What Is Broken Marriage? Signs And Reasons For It

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Highs and lows are common in every marriage, but knowing your boundaries and making some adjustments is the key to a happy relationship. Knowing the signs of a broken marriage and working on them in time could help you save your relationship. If you let the friction go on for months, it could lead to irreparable damage that may not be easy to mend. So, read our post to understand what’s lacking in your marriage and address the issues as soon as possible so you can have a lovely time with your spouse.

What Is A Failing Marriage?

A failing marriage is one where the couple does not get along anymore and thinks about seeking out. It is a rough patch in a marriage that they need to handle with care, otherwise it might lead to separation. Even a healthy relationship might turn into a failing one, and you might realize it quite later. However, if you love your spouse and wish to mend things, figure out if your marriage is failing or it is just a roadblock that you need to overcome.

10 Signs Of A Broken Marriage

A marriage does not fail overnight. It happens over time due to small and big incidents. Here are some signs indicating trouble in a marriage.

1. You don’t have sex anymore

Physical intimacy is a crucial indication of the bond that a couple shares. Avoiding sex with your partner is an indication of a deeper problem. It could be because of a lack of emotional connection or interest in a partner that you no longer enjoy sex with them.

2. You don’t fight at all

Where there is love, there will be differences and arguments. But where there is a lack of love, there is only indifference. As a couple, when you do not argue or bicker even slightly, it shows you are so disinterested in the relationship that you don’t even take the trouble to sort differences.

3. You feel let down

When you got married, you and your partner had certain expectations of each other. If the expectations have not been fulfilled yet, you may whine and nit-pick at each other’s shortcomings and flaws. It shows your disappointment in each other and a lack of respect for your relationship.

4. You avoid spending time with each other

Coming home late every day, spending weekends and holidays away for work or with friends, and trying to spend a lesser amount of time at home—these indicate a failing relationship. If you can’t hang out with your partner, then something major is wrong in your marriage.

5. You may suffer from addictions

A marriage that isn’t going well can stress you out and might lead you to substance abuse. Often, spouses resort to alcohol and even drugs to deal with issues in a marriage. Addiction of any kind can be a sign of strained relationships.

6. You don’t know what’s up in your spouse’s life

As spouses, you need not know everything about each other, but not knowing big developments like a promotion at work or purchase of property indicate trouble in marriage. In a healthy marriage, you share important achievements in your life with your partner.

7. You threaten divorce on small issues

Each time you fight, divorce seems like the only solution to end it all. After every argument, you or your spouse threatens each other with divorce because somewhere, you know that’s where your relationship is heading.

8. You don’t feel emotionally connected

There was a time when talking to your spouse could dissolve all your stress and problems. But now, you do not feel the same. Either you don’t have time to talk or are not interested in each other’s matters.

9. You commit emotional infidelity

Since you lack the emotional connection with your partner, you seek emotional support from an outsider. You share your problems and happiness with them instead of your spouse. You may not get physical with them but commit emotional infidelity.

10. You do not seek help to change things in your marriage

The biggest sign of a broken marriage is the lack of willingness to do something to improve your marriage. Marriage counseling can help couples get back the lost love in the marriage, but when you or your partner show no interest in working on the issues, your marriage seems in deep trouble.

Reasons For A Failing Marriage

The reasons for a failing marriage could vary from one couple to another. Here we have some common ones.

  1. Cheating in a marriage is unacceptable. A partner may forgive their spouse for cheating, but once the crack has formed, the fear will linger for years.
  2. Financial instability can put tremendous pressure on a couple. This pressure can push them away from each other, making the marriage seem like a burden.
  3. Lack of sex or inability to satisfy each other can be one of the major reasons the bond between spouses weakens, and they grow apart from each other.
  4. Not being able to speak one’s mind openly in a marriage is one of the root causes of unhappiness that is often overlooked. Spouses usually refrain from speaking up because they are afraid of their partner’s reaction that could lead to a fight.
  5. Problems with in-laws can cause mental distress and rob a couple of peace. If this is not sorted quickly, it can cause a rift between the husband and wife, making them resent each other.
  6. Long-distance relationships seldom stand the test of time. If a spouse has to travel too much or lives away from work, it is likely to cause distance between the couple.
  7. Differences in life goals can have two ambitious spouses head in different directions, making them grow apart from each other.

Marriage needs constant work from both partners to sustain over a long period. Therefore, do not be bogged down by challenges you face as a couple. Instead, strengthen your bond to work together and save your failing marriage.

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