35 Best Brother Poems That Reflect Love And Care

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The bond we share with our brother is unique. When words fall short of expressing your love to him, you can take inspiration from some sweet brother poems to convey it. A brother is the one who knows all about you and has watched you grow. He always has your back and can do anything to protect you. So express your appreciation for all his little gestures and the memories that you’ve shared since childhood. In this post, we bring you a collection of poems for brothers to remind them that you always have their back. Read on.

35 Poems About Brother

Brother Poems From Sisters

1. Brother And Sister

I cannot choose but think upon the time
When our two lives grew like two buds that kiss
At lightest thrill from the bee’s swinging chime,
Because the one so near the other is.

He was the elder and a little man
Of forty inches, bound to show no dread,
And I the girl that puppy-like now ran,
Now lagged behind my brother’s larger tread.

I held him wise, and when he talked to me
Of snakes and birds, and which God loved the best,
I thought his knowledge marked the boundary
Where men grew blind, though angels knew the rest.

If he said ‘Hush!’I tried to hold my breath;
Wherever he said ‘Come!’I stepped in faith.

—George Eliot

2. Growing Up

Growing up, I was always to blame
You just sat and smiled all the same.

No matter what I did
You always blamed “the kid.”

And in the middle of the night.
You would sneak around and give me a fright.
And there were times when I would hide.
And you would look for me high and wide.

And you always loved the snow.
You made snowmen just for show.
You always did well on the tests.
You were smarter than the rest.

And as a teenager, you thought you were cool.
The girls would look at you and drool.
I would roll my eyes and sigh.
If they only knew, they would cry.

Oh, the memories of so long ago
Yes, when we were kids, we didn’t know.
What great friends we would be
As we got older and more crazy!

So you, my dear brother, I have a bond.
Of you, I have grown so fond.
You’re the best brother a girl could have
Even if you almost drove me mad!

—Catherine Pulsifer

3. A Brother Dear

As you read, I can see your grin brother

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Happy Birthday to a brother who is dear
As you read this, I can see your grin ear to ear.
Yes, it is me, your sister saying your dear.
Did you ever think those words you would hear?

But, you, my brother, you’re the best.
Your age shows you’re reaching the crest.
It’s over the hill for you now.
So let your sister please allow

A song I want to sing for you
Siblings, we will always be, that’s true.
And with the age, you are now at
It’s okay, you’re a little fat.

All joking aside, I wish you a Happy Day.
May you enjoy it in every way
We want you to know we are always there.
And for you, we do care!

—Catherine Pulsifer

4. My Brother

My brother,
is a wonderful guy.
Even though
he’s a little bit shy

My brother,
is a wonderful guy.
He’s funny and smart,
I cannot deny.

He understands,
the art of the of persuasion.
And is ready to use it,
at every occasion.

He’s one of those guys,
that is interesting and unique.
With his original style,
he’s one cool geek.

Always determined,
to achieve any goal.
Blesses so many,
with his beautiful soul.

My brother,
is a wonderful guy.
I love him a lot,
I’m not gonna lie.

5. Brother, Oh Brother

You're the best in the clan brother

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Brother, oh brother, where would I be without you
Over the years, you have helped me in all I do.
You have been an encourager and a big fan.
In my opinion, you’re the best in the clan!

You are always willing to lend a hand.
And you always had time to listen and understand
Brothers like you are far and few.
What would I ever do without you?

We have shared many tears.
Over the past years
But also we have had more.
Fun times galore!

Siblings we are, but now best friends
I will always be here for you to the end.
I just want to say thank you, my brother,
There truly is no other!

— Catherine Pulsifer

6. Wonderful Brother

You’re my wonderful brother,
that I truly admire.
You encourage me,
and easily inspire.

You’re one of those people,
I could always rely.
You’d comfort me,
when I felt sorrow and cry.

On those days,
I just needed to talk.
You’d stick around,
listen, not walk.

Whenever I was in trouble,
or simply just stuck.
I could depend on you,
had no need for luck.

I’m always excited,
for the moments we share.
A brother like you,
is definitely rare.

For being my brother,
and for being there.
I’m infinitely grateful,
I love you and care.

‘I Love You Brother’ Poems

7. Brother, Oh Brother

Brother, oh brother, where would I be without you
Over the years you have helped me in all I do.
You have been an encourager and a big fan
In my opinion, you’re the best in the clan!

You are always willing to lend a hand
And you always had time to listen and understand
Brothers like you are far and few
What would I ever do without you?

We have shared many tears
Over the past years
But also we have had more
Fun times galore!

Siblings we are, but now best friends
I will always be here for you to the end.
I just want to say thank you, my brother,
There truly is no other!

—Catherine Pulsifer

8. My Loving Brother

You’re my wonderful brother,
and I love you so dearly.
I speak from the heart,
with truth and sincerely.

You’ve always been there,
as a listener and friend.
You’re one of the rare ones,
I could always depend.

With your words and time,
you’re honest and kind.
You’ve helped guide my way,
those times I’ve been blind.

My loving brother,
I do love you, and I do care,
I’m looking forward,
to all those moments we’ll share.


9. If Any

If any little love of mine
May make life the sweeter,

If any little care of mine
May make a friend’s the fleeter,

If any lift of mine may ease
A toiler bending,

God give me love and care, and strength,
We live by him for lending.

— Unknown

‘I Miss You Brother’ Poems

10. Brother

oh brother.

Brother, can’t you see,
you’re tearing me apart.
Brother, won’t you see,
this war beats on my heart.

Brother, please remember,
when we were once one.
Brother, please remember,
all the songs we’ve sung.

Brother, oh brother,
can we still be friends?
Brother, of brother,
this can’t be the end.

Brother, have we lost,
everything we had.
Brother, can we erase,
all that has gone bad.

Brother, have we killed,
all our brotherhood.
Never thought you’d hate me,
never thought you would.

Brother, oh brother,
can we still be friends?
Brother, of brother,
this can’t be the end.

Brother, oh brother,
we will never be friends.
Brother, oh brother,
this will be the end.

—Barry Andrew Pietrantonio

11. Big Brother

Big brother, how I loved you
Big brother, why did you leave
Big brother, you promised you’d stay
Big brother, you never came back

Big brother, I was supposed to go first
Big brother, they still need you
Big brother, I still need you
Big brother, you promised me you’d be here

Big brother, no one else will understand me
Big brother who will be here for me
Big brother, our plans will never be the same
Big brother, no one can fill the gap you left me

Big brother, you’re no longer tan
Big brother, you’re no longer warm
Big brother, you no longer move
Big brother, you no longer make me smile

Big brother, they say you’re never coming back
Big brother, I know their wrong, you promised
Big brother, you bгоке your promise
Big brother you left me, lifeless, just like you…

—Chandler Darlingz


Brother Poems That Make You Cry

Do you miss your brother? If you want to share your feelings about him on social media or at any gathering, here are a few poems.

12. Brother, Brother, What Can I Say?

Brother, Brother, what have you done?
You have gone up the stairs to be God’s son.
Your voice still echoes in my heart
your smile drives away macabre thoughts.

Brother, brother, why did you take leave
when evil saw you as too naive;
Isn’t it true that death is an inevitable end,
and that you can’t escape the strange trajectory.

Brother, brother don’t consider me selfish,
I didn’t talk to you, sorry, I was foolish.
I want to express my sadness
But I don’t know why I can’t get any tears.

Brother, maybe life has trained me that way,
to stay unshakable when emotions neigh.
The peace your face shows comforts me
as your soul’s mirror is the face only.

But your soul has gone back to its origin
your face doesn’t matter; you were
of treachery and obstacles and life’s hidden traps
just relax near that power and watch over us.

Brother, your presence is much more now,
you might have gone high and low,
surfing the seas, jumping the clouds;
disguising as nature’s unknown wonders.

Brother, brother, you don’t have a race,
you are the same as a rainbow’s haze,
or the light falling on the cascades,
or the wind that comforted me this evening.

Brother, I know there is destiny
and that nature doesn’t judge justly.
When your heart slowed its beat,
did you wish something?

All I can do is surmise
Because death always lies
that’s how it manipulates its victims
only the Angel of death shall listen to your last whisper.

Your soul will be the same as other beings
we are just animals; the earth always spins.
Brother, it gives you a day
But, never reveals what will succeed.

Happiness is always followed by sadness
success by failures
birth by death
chance by hard-work.

It’s not what you do in life that mounts respect;
instead, it’s the display of gratitude when help’s bereft.
That makes you remembered and loved.
Death itself is a miracle, never sanctioning a fair chance.

You make promises, my dear brother,
The bringer of end never bothers.
The steps you made created life’s
without any soul, even knowing.

Dear brother, your fragments go back to the Earth
Your soul to the spinning fire hearth.
Absorbing all the energy like a magnet.
You shall take a new life form, I believe.

Like all the loved ones I have lost
you’ll be my protector, not eternal to the past.
Sorry, brother, my breath will be air one day.
And I will be where you are anyway.

— Susan Jacob

13. To His Dying Brother, Master William Herrick

Life of my life, take not so soon thy flight,
But stay the time till we have bade good-night.
Thou hast both wind and tide with thee; thy way.
As soon dispatch’dis by the night as day.
Let us not then so rudely henceforth go.
Till we have wept, kiss’d, sigh’d, shook hands, or so.
There’s pain in parting and a kind of hell.
When once true lovers take their last farewell.
What? shall we two our endless leaves take here
Without a sad look or a solemn tear?
He knows not love that hath not this truth proved,
Love is most loth to leave the thing beloved.
Pay we our vows and go; yet when we part,
Then, even then, I will bequeath my heart.
Into thy loving hands; for I’ll keep none.
To warm my breast, when thou, my pulse, art gone,
No, here I’ll last, and walk, a harmless shade,
About this urn, wherein thy dust is laid,
To guard it so, as nothing here shall be
Heavy, to hurt those sacred seeds of thee.

—Robert Herrick

14. Advice To My Best Brother

Frank, wil’tlive unhandsomely? trust not too far
Thy self to waving seas: for what thy star,
Calculated by sure event, must be,
Look in the glassy-epithete, and see.

Yet settle here your rest, and take your state,
And in calm halcyon’s nest ev’nbuild your fate;
Pretheelye down securely, Frank, and keep
With as much no noise, the inconstant deep
As its inhabitants; nay, steadfast stand,
As if discover’dwere a New-found-land,
Fit for plantation here. Dream, dream still,
Lull’din Dione’s cradle; dream, until
Horror awake your sense, and you now find
Your self a bubbled pastime for the wind;
And in loose Thetis blankets torn and tossed.
Frank, to undo thy self, why art at cost?

Nor be too confident, fix’don the shore:
For even that too borrows from the store.
Of her rich neighbor, since now wisest know.
(And this to Galileo’s judgment ow),
The palsies earth itself is every jot.
As frail, inconstant, waving, as that blot.
We lay upon the deep that sometimes lies.
Chang’d, you would think, with’s bottoms properties;
But this eternal, strange Ixion’s wheel.
Of giddy earth ne’er whirling leaves to reel,
Till all things are inverted, till they are
Turn’dto that antic confus’dstate they were.

Who loves the golden mean, doth safely want
A cobwebb’dcot and wrongs entail’dupon’t;
He richly needs a pallace for to breed.
Vipers and moths, that on their feeder feed;
The toy that we (too true) a mistress call,
Whose looking-glass and feather weighs up all;
And cloaths which larks would play within the sun,
That mock him in the night when’s course is run.

To rear an edifice by art so high,
That envy should not reach it with her eye,
Nay, with a thought, come near it. Wouldst thou know,
How such a structure should be raised, build low.
The blust’ringwinds invisible rough stroak
More often shakes the stubborn’st, prop’restoak;
And in proud turrets, we behold withal,
‘Tisthe imperial top declines to fall:
Nor does Heav’n’s lightning strike the humble vales,
But high-aspiring mounts batters and scales.

A breast of proof defies all shocks of Fate,
Fears in the best hopes in worser state;
Heaven forbid that, as of old, time ever.
Flourish’din spring so contrary, now never.
That mighty breath, which blew foul Winter hither,
Can eas’lypuffe it to a fairer weather.
Why dost despair then, Frank? Aeolus has
A Zephyrus as well as Boreas.

‘Tisa false sequel, solecism ‘gainstthose
Precepts by fortune giv’nus, to suppose
That, ’causeit is now ill, ’t will ere be so;
Apollo doth not always bend his bow;
But oft, uncrowned of his beams divine,
With his soft harp awakes the sleeping Nine.

In strictest things, magnanimous appear,
Greater in hope, however thy fate, then fear:
Draw all your sails in quickly, though no storm
Threaten your ruine with a sad alarm;
For tell me how they differ, tell me, pray,
A cloudy tempest and a too fair day?

—Richard Lovelace

15. To My Brother

Give me your hand, my brother, search my face;
Look in these eyes lest I should think of shame;
For we have made an end of all things base.
We are returning by the road we came.

Your lot is with the ghosts of soldiers dead,
And I am in the field where men must fight.
But in the gloom, I see your laurell’d head.
And through your victory, I shall win the light.

—Siegfried Sassoon

16. Brothers

Saddled with you for the afternoon, me and Paul
ambled across the threadbare field to the bus stop,
talking over Sheffield Wednesday’s chances in the Cup
while you skipped beside us in your ridiculous tank-top,
spouting six-year-old views on Rotherham United.

Suddenly you froze, said you hadn’t any bus fare.
I sighed, said you should go and ask Mum
and while you windmilled home, I looked at Paul.
His smile, like mine, said I was nine, and he was ten
and we must stroll the town, doing what grown-ups do.

As a bus crested the hill, we chased Olympic Gold.
Looking back, I saw you spring towards the gate,
your hand holding out what must have been a coin.
I ran on, unable to close the distance I’d set in motion.

—Andrew Forster

17. In Memory of My Brother

In memory of my brother

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So much sorrow,
with infinite pain,
The emotions inside,
I could never explain.

My brother has left,
as I stand here and cry.
My burning tears,
are asking me why.

I’ll cherish those memories,
both of us shared.
He was a person,
that genuinely cared.

I miss him so much,
just can’t say goodbye,
I know he’d want me,
to keep my head up real high.

I loved him so much,
my brother and dear friend,
I wish I could wake,
and this nightmare would end.

But now I must let him,
just rest in peace
His memory and image,
I shall never release.

18. Your Spirit

I know that no matter what
You will always be with me.
When life separates us
I’ll know it is only your soul.
Saying goodbye to your body
But your spirit will be with me always.
When I see a bird chirping on a nearby branch
I will know it is you singing to me.
When a butterfly brushes gently by me so carefreely
I will know it is you, assuring me you are free from pain.
When the gentle fragrance of a flower catches my attention
I will know it is you reminding me.
To appreciate the simple things in life.
When the sun shining through my window awakens me
I will feel the warmth of your love.
When I hear the rain pitter-patter against my window sill
I will hear your words of wisdom.
And will remember what you taught me so well.’
That without rain, trees cannot grow.
Without rain, flowers cannot bloom.
Without life’s challenges, I cannot grow strong.
When I look out to the sea
I will think of your endless love for your family.
When I think of mountains, their majesty, and magnificence
I will think of your courage for your country.
No matter where I am
Your spirit will be beside me.
For I know that no matter what
You will always be with me.

– Tram-Tiara T. Von Reichenbach

19. In My Mind

I see you standing there brother

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Somewhere in my dreams tonight
I’ll see you standing there.
You look at me with a smile.
“Life isn’t always fair.”

You say you were chosen for his garden.
His preciously hand-picked bouquet
“God really needed me,
That’s why I couldn’t stay.”

It’s said to be that angels.
Are sent from above
I’ve always had my angel.
My brother – whose heart was filled with love

Wherever the ocean meets the sky
There will be memories of you, and I
When I look up at the sky so blue
All I see are visions of you.
“While there’s a heart in me, you’ll be a part of me.”

—Jenn Farrell

20. God’s Garden

God looked around his garden and found an empty place.
He then looked down upon the Earth and saw your tired face.
He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest.
With the help of his angels, they flew you to your heavenly place.

God’s garden must be beautiful; he always takes the best.
He knew you were suffering; he knew you were in pain.
He knew that you would never get well on Earth again.

He saw the road was getting rough and the hills too hard to climb.
He closed your weary eyelids And whispered, “Peace Be Thine.”
It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn’t go alone.
For part of us went with you the day God called you home.

— Melissa Shreve

21. A Better Place

This world would be a better place.
If we forgave each other and gave some grace
When others do wrong, we are quick to blame
But many times, we are the same.

Brotherhood of man can be
A realization can’t you see.
Helping each other, lending a hand
Rather than anger and demands.

Rather than judge each other
We should act more like brothers.
Loving one another changes things
And peace to the world it would bring.

—Catherine Pulsifer

22. His Peaceful Grave

Our brother lives with us in memory.
Before our eyes, he grew weaker every day.
Doing all we could to save him.
Until God took him away
Never shall his memory fade
Our sweetest love lingers.
Forever round his peaceful grave.

— Unknown

23. Dear Brother, Your Memory Will Never Fade

My dear Brother, now that you are gone.
You’re no longer here to share
The bond we had together –
A bond of love and care.
Yet, somehow something tells me.
You are watching over me –
Now that from Worldly cares.
You finally are free.
I miss you so very much,
And my tears, I cannot hide.
Yet, within my heart, I feel.
You are always by my side.
Ever since you went away
Life has never been the same.
Yet, it comforts me to know.
That one day, we’ll meet again.

— Unknown

24. In Our Minds

We stand motionless,
consumed in grief.
Sorrow has arrived,
with smiles thief.

We’re gathered here,
to mourn and cry.
Our questions pointing,
at the clear blue sky.

Why did you go,
why did you leave,
Life without you,
is so hard to conceive.

Our hearts are damaged,
and scarred severely.
We shall miss you,
much more than dearly.

For having you in our lives,
we’ve all been blessed.
But now the time has arrived,
for you to rest.

We promise to cherish,
our memories of you.
You shall live in our minds,
and all that we do.


25. In Memory of a Special Brother

Today is full of memories
of a brother laid to rest
and every single one of them
is filled with happiness.

For you were someone special
always such a joy to know
and there was so much pain
when it was time to let you go

That’s why this special message
is sent to heaven above
for the angels to take care of you
and give you all my love

– Unknown

26. The Broken Chain

We little knew the day that.
God was going to call your name.
In life, we loved you dearly,
In death, we do the same.

It broke our hearts to lose you.
But you didn’t go alone.
For part of us went with you.
The day God called you home.

You left us peaceful memories.
Your love is still our guide,
And though we cannot see you.
You are always at our side.

Our family chain is broken
and nothing seems the same,
but as God calls us one by one
the chain will link again.

—Ron Tranmer

27. My Brother

My Brother poem

Image: Shutterstock

As kids, we lived together.
We fought, we laughed, we cried.
We did not always show the love,
that we both had inside.
We shared our dreams and plans,
and some secrets too.
All the memories we share,
Is what bonds me now to you.
We grew to find we have a love
that is very strong today.
It’s a love shared by our family,
that will never fade away.
You are my brother not by choice,
but by the nature of our birth
I could not have chosen a better one
you were the best on earth.

— Unknown

28. Long Years

Long years have left their writing on my brow,
But yet the freshness and the dew-fed beam
Of those young mornings are about me now,
When we two wandered toward the far-off stream

With rod and line. Our basket held a store
Baked for us only, and I thought with joy
That I should have my share, though he had more,
Because he was the elder and a boy.

The firmaments of daisies since to me
Have had those mornings in their opening eyes,
The bunchèd cowslip’s pale transparency
Carries that sunshine of sweet memories,

And wild-rose branches take their finest scent
From those blest hours of infantine content.

—George Eliot

29. Our Mother

Our mother bade us keep the trodden ways,
Stroked down my tippet, set my brother’s frill,
Then with the benediction of her gaze
Clung to us lessening, and pursued us still

Across the homestead to the rookery elms,
Whose tall old trunks had each a grassy mound,
So rich for us, we counted them as realms
With varied products: here were earth-nuts found,

And here the Lady-fingers in deep shade;
Here sloping toward the Moat the rushes grew,
The large to split for pith, the small to braid;
While over all the dark rooks cawing flew,

And made a happy strange solemnity,
A deep-toned chant from life unknown to me.

—George Eliot

30. Our Brown Canal

Our brown canal was endless to my thought;
And on its banks I sat in dreamy peace,
Unknowing how the good I loved was wrought,
Untroubled by the fear that it would cease.

Slowly the barges floated into view
Rounding a grassy hill to me sublime
With some Unknown beyond it, whither flew
The parting cuckoo toward a fresh spring time.

The wide-arched bridge, the scented elder-flowers,
The wondrous watery rings that died too soon,
The echoes of the quarry, the still hours
With white robe sweeping-on the shadeless noon,

Were but my growing self, are part of me,
My present Past, my root of piety.

—George Eliot

31. Those Long Days

Those long days measured by my little feet
Had chronicles which yield me many a text;
Where irony still finds an image meet
Of full-grown judgments in this world perplex.

One day my brother left me in high charge,
To mind the rod, while he went seeking bait,
And bade me, when I saw a nearing barge,
Snatch out the line lest he should come too late.

Proud of the task, I watched with all my might
For one whole minute, till my eyes grew wide,
Till sky and earth took on a strange new light
And seemed a dream-world floating on some tide –

A fair pavilioned boat for me alone
Bearing me onward through the vast unknown.

—George Eliot

32. The Barge’s Pitch-Black Prow

But sudden came the barge’s pitch-black prow,
Nearer and angrier came my brother’s cry,
And all my soul was quivering fear, when lo!
Upon the imperilled line, suspended high,

A silver perch! My guilt that won the prey,
Now turned to merit, had a guerdon rich
Of songs and praises, and made merry play,
Until my triumph reached its highest pitch

When all at home were told the wondrous feat,
And how the little sister had fished well.
In secret, though my fortune tasted sweet,
I wondered why this happiness befell.

‘The little lass had luck,’ the gardener said:
And so I learned, luck was with glory wed.

—George Eliot

33. Self-Same World

We had the self-same world enlarged for each
By loving difference of girl and boy:
The fruit that hung on high beyond my reach
He plucked for me, and oft he must employ

A measuring glance to guide my tiny shoe
Where lay firm stepping-stones, or call to mind
‘This thing I like my sister may not do,
For she is little, and I must be kind.’

Thus boyish Will the nobler mastery learned
Where inward vision over impulse reigns,
Widening its life with separate life discerned,
A Like unlike, a Self that self restrains.

His years with others must the sweeter be
For those brief days he spent in loving me.

—George Eliot

34. Sorrow and Joy

His sorrow was my sorrow, and his joy
Sent little leaps and laughs through all my frame;
My doll seemed lifeless and no girlish toy
Had any reason when my brother came.

I knelt with him at marbles, marked his fling
Cut the ringed stem and make the apple drop,
Or watched him winding close the spiral string
That looped the orbits of the humming top.

Grasped by such fellowship, my vagrant thought
Ceased with dream-fruit dream-wishes to fulfil;
My aëry-picturing fantasy was taught
Subjection to the harder, truer skill

That seeks with deeds to grave a thought-tracked line,
And by ‘What is,’ ‘What will be’ to define.

—George Eliot

35. School Parted Us

School parted us; we never found again
That childish world where our two spirits mingled
Like scents from varying roses that remain
One sweetness, nor can evermore be singled.

Yet the twin habit of that early time
Lingered for long about the heart and tongue:
We had been natives of one happy clime
And its dear accent to our utterance clung.

Till the dire years whose awful name is Change
Had grasped our souls still yearning in divorce,
And pitiless shaped them in two forms that range
Two elements which sever their life’s course.

But were another childhood-world my share,
I would be born a little sister there.

—George Eliot

Siblings share a special bond and are destined to be lifelong companions. You can show your appreciation for your brother by sharing how he influences you. And one of the best ways to express your love, care, and affection for your brother is by writing poems. Pick one of our poems on brothers and add a few lines about your childhood memories with your brother to make the poem more heartwarming and personal. Also, choose poems based on your brother’s personality, such as a naughty and annoying little brother or a caring big brother.

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Sravani Rebbapragada

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