12 Best Campfire Stories For Kids

Children get all excited about campfires under a starry sky. If you are planning to organize a campfire for your child and their friends, saving campfire stories for kids will ensure a great time for everyone and develop family bonding. This is an ideal occasion for children to spend time with their dear ones and also exchange some fascinating stories. Also, make sure the stories are gripping and captivating and not just preachy or educational. Dive into this post for some amazing stories that will make the campfire an unforgettable adventure for the children.

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Spooky Campfire Stories For Kids

These campfire ghost stories use some spookiness to fascinate and entertain young listeners.

1. The ghost with one black eye

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In the early 1900s, there existed a tavern on the road that went from the countryside to the city. Travelers would stop there to eat and rest. The entire tavern would be full except for one haunted room.

Years ago, a fight at the tavern left a man with a severe blow to one eye. As he fainted, the others at the tavern placed him in that room. He never recovered and vanished from the room. Since then his ghost seemed to haunt that room.

One day a cowboy came to the tavern. The old owner told him that there was no room except the haunted one.

The cowboy said, “I rope bulls and wrestle with them every day. I ain’t afraid of any ghost,” and took the room. That night during a bath, the cowboy heard a booming voice, “I am the ghost with one black eye.”

The cowboy panicked and looked around to find none. He wrapped his towel and ran as fast as he could.

Another day, a barmaid came for a room but the tavern was full. The old man said that there was only one room left and it was haunted.

The barmaid said, “I have seen the most violent of men at the place where I work. No ghost can scare me. I will take the room.”

That night, while tucking into the bed, she heard the same words in the booming voice. A shiver ran down her spine. She wore her gown, picked her luggage, and dashed out of the tavern.

A few days later, a couple came with a son. The couple wanted a separate room for themselves, but the only other room available for the son was haunted.

The son said, “Cool, a real ghost. I will live in it!”

That night, when the boy switched off the lights to go to bed, he heard the voice, “I am the ghost with one black eye.” The young boy calmly switched on the bed lamp and said, “Well, I am a boy scout. If you do not keep your mouth shut henceforth, you will be a ghost with two black eyes.”

There was utter silence. The boy switched off the light and slept peacefully. Since that day, the ghost never disturbed or scared anyone.

Narrating spooky tales in the campfire is a great way to enjoy the adrenaline rush with your friends.

protip_icon Point to consider
If you are a storyteller, you can add more characters to make the story more interesting for your children.

2. The staring woman

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A woman (X) boarded a late-night train to return home from work. As she took a seat on the train, she noticed three individuals seated on the opposite berth. There were two scrawny-looking men and between them sat a woman with a hoodie. She had her head slightly rested on the wall of the compartment. While there was nothing unusual about the trio, X noticed that the woman in the hoodie steadily stared at her. She did not blink once. X smiled at her but the woman in the hoodie did not reciprocate. It made X uncomfortable, and she took out a book from her bag, brought it close to her eyes, and covered her face with it.

The train stopped at a station. A man boarded the train and sat next to X. As the train continued its journey, the man moved closer to X, and whispered, “These three are not what they seem. Get off the train with me at the next station. Trust me. Do not worry; the next station has a lot of cops so you will be safe.”

X was taken aback and did not reply. She brought down the book and looked at the hoodie woman. She was still staring at her! Something about the stare was creepy, and now she really wanted to get down at the next station.

The man and X got down at the next station. The man heaved a sigh of relief. He said, “Thank goodness! I am a doctor. The woman you saw on the train was brought to the hospital, and she was dead. Her body went missing a few hours later.”

3. Johnny’s experience

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Seven-year-old Johnny loved spending time at his grandfather’s farmhouse. It was an old-fashioned place with huge farmland at the front, a barn, a sheep’s pen by the side of the house, and a scarecrow.

Johnny loved the scarecrow. He drew a smile on it and called it Fluffy. Little Johnny also loved spending time at the sheep enclosure. He had helped his grandpa hammer the wooden planks together to make the sheep’s pen. Life was fun at the farmhouse.

One evening Johnny decided to go cycling around the nearby pond. He was so busy cycling that he did not realize that the clouds at the horizon had turned into a thunderstorm. The rain lashed out across the meadows and Johnny could barely see the road. “Where am I?” thought Johnny. His confusion turned into fear and he started crying. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. Johnny turned and it was a tall man. The rain was so heavy that Johnny could barely see the man’s face, but could tell that he was a jolly person with a cap on his head.

“Are you lost?” said the man.

“Yes, sir.”

“Okay, I know the way back to where you live. Come,” the man took Johnny’s hand, while Johnny pulled his cycle with another.

Soon the duo reached Johnny’s farmhouse. Johnny could tell it was grandpa’s place by the outline of the house that he could see through the haze of the heavy rain.

“Go Johnny. That is your place, isn’t it?” said the man.

“Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!”

Johnny hurried towards the main entrance while the man stood at a distance. Johnny dropped his cycle when suddenly there was a roar of thunder behind him. It tripped Johnny. He turned around and got the shock of his life. Lightning had fallen on the man and now he was engulfed in flames. The rainwater evaporated as steam, as the man hovered at his place about to collapse. Johnny screamed at the top of his voice. Grandpa rushed out of the house and pulled Johnny in.

The next morning was bright and sunny. The entire family stepped out to take stock of the damage. The sheep were safe in the barn, but their pen was destroyed. Johnny’s bicycle was safe too. There was no sign of the man although there was a mark of lightning on the soil. As Johnny looked around, he heard his grandpa gasp. Johnny rushed towards grandpa who was staring at something on the land. Johnny looked as well. On the ground lay Fluffy, the scarecrow, dismembered with his parts charred black; burnt like when lightning strikes something.

4. The room partner

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Charlotte had gone camping with her school friends. The camp house was deep within the woods. Charlotte’s teacher said that she would share her room with a girl named Emily. Emily was a jolly girl. The thing that Charlotte found unique about Emily was her hairband. It was a slim band with a pink star at a corner.

Charlotte and Emily became good friends. The two shared a double-decker bed. Charlotte slept on the top while Emily slept at the bottom.

One day Emily asked Charlotte to sit with her.

“What is it, Emily?”

“Charlotte, there is something I would like to say. There is something creepy about this bed. At midnight, someone taps at the bed from below. I dare not see for I am scared.”

“How do you know that it is someone? Maybe, you are imagining things.”

Though Charlotte was not convinced, she comforted Emily that she will look under the bed the next time the tapping happened.

A few days later, Charlotte returned to her room at bedtime after dinner. Emily was already seated on her bed, with her legs folded, and was beaming a wide smile at Charlotte.

“What makes you smile?” asked the puzzled Charlotte.

“I think I have figured out what was making the noise from beneath the bed. I don’t think there will be noise again. Wait, I will brush my teeth, and return to tell you the full story.”

Emily got out of the bed and went to the bathroom. Charlotte sat on the bed. In a few seconds, she heard the tapping from beneath the bed. She was startled. How could there be tapping now? The brave Charlotte got up from the bed and slowly uncovered the sheet covering the bottom of the bed. She was surprised by what she saw. It was Emily!

“What are you doing Charlotte?” exclaimed Emily. “Why did you talk to her? Get down here with me before she comes back.”

Charlotte could not believe her eyes. She had just seen Emily go into the bathroom. She had to find out who was in the bathroom and if Emily was there. Charlotte rushed to the bathroom.

“No Charlotte, don’t do that! You have no idea what she will do. Come back. Wait!” Emily’s protests did little to stop Charlotte.

Charlotte swung open the bathroom door. There was no one inside.

“There is no one here Emily.” Charlotte did not get a reply. She looked from the bathroom door towards the bed. Emily was gone. The main door was closed. Where did she go?

Charlotte was now scared. She turned towards the bathroom and spotted Emily’s hair band resting on the wash basin. She picked it up, looked towards the mirror, and got the shock of her life. Neither Charlotte nor Emily’s band reflected in the mirror. All that the mirror showed was the reflection of the blank wall behind Charlotte!

protip_icon Quick tip
You can add real noises to the story (like tapping under the bed) to make it scary and believable. If the children get too scared, make funny noises and expressions to tone down the situation.

Kid-Friendly Campfire Stories

Here are some charming stories that will amuse children before they settle in for the night in their camps.

5. Dinner for lunch

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There was a boy who always woke up late. He would wake up at noon during the holidays. The boy’s parents were tired of telling him the importance of waking up early in the morning.

One day, his mother decided to teach him a lesson. Before going to the bed, the son asked,

“What are we going to have for breakfast tomorrow, mom?”

“We will have lunch for breakfast,” replied the mother.

The boy did not understand the reply but did not ask its meaning either. He went to bed. He woke up at noon the next day, had his breakfast and asked his mother,

“Mom, what will we have for lunch?”

“We will have dinner for lunch,” answered the mom.

In the evening, the son asked, “What will we have for dinner?”

“There is no dinner. You had dinner for lunch. Now there is no time for dinner,” replied the mother.

“But why are we not having anything at the right time?” asked the perplexed son.

“Because you never got up at the right time! If you have lunch as your breakfast, then it is only correct to have dinner for lunch. It means you get no food for dinner.”

The boy understood his mother’s intention and realized his mistake. He resolved to get up early the next day.

6. The frog and the mouse

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Once in the swamp lived a frog and a mouse. The frog would visit the mouse’s hole every day. The mouse would welcome the frog. However, as days passed by, the frog felt belittled. He thought that the mouse never paid a visit to him in the swamp. The next time the frog visited the mouse, he decided to drag the mouse to his swamp.

He tied a string to the mouse’s leg and tied the other end to his own leg. Then, the frog began to hop, dragging the startled mouse behind him. The frog had just reached the swamp when he felt a powerful tug on the string and was swept away from the ground. He turned around and saw that an eagle had taken the mouse in his claws and since the frog was tied to the mouse, he got dragged as well. That day the eagle had two meals for one hunt.

7. The imitator crow

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A crow always loved imitating other animals. One day he was perched on the edge of a cliff when he saw a hawk circling around in the air. The hawk then swooshed down on the ground and took the hunt in its claws. The crow who was observing it said to himself, “Hmph, that is no big deal. I can do the same.”

The next day he saw the hawk again. This time the crow mimicked the hawk. He circled in the air, but much higher than the hawk. The hawk swooshed down, picked a rabbit, and went back to its nest. The crow wanted to do the same. He saw a fat mouse moving around on the ground and aimed to pick it up. But the mouse was vigilant. He saw the crow and moved to the side. The crow crashed to the ground and broke his beak.

The hawk, who was watching all of it, said, “Dear crow. I hope you have learned a lesson today. It is good to take inspiration, but bad to imitate. You are born with natural talents. Why not use them to hunt? You will be happier with the way you are than being someone else.”

8. Two cats and a monkey

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Two cats walking down a village street spotted a loaf of bread below a tree. The two argued over who saw it first. After some argument, the two decided to split the bread in half. But who will do it? They only had paws and claws. A monkey watching the incident from the top of the tree understood their predicament. He slid down from the branch.

“Can I help you?” he said.

“We cannot split the bread in half with our paws. Can you use your hands to do it for us?” said one of the cats.

The monkey obliged. He took the bread and sat at the lowest branch of the tree. He split the bread into two. But one piece was bigger than the other.

“Oh, I have split it unequally. I will take a bite to reduce its size.” said the monkey.

But he took a bigger bite, which left the other piece bigger. He took a bite from the other piece, but the bite was big and thus the other piece became smaller. The monkey continued at it while the cats watched their bread getting smaller and smaller till it was all gone.

“Oops! I am sorry. I guess it is impossible to split bread equally,” said the sly monkey and hurried back to the upper branches of the tree.

protip_icon Point to consider
Campfire stories can play a great role in teaching children about manners and good habits since there are no distractions, and they can pay attention while listening.

9. The donkey in the tent

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One day, a man was traveling from his village to a neighboring one with his donkey carrying the luggage. At night, the man set a tent and settled for sleep. He woke up at night to find the donkey putting its head into the tent.

It was bitter cold so the man let the donkey keep its head inside. Later in the night, he was awakened by some movement in the tent; he found that the donkey had put his front legs in the tent. Much later, the donkey put his hind legs in too.

A few hours later, the man was awakened by an abrupt movement in the tent. He felt that he was slowly being pushed out to the other side of the tent but refused to wake up now. In the morning, the man woke up and saw that the donkey was sleeping in the tent, while he spent the night out in the cold!

protip_icon Do remember
Keep checking periodically if the children are enjoying the stories. If they seem scared or disinterested, try adding new twists and turns to the story or tell a new story.

10. The bird and the farmer

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A bird once made her nest in the cornfield and laid eggs. The eggs hatched into hatchlings. The young birds were smart and would keep an eye for predators to tell their mother when she returned with food in the evening.

One day the hatchlings heard the farmer say to his friend that he is going to get his field harvest tomorrow by his sons. The hatchlings were worried. They told the incident to their mother. The mother stayed calm.

“But mom… shouldn’t we fly away? The harvesting will destroy our nest,” the hatchlings said.

“Do not worry my dear ones. Nothing is going to happen. You will be safe. Keep an eye on the farmer and tell me what happens.”

The hatchlings were worried all day. But, as their mother had said, there was no harvesting done. The hatchlings saw the farmer in the field talking to himself, “Oh, my sons are useless. I will get the harvesting done by the neighbor tomorrow. He is a good friend, and will not say no.”

The hatchlings informed their mother about the farmer’s plan. Their mother had the same tranquil reaction that she had the day before.

The next day, the hatchlings saw the farmer in the field again. This time the farmer said to himself, “Forget everyone else! Tomorrow I will harvest the fields myself.”

When the hatchlings told this to their mother, she smiled.

“Now is the time for us to go. Pack your bags children!”

The family took flight with the first rays of the sun. As they flew over the farm, they saw the farmer harvesting the fields. The wise mother knew that no one comes to help when in need, and the right time to move was when the farmer harvested the field himself.

11. The silver key

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A man was on a long journey to his town when a dust storm hit the road. He decided to spend the remainder of the day at an inn by the roadside. When I knocked on the door, a gatekeeper on the other side said through the window, “I have lost the key. You can open the door if you have the silver key.”

The traveler understood that the gatekeeper wanted a bribe. He slid a silver coin under the door, and the gatekeeper opened the door.

“Can you please bring the remainder of my luggage from outside?” he asked the gatekeeper.

As the gatekeeper stepped outside, the traveler closed the door.

“Hey, open the door!” shouted the gatekeeper.

“How can I have the key? I am not the gatekeeper. But sliding a silver coin under the door seems to unlock the door,” said the traveler.

The gatekeeper understood the traveler’s intent. He slid the silver coin that the traveler gave him, and the traveler opened the door.

12. How the bear lost his tail

How the bear lost his tail

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Once upon a time, a bear with a long, magnificent tail lived in a lush forest. The bear was proud of its tail and often boasted about it with other animals. One winter day, the bear was searching for food when he met a cunning fox. Seeing an opportunity to humble the boastful bear, the fox proposed a fishing trick. He suggested the bear use his tail as a fishing rod through a hole in the frozen lake. The bear, eager to catch fish, agreed and sat with his tail dipped in the icy water. Hours passed, and the bear’s tail froze solidly in the ice. His beautiful tail snapped off when he tried to stand, leaving him with just a stump. Ashamed and agonized, the bear learned a valuable lesson about being humble. Since then, bears have had short tails.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do we tell stories around a campfire?

Socializing over a campfire in the wilderness may have started with our hunter-gatherer ancestors. This kind of storytelling forms an integral part of folklore. Soldiers may have used storytelling as a way to stay awake to keep watch during the night. The campfire and restricted vision due to distant darkness will awaken all human senses, stories, and expressions to find deeper effects. Telling a story and bringing legends, tales, myths, and fables to life amidst the mystical sounds of nature gives an exciting experience irrespective of age.

2. How can I tell a good campfire story?

Ensure you choose the right story based on the age of the listeners. The more mystery in the story, the better it is. Set a quiet mood and use eye contact and voice modulation. Avoid being formal and let your expressions flow with the story.

3. What are some tips for making a campfire story scary?

To make a campfire story scary, start narrating the story when it is dark, use details from the surroundings such as shadows and lights, sit close to children, and use inflections in your voice to add some suspense to the story.

4. How do you keep kids engaged during a campfire story?

To keep children engaged during campfire stories, make the stories engaging and interactive and ask them questions; you may also use props such as leaves and flashlights. It is best to keep the stories short and fun so that the children are not bored or lose interest.

5. What are some safety precautions to take when telling campfire stories?

When narrating campfire stories, make sure you don’t go overboard trying to make the story scary. It might scare the children and upset them.

Listeners can huddle around the fire and have marshmallows and s’mores for snacking. Children are fond of stories. When you are camping outdoors with a group of children, narrating stories, singing campfire songs, and listening to them becomes the norm. A good story allows you to spend quality time and creates an enthralling atmosphere. A campfire story for kids can be even more exciting than the usual ones. Narrate these stories with entertaining expressions to create the effect that you want. Then, encourage other children to join in storytelling. As one child starts weaving stories, the other children will also be inspired to come up with new tall tales. Soon, your campfire will be filled with interesting stories, filled with vivid imagination and thereby creating beautiful memories.

Step into the enchanting world of a captivating camping story through this video. Immerse yourself in an outdoor tale filled with nature’s beauty, friendship, and indelible memories waiting to unfold.

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