15 Best Poems About Broken Friendship

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A poem about broken friendship may serve to channel your emotions or help you relive the beautiful moments spent together. Friendship makes our lives worthwhile as you can share anything and everything only with your friends. Sufferings become bearable, and you feel intense pleasure when your friend is by your side. Unfortunately, you may feel like the world is crumbling around you when friendships end. When circumstances cause friends to drift away from one another, it can be a void in their lives. The best way to deal with this state of agony is to accept the pain, keep no hard feelings, and move on. May these poems help you overcome the pain of a broken friendship.

15 Poems About Broken Friendship

When you feel disconsolate about breaking up with your friend, read these heart-warming poems to lift your spirits.

1. When We Were Friends

Such a good time we had,
Then what was the need to fight,
Why did we indulge in blame game?
Was it really important to prove who was right?
I had hopes that you would let go,
But, I really didn’t know,
That I had to do with this,
Yes you are missed,
The friendship I had!


2. Friends No More

This boy I used to call my friend
Isn’t so friendly anymore
We see each other different places
But I don’t even get a simple hello
I had my first kiss with him
Apparently that’s all he wanted from me
Cuz he would still be calling
But no, not anymore
We were the best of friends
We both liked each other
And even thought about going out
But now I’m glad we didn’t
Now I’ve put him on the shelf
With all the other boys I don’t want anymore
One day he’ll call and ask me to come over
And my reply would be no
But now he’s just a boy
That I once liked
And the friendship became no more.

By Shantell A Huricks

3. A Loss Of Meanings

I’m observing the actions,
so much is taking place,
the friend I knew a time before
is somehow lost behind the face.
The friend I once held so close inside
has faded like light into dark,
Although I’ve been replaced with naive love,
It’s obvious, he’s still hidden in my heart.
It hurts to endure another betrayal
but to see a beautiful person lose himself
hits a place deeper than friendship….
to watch it all go in the unworthiness of someone else.

By Heather M Craig

4. Please Go, Let Me Be

I’m getting rather frustrated
with the way you’ve been to me,
I’m getting pushed further away
from the person you’re meant to be.
You have been distant for a week or so
It’s playing on my mind
I think I still like you, but I’m quickly changing my mind.
You used to make me smile
but that is going now
I really don’t know where I stand
am I losing you?
I don’t want it to come to this
but it’s changing all the time
Shall we go our separate ways
and put the past behind?
What ever you choose please let me know,
I don’t want to be mucked around
by someone who doesn’t know
we both have feelings and this isn’t really fair.
I want you to be happy
that’s clearly not here
I’m going to make this easy for you and leave, let me be
but remember it was true the way I felt for you.
I’m going to leave you now and leave this message with you.
You are a great person who is better without me.
Goodbye, see you, we are history.

By Anna

5. Losing A Best Friend

As I sit and think about me and you
and about the things we used to do
We used to talk on and on everyday
never used to bother what the others say.
We spent hours talking on the phone
whenever we felt we were alone
We did favors and helped each other
now it seems you’ve chosen another.
You said our friendship is never ending
But it seems it needs some mending.
Never thought of losing a best friend
I hate to know that it is the end.
Thought you would be with me here
by my side through all the years.
Now you have left me torn apart
with tears in my eyes and a broken heart.
Once looked like our friendship would last
but now it looks like a thing of the past.
You hate me and I don’t know why
I just don’t wanna say goodbye.
Maybe it’s because you think I’m bad
or thoughts of me make you mad.
You an leave me or you can lie
but I will never say goodbye.
You walk close to me
but u pass me by
and you pretend that
our friendship was a lie.
I wipe the tears of my eyes
and try to forget all your lies
Never knew this is how it would end
losing my best friend!

By Vishakh

6. You Caused My Tears To Fall

The tears roll down my cheek
My eyes they start to swell
I’m missing every part of you
Your laugh, your smile, your smell.
You were my second half
You knew me inside out
I can not comprehend it all
What this is all about.
I thought I meant something to you
You meant the world to me
Now I see it wasn’t real
But how could this all be?
You’ll never know the pain you caused
You aren’t there to see it all
My heart continues to ache
You caused my tears to fall.

By Adriana Mason

7. I Tried My Best

I tried my level best,
To keep the bond alive,
I tried my level best,
To keep my emotions at bay and strive,
But, I still remember you in time,
I will always regret this one,
Coz for me this relationship was number one!


8. The Times We Had

Joyful times that we have had,
All the sweet memories so true,
What went wrong in one moment
That everything became so blue?
The discord doesn’t seem to end,
The pain doesn’t descend,
There’s an emptiness in my heart,
Now that we’re apart
My friend who was!


9. Some Things Are Deep

Some sorrows are too deep,
Some wounds don’t seep,
The friendship I had with you,
Was the best I’ve ever had,
Then why did it all go wrong?
Why were we not strong,
Enough to turn the tide?
Why did we part
When you are still in my heart?
Miss you my friend!


10. My Friend You Were Wrong

My friendship with you was strong
We knew that we belonged
But when the tide turned the other way
I didn’t know the words to say.
Our friendship was strong, you know
So many emotions were there to show
The value of a true friend cannot be overstated
This turn of events has left me so frustrated!


11. It Was True That I Know

My friendship was so true
It was an emotion so very pure
We were connected from heart
There was love and there was allure
You played with my feelings making me numb
Things left undone to succumb
You cheated on me and my friendship
I won’t trust any other relationship
As my heart is broken for sure!


12. I Could Not See You

Friendship is a thread which is based
On love and trust in life
There is a special connect
This keeps friends so united
But the day you ditched me
You also broke my heart for sure
And I just want you tell
I just want you to know
That things will never be the same
There is no one to blame!


13. Leave Me And Go Forever

I didn’t wanted to leave you and go
But you surely have to know
That friendship works on the trust
And mutual love is a must
And right from the very start
You cheated and played with my heart
So naive, I had no clue
That your friendship was so untrue
Now what is there left to do
Except saying goodbye to you!


14. Losing You

I remember how happy we use to be,
Every minute, hour, and day we spent together,
Young and little innocent girls were we,
It seemed like our friendship would last forever.

But one day our walls came crashing down,
We started to drift apart,
Falling from the sky, inching closer to the ground,
Tearing in pieces was my ungrateful heart.

But the years have passed by,
Our friendship seemed to go by so fast,
And to this day I still wonder why,
What has happened to our loving past?

I held you up when you were weak,
I was there for you through thick and thin,
I helped you find what you would seek,
But now I have lost my best friend.

I was always there when you would cry,
I caught all of your tears,
Helping you through when the tide was high,
And loving you through all of these years.

Silence is now what our conversations consist of,
The pain you possess always shows,
What has happened to our friendship that was filled with love?
That will remain a mystery, for no one knows.

By Allison

15. Forever Gone

I don’t know what I did wrong,
what made you hate me so,
you stood by my side and promised you’d stay long.
In my heart I knew it was all a show.
you were fun to talk to,
I told you a lot of secrets and a lot of lies.
it was so hard to stay strong,
when everything was so wrong,
with the rumors you spread about me.
Don’t know what I did,
or even what I didn’t do,
but it’s time to say goodbye,
for that was God’s decision.
Nothing lasts forever.

By Audrey Freeman

It might be difficult for you to reconcile with splitting up with your friend who always had your back. However, remember that time heals all wounds. Don’t let hopelessness get the better of you, for you will weather this storm and emerge stronger!

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