricky:

Ricky is one of the oldest baby boy names that shifted to the girl’s side. It means ‘powerful ruler’.

64. Riley:

This friendly and upbeat Irish name, meaning ‘courageous’, is trending for girls right now. The amazing part of this name is that it didn’t lose its masculinity even after becoming popular for girls.

65. Roy:

If girls can adopt Ray, why can’t they use Roy? This moniker came into use in the 19th century influenced by a character in the novel “Rob Roy”. Since then, there have been notable namesakes like baseball champion Roy Campanella. The name Roy means ‘red-haired’.

66. Ryan:

Ryan isn’t really a common name for girls, but we fell for it when we heard reports of Haylie Duff naming her daughter Ryan. And it sounds even more adorable when it’s shortened to Ry. Even RiRi sounds cool. Ryan means ‘little king’.

67. Sam:

Many parents use Sam as a short for Samantha. But we think this unisex name works amazingly as a given name too. Sam is the shortened form of Hebrew name Samuel and means ‘bright sun’. This cheery name with sunny deposition has plenty of famous bearers like Sam Taylor-Johnson.

68. Sawyer:

This latest unisex name was brought to attention when Sara Gilbert, the host of “The Talk”, used it for her daughter. It means ‘woodcutter’.

69. Shane:

Shane, meaning ‘God is gracious’ is a wonderful boy name for girls.

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70. Shawn:

Shawn, the spelling variation of Sean, meaning ‘God is gracious’, is still cool for girls, even after decades of usage.

71. Spencer:

If you want to make your daughter stand out of the crowd, name her Spencer, which means ‘keeper of provisions’.

72. Stevie:

If you want a royal sounding name, pick the gorgeous Stevie for your daughter. Stevie is originally a Greek baby boy name, meaning ‘crown or victorious’. This hip moniker also belongs to one of the sassiest Australian fashion stylist, Stevie Dance and amazing performer Stevie Nicks.

73. Taylor:

Taylor, one of the prime boy names for girls, is still in the spotlight, all because of Taylor Swift. We agree that it had its heyday in the 90s, but it’s relevant even today, along with its nickname Tay Tay Apart from Taylor Swift, Taylor Schilling is also a famous bearer of this name. This English occupational name means ‘tailor’.

74. Wyatt:

Wyatt wasn’t used much for the girls, but ever since Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis used it for their daughter, it’s been on the rise. This charming English surname means ‘guide, wood’.

75. Wylie:

This Celtic variant of William, meaning ‘resolute protector’, holds as much appeal for girls as it does for boys. It has several spelling variations well, such as Wiley and Wylei.

What do you think about the trend of picking boy names for girls? What’s your favorite name from the list? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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