Top 10 Creative Button Crafts For Preschoolers And Kids

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As a mother, you know that one of the best ways to keep your kid interested and busy is to keep them engaged with different types of crafts. From the very easy ones to the extremely creative ones and those that need your help, there are a variety of craft ideas that your kids can try with everyday objects. One such very creative and beautiful item that your kid can use to make crafts is buttons.

And, here is our compilation of some button crafts for kids. Read on for more:

1. Buttons Scrapbook Cover:

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  • If your kid loves craft, it is very likely that she will also like to make and decorate her scrapbook.
  • Ask your kid to cut out strips from different types of printed materials, such as printed paper, old printed cloths, old wrapping paper and even colorful strips from old magazines. They can also use any leftover borders from old clothes, lace and such.
  • Ask your kid to also cut out interesting images from the magazines or use colorful stickers.
  • All your kid has to do is stick the stripes and the cutouts on the cover of the scrapbook to completely cover it up.
  • Once done, your kid can stick colorful and different sizes of buttons at random spaces on the cover.

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2. Button Tree Branch:

  • Ask your kids to collect a few sturdy branches and scrape off any dirt.
  • Let them stick it on a piece of paper to make the trunk of a tree.
  • Now ask your kid to glue together an assortment of buttons in different color and sizes around the different branches, to make the leaves.

3. Finger And Toe Button Rings:

  • Give your kid a few simple finger rings with a flat rounded base.
  • Now ask your kid to take a few different buttons in various colors and sizes that will fit on the flat base of the rings and glue them on.
  • Your kid can use the same color scheme or play around with colors.
  • Set the rings aside to dry. If the rings are adjustable, your kid can also use them as toe rings.

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4. Button Flowers:

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  • Your kids can use different styles of buttons to create beautiful flowers that they can later use as decorations for cards and other gift items.
  • Ask your kid to take different shades of felt sheets, two shades for each flower. Your kid can choose to use the same color scheme for all flowers, or make different colors for different flowers.
  • Ask your kid to cut out petal outlines from the sheets, with one big and one small outline for each flower.
  • Next, your kid will have to glue the smaller outline on the bigger one and glue the button at the center of the smaller outline.

5. Button Bracelet:

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  • Ask your kid to make a collection of different styles of buttons and colored beads that have a hole through them.
  • Your kid has to take a soft string or ribbon and simply loop them through all the buttons and beads to make the bracelet.

6. Button Wall Art:

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  • Let your kid sort out all the buttons as per the color.
  • Next, use a container with shallow boxes and fill them as per color slots.
  • Attach a plastic hard sheet on top to keep the buttons in place and hang it up on the wall.

7. Button Heart Pocket:

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  • Ask your kid to outline a heart on the jean pocket and do a simple stich on the same.
  • Help them to stitch on the buttons inside the outline. This is an easy and cute button craft for kids.

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8. Button Hot Air Balloon:

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  • Help your kid cut a base shape from an old cloth. Stitch it on a felt sheet.
  • Stick a few threads on the same to make the strings of the balloon.
  • Glue or stitch buttons at the top.

9. Button Wrist Band:

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  • Ask your kid to glue buttons on a strip of cloth long enough to wrap on their wrist.
  • Attach two Velcro sheets at both ends to help close it.

10. Button Curtain:

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  • Ask your kid to use a big collection of buttons and beads and string them through ribbons.
  • Your kid can attach a number of these to one long string and hang it on their door to make a cute curtain. This is simple and fun button craft ideas for kids that they can try.

Moms, do tell us which ones your kids loved! Do you have any more ideas on kids button crafts? Tell us here.

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