Boy Or Girl: What Dad Wants Based On His Zodiac

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Let us face the reality. Not a lot of people believe in horoscopes. In fact, there might be more people who don’t believe in the zodiac as compared to those who do. No matter which of these brackets you fall into, it is always interesting to know what the astrology has got to say. Most people love reading up about their zodiac signs because it often tells them what they secretly want to hear. And, isn’t that a great feeling?

The sun signs are said to have a big influence on the personality of an individual. That is why it is used to decipher certain aspects of a person’s life, be it his professional or personal life choices. What if the zodiac sign can also help you predict the kind of baby your partner would want. Here, we tune you into just that:

1. Aries Dad

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An outgoing baby boy might be his preference for the first child. However, he will love his baby girl just as much. He will be a devoted parent with a desire to see his kids become the best version of themselves.

2. Taurus Dad

With the protective instinct so strong, he might prefer a girl he can treat like a darling princess. But, that doesn’t mean he will be any less protective of his little boy. He may not be the “fun” parent but he is the man the kids will look up to if stuck in a difficult situation.

3. Gemini Dad

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What a Gemini dad really wants is a boy-best friend. And, to his baby girl, he will be a teacher with answers to just about everything (a resourceful parent). And, he is going to be the “fun” parent with no stringent rules whatsoever. All the wisdom he imparts will be on the go, as he explores the world with his kiddos.

4. Cancer Dad

A water sign with a strong nurturing instinct, his first choice will be a baby girl. But, even if it is a baby boy, he will be equally loving, emotional, protective, and affectionate.

5. Leo Dad

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All a Leo wants is a darling princess baby girl- the one he can pamper with all his heart. Trust us, if she asks, he will be ready to give her the whole world in a heartbeat. But, he will just as easily gel with his baby boy because of his natural playfulness.

6. Virgo Dad

Being a semi-control freak, your partner may find it easier to discipline a boy. But, he will adore his baby girl just as much. Using his good communication skills, he will guide his kids to always move forward despite the occasional life obstacles.

7. Libra Dad

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He is likely to have an amazing relationship with his daughter, one built on the foundation of understanding. But, nothing will change even if it is a baby boy. An artist himself, a Libra dad will never fail to nurture the creative side of his children.

8. Scorpio Dad

Like all water signs, his first preference is also going to be a baby girl. But, he will cherish raising a baby boy just as much. A loyal and devoted parent, he will be by his children’s side in every step of life. Not only will he protect them, but he will also teach them how to stand up for themselves.

9. Sagittarius Dad

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Due to his fiery nature, he might have his heart set on a baby boy. A friend he can go on adventures with, be it hiking, trekking, or a road trip. But, if he is blessed with a girl instead, he will happily motivate her to reach out for the stars and never settle for less.

10. Capricorn Dad

Serious in life about almost everything, a Capricorn dad will find it relatively easier to keep his baby boy in line. He will teach his kids to work hard and be ambitious in life. And, if he has a girl, he will treat her no different. He will impart the same teachings to her because she is equally deserving.

11. Aquarius Dad

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He will just love having a little girl as his first baby. An open-minded, forward-thinking, and artistic parent, he will impart the same values to his girl. But, he will love his boy just as much. He is a reliable parent and will always be there for his kids.

12. Pisces Dads

A Pisces dad wants a girl whom he can spoil with all his heart. But, he will love and nurture his little boy just as much. As a parent, he will always believe in their dreams and push them to chase it.

Make sure that you read this one with your significant other. And, see how much of it can he relate to. Happy reading!

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