55 Sad Break Up Poems To Get Over A Heart Break

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Heartbreaks are part and parcel of any relationship, and everybody copes with them differently. Poems about heartbreak can be your strength in such a situation. They encourage and motivate you to look at the brighter side.

A relationship may end, but the memories stay, leading to pain that is not easy to deal with. Even when you move on, these memories may haunt you. But although the consequences of heartbreak can be devastating, coming out of it is possible.

We have a list of heartbreak poems to let you know that you are not alone and induce hope for a better future relationship.

Love Breakup Poems

You break up when you know they are not loyal or break the promise of togetherness. Love breakup poems convey the same feelings of a broken heart.

1. Broken Love

Sometime life takes a spin…
we learn how to laugh,
cry and try to stay competent so we don’t hurt again…
When he said he loved me…
I thought that was the key…
not only to my heart,
but to a new beginning…
We met on several occasions…
sometimes for fun…
but all and all…
I thought it was a start to opening our hearts…
We shared our sorrows…
sometimes for hours,
but I realize he is not the same…
only when he is ready to play the game…
I’m not a game player…
and never will be…
he came to me to fill a void…
but then I fell in love with him and he walked away,
what can I say…
I can’t fix him nor will I try…
I guess we will never know what love we had even though we had a great time…
So here’s to you my love…
I wish you only the best…
cause you will never find anyone as good as what you had…

—Natalie Gronner

2. Mad Girl’s Love Song

I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead;
I lift my lids and all is born again.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)

The stars go waltzing out in blue and red,
And arbitrary blackness gallops in:
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.

I dreamed that you bewitched me into bed
And sung me moon-struck, kissed me quite insane.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)

God topples from the sky, hell’s fires fade:
Exit seraphim and Satan’s men:
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.

I fancied you’d return the way you said,
But I grow old and I forget your name.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)

I should have loved a thunderbird instead;
At least when spring comes they roar back again.
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)

— Sylvia Plath

3. After Love

There is no magic any more,
We meet as other people do,
You work no miracle for me
Nor I for you.
You were the wind and I the sea –
There is no splendor any more,
I have grown listless as the pool
Beside the shore.
But though the pool is safe from storm
And from the tide has found surcease,
It grows more bitter than the sea,
For all its peace.

— Sara Teasdale

4. This Was Once a Love Poem

This was once a love poem,
before its haunches thickened, its breath grew short,
before it found itself sitting,
perplexed and a little embarrassed,
on the fender of a parked car,
while many people passed by without turning their heads.
It remembers itself dressing as if for a great engagement.
It remembers choosing these shoes,
this scarf or tie.
Once, it drank beer for breakfast,
drifted its feet
in a river side by side with the feet of another.
Once it pretended shyness, then grew truly shy,
dropping its head so the hair would fall forward,
so the eyes would not be seen.
It spoke with passion of history, of art.
It was lovely then, this poem.
Under its chin, no fold of skin softened.
Behind the knees, no pad of yellow fat.

What it knew in the morning it still believed at nightfall.
An unconjured confidence lifted its eyebrows, its cheeks.
The longing has not diminished.
Still it understands. It is time to consider a cat,
the cultivation of African violets or flowering cactus.
Yes, it decides:
Many miniature cacti, in blue and red painted pots.
When it finds itself disquieted
by the pure and unfamiliar silence of its new life,
it will touch them—one, then another—
with a single finger outstretched like a tiny flame.

— Jane Hirschfeld

5. Oxymoronic Love

Hatred is the new love. Rage is right. Touch
is touch. The collars of the coat, turned down,
point up. The corners of our hearts are smoothed
with rough. Our glass breaks slick, our teeth
rip soft. The mollusk of me, shell-less.
If the future once was, the past predicted
us. The street gives off rhythm. The sun
gives off dusk. When we walk, we
pour backward. When we have nothing,
it’s enough. The hunger leaves us satisfied,
the fullness leaves us wrung. The sum of all
its parts is whole, the reap of it has roots, not
took or plucked. Far apart, we move inside
our clothes: open is old, young is closed. The fangs
we used to bare are milk teeth grown from gums.
The fire we used to be scathed by numbs. We
run on the track of our consumption, done.
We’ve been ice when liquid is our natural state.
We’ve worn our husks, we’ve clenched our fists.
We scold and punish, scrape, pay a price.
We dole out in slanders what has no weight.
We pay in cringing for the moments. We open
injuries in one another. We lacerate places
that flex like knuckles, crack and grow. We are
sipping from the water’s thirst. We were lost
at first. From the finish, begun. We undergo
the pain the other knows. We are cartoon yards
where dogs dig for lost bones. Esoteric,
we are full of holes. That need to be filled.
That need to be dug. We are under-loved.
We are under-known. Give to us and we are
downcast and uplifted and sift like water
and sand like stone. We are greedy, we are
gone. We are helpless, we are prone. Drain us
or fill us and we’ll ache a vast installment.
Let us empty. Let us alone. Madness is our happiness. Sadness is our home.

— Jennifer Militello

6. Love Is Rare

I remember the good things we used to share,
The happiness we endured, the deep love and care.

The air was as light as a feather;
I looked at you as you were my forever.

But it all came crashing down,
Then I realized I’ve been a fool, a clown.

My heart in anguish as your eyes avert my gaze,
All the love fading from your eyes these passing days.

My heart cracked as you pulled away,
Telling me that today was the day.

I know that love is often rare,
But your love is a loss I cannot bear.

So I breathe in the cold, cold air,
Sitting alone in silence on a wooden chair.

The tears I cry each and every day
Seem to fade as my mind wandered astray.

I would never force you to stay,
Even if it meant my world would be gray.

Your happiness is my only hope,
So without you, I must try to cope.

— Martina D Garza

7. To The Unforgettable

I know we’ll never be the same.
Behind my love,
I’m filled with shame.

In my head it’s become so loud.
These intruding thoughts
Have begun to crowd.

What did I do wrong?
Just give me a reason.
Don’t lead me along.

I try to make sense of it,
But you were my only hope.
Now I have not a bit.

I try to remember our brighter days.
I don’t want to associate you
With the sadness that remains.

When I felt as whole as half,
You knew how to turn any cry
Into a laugh.

But now you’re not here.
I’m so confused.
Why is this so unclear?

In my dreams we’re okay again and you still love me,
But alas those are just dreams
Because I know that will never be.

Missing you hurts enough to kill.
I know you don’t care,
And somehow I love you still.

— Lily Rae

8. Love I’m Done With You

You ever wake up with your footie PJs warming
your neck like a noose? Ever upchuck
after a home-cooked meal? Or notice
how the blood on the bottoms of your feet
just won’t seem to go away? Love, it used to be
you could retire your toothbrush for like two or three days and still
I’d push my downy face into your neck. Used to be
I hung on your every word. (Sing! you’d say: and I was a bird.
Freedom! you’d say: and I never really knew what that meant,
but liked the way it rang like a rusty bell.) Used to be. But now
I can tell you your breath stinks and you’re full of shit.
You have more lies about yourself than bodies
beneath your bed. Rooting
for the underdog. Team player. Hook,
line and sinker. Love, you helped design the brick
that built the walls around the castle
in the basement of which is a vault
inside of which is another vault
inside of which . . . you get my point. Your tongue
is made of honey but flicks like a snake’s. Voice
like a bird but everyone’s ears are bleeding.
From the inside your house shines
and shines, but from outside you can see
it’s built from bones. From out here it looks
like a graveyard, and the garden’s
all ash. And besides,
your breath stinks. We’re through.

— Ross Gay

9. I Will Love You

With all of my heart I love you.
I honestly, truly do.
But with every angry word spoken,
I become more resentful of you.

It’s like we’ve forgotten our history.
We’ve forgotten what we had before.
And now I’m ever closer, it seems,
To packing up and closing the door.

I imagined having your children,
And what a beautiful thing it would be.
Thought we’d find a house and settle down.
Make four where there once was three.

But now those dreams are distant,
Filled with a fog made up of fear.
My body is fighting through the mist,
But the doubt is all I hear.

Hostile hands and heavy hearts…
They join together here.
And in a flash, as quick as that,
I’ve hurt you, and you me, my dear.

There is not much left that’s not been broken
In our path of hurt and despair.
Broken glass and broken souls
And disappointment reeks in the air.

Our spirits, once bright and so hopeful,
Are now lost in the seas of regret,
And when I reach out my hand to save them,
My poor heart begins to fret.

The smiles we once wore as medals,
To show the world we’d both found “the one,”
Are now tired, and fake, and phony.
They are sure that we are done.

I lie awake and search for an answer,
But my head and my heart are at war.
Long gone are the days of no tears
Say my eyes that are swollen and sore.

I believed that we’d work through it somehow.
I hoped our love was stronger than it all,
But I guess when you’re up so high, my love,
There’s only a lot further to fall.

I try and remember all the good times,
But they just seem so far away.
Now I’m just tired and bitter,
And I don’t have the strength to stay.

I wanted so much for a miracle.
I tried so hard to change my view,
But it shouldn’t take a miracle
To keep me from leaving you.

For all this time, I have loved you,
Even when my heart feels filled with hate.
When I raise my voice and spew vile words,
I still love you so much that it aches.

And I will continue to love you always,
Even when we’ve both moved on.
Even when we have our own families,
I will love you, even when it’s wrong.

— Larah J. Davies

10. I’m Still Lovin’ You

I sit on my bed every night.
I look for a star to wish on, but not one is in sight.
So I try to sleep, but all I see is you.
I think to myself, is he feeling this too?
You’ve hurt me so many times, but I can’t be mad.
Instead, I sit around crying and being sad,
But before I go to sleep every night, I always smile
Because even though we didn’t last long, it was worth the while.
You may not feel this feeling between us two,
But in the end you won’t find anyone who loves you as much as I do.
I’ll admit, I don’t understand.
I put my trust in you and all you want is to be my friend?
I ask myself why.
Did you have to keep me hanging on so long and then say goodbye?
I wish you would’ve told me from the start.
Because of you, now all I have left are the memories and a broken heart.

— Coramaew

11. Change

Scared confused mindless clone,
Delving deeper into the unknown,
my heart is bruised my soul crumbled
The deep despair of lovers rumbled.

Control abuse delete forget
Feelings once shared are now reset
The chains you hold are now released
My soul is free my mind deceased.

What once was hate is now empowered
for this empty shell to be devoured
Your need for me has been replaced
My thoughts of you have been disgraced

The time has come to change the pace
Look ahead, erase, embrace
The change has come upon my sorrow
The tears will wait until tomorrow.

— Connie Davidescu

12. You Thought

You thought I’d flipped the switch and I hadn’t
You thought I’d left the window open
And I wouldn’t
You thought I’d turn the dial up
But I didn’t
You thought I’d ring the sun the super
But I shouldn’t
You thought I’d unlock the beehive
But I wouldn’t
You thought I’d sing the dirge
But I couldn’t
You thought I’d cook the rabbit
And I hadn’t
You thought I’d come back that day
And I didn’t
You thought I’d tend the flowers
But I couldn’t
You thought I’d turn the lock
But I hadn’t
You thought I’d open the door
See you
But I couldn’t
You thought I’d lay down
But I couldn’t
It kills me still
I couldn’t
I couldn’t

— Dorothea Lasky

13. Truth Hurts More Than You Lie

The truth you tell me hurts more than your lie
Once I learned it I started to cry
Every time I thought of you
I remembered what I thought was true
I try to cover it as I mend my heart
It’s no use I’m broken apart
Into a million pieces I’ve been shattered
Not that you cared not that it mattered
The truth hurts more than I thought
Reality showing what I forgot
My smile returns to a fake
There’s nothing else for you to take
You took my heart when I learned the lie
Inside I’m dying as I try
To mend myself as best as I can
Hoping that this won’t happen again
I’ll try to leave this behind
As I start to find
Myself looking at you during the day
And try to find something to say
That won’t bring back this painful memory
what won’t remind me what couldn’t be
As I start to learn it’s still true
I still find myself loving you

— Shianne

14. Our Many Never Endings

You entered the bedroom and fell to your knees.
I wait the rest of my life to hear you say, I made a mistake.

Inside my chest, a mangle.
Inside yours, a deflating balloon.

You took the vacuum cleaner, the ironing board, the dish rack
and left me some lint, an iron to scorch shirts, one chipped plate.

I would like to say at least we perfected
entrances and exits, like professional stage actors

honing their craft, but even that’s a fantasy.
Mostly on TV the lions ate the hyenas

but sometimes the hyenas
formed a posse, and tore a lion up.

Occasionally you came in out of the rain
and I was glad to have you.

— Courtney Queeney

15. Disappearing Love

What happened to our love?
It used to be so bright
Loving, laughing, caring
Then soon caught the night

You were my one and only love
Cared for you too much

Then something happened
And slept with that man
You deceived me
I never felt so desperate

But I try to forgive you now
And try not to think about before
I love you so much
It just hurts to ponder now

Everything I have
Is because of you
Everything I bought
Was because of you

I just love you so much
I’m scared to lose you

— Gary R. Hess

Short Breakup Poems

Sometimes, silence speaks more than words, and only a few sentences clear thoughts that are hidden in the heart. Feel inspired to convey sad feelings by reading short breakup poems.

16. The Fist

This fist clenched round my heart
loosens a little, and I gasp
brightness; but it tightens
again. When have I ever not loved
the pain of love? But this has moved

past love to mania. This has the strong
clench of the madman, this is
gripping the ledge of unreason, before
plunging howling into the abyss.

Hold hard then, heart. This way at least you live.

— Derek Walcott

17. Never Give All the Heart

Never give all the heart, for love
Will hardly seem worth thinking of
To passionate women if it seem
Certain, and they never dream
That it fades out from kiss to kiss;
For everything that’s lovely is
But a brief, dreamy, kind delight.
O never give the heart outright,
For they, for all smooth lips can say,
Have given their hearts up to the play.
And who could play it well enough
If deaf and dumb and blind with love?
He that made this knows all the cost,
For he gave all his heart and lost.

• William Butler Yeats

18. Your Touch

Over the years I’ve been through so much,
But it all seemed worth it when I first felt your touch.
In the blink of an eye you’ve gone away.
All that’s left are memories of yesterday.
They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.
I couldn’t disagree more; I’ve known all along.
You’re beautiful outside and in.
On top of that, you’re my best friend.
I hope you feel better; I hope you can smile.
Just know that I’ll be praying for you all the while.
If there’s anything I can do, just let me know,
Because it’s in times like these that true love will grow.
Take things slowly; there is no rush,
But until I see you again, I’ll be longing for your touch.

— Dan

19. A Winter’s Tale

Yesterday the fields were only grey with scattered snow,
And now the longest grass-leaves hardly emerge;
Yet her deep footsteps mark the snow, and go
On towards the pines at the hills’ white verge.

I cannot see her, since the mist’s white scarf
Obscures the dark wood and the dull orange sky;
But she’s waiting, I know, impatient and cold, half
Sobs struggling into her frosty sigh.

Why does she come so promptly, when she must know
That she’s only the nearer to the inevitable farewell;
The hill is steep, on the snow my steps are slow –
Why does she come, when she knows what I have to tell?

— D.H. Lawrence

20. Undying Love

I told you I loved you.
You didn’t hesitate to say it back.
You held me in your arms
When I needed comfort.
From day one you said,
“I’ll always be here for you.”
Now that I look back,
I realize what a fool
I was to trust you.
I’m now sitting here,
Tears forming in my eyes,
Because I truly DO love you.
So much more than she does.

— Sarah Jones

21. I Loved You…

I loved you: and, it may be, from my soul
The former love has never gone away,
But let it not recall to you my dole;
I wish not sadden you in any way.

I loved you silently, without hope, fully,
In diffidence, in jealousy, in pain;
I loved you so tenderly and truly,
As let you else be loved by any man.

— Aleksander Pushkin

22. Now As I Look Back

As I walk by I see you standing there,
giving me a long cold uncomfortable stare.
I surrender the feeling you give me,
I walk away but its you I can still see.
why cant you just let me be,
leave me alone,
let me walk out the door,
’cause I can’t look at you anymore,
I made I through
and now my life is bright with out you.

— Alena

23. He Is Hurting Too

He’s tired of the pain.
He’s tired of every lie.
He’s tired of the countless nights
When all he does is cry.

He’s pretending not to care.
He said that he is fine,
But really he is hoping
Someone will read his mind.

Everyone’s sad for her;
No one knows what he’s going through,
And not even his friends can see
That he is hurting too.

— Leah Williams

24. Alone

You look at me and see nothing
I look at you and see despair
We’ve been lying for so long we believe ourselves
Storming inside is deep hatred and pain
Externally blank
Our love has grown apart
Only thinking of ourselves
Which is why we shouldn’t stay
So when were gone, and together apart
You leave me alone
In peace

— Aaron Williams

25. Sonnet 139

O, call not me to justify the wrong
That thy unkindness lays upon my heart;
Wound me not with thine eye but with thy tongue;
Use power with power, and slay me not by art.
Tell me thou lov’st elsewhere; but in my sight,
Dear heart, forbear to glance thine eye aside;
What need’st thou wound with cunning when thy might
Is more than my o’erpressed defense can bide?
Let me excuse thee: ah, my love well knows
Her pretty looks have been mine enemies;
And therefore from my face she turns my foes,
That they elsewhere might dart their injuries—
Yet do not so; but since I am near slain,
Kill me outright with looks and rid my pain.

— William Shakespeare

26. Proud Of My Broken Heart

Proud of my broken heart, since thou didst break it,
Proud of the pain I did not feel till thee,

Proud of my night, since thou with moons dost slake it,
Not to partake thy passion, my humility.

Thou can’st not boast, like Jesus, drunken without companion
Was the strong cup of anguish brewed for the Nazarene

Thou can’st not pierce tradition with the peerless puncture,
See! I usurped thy crucifix to honor mine!

— Emily Dickenson

27. Someday You’ll Miss Me Like I Missed You

Someday you’ll miss me like I missed you.
Someday you’ll cry for me like I cried for you.
Someday you’ll want me back like I wanted you.
Someday you’ll understand why you broke my heart when I didn’t.
Someday you’ll understand that I was the only girl that put up with all your mess.
Someday you’ll know how pain feels, how you hurt me.
Someday your life will turn upside down like mine did when you broke my heart.
Someday you’ll have someone hurt you like you hurt me.
Someday you’ll realize how lonely life can be.
Someday you can sit down and think how much I meant to you
When you meant the world to me.
Someday you’ll know how I really felt.
Someday you’ll try to come back to me like I tried with you,
But someday you’ll love me when I won’t love you.

— Summer

28. Lies

All those promise are lies.
I thought you said you weren’t like other guys.
I gave you my heart,
And you broke it apart.
Everything was a great big lie.
I think of you and I sigh.
Everybody warned me about you,
But I was too in love with you.
Now I know that love was lust.
Feels like my head might bust.
I can’t believe you were the one.
I’m sick of boys, just done.
Now my heart is bleeding.
I regret me and you meeting.
Sometimes I wish I would die,
But all I can say now is bye.

— Raelynn Deanne Pena

29. A New Beginning

Something happened to me when our relationship died,
Something happened to me right when we said goodbye.
I felt so different, I had no heart.
We had broken up before but I felt this was the end,
The end of ever being loved by him again.
What was I to do?
Without him I am so lost,
I feel that he should be paying the cost.
But he isn’t, I am.
I am afraid to love another,
But afraid I should not be,
For I will find another perfect for me.

— Gabrielle R. Laurenti

30. Where Did Our Love Go

Where did our love go?
Our love is forever strong
together we stand hand in hand
as we combined our souls
I find myself drifting with an empty whole
I don’t know why but I still love you so
how could I tell if it was ever meant to be
as the tears of my life run down my face
I pray to god that this will be the last phase
the joy that used to grow within us has no belonging any more
as the moments pass there’s no time for what could have been me and you.

— Nicole

31. Lost Love

I loved you more than I have ever known
Those starry eyes
Those tender lips
You made my heart melt
Then boil into a roaring fire
I now know
What my eyes could not see
You are the only one that is for me
Many nights those tears flew
Being myself without anyone
Anyone to care about the thoughts
Looking at the sky and knowing
Many mistakes I had
Many mistakes I have had.

— Gary R. Hess

Sad Breakup Poems

Everything seems lost when a heart breaks in a relationship. Sad breakup poems best describe the feelings of a broken heart.

32. Heavy

That time I thought I could not go any closer to grief without dying
I went closer, and I did not die.
Surely God had his hand in this, as well as friends.
Still, I was bent, and my laughter, as the poet said, was nowhere to be found.
Then said my friend Daniel, (brave even among lions),
“It’s not the weight you carry but how you carry it –books, bricks, grief –
it’s all in the way you embrace it, balance it, carry it
when you cannot, and would not, put it down.”
So I went practicing.
Have you noticed? Have you heard the laughter that comes, now and again,
out of my startled mouth?
How I linger to admire, admire, admire the things of this world
that are kind, and maybe also troubled –
roses in the wind, the sea geese on the steep waves,
a love to which there is no reply?

— Mary Oliver

33. Fake Drug

I shed too many tears and wasted too much time thinking of you.
I devoted so much time to you.
In return, all I got where my own tears,
Nights I couldn’t sleep.
I ask over and over
What am I doing wrong?
But then I realize that it was you the whole time.
I gave you my smile and you almost gave me a child.
Every time you needed me, I gave into you like a drug,
And I suffer the side effects alone in my bedroom,
Where you last left me without a sound.
Was this another hit it and quit it?
Cause I haven’t heard from you in a minute now,
And it’s getting pretty late.
I’m just surprised you haven’t checked up on me.
Should’ve thought twice before I overdosed on you
Cause you were the fake stuff,
But since I’ve already opened you up and saw what was really inside,
It was too late.
I was ripped off, but now I’m screwed cause there’s no refunds.

— Kindall Perez

34. And You Wonder Why?

I gave you my heart and you threw it away.
But he wanted it from the start.
I treated you like God and you treated me like dirt.
But he has always looked at me as if I were an angel.
I called for you and you didn’t answer.
But he came running.
I needed you and you ignored me.
But he was always there
I gave you my lifetime, you gave me a day.
But he gave me forever
I loved you, you liked me.
But he’ll love me as if I was the most beautiful thing on earth.
I was hurt and you didn’t stitch up my wounds.
But he used a golden needle and silver thread.
I cried and you didn’t hold me.
But he never let go.
I said “I love you” and you didn’t say it back.
But he’s been saying it to my face for years.
I was bleeding and you left me for dead.
But he would have given up his life if it meant that I would live.
I fell down and you didn’t pick me up again.
But he has carried me the whole way.
And even though I haven’t noticed until now, he has always thought I was the one.
And the day I realized that I loved him too, it was the best day of his life.
And when it came the time for me to fall, whose arms did I fall into?
His. And you wonder why.

— Beth

35. Breakup

And cigarettes and bad decisions stained into bedsheets
A good idea gone rogue in a moment by the chase and retreat
Words bitten off before they emerge and a sudden sense of regret
The ins and outs and turns and twists confined to breakup.

What feels good can’t hurt you until its not good anymore
Reality doesn’t touch the bedroom until someone opens the door
Grasping to skin like it’s what we had and reluctantly letting go
The push and pull of dumb ideas and a lack of self control.

An awkward smile all the while thinking that this was a mistake
A peck of a kiss, barely a touch of the lips, and sanity far too late
Stains on the skin that the shower can’t wash, they’ve soaked down to bone
The knowledge that gasps and quiet laughs doesn’t mean we aren’t gone.
And cigarettes and bad decisions stained into bedsheets
A good idea gone rogue in a moment by the chase and retreat
Words bitten off before they emerge and a sudden sense of regret
The ins and outs and turns and twist confined to breakup.

— North Carolina

36. I Crave Your Mouth, Your Voice, Your Hair

I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair.
Silent and starving, I prowl through the streets.
Bread does not nourish me, dawn disrupts me, all day
I hunt for the liquid measure of your steps.

I hunger for your sleek laugh,
your hands the color of a savage harvest,
hunger for the pale stones of your fingernails,
I want to eat your skin like a whole almond.

I want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body,
the sovereign nose of your arrogant face,
I want to eat the fleeting shade of your lashes,

and I pace around hungry, sniffing the twilight,
hunting for you, for your hot heart,
like a puma in the barrens of Quitratue.

— Pablo Neruda

37. Local News: Woman Dies in Chimney

They broke up and she, either fed up or drunk or undone,
ached to get back inside. Officials surmise

she climbed a ladder to his roof, removed
the chimney cap and entered feet first. Long story short,

she died there. Stuck. Like a tragic Santa. Struggling
for days, the news explains. It was a smell that led

to the discovery of her body. One neighbor
speaks directly into the microphone, asks how a person

could disregard so much: the damper, the flue,
the smoke shelf. He can’t imagine what it was she faced.

The empty garage. The locked back door. And is that
a light on in the den? They show us the grass

where they found her purse. And it’s not impossible to picture
her standing on the patio — abandoned — the mind

turning obscene, all hopes pinned on refastening the snap.
Then spotting the bricks rising above the roof

and at first believing and then knowing, sun flashing its
god-blinding light behind it, that the chimney was the way.

— Kristin Tracy

38. It Hurt More

They may remember my breakup because it kept coming up. Kept coming back. Some may think that my breakup was the thing that hurt the most last year. It wasn’t.
It hurt more to get my heart broken by somebody else.
It hurt more that I had to see her around every time I was around my friends.
It hurt that her name came up everywhere I went, as obscure as it was.
It hurt more that my fondest memories of last year weren’t with my former love, but with her.
It hurt more that I considered my masterpiece of a song to be one about her, and not about my former love.
It hurt more that gazing into her eyes I saw a myriad of puzzles to be solved and a seemingly endless, impossible maze that I wanted to travel in, but never got to.
It hurt more that I bottled these feelings in because I was in a relationship.
It hurt more, the nights I kept up, thinking about what if I gave it just a little more time.
It hurt more to think that maybe I made the wrong decision about who I loved.
It hurt more to rush into love like I did, and miss out on the one thing that may have been better.
It hurt more never to see her again.
It hurt more to forget her smile than my former love.
It hurt more that her laugh was one of the most beautiful sounds that I’ve forgotten.
It hurt more that I stayed up all night thinking more about her than my former love.
It hurt more to know maybe I fell in love with her more than I did my former love.
It hurt more to think about how much it must have hurt my former love to find out.
It hurt more to think how much I took from my former love, and how I threw her away in the end.
It hurt more to use the word threw away instead of broke up in that last sentence.
It hurt more that maybe a part of me still wishes things went differently
It hurt more to feel that wave of anguish to know she didn’t love me back
It hurt more to feel that feeling of defeat to think I tried so hard
It hurt more to feel nothing for my former love, and how guilty I should have felt but didn’t.
It hurt more to realize though, that through all of it, I wasn’t blameless. I had fault.
It hurt more than a thousand papercuts, cutting away, slowly at me. Taking bit by bit of myself.
It hurts most that my break up didn’t hurt me at all. It was her breaking my heart that hurt the most.
It stings now to know
That there’s a part of me that may still love her, wondering if she loved me back.
But now I’ll never know.

— Soulace

39. Red Ghazal

I’ve noticed after a few sips of tea, the tip of her tongue, thin and red
with heat, quickens when she describes her cuts and bruises—deep violets and red.

The little girl I baby-sit, hair orange and wild, sits splayed and upside down
on a couch, insists her giant book of dinosaurs is the only one she’ll ever read.

The night before I left him, I could not sleep, my eyes fixed on the freckles
of his shoulder, the glow of the clock, my chest heavy with dread.

Scientists say they’ll force a rabbit to a bird, a jellyfish with a snake, even
though the pairs clearly do not mix. Some things are not meant to be bred.

I almost forgot the weight of a man sitting beside me in bed sheets crumpled
around our waists, both of us with magazines, laughing at the thing he just read.

He was so charming—pointed out planets, ghost galaxies, an ellipsis
of ants on the wall. And when he kissed me goodnight, my neck reddened.

I’m terrible at cards. Friends huddle in for Euchre, Hearts—beg me to play
with them. When it’s obvious I can clearly win with a black card, I select a red.

I throw away my half-finished letters to him in my tiny pink wastebasket, but
my aim is no good. The floor is scattered with fire hazards, declarations unread.

—Aimee Nezhukumatathil

40. I Sit And Cry Over Broken Love

I sit and cry,
all alone.
Wondering why,
I don’t belong.

When we first hooked up,
we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.
Now it’s like all we do is
fight and argue,
And say hurtful things,
we regret later.

Why do we hurt each other so much,
if we’re supposed to be in love?
Why do we get so upset and angry,
to the point of exchanging hurtful
words that we say out of anger,
They could jeopardize the relationship completely.

It’s like we totally forgot how to be in
love and act respectful,
Instead we’re rude, hateful,
and just ungrateful.

— Missy Tremblay

41. The End

No one told me about this pain.
Everything hurts, even my pride.
It’s these emotions I am forced to contain.

Tears have fallen from my eyes like a steady rain.
Nothing can take back those nights I’ve cried.
No one told me about this pain.

My feelings I cannot even explain.
To you, my heart was open wide.
It’s these emotions I am forced to contain.

I’m at the point where I feel nothing but shame
Because I thought you were going to be my guide.
No one told me about this pain.

With you is where I wanted to remain.
Now I have to continue on with a long stride,
It’s these emotions I am forced to contain.

Please tell me our relationship was not in vain.
I hope to not regret having tried.
No one told me about this pain.
It’s these emotions I am forced to contain.

— Tynea Lewis

42. Shattered Dreams, Shattered Heart

My days are long, my nights are cold
Without you here for me to hold.

The moment we kissed, I knew it was right
To love you & want you with all of my might.

The hopes that we shared, the dreams that we dreamt
Then you turned around & said nothing was meant.

The memories we’ve got, the joy & the pain
Are finished, forgotten – you wont try again.

You said that you care, that’s no longer enough
So you just up and leave – the man that I love.

You want to be free, to chat up the girls
The tall ones, the short ones, with straight hair or curls.

You never told me these things you were feeling
You’ve broken my heart & I cant see it healing.

I hope that you’re happy in all that you do
That my pain & my hurt YOU never go through.

You weren’t just my lover but my best friend as well.
I gave you my all when in love I fell.

If I meet someone else, and I’m not sure I will
This hole in my heart he never can fill.

With you all my dreams looked like coming true
You’ve robbed me of those, what can I now do?

You said that you loved me, that we should get wed.
We then bought a house, new kitchen & bed!

But now its all over, you want me no more
Swept out of your life like the dust on the floor.

If you want to re-live the great times we had
Just give me a ring, I’ll be only too glad

— Alison Drew

43. Left Heartbroken

Stood by the window
watching him go away
last thing I saw
was the way
he turned his back on me
didn’t even say goodbye
more and more I was feeling the misery
and I just continued to cry
holding with him so many stuff
meaning that he won’t come back again
haven’t I gave him enough
he shouldn’t walk out on me but be a man
I stared at him getting into the vehicle
hoping he’ll turn back and see me cry
please God give me a miracle
let him look deep into my eye
there’s no reason left to wait
he had already drove away
it was obviously too late
but I’ll never forget this day
the day I got dissed by the man that I love
is there really someone watching me from above.

— Marielle Hayek

44. Waiting for This Story to End Before I Begin Another

All my stories are about being left,
all yours about leaving. So we should have known.
Should have known to leave well enough alone;
we knew, and we didn’t. You said let’s put
our cards on the table, your card
was your body, the table my bed, where we didn’t
get till 4 am, so tired from wanting
what we shouldn’t that when we finally found our heads,
we’d lost our minds. Love, I wanted to call you
so fast. But so slow you could taste each
letter licked into your particular and rose-like ear.
L, love, for let’s wait. O, for oh no, let’s not. V
for the precious v between your deep breasts
(and the virtue of your fingers
in the voluptuous center of me.)

Okay, E for enough.

Dawn broke, or shattered. Once we’ve made
the promises, it’s hard to add the prefix if. . . .
But not so wrong to try.
That means taking a lot of walks,
which neither of us is good at,
for different reasons, and nights up till 2
arguing whose reasons are better.
Time and numbers count a lot in this. 13
years my marriage. 5 years you my friend.
4th of July weekend when something that begins
in mist, by mistake (whose?), means too much
has to end. I think we need an abacus to get our love
on course, and one of us to oil the shining rods
so we can keep the crazy beads clicking,
clicking. It wasn’t a question
of a perfect fit. Theoretically,
it should be enough to say I left a man
for a woman (90% of the world is content
to leave it at that. Oh, lazy world) and when the woman
lost her nerve, I left
for greater concerns: when words like autonomy
were useful, I used them, I confess. So I get
what I deserve: a studio apartment he paid the rent on;
bookshelves up to the ceiling she drove
the screws for. And a skylight I sleep alone
beneath, and two shiny quarters in my pocket
to call one, then the other, or to call one

twice. Once, twice, I threatened to leave him—
remember? Now that I’ve done it, he says
he doesn’t. I’m in a phonebooth at the corner of Bank
and Greenwich; not a booth, exactly,
but two sheets of glass to shiver between.
This is called being street-smart: dialing
a number that you know won’t be answered,
but the message you leave leaves proof that you tried.
And this, my two dearly beloveds, is this called
hedging your bets? I fish out my other
coin, turn it over in my fingers, press
it into the slot. Hold it there. Let it drop.

— Jan Heller Levi

Goodbye Break Up Poems

Goodbye poem for the lover, who was dishonest, disloyal, and betrayed true feelings of love. They never knew how serious you were about the relationship. At the end, when everything’s so numb, it’s better to say goodbye.

45. Goodbye

Goodbye to love,
A love that used to be my life.

Goodbye to dreams,
Dreams of one day being your wife.

Goodbye to memories,
Memories of you, both good and bad.

Goodbye to time,
Time we spent together and the fun we had.

Goodbye to you,
The man you were when you were with me.

Goodbye to tears,
The tears I used to cry, most you didn’t see.

Goodbye to the reoccurring fights,
I was unable to sleep at night.

Goodbye to future plans,
Surely you will make new ones, right?

Goodbye to happiness I once felt,
The happiness that is now for someone else.

Goodbye to your charming ways,
You always thought it would make me come back to you.

Goodbye to who I was when I was with you.
I now am the person I’ve always been.

Goodbye to the glaze that was over my eyes.
Now they see more than ever, sharp and keen.

Most of all I want to say….
Goodbye to us!
Goodbye to us!
The us we used to be and the us we were going to be.
Goodbye to us for eternity!!

— Jennafer Nolan

46. What my Lips Have Kissed, and Where, and Why

What lips my lips have kissed, and where, and why,
I have forgotten, and what arms have lain
Under my head till morning; but the rain
Is full of ghosts tonight, that tap and sigh
Upon the glass and listen for reply,
And in my heart there stirs a quiet pain
For unremembered lads that not again
Will turn to me at midnight with a cry.

Thus in the winter stands the lonely tree,
Nor knows what birds have vanished one by one,
Yet knows its boughs more silent than before:
I cannot say what loves have come and gone,
I only know that summer sang in me
A little while, that in me sings no more.

— Edna St. Vincent Millay

47. Movement Song

I have studied the tight curls on the back of your neck
moving away from me
beyond anger or failure
your face in the evening schools of longing
through mornings of wish and ripen
we were always saying goodbye
in the blood in the bone over coffee
before dashing for elevators going
in opposite directions
without goodbyes.

Do not remember me as a bridge nor a roof
as the maker of legends
nor as a trap
door to that world
where black and white clericals
hang on the edge of beauty in five oclock elevators
twitching their shoulders to avoid other flesh
and now
there is someone to speak for them
moving away from me into tomorrows
morning of wish and ripen
your goodbye is a promise of lightning
in the last angels hand
unwelcome and warning
the sands have run out against us
we were rewarded by journeys
away from each other
into desire
into mornings alone
where excuse and endurance mingle
conceiving decision.
Do not remember me
as disaster
nor as the keeper of secrets
I am a fellow rider in the cattle cars
you move slowly out of my bed
saying we cannot waste time
only ourselves.

— Audre Lorde

48. All Good Things Come To An End

All good things come to an end,
Even the gifts that God sends,
Like her, the angel He sent from above
who was the one person I truly loved.
She changed everything and made my life worthwhile.
She was the only one who could make me smile.

She really doesn’t understand how much she means.
I’ll never be as happy as I’ve been.
She was my heart and my soul,
She filled me with joy and made me whole.

She was my world, my greatest treasure.
I loved her so much that it couldn’t be measured.
I remember every kiss and touch.
All our memories I miss so much.

I wish we could go back in time,
When I was hers and she was mine.
I’d always protect her and let nothing harm her.
How ironic it was though that she was my armor.

She always made me feel so secure.
No matter what went wrong, she always had a cure.
With her, I felt absolutely no fear,
But now I’m scared of anything that comes near.

She healed me and put me back together,
So I held on to her; she was my tether.
Sadly, she suddenly cut the rope,
And with it went my happiness and hope.

The spell had finally been broken
As I realized I had awoken.
It had all just been a dream,
No matter how real it may have seemed.

Everything I felt had been an illusion,
Explained by the way it left me in shock and confusion.
My best dream became my worst nightmare.
She vanished while she was right there.

She left me to struggle on my own.
She left me stranded, isolated, and all alone.
I had to wake up and realize
That the only real truth are real lies.

But I can truly tell her, “You’re the sweetest dream I ever had,”
And for that, I can only be grateful and glad.
To be happy again, I’ll have to relive the past.
Hold on to every memory for as long as they last,

To look back at how I used to feel,
To remember them as if they were real.
Even though it’s over, l’ll have to pretend,
Because all good things must come to an end.

— Greg Thung

49. I Wanted To Make Myself Like The Ravine

I wanted to make myself like the ravine
so that all good things would flow into me.

Because the ravine is lowly, it receives an abundance.
This sounds wonderful to everyone
who suffers from lacking, but consider, too, that a ravine
keeps nothing out:

in flows a peach
with only one bite taken out of it,
but in flows, too,
the body of a stiff mouse
half cooked by the heat of the stove
it was toughening under.

I have an easygoing way about me.
I’ve been an inviting host —
meaning to, not meaning to.
Oops — he’s approaching with his tongue
already out and moving.

Analyze the risks of becoming a ravine.
Compare those with the risks of becoming a well
with a well-bolted lid.

Which I’d prefer depends largely on which kinds
of animals were inside me when the lid went on
and how likely they’d be to enjoy the water,
vs. drown, freeze, or starve.
The lesson: close yourself off at exactly the right time.

On the day that you wake up
under some yellow curtains
with a smile on your face, lock the door.
Live out your days untroubled like that.

— Hannah Gamble

50. Time Lost

Wasting a lifetime
Trying to find love
Nothing happens
No hope, no girl

Suddenly see her
But ten years before
Can’t do anything
Used to be friends, nothing more

Now realized affection
Can go no further
Lost a lifetime
And lost desire

Try to forget
But can’t
Try to die
But don’t

Mind suddenly gone
No end is near
Nothing to do now
But go on.

— Gary R. Hess

51. We Lost Each Other

I could ask you to stay,
But there’s really nothing left to say.

This breakup has been emotional and long,
But I know I’m strong.

I guess we naturally grew apart,
But it still hurts in my heart.

We went days without speaking or sending a text,
And I could only wonder what was next.

There were times we couldn’t look each other in the eye.
How did we get this far, and why did something so special have to die?

As I write this, memories flood me.
They remind of all we used to be.

Even when things were bad, I never thought this relationship would end.
Our broken hearts I thought we could mend.

Now you’ve left without a goodbye.
I’ve got no energy to even cry.

I knew it was over when we started doing things on our own.
You got so distant and I was alone.

I tried getting you to notice that I was still there,
But you made up your mind and didn’t care.

There are many nights when you’re all that’s on my mind.
I hope happiness is what you find.

There are days when I just can’t get out of bed.
But “try” is what you always said.

So every day I try to put on a smile.
Even if it’s not a real one for a while.

We were together for so many years, so do you ever shed tears?
I know I’ve got to let you go,

And someday I will,
But mixed emotions are what I feel.

We both made our fair share of mistakes.
It feels like I’m drowning in sadness, anger, and resentment, all in different lakes.

I honestly wish you nothing but the best
As my strength and endurance is put to the test.

— Sierra

52. Walking Away

I’m tired of dreaming.
I’m through with trying.
Tired of living, yet scared of dying.
Maybe things are good for you,
but look at all that I’ve been through.
Look at all the pain I’ve won.
I bet you think that it’s been fun.
You never thought I’d turn away.
You never believed you’d see this day.
Look again because here I go,
leaving behind all I know.
Changing it all as I must do.
Not daring to stop and think things through.
Wanting to run as fast as I can,
not stopping until I understand.
Like why did I let things get this way?
Why didn’t I leave yesterday?
How are things going to be
since there is no more you and me?

— Vanessa Brown

53. The One That Got Away

Every day hurts as much as the last.
If I could turn back time, I’d return to the past.

A past where things were lovely and true.
A past where I know I could be with you.

With the future, it is still unknown.
I thank you though for the love you had shown.

My world has been turned upside down.
Each day gets harder from what I have found.

I try to be strong, but I always fail.
At times I can’t believe that this is real.

Many a night I have dreamt about you.
I wonder, have you dreamt of me too?

You were my heart; you were my soul.
You filled me with joy and made me whole.

You will always be within my heart.
Love can be cruel, but it can be art.

You truly mean the world to me.
So because of love, I’ve set you free.

You’re beautiful outside and within.
On top of that, you’re my best friend.

I’ll always have you on my mind.
It’s sad, as real love is hard to find.

I’ve always believed you were my soulmate.
Now the decision may lay with fate.

Things have changed and there are different paths.
Now we are separate and different halves.

You hold my heart forever, I hope.
I pray that one day I’ll be able to cope.

You made me happy all of the time.
I only wish that one day you’ll be mine.

If there’s anything I can do, please be sure to let me know.
It’s times like these when true love grows.

One eye on the future, one eye on the past.
I will try to make these memories last.

I will always remember what we once shared.
I need you to know that I always cared.

If there’s a future where we will be,
It’s something I’m sure I’ll look forward to see.

I can never get you out of my head.
I wish only happy things be there instead.

I’ll cherish every moment until the day I am gone.
You, my love, have always shone.

I wish, I wish you were by my side.
It would fill me with lots of pride.

The truest love is hard to find.
After losing you, I’ve lost my mind.

You were me and I was you.
I hope you know as I do too.

Love’s not a feeling but something you give.
Without the love, it’s crushing to live.

Until and if we meet again.
My love for you will always reign.

Take care, my love, and don’t forget.
I’ve a lot of love here, I’m sure of it.

Please never forget me, remember the good.
Think of me always as I know you should.

I hope our paths connect again one day.
I will always dream you’ll come back to stay.

I love you, I always will.
The love we shared was such a thrill.

For now, my love, I must say goodbye.
It breaks my heart; I shall not lie.

God bless you; God bless you good.
Please love me always as I know you could.

— Ciaran P. McGreevy

54. Pushed Away With Tears

“I’m not good enough
for you” he said.
With tears in his eyes.
“you put to much pressure on me,
I need to live my life.”

How horrible I felt,
So scared and small.
I loved him for him.
I felt so stupid and alone.

“I’m giving up now,
please try to understand”
“I loved you once but
Never again.”
I wanted to cry
But tears wouldn’t help.

“Please don’t leave me” I said.
Falling to my knees,
“I’m sorry for my mistake,
I’m sorry for everything!”

As the noise slowly died
Silence sipped in.
I could hear his foot steps,
Gently walk away.
“He’s gone..” I said,
I pushed him away.

— Elizabeth McCrorie

55. I Don’t Miss It

But sometimes I forget where I am,
Imagine myself inside that life again.

Recalcitrant mornings. Sun perhaps,
Or more likely colorless light

Filtering its way through shapeless cloud.

And when I begin to believe I haven’t left,
The rest comes back. Our couch. My smoke

Climbing the walls while the hours fall.
Straining against the noise of traffic, music,

Anything alive, to catch your key in the door.
And that scamper of feeling in my chest,

As if the day, the night, wherever it is
I am by then, has been only a whir

Of something other than waiting.

We hear so much about what love feels like.
Right now, today, with the rain outside,

And leaves that want as much as I do to believe
In May, in seasons that come when called,

It’s impossible not to want
To walk into the next room and let you

Run your hands down the sides of my legs,
Knowing perfectly well what they know.

— Tracky K. Smith

Breakup poems are helpful to overcome the pain of a broken heart. True love is based on understanding, loyalty, and trust. If any of the factors is missed, the relationship sinks and brings despair. Don’t feel shattered after a breakup, heal yourself with the love you get from family and friends. Move ahead in life with a feeling of just letting it go and say goodbye to a bad relationship, as your love is special and someone special will soon meet you in the future.

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