11 Brutally Honest Comics Reveal What Happens When You Get Too Comfortable In Your Relationship

If you have been in a relationship for a long, long time, you would know that things are not always as mysterious, new, and exciting as it is during the “honeymoon period”. With time, you get used to each other’s company and things get too comfortable. In fact, at times, things that couples do together can seem outright weird to others. A comic artist from California, Mary Park, understands this and has created illustrations that depict the ins and outs of her love story. Here, have a look at some of these incredibly accurate illustrations:

1. Too Comfortable In Your Own Skin

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While there was a time that you spent hours trying to look “perfection” for your significant other, now you exchange notes on how large your belly has grown after eating food!

2. The Eyelash War!

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It is only when you get into a relationship that you realize how the opposite gender has been blessed with far longer and prettier eyelashes. Also, the fact that he reminds you this each time you crib about your own eyelashes doesn’t make it any bit easier!

3. No Such Thing As Too Much Love!

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Almost every woman will relate to this one. The second that we see our significant others even a tiny bit distracted, we just need to have their attention all to ourselves. And, of course, we also want to hear how much they love us. After all, we are their number 1 priority, aren’t we?

4. Fart Bomb Alert!

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Just a while back, you would apologize to your lovely partner even if you sneezed or laughed a little too loud. But, you just can’t imagine feeling so conscious around him anymore. In fact, even the farts are received with a lot of fun and laughter!

5. Made For Each Other

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Couples do paint a perfect picture for everyone who looks at them. But, at the end of the day, it is just about finding someone who is as weird as you are. And, the one who will be ready to do the same crazy things as you, isn’t it?

6. Then And Now

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At the beginning of the relationship, when your partner asked you for that last bite of food, not only would you sacrifice it but will also feed it to him yourself. But, gone are those days! Now, you will fight tooth and nail to ensure that you get what is rightfully yours (after all, you ordered that for yourself)!

7. Only He Knows The Real You!

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While all your colleagues and friends only get to see the dressed-up version of you, it is your husband who sees the post-makeup look as you step out of the shower. And, adores you all the more in your no-makeup look.

8. Don’t Mess With Me

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Your siblings are not the only ones you get into a wrestling match with at the drop of a hat. You get to do the same with your husband too!

9. You Know Everything About Each Other

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Even the gross and disgusting details! There was a time when you would cook up an excuse to go to the loo if you were talking over the phone. Now, you don’t mind even sharing the size, shape, and frequency of it.

10. The Modern Woman Dilemma

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On one hand, you are the strong and independent woman who doesn’t need help to do the basic chores, even if it’s all at once. But, on the other hand, there is your adorable partner who is just perpetually stunned that you didn’t ask for help!

11. He Knows What You Are Up To

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Since he knows all about your little quirks (like how much you love popping those pimples), you just can’t lie to him!

How much do you relate to these brutally honest relationship comics? Which one was your favorite? Share with us in the comments section below!

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