7 Brutally Honest Questions Wives Are Scared To Ask Their Husbands

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No matter how long you’ve been married to each other, doubts and concerns are always going to creep in between you and your husband. While communication is the key to every relationship and you should definitely ask questions that come to your mind, it’s not always the better option. Sometimes, certain questions can put your husband in a tough spot or get him annoyed. These are the kind of questions you should stay at least fifty feet away from.

If you’re married or you’re in a long term relationship, you’ll definitely relate to our list of 7 honest questions wives have about their husbands:

1. Does He Still Love You The Same Way?

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Marriage and kids can put your relationship through a lot of challenges and toils. Also, as time passes, you grow older and might start to develop insecurities about the way you look. You may wonder if your partner still loves you the same way that he used to. This question might arise in your mind also because once you get married and have children, a big chunk of your time and efforts are dedicated towards them.

2. What Does He Love The Most About You?

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You may have been showered with a lot of compliments about your looks, character, taste in music, or even your love for his pet. Most of the time, these things get held back as you move forward in a relationship. This leaves you confused about what he actually loves in you- “why does he want me to be in his life?” Not everyone is equally expressive and your husband may be among the ones who are towards the subtle end. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you; he may adore you for so many things but he might not be able to express it the way you want it to be done.

3. How Can I Be A Better Partner For Him?

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Once you get married or you’re in a long term relationship, you’re going to be there with him all the time. The situation demands you to be not just a romantic partner but also his best friend with whom he can have a lot of fun. Your husband may love it if you play video games with him or he likes his own space while reading through that journal- know what he likes. Try to understand what he wants from you as a partner and be there for him the way he likes it.

4. Does He Get Attracted To Other Women?

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At some point or the other, you may have wondered if your husband gets attracted to other women or not. The answer is simple- do you get attracted to other men? You may feel that someone looks attractive and you may even compliment them. However, if you really love your partner and you’re loyal, you wouldn’t even feel like making a move. So, yes, he may feel that other women are attractive but he probably wouldn’t get attracted to them.

5. What Does He Hate About You?

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He might not tell you things that he absolutely hates about you because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. Even if you would have asked, your husband probably wouldn’t tell you because of the same reason. Try to take hints- that will let you know what he really doesn’t like about you.

6. What Are His True Goals?

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Men behave like children sometimes- true story, right? If you’re wondering what he is doing with his life, try to ask him about his goals. This doesn’t include his ideas for next weekend’s road trip! Ask him about his career plans, what he loves to do, what he seeks in life, what makes him happy, and what are the things in his bucket list. These are safe questions to ask, as long as you don’t get too judgemental and start correcting him.

7. What Does He Like In Bed The Most?

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This is one question that you may want to ask badly but you never do. Asking each other what they like in bed is healthy and it’s not going to make things instructional as you fear it may. If it’s too hard for you, try to understand what he likes by introducing new things while you’re at it.

Having these questions in mind isn’t bad and it’s quite normal. Asking these questions aren’t really going to hurt anyone or break the hell loose- as long as you know how to ask. It all depends on the words you choose, your tone, and the timing! Don’t ask your partner questions that may make them uncomfortable when they are already upset or busy with something. Except for that, the questions are all good to go- happy exploring!

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