75 Sad Breakup Captions For Instagram

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People fall in love, and some might, unfortunately, experience heartbreak due to a breakup. In such times, breakup captions may help you heal from the trauma of separation from your partner. Breaking up with the one you loved is one of the most devastating experiences that someone can go through, and it takes a good amount of time for some people to recover from that pain. Thus, posting about your feelings on Instagram or any other social media platform can be empowering and help you affirm your feelings. Read on for a list of breakup captions and pick the one which resonates with you.

75 Breakup Captions for Instagram

Breakup Instagram Captions

If you’re looking for breakup Instagram captions to express your feelings and get over the pain of separation, these captions can help.

  1. Often, it takes a heartache to wake us up and show us that we are worth far more than we settle for.
  1. A heartbreak is a blessing of God. It’s just a reminder that he saved you from the wrong ones.
  1. Sometimes, things fall apart to make room for better things to come together.
  1. I’m going through a breakup, and I just realized that I’m a boss without my ex.
  1. I choose to believe that I did not miss out on anything that was meant for me.
  1. Life will reward you with a new hello if you are brave enough to say goodbye.
  1. Nothing in the universe can prevent you from letting go and beginning again.
  1. Being strong enough to let go and being wise enough to wait for what I deserve.
  1. Once you show me I am an option, I will show you how many I have.

After Breakup Captions

Breakup pushes a person into a myriad of emotions. Heal yourself and move on with these captions.

  1. Forgiveness is my gift to you. Moving on is a gift I’m giving to myself.
  1. I used to hope you’d bring me roses. I now grow my own.
  1. I never make the same error twice. I go over it four or five times.
  1. Sometimes, God breaks our hearts to save our souls.
  1. Treat me as a game, and I’ll show you how to play it.
  1. Yes, I’m happy, but you’re not the reason.

Sad Breakup Captions For Instagram

These sad Instagram captions will undoubtedly help you cope with your emotional distress and pain when you have a broken heart.

  1. People say follow your heart…but which way do you go when your heart breaks into two?
  1. The worst is a broken heart. Nobody can see it, but the pain is excruciating every time you take a breath.
  1. Technically, I am single, but my heart has been taken by someone I cannot call my own anymore.
  1. I wish I could hurt you the way you hurt me. But I know I wouldn’t do it if I had the chance.
  1. What is more powerful than the human heart, which breaks and lives again and again?
  1. It was harder than I expected. Breakups are never easy in the end.
  1. When you dream with a broken heart, waking up is the hardest part.
  1. I’m only taking bittersweet memories with me. So, farewell.
  1. It’s hard to sleep when your heart and mind are at odds.
  1. Who knew how bittersweet a breakup would taste?
  1. Saying goodbye is a thousand cuts to the heart.
  1. I’m looking for a part of myself that you didn’t touch.
  1. Tears are the only thing I’ve had for brunch.
  1. The tears do not dry by themselves.

Funny Breakup Captions

Humor is the best medicine to take things light and deal with breakups. These funny Instagram breakup captions lighten the mood by making harmless jokes about your ex post the breakup.

  1. Is that my ex you’re dating? I just finished eating a pizza … would you like to have the leftovers too?
  1. Algebra and relationships have a lot in common. Ever wondered about Y when you looked at your X?
  1. Getting back into dating again with confidence and courage: My ex need not apply.
  1. When you love someone, set them free. When they come back, burn them at stake.
  1. I could completely fall in love with you, but I am thinking about becoming a priest.
  1. As my plastic surgeon always says, go with a smile if you have to go.
  1. It’ll save me a lot of money, not having to buy a four-course meal.
  1. Give me a laugh, and I’ll leave you with a smile on my face.
  1. It’s funny, but all of a sudden, I feel ready to date again.
  1. I am back on the dating market.
  1. Single, ready to get nervy around anyone I find attractive
  1. Eventually, you will be ok. You will recover
  1. So, since I won, maybe you can get the red wine for dinner.
  1. When one door closes, another opens.
  1. Thank you, God. For a good reason, he removed one person from my life.
  1. You dropped a diamond. Good luck with your rock collecting.
  1. Today, I feel as if I’ve just awoken from months of slumber.
  1. I can breathe for the first time since you are gone.
  1. Now you’re just someone I used to know.
  1. I exhale the past and inhale the future. I suppose I should thank you.
  1. I love my piñata colada more than my ex.
  1. The Bible says: Love thy enemy.
  1. I believe the lovebirds prefer to be alone.

Savage Breakup Captions

The best form of retaliation after a breakup is to show your ex that you are doing well even without them. So, enjoy your freedom using one of these savage breakup captions.

  1. Never come running back to me again when other people start treating you the same way you treated me.
  1. Love yourself first before you want anyone to love you. You’ve got to put yourself first before you can expect anyone else to.
  1. I’ve been stabbed from behind. Suppose you could take this knife out of my back before you leave. You’ll probably need it again.
  1. My parents taught me to always give second-hand toys to those less fortunate, so I never get jealous when I see my ex with someone else.
  1. Some people enter our lives and leave their imprints on our hearts. Others enter our lives and make us want to leave our five fingers on their faces.
  1. The only time I think of you is on Saturday morning. It’s the day when I take out the garbage.
  1. We broke up for religious reasons. He believed he was God, but I did not.
  1. I’m so upset without you that it’s almost like you’re here.
  1. Since the day we met, I’ve wanted to say goodbye.
  1. To be honest, dear, I couldn’t care less.
  1. When your ex gives you lemons, squeeze them into their eyes.
  1. Not everyone likes me, but not everyone is important to me.
  1. Believe me, I’m better than I’ve ever been and much better than you’ve ever been.
  1. I glisten even when the sun isn’t sparkling.
  1. I cried when you left me, but I laughed when I found out why.
  1. You were once my cup of tea, but now I eat ice cream.
  1. They say the best things take time. That’s why I’m chronically late.
  1. Some people are always deserving of a cheeky high-five.
  1. Perhaps you should eat some makeup so that you can look good on the inside as well as outside.
  1. The garbage will be collected tomorrow. So, prepare yourself.
  1. Thank you for the memories, although they weren’t all that wonderful.
  1. I’ve learned from the pain, and I turned out amazing.
  1. Having a broken heart is a good omen. It means I attempted something.

Breaking up with someone you truly love is one of the most difficult chapters in anyone’s life. Whatever the reason, it can be devastating and leave a scar on your heart. So forget about winning back your ex. Take a deep breath and move on by posting one of the captions from our list of breakup captions for Instagram.

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