200+ Very Cute And Funny Boyfriend Jokes

The greatest way to cheer someone up in an instant is by making them laugh. So whenever you’re feeling low, your boyfriend jokes around and tries to bring a smile to your face. You also love making him laugh at every chance you get, which makes your relationship so strong.

Cracking jokes, teasing, embracing silliness, and not taking everything that happens too seriously are excellent signs of compatibility and a trait you should both cherish. You will surely get him to giggle with our list of funny boyfriend jokes.

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These boyfriend jokes can act like laughing gas. You may share with him and also with your buddies for banter.

  1. I like my boyfriend butter than anyone.
  2. What do you call a boyfriend who is always late? A slow-mate.
  3. On a scale from 1 to 10, I rate my boyfriend a 9, as I’m the 1 he needs.
  4. How do you know your boyfriend is a vampire? He only wants to see you at night.
  5. It may sound cheesy. But you’ve stolen a pizza of my heart.
  6. Why did the girl break up with her dentist boyfriend? Because he had a cavity.
  7. Your boyfriend doesn’t get your fruit puns? You gotta let that mango.
  8. What do you call a boyfriend who is good at gardening? A plant-tastic partner.
  9. My boyfriend is like an iPhone. I don’t have one.
  10. What do you call a boyfriend who loves to read? A book-boy.
  11. You’re like a dictionary. You add meaning to my life.
  12. How do you know your boyfriend is a spy? He always has a secret agenda.
  13. I asked my boyfriend, is your name Google? Because he has got everything, I’m searching for.
  14. Why did the girl dump her musician boyfriend? Because he was always out of tune.
  15. I’ve had an off week, but seeing my guy always turns me on like a radio.
  16. What do you call a boyfriend who is good at science? A lab partner.
  17. My boyfriend doesn’t talk to anyone. He neither talks with me.
  18. What do you call a boyfriend who is good at sports? A keeper.
  19. What did the light bulb say to the switch? You turn me on.
  20. My boyfriend is so good at art. I think he is a masterpiece.
  21. A butcher goes on a first date and says, ‘it was nice meating you’.
  22. Why did the girl dump her boyfriend, who was a chef? Because he was too salty.
  23. Dear technical boyfriend, my name is Microsoft. Can I crash at your place tonight?
  24. Why did the girl dump her boyfriend who was a doctor? Because he had no patient-ce.
  25. You are just like my car because you drive me crazy.
  26. My boyfriend is so smart. He can solve any problem except his own.
  27. What did the cat say to her girlfriend? You’re purrr-fect for me.
  28. What do you call a boyfriend who is good at chess? A check-mate.
  29. Boyfriends are cool and stuff. But have you ever had garlic bread with cheese?
  30. Girlfriend: “Honey, do you think I’m fat?” Boyfriend: “Of course not, you’re perfect.” Girlfriend: “Then why do you always call me your pumpkin?” Boyfriend: “Because you’re sweet and round and orange.”
  31. Why did the soccer-loving boyfriend dislike Valentine’s Day? He hated getting red cards.
  32. My boyfriend is like James Bond. He always has a license to kill. The mood.
  33. Why is Spiderman a bad boyfriend? He’s super clingy.
  34. My boyfriend is a fan of Harry Potter. He always says, “You’re a wizard, Harry.” I say, “You’re a lizard, Harry.”
  35. What did the squirrel say to his lover? I’m nuts about you!
  36. There once was a boy named Ben / Who had a girlfriend named Jen / They went on a date / But he was too late.
  37. I know you’re busy today, but can you add me to your to-do list?
  38. My boyfriend is so lazy he doesn’t even lift a finger. He just uses his thumb to scroll through Instagram.
  1.  My boyfriend is like Superman. He always saves the day by calling in sick.
  2. Forget the butterflies. I feel the whole zoo when I am with you.
I feel the whole zoo when I am with you

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  1. My boyfriend is so good at making burgers. I am not sure if he is my boyfriend or grill-friend.
  2. Why shouldn’t you fall in lovewith a pastry chef? He’ll dessert you.
  3. What do you get when you cross a boyfriend and a snake? A hiss-terical situation.
  4. How did the telephone propose to its girlfriend? He gave her a ring.
  5. There once was a boy named Mike / Who had a girlfriend named Spike / They loved to ride bikes / And go on long hikes / But they hated to share the same trike.
  6. My boyfriend laughs. But at me!
  7. A boyfriend who is good at making pies is called a pie-friend.
  8. How does a boyfriend show his planning for the future? He buys an extra case of beer.
  9. What do you get when you cross a boyfriend and a lion? A roar deal.
  10. My crush, I don’t know your name yet, but it must be Wi-Fi because I am feeling such a strong connection here.
  11. What do you call two birds in love? Tweethearts.
  12. Why should you never break upwith a goalie? Because he is a keeper.
  13. I asked my new boyfriend for the sun, the moon, and the stars… So, he took me to the planetarium.
  14. Are you a florist? Because ever since I met you, my life has been rosy.
  15. My physicist boyfriend told me he loves me to the moon and back. I’m worried he means displacement, not distance.
  16. They say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Well, apparently, no one has ever been standing next to you.
  17. What do you call a boyfriend who is good at math? A plus-one.
  18. I think I am going to need knee surgery. Every day I am with you, I fall for you all over again.
  19. My girlfriend is a fan of Lord of the Rings. She always says, “One ring to rule them all.” I say, “One ring to fool them all.”
  20. Who knew I would be an organ donor so early in life? I already gave my heart to you.
  21. The hardest part about working from home is the distractions, my girlfriend never stops talking to me while I’m on my PlayStation.
  22. Why are boyfriends like parking spaces? The good ones are already taken!
  23. A boyfriend asks his girlfriend, “What gift would you like to receive during St. Valentine’s Day?” “Well, I don’t know,” she answers shyly. “OK, I give you another year to think about it…”
  24. A bartender broke up with her boyfriend. He keeps asking for another shot.
  25. The perfect boyfriend doesn’t drink, smoke, or cheat – because he simply doesn’t exist.
  26. What do a boyfriend and mascara have in common? They both run at the first sign of emotion.
protip_icon Did you know?
Humor is an excellent antidote for relieving stress and worries. Besides, it costs nothing and brings a positive approach to our life.
  1. I like to show my girlfriend who’s the boss in our house. I do this by holding a mirror up to her face.
  2. What’s the difference between a toddler and your boyfriend? I don’t know, do you?
  3. Girlfriend remarked, “Our new neighbor always kisses his girlfriend when he leaves for work,” to which the boyfriend quipped, “How can I? I don’t even know her.”
  4. Why does boyfriend do when he gets irritated on girlfriend? He scratches his head.
  5. My boyfriend and I always laugh about how competitive we are. But I laugh harder.
  6. Going back to your ex-boyfriendis like reading a book you have already read. The outcome will always be the same.
  7. My boyfriend said I’m starting to annoy him because I relate everything to Batman. What a Joker.
  8. What did the astronaut’s girlfriend say when he proposed to her in open outer space? She said, “I can’t breathe!”
  9. I think you are suffering… from a lack of vitamin me!
  10. My boyfriend said he wanted more space. So I locked him outside.
  11. You are like my asthma. You just take my breath away.
  12. A boyfriend is like an iPhone. Even if you drop and break it, it still works!
  1. Are you an angler fish? Because you are the light in my darkness.
  2. What’s the difference between a couch and a boyfriend watching sports? Nothing, they’ve become one with each other.
No difference between a couch and a boyfriend watching sports

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  1. I was perusing the shelves at a toy store when a customer asked an employee where the video game section was. After pointing it out, the employee asked, “Is there anything specific you’re looking for?” “Yes,” said the customer. “My boyfriend.”
  2. My boyfriend must be peanut butter. ‘Cause he made my heart jelly.
  3. My boyfriend is a fan of The Avengers. He always says, “I am Iron Man.” I say, “I am Ironing Man.”
  4. What did Adele say when she saw her ex-boyfriend at the playground? Hello from the other slide.
  5. The boyfriend expressed, “I love you,” to which the girlfriend responded, “Is that you or the wine talking?” The boyfriend quipped, “It’s me talking to the wine.”
  6. My boyfriend’s parents must think I am drunk. The truth is I am just intoxicated by their son.
  7. I want to be the reason who makes you look down at your phone and smile… And then walk into a pole…
  8. Feel my shirt. It’s boyfriend material.
  9. Never laugh at your girlfriend’s choices. You’re one of them.
  10. My boyfriend is like the square root of -100, a solid 10 but completely imaginary.
  11. Why did the mushroom break up with her boyfriend? Because he was toxic!
  12. My boyfriend just broke up with me over video games. What a stupid thing to Fallout 4.
  13. Are you from Paris? Because Eiffel for you.
  14. Girl: “Would you like to be the sun in my life?”
    Ex-Boyfriend: “Oh, wow. Um, yeah!”
    Girl: “Good. Then stay 92.96 million miles away from me.”
  15. You could donate blood to me because you’re my type!
  16. When a penguin finds a mate, they stay with them for the rest of their life. Will you be my penguin?
  17. What do love and fatty foods have in common? They both go straight for your heart!
  18. Love is when I walk to the other side of the classroom to sharpen my pen just so I can see him. And then I realize that I am holding a pen.
  19. What did the serial killer give his lover for Valentine’s day? His heart! (Well, not his.)
  20. What’s the difference between a boyfriend and your email address? I’m not sure, but you can get viruses from both if you aren’t careful.
  21. Our love is a fruit salad! We are a great pear and I cherryish you.
  22. My boyfriend was breaking up with me and started to walk out the door. So I jammed my knee into his stomach. “You can’t leave, I kneed you.”
  23. My girlfriend is a fan of The Lion King. She always says “Hakuna Matata.” I say “Hakuna Ma-taco.”
  24. Girlfriend:“One day I will marry, and a lot of men will be sad that day.”
    Boyfriend: “Wow, how many men do you plan to marry?”
  25. What did the electric socket say to their spouse? “I love you a watt!”What did the electric socket say to their spouse? “I love you a watt!”
  26. Hey, you’re like coffee. So hot! I want to drink with you every day.
protip_icon Be watchful
Do not crack a joke at the expense of hurting someone else’s feelings.
  1. I donut want to glaze over the fact that I love you a whole bunch.
  2. We’re not socks. But I think we’d make a great pair.
  3. I hope you like veggies cause I love you from my head tomatoes.
  4. If I were a transplant surgeon, I’d give you my heart.
  5. What did the painter say to her boyfriend? “I love you with all my art!”
  6. Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile.
  7. My boyfriend came over today and stole my milk. How dairy.
  8. If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard.
  9. You make me hap-pea.
  10. How many ex-boyfriends do you need to tile a bathroom? Two-if you slice them thinly.
  11. What did one boat say to the other boat? Are you interested in a little row-mance?
  12. How do you get your boyfriend to do sit-ups? Put the remote control between his toes.
  1. You must secretly be a nuclear technician because you’re both radiant and glowing!
  2. My boyfriend accidentally poked me in the eyes. So I stopped seeing him for a little while.
I want to wrap you in my arms

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  1. I hear you don’t like fractions… So will you let me be your other half?
  2. Do you like Mexican food? Cause I want to wrap you in my arms and make you my BAE-RITTO.
  3. My boyfriend is a fan of The Matrix. He always says “There is no spoon”. I say “There is no soup”.
  4. Why do only 10% of boyfriends make it to heaven? Because if they all went, it would be called hell.
  5. Are you an electrician? Because you’re definitely lighting up my night!
  6. It was so hot today. I almost called my ex-boyfriend to be around something shady.
  7. I must be a snowflake, because I’ve fallen for you.
  8. Why did Helen Keller’s boyfriend have wax on his finger? Because he was whispering sweet nothings into her ear!
  9. Did you hear about the porcupine who was near-sighted? He fell in love with a pincushion.
  10. Do you know what I did last night? I looked up at the stars and matched each one with a reason why I love you.
  11. Let’s commit the perfect crime together. I’ll steal your heart, and you can steal mine.
  12. Boyfriend: Do you have a date for Valentine’s Day?
    Girlfriend: Yes, February 14th.
  13. Are you a cat? Because I’m feline a connection between us.
  14. Girlfriend: I dreamed I saw you in a jewelry store and you were buying me a diamond ring.
    Boyfriend: I had the same dream, and I saw your dad paying the bill.
  15. Even if there wasn’t gravity on earth, I’d still fall for you.
  16. Relationship with an ex-boyfriend is a lot like algebra. Have you ever looked at your X and wondered Y?
  17. I’m no photographer, but I can picture us together.
  18. You are like dandruff. I just cannot get you out of my head no matter how hard I try.
  19. Are you from Starbucks? Because I like you a latte.
  20. I invited my boyfriend to go to the gym with me, and then I didn’t show. I hope he gets the message that we’re not working out.
  21. Are you a banana? Because I find you a-peeling.
  22. A T-Rex told his girlfriend, “I love you this much,”as he stretched out his arms. To which the girlfriend replied, “That’s not very much at all!”
  23. I know this is going to sound cheesy, but I think you’re the grate-est.
  24. My boyfriend and I met on the internet. My mother asked him what line he used on me and my boyfriend replied, “I just used a modem.”
  25. My boyfriend is a fan of Frozen. He always says “Let it go”. I say “Let it snow”.
  26. A couple went on a date at a fancy restaurant. The girl tells her boyfriend to say something to her that will get her heart racing. He replies, “I forgot my wallet.”
  27. Do you have a bandage? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.
  28. A girl asked her boyfriend if he would still love her after marriage. He replied, “that depends on what your husband will think.”
  29. You’re so sweet, you’re giving me a toothache.
  30. How do boyfriends exercise on the beach? By sucking in their stomachs every time they see a girl.
  31. You look so familiar… didn’t we take a class together? I could’ve sworn we had chemistry.
  32. What is the difference between a sofa and a boyfriend watching Monday night football? The sofa doesn’t keep asking for beer.
  33. Four plus four equals eight, but you plus me equals fate.
  34. What’s a boyfriend’s idea of honesty in a relationship? Telling you his real name.
  35. Is your name Dunkin? Because I donut want to spend another day without you.
  36. Love boyfriend is like having to pass gas. If you force it, you are going to make a mess.
  37. Do you like Star Wars? Because Yoda is the only one for me!
  38. Sometimes, I look at my boyfriend and think. Damn. He is one lucky man.
  39. Call me Shrek because I’m head ogre heels for you!
  40. My boyfriend started a bee farm to help save the bees. I think he’s a keeper.
My boyfriend started a bee farm

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  1. What happened to the two vampires who went on their first date? It was love at first bite!
  2. Charizards are red, Squirtles are blue, if you were a Pokemon, I would choose you!
  3. What did the patient with the broken leg say to their doctor? Hey, doc, I have a crutch on you.
  4. We must both be subatomic particles because I feel this strong force between the two of us.
  5. You are like my dentures. I can’t smile without you.
  6. My boyfriend told me to stop impersonating flamingos. I had to put my foot down.
  7. What did one volcano say to the other volcano? “I lava you.”
  8. If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I’d have a galaxy in my hand.
  9. Why should you never be in a relationship with a tennis player? Because love means nothing to them!
  10. My boyfriend knows how understanding I am. That’s why he always calls me Miss Understanding.
protip_icon Point to consider
Couples with a good sense of humor often speak their minds freely. This helps in resolving the conflicts in their relationship more easily.
  1. Can you guess what is on the menu tonight? Me-n-u!
  2. Why did the boyfriend give his girlfriend a medieval battle uniform to polish while he went to the bar? He said she always wanted “a night in, shining armor.”
  3. My boyfriend is a fan of Toy Story. He always says, “To infinity and beyond.” I say, “To infinity and be-yawned.”
  4. Why did the pig break up with her boyfriend? He was a boar.
  5.  I love you more than my coffee. But please, do not make me prove it for your own good.
  6. What did the melon say when her boyfriend proposed? Yes, but we cantaloupe.
  7. What is the difference between a boyfriend and a child? I can’t find it, can you?
  8. Made gluten-free spaghetti for dinner. When I asked my boyfriend why he wasn’t eating it, he said, “It’s not real spaghetti. It’s an impasta.”
  9. What do we say to single people on Valentine’s Day? Happy Independence Day.
  10. I broke up with my boyfriend just because his phone autocorrected ‘kiss you’ to ‘hiss you.’
  11. I told my boyfriend that he’s the cheapest person I have ever met in my life. He responded: ‘I’m not buying it.’
  12. Why didn’t the goose like his daughter’s new boyfriend? Whenever he came to pick her up for a date, he’d just sit outside and honk.
  13. Why do bees hum? They can’t remember the lyrics.

Cute Knock-Knock Jokes For Your Boyfriend

Send a cute and witty knocking joke to surprise your boyfriend. He’s sad or busy at work; he will like your approach. Bring that chuckle on his face right now.

  1. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?Owl, who?
    Owl always love you!
  2. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?Al who?
    Al always be there for you.
  3. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?Ben, who?
    Been thinking about you all day.
  4. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?
    Ken who?
    Ken I have a hug and a kiss?
  5. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?
    Eyesore, who?
    Eyesore does love you a lot.
  6. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?
    Will who?
    Will you be my Valentine?
  7. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?Olive, who?
    Olive you, and I don’t care who knows it.
  8. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?Harry who?
    Harry up and kiss me already.
  9. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?Luke, who?
    Luke into my eyes and tell me that you love me.
  10. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?Justin who?
    Justin time to say I love you.
  11. Knock knock!
    Who’s there?
    Your Billy
    Your Billy who?
    Your Silly Billy who love you! Bye
  12. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?Andy who?
    Andy way you can make me happy is by being with me.
  13. Knock, knock!
    Who’s there?Plums who?
    Plums me you’ll always be my boyfriend!
  14. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?Lee who?
    Lee me alone, I’m busy with my boyfriend.
  15. Knock, knock!
    Who’s there?Water who?
    Water you doing tonight?
  16. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?Ray who?
    Ray of sunshine in my life.
  17. Knock, knock!
    Who’s there?Cynthia who?
    Cynthia away, I missed you.
Couple laughing at a knock knock joke

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  1. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?Cole who?
    Cole me anytime, I love hearing your voice.
  2. Knock, knock!
    Who’s there?Alaska who?
    Alas, my boyfriend.
  3. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?Finn who?
    Finn-tastic boyfriend.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I use humor and jokes to strengthen the bond between my boyfriend and me?

Joking around and using comedy can be excellent ways to foster a playful and fun relationship with your boyfriend. They can also help you to get comfortable around each other and appreciate each other’s company, which will help strengthen your relationship.

2. How can I make a boyfriend joke without offending or hurting my partner’s feelings?

If you want to make a joke about your boyfriend, you should first be aware of what they find amusing and what they don’t. Also, even if your boyfriend finds something funny about himself, be careful not to overdo it with the jokes and make sure they suit the circumstances.

3. Can I incorporate inside jokes or personal anecdotes into jokes about my boyfriend?

Including inside jokes or personal anecdotes about your boyfriend in jokes can add a personal touch and enhance their relatability and humor. However, it is essential to maintain a lighthearted and respectful approach, being mindful of your boyfriend’s feelings and boundaries.

4. How can I tell if my boyfriend is uncomfortable or offended by a joke I made?

Observe his non-verbal cues, such as body language and facial expressions, to determine if your boyfriend is uncomfortable or offended by a joke. If he becomes quiet, tense, or displays signs of distress, have an open conversation with him to address any concerns and offer an apology if needed.

5. Should I avoid making jokes about physical appearance or body image when joking with my boyfriend?

It is generally recommended to refrain from joking about physical appearance or body image when joking with your boyfriend. These types of jokes can be sensitive and may cause harm. It is better to focus on lighthearted and positive humor that strengthens your relationship rather than risking potential damage.

6. Should I avoid making jokes about sensitive topics like cheating or breakups with my boyfriend?

It is advisable to avoid making jokes about sensitive topics such as cheating or breakups with your boyfriend. These subjects can elicit negative emotions and potentially cause misunderstandings or emotional harm

Boyfriend jokes have always been a choice for all occasions that involve a girl gang. They will surely lighten the mood, be it personal gossip or a kitty party. These jokes can also bring out the spice of laughter in moments with your guy too. Sharing a laugh is always the best way to keep your relationship fresh. Use this huge collection of boyfriend jokes to show how much you care for your sweetheart or just to enjoy a light moment with your friends and family.

Infographic: Cute And Funny Boyfriend Jokes

Add a little humor to your relationship with these boyfriend jokes that are cheesy yet smooth enough to make your boyfriend break into laughter. From knock-knock jokes to one-liners, these are some hilarious ones. So, share the best ones from the list with your guy, and you may even record his reaction to them.

cheesy jokes to crack up your beau (infographic)

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