16 Breton Names For Boys And Girls

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You’ve probably been waiting for the moment when your baby finally has a name. When you name your child, you’re giving them an identity of their own. Most of us want to give nothing but the best for our children, and the same holds true for their names as well. We often look out for rare, meaningful names, ones that have a special place in our hearts. One great option would be to opt for names from Breton culture.

Bretonian names are a popular favorite among parents. Breton is a Celtic origin language that is spoken in the French region of Brittany today. But it used to have great cultural significance among the British in the past. Breton culture has been passed down from generation to generation. As such Breton names are more popular in the United Kingdom, including Ireland and Scotland. Breton names are lovely and have a rich history behind them. There are plenty of rare and meaningful names of Breton origin for you to choose from, so let’s have a look at a few good ones:

1. Abran



It sounds a lot like “Abraham”, doesn’t it? Well, this one is derived from Hebrew and has a similar meaning to the name Abraham. It means “father of a multitude of nations”. There is a Hebrew variant of this name as well, and it is called “Avraham”. The name is much revered among all the followers of Abrahamic religions.

2. Enora



A popular Brenton name for girls, and it essentially means “honor”. It sounds lovely and takes you back to old England, so if that’s the kind of feeling you’re looking for, then this is a great option.

3. Bran



Remember Bran Stark from Game Of Thrones? There’s a good reason why he was closely linked to that raven. Bran is a Brenton name that actually means “raven”. Bran also has Irish, Scottish, and Gaelic origins, and it could mean something along the lines of “bramble” or “the thicket of a wild gorse”.

4. Katrin



It sounds similar to “Catherine”, doesn’t it? It is a variation of the same. It is a German name that translates to “purity”. Katrin has other variations as well, such as Katrina and Katherine.

5. Cadec



This Brenton name means “battles”, so if you’re looking for a name that has a touch of warrior and grit, this is it! It is commonly used for baby boys, and it could also mean courage or caretaker.

6. Derrien



The name Derrien has Celtic origins and means “wealth”. It could also mean “the desire for love and independence”. It is a common Brenton name for boys, and it also has Irish, Greek, and Gaelic origins.

7. Gwenlowen



This one is extremely rare but beautiful, nevertheless. It is a variation of the common name “Gwen”. Gwen is a Brenton name as well, and it means white. Since Gwenlowen has a suffix to it, the name has two parts, where “Gwen”, as we mentioned, means white, and “lowen,” means joy or happiness.

8. Tangi



You wouldn’t have come across this one that easily. It is made up of two words, “tan”, which translates to fire, and “ki”, which translates to hound or dog. Put together, the name Tangi or Tanguy essentially means “the hound of fire”. This name is as unique as it is cool sounding, and it has a Native American sound to it as well.

9. Maden



This name has Anglo-Saxon origins and is a common Brenton name for baby boys. It means “virtuous” in Brenton, but it could also mean something along the lines of “goodness”. Maden is also a family name in many cultures. The other variants being Madden, or Maadjen.

10. Briaca



We love this Brenton baby girl name because it’s so pretty! Briaca has its origins in Italy, and it could mean something along the lines of “force and light” in the “presence of a higher power”.

11. Pierrick



Pierrick is a derivation of the English name Peter. With the Brenton twist, Peter becomes Pierrick, which roughly translates to “rock”, or “stone”. It is a Biblical name with Greek origins.

12. Argant


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The name Argant in old Breton means “silver”. Silver has been a valuable metal for ages and it wasn’t uncommon for people to name their children the same. The name was also popular in many ancient cultures like the Greek and the Roman, which later spread to the Mediterranean region.

13. Corentin


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Corentin is a mysterious sounding name with its own sophistication. The name is of French descent and basically means “a storm” or “hurricane”. Very popular among the Bretons, the name has its origins tracing to the Latin languages.

14. Neven


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Neven is a name of Latin origin which later became popular among the Scottish and Bretons. The name has holy connotations and is revered among the Bretons. The meaning of the name is “sacred” or “saint’s disciple”. If gospel associations are your thing, Neven is a beautiful sounding name for your little one.

15. Morvan


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Originating from Gaelic cultures, Morvan is a name that translates to mean “pale”. While Morvan is usually a male given name, its variant Morven is usually used for females. The name originated from present day Scotland and is a common name among the Bretons.

16. Gwendall


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Gwendall is a compound name that combines Gwenn meaning “fair” or “beautiful” with Tal referring to the forehead. The name is of Breton origin which also found usage among the Gaelic and Celtic cultures. This given name for females is classy and as Breton as they come.

You probably have noticed by now that most of these names are unique and not very commonly heard of. They’re lovely, and they all have beautiful meanings attached to them. Breton names usually have an old English touch to them, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve got plenty to choose from! Which one of these did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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