20 Breastfeeding Memes That Capture The Hilarity Of Nursing

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We all mothers would like to believe that we understand our babies better, especially when it comes to their feeding needs. But have you ever wondered what our babies’ thoughts are about breastfeeding? What if they could actually tell us this in their own cute way? Sure they can’t, but that does not mean we don’t deserve a laugh – at our expense, of course! Here are 20 breastfeeding memes that capture the aspects of breastfeeding in a comical way:

1. A Breastfeeding Nightmare?

A Breastfeeding Nightmare

Source: Pinterest

Something every mother dreads while breastfeeding, especially in public. Now you know what those extra onesies and burp cloths are for.

2. Bring It On!

Bring It On!

Source: Instagram

This baby’s expression probably speaks up for all other newborns of the same age – when they are hungry!

3. Can You Do It Too? Nah!

Can You Do It Too Nah!

Source: Instagram

This baby sure is sorted out when it comes to his feeding priorities. He knows that the mother is the best!

4. It’s Our Choice!

It's Our Choice!

Source: Instagram

And that gets an emphatic thumbs up from us too! Carry on, mommy and baby!

5. Who Says Babies Don’t Have A Say?

Who Says Babies Don't Have A Say

Source: Instagram

No mommy, I’m still not ready for it! Let us stay with it for some more time.

6. A Working Mom’s Handbag!

A Working Mom's Handbag!

Source: Instagram

Breast pads, breast pumps, storage bottles – she needs it all in one bag!

7. My Preferences Are Clear

My Preferences Are Clear

Source: Instagram

This is one drink every mamma would love her baby to get addicted to!

8. Drunk? Me? Says Who?

Drunk Me Says Who

Source: Instagram

Talking of addition, let us not forget the good kinda hangovers! All within legal age limits!

9. The Best Part Of Breastfeeding – For Mommies!

The Best Part Of Breastfeeding – For Mommies!

Source: Instagram

The best way to recover from all the pregnancy dieting. Who needs to worry about calories when breastfeeding burns them by the dozens?

10. I Told You So!

I Told You So!

Source: Instagram

When it comes to breastfeeding, babies never shy away from letting everyone know who’s the boss!

11. The Breastfeeding Warriors

The Breastfeeding Warriors

Source: Instagram

Every time a breastfeeding mother hears a baby cry, she knows duty calls! Moms never give up, do they?

12. Organic All The Way

Organic All The Way

Source: Instagram

Even babies know the importance of fresh and raw organic breast milk. Way to go baby!

13. Accidents Happen, But Not This!

Accidents Happen, But Not This!

Source: Instagram

What does a loss of a few ounces of breast milk mean? A lot for a breastfeeding mom. Not to forget the many hours of pumping milk lost in seconds. Sob, sob!

14. Precious Breastfeeding Supporters

Precious Breastfeeding Supporters

Source: Instagram

The breastfeeding movement gets a much-needed shot in the arm when a supporter is as good-looking as Ryan! Wink, wink!

15. The Supermom With A Cape!

The Supermom With A Cape!

Source: Instagram

Is that a cape? A Scarf? No, no. That’s a nursing cover. Occupational hazard of a busy, breastfeeding mommy! Chuckle!

16. Taking Tough Decisions

Taking Tough Decisions

Source: Instagram

They may be only two, but choosing one over the other is definitely a big deal for babies!

17. Breastfeeding Side Effects

Breastfeeding Side Effects

Source: Instagram

Well, who says breastfeeding moms cannot multitask? They definitely know how to use their time constructively while churning out that precious liquid.

18. Waiting For Mom To Get Home Soon

Waiting For Mom To Get Home Soon

Source: Instagram

Maybe a mother would like to think otherwise. But this is what the baby really thinks – the hunger pangs are to be blamed!

19. Expectations V/S Reality

Expectations VS Reality

Source: Instagram

The only thing a breastfeeding mom dreams of after all those hours of slogging is a few hours of sleep, body stretches included. But erect postures while sleeping is a reality for a long time now.

20. The Hungry Birds

The Hungry Birds

Source: Instagram

You’ve just fed your babies a full stomach. You lay them to rest and walk past after a while. Behold! They are ready for another round! Something every breastfeeding mom can relate to.

We hope these memes got you cracking up quite a bit like it did to us! We are sure a lot of them are relatable too. Share your own breastfeeding howlers with us and spread some good-natured cheer!

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