18 Most Recommended Camping Movies For Kids To Watch

The word ‘summer camp’ brings so many memories of outdoor adventure. Where you spend time making new friends, learning a few skills, enjoying nature, and making lifelong memories, these classic kids camping movies will transport us to one of the happiest places.

Camping movies can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. So, relive your best camp memories by watching these classics from the comfort of the home. Bring out thes’moresiA treat made of toasted marshmallow and chocolate bar bits sandwiched in between two graham crackers , camp food, and binge-watch these movies to have great family fun!

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18 Camp Movies For Kids

1. Camp Cool Kids

Camp cool kids, camping movie for kids

Image: IMDb

A 2017 camp movie, Camp Cool Kids, is about confronting fears and bullies. Zach and his little brother Spence are grieving for their recently deceased dad and struggling with the new neighborhood. That’s when their grandfather decides to send them to a camp. Both brothers are polar opposites and get placed in the opposing teams at the camp games. Now, Zach has to overcome his fears, stand up to his bullies and help new friends survive.

protip_icon Point to consider
Camp Cool Kids is based on real-life situations and showcases strong emotions, bullying, and nasty pranking. So, consider these factors and your child’s age and preferences before picking this one.

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2. Space Camp

Space camp, camping movie for kids

Image: IMDb

Not a classic ‘forest and wood’ camping movie, but it is super enjoyable. Welcome to the space camp! The film is about an astronaut who runs a space camp for teenagers. A group of kids attends a summer camp, and one night during an engine test, they accidentally launch themselves into an orbit. They have to figure out a way and come back to Earth.

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3. Heavyweights

Heavyweights, camping movie for kids

Image: IMDb

Camping is usually fun, but it can be a nightmare if it turns out to be a ‘fat camp.’ The movie is about an overweight Gerald “Gerry” Garner who is sent to Camp Hope in hopes of losing weight. Unfortunately, a fun ‘weight loss’ camp doesn’t last long when the owners declare bankruptcy and sell it to Tony, a crazy fitness instructor. He makes the place a living hell for all of them. But hell breaks loose, and Tony is in for a rude shock to see what happens next.

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4. Camp Nowhere

Camp nowhere, camping movie for kids

Image: IMDb

Usually, kids love a good ol’ summer camp, but Morris “Mud” Himmel hates it. He has to go to a computer camp every summer but detests it. So, Mud and his friends devise a plan to have fun. First, they blackmail their former teacher, Dennis Van Welker, to pose as a counselor of a fake camp. Then, they tell him to rent a campground and let the kids have zero rules. But the plot thickens when their parents want to come for a visit.

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5. It Takes Two

It takes two, camping movie for kids

Image: IMDb

This movie might be a classic, but for some other reason. It heroes ’secret twin switch’ and changed the lives of people they love! Two identical twins meet each other for the first time in a camp. And each girl is concerned for their respective caretakers. And so they pull off an epic switch and play a matchmaker!

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6. The Parent Trap

The parent trap, camping movie for kids

Image: IMDb

Well, there are two versions of this movie. The original Parent Trap was released in 1961, starring Haylee Mills and Maureen O’ Hara. But in 1998, Disney remade and released this new version. The movie stars Lindsay Lohan and features a pair of identical twins who were separated at birth. They finally run into each other at a summer camp. They decide to switch roles and work towards reuniting their parents.

protip_icon Trivia
Actress Lindsay Lohan shot the scenes of both twins in the movie twice opposite a stand-in actress.

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7. Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise kingdom, camping movie for kids

Image: IMDb

A coming-of-age comedy-drama, Moonrise Kingdom is a movie about two young lovers. Set in 1963, two 12-year-old kids meet at a summer camp and fall in love with each other. They make a pact to run away together as they feel isolated and shunned by their respective guardians and friends. That leads to a group of people searching for them on an isolated beach to bring them back home.

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8. Meatballs

Meatballs, camping movie for kids

Image: IMDb

This classic comedy is a beautiful ode to summer camp. Featuring Bill Murray (his early film role), Meatball, in its own quirky way, shows why camping is important. Bill Murray enacts the role of Tripper, who is the head counselor of Camp Northstar. The big-brother-type counselor befriends Rudy, a loner camper. Rudy has trouble fitting in the camp, and Tripper wants campers to have the best summertime. Tripper slowly inspires the campers to defeat the rival camp in a competition while Rudy helps and plays a matchmaker for Tripper.

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9. A Week Away: A Musical

A week away: A musical, camping movie for kids

Image: IMDb

Usually, you don’t come across a camp movie for kids that’s musical. The film starts with Will, who is running away from the police and lands at the juvenile hall. He is given a choice to either go to juvenile detentioniA prison in which young people can be detained or a Christian summer camp. Will chooses to attend the camp and starts his journey. Over there, he learns about faith and kindness with some help from music and friends.

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10. Camp Rock

Camp Rock, camping movie for kids

Image: IMDb

Camp Rock is a Disney musical camp movie. Starring Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, Meaghan Martin, Daniel Fathers, Maria Canals-Barrera, and Alyson Stoner, the movie is about Mitchie, who dreams of becoming a musician. She decides to attend Camp Rock (summer camp for aspiring musicians) and discovers new friends, romance, and of course, her voice.

protip_icon Quick fact
The makers filmed the movie Camp rock (2008) in 25 days, but the editing took about seven months!

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11. Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

Camp Rock 2: The final jam, camping movie for kids

Image: IMDb

In this sequel to ‘Camp Rock,’ the previous campers are back for another summer. However, a rival camp suddenly appears and grabs everyone’s attention, threatening the very existence of Camp Rock. So yeah, the kids will be watching teenagers Demi, Joe, Daniel, Alyson, Meaghan, and Maria.

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12. Addams Family Values

Addams family values, camping movie for kids

Image: IMDb

Who doesn’t like the Addams Family? It’s a beloved show, and while the characters are a bit gothiciRelate characterized by mystery, terror, and violence , they represent the misfits of society. This movie is a Gothic comedy with some macabre elementsiSomething unusual and terrible because it is associated with death or violence but is ultimately still a comedy. Wednesday and Pugsley are sent to a summer camp. Sure, it’s a traditional summer camp setting, but once Addams comes into the picture, everything changes.

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13. Magic Camp

Magic camp, camping movie for kids

Image: IMDb

The name sounds magical, right? Perfect for kids and middle graders, this movie is about a kid who rediscovers his love for magic with the help of his other misfit friends.

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14. The Baby-Sitters Club

The baby-sitters club, camping movie for kids

Image: IMDb

Based on a novel, the movie centers around one summer in a girls’ life. Kristy, the president of the ‘Baby-Sitters Club,’ decides to start a day camp for her clients. All the other members are happy about it and vow to keep an eye on the kids. They devise a smart plan to make some money and have fun, but what ensues is quite different.

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15. Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown

Race for your life, Charlie Brown, camping movie for kids

Image: IMDb

This animated cartoon is famous for a reason. It features Charles, Lucy, Snoopy, and Linus, who are off to a summer camp. They aim to participate in various summer activities, but Charles must overcome his lack of confidence and stand up to the gang of bullies to win a battle.

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16. Indian Summer

Indian summer, camping movie for kids

Image: IMDb

Source: IMDb

Would you go back to your summer camp if you had a chance now? Well, this movie is about that. The owner and director of Camp Tamakwa invites 30 odd former campers to announce his retirement. The former campers belong to the camp’s golden years. Seven friends who attended the 1972 summer camp decided to participate in the reunion. But once they arrive, some unresolved feelings come to the surface.

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17. Camp

Camp, camping movie for kids

Image: IMDb

This movie is a must for kids who love music, drama, and theater. At Camp Ovation, children of all ages spend their summer expressing themselves through various mediums. While the movie talks about insecurity and romance, what we love is that it also highlights certain problems teenagers face – sexual identity, parental pressure, self-respect, and passion.

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18. Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th is a horror franchise with 12 films. The original film was released in 1978 and directed and produced by Sean S. Cunningham. The movie has gone on to become a cornerstone of the horror genre. The original movie follows the tale of a group of camp counselors at Camp Crystal Lake who fall prey to an unseen assailant, setting the stage for a series of sequels. Jason Voorhees, the iconic antagonist, dons a hockey mask and wields his signature machete in a string of films that include notable entries like Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984). The franchise also had crossovers, notably in Freddy vs. Jason (2003). Despite criticism for its formulaic approach, Friday the 13th has left an indelible mark in the history of horror cinema, contributing to the cultural legacy of iconic horror villains.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can camping movies help children learn about nature and the outdoors?

Camping movies may spark a child’s interest in activities like hiking and stargazing that will take them closer to nature’s beauty and wonder. They may also learn about survival skills from movies that depict characters that need to survive in the wilderness. The movies may also help children understand the importance of conserving nature.

2. How can camping movies teach children essential life skills?

Children may observe in camping movies the importance of teamwork in tasks such as backpacking, building a shelter, making a bonfire, or gathering food using techniques like fishing. They may learn to solve problems such as losing their way in the wilderness or facing a food and water shortage. They may learn how to live without being supported by modern amenities and technology.
Summer camps present memorable moments and family fun times. Exploring wildlife and sharing stories around the campfire create beautiful memories you will cherish forever. So if your little bundle of joy loves camping, make their trip enjoyable by showing them interesting camping movies for kids. If you can’t go outdoors, build them a tent at home and let them sleep in a sleeping bag to let them enjoy an imaginary nature trail. So grab some marshmallows and popcorn, sit back, and enjoy these camping movies with your little one and other movie fanatics.

3. How can parents ensure that the camping movies they choose are appropriate for their children?

To ensure camping movies are okay for their children, parents can check how the movie is rated, read what others say about it, and think about what it’s about and who it’s made for. They can also watch a preview or see the movie themselves first to ensure it’s right for their kids and matches their beliefs.

Trav S.D., a writer and performer, shares from his childhood experience the importance of his parents selecting age-appropriate movies. He says, “Movies hit you on an emotional level. Nothing is more powerful than emotion. My parents also kept a fairly eagle eye on our viewing habits, meaning they exerted on influence on even the things they weren’t endorsing, i.e., they permitted them… My viewing diet was strictly films that were rated G or, occasionally (and this was pushing it), PG (i).”

4. How can camping movies help encourage kids to explore new places and try new things?

Camping movies can make kids want to go to new places and do new things by introducing them to outdoor fun adventures, how beautiful nature is, and characters who face challenges. This makes them curious, adventurous, and eager to explore.

5. Is the movie ‘family camp’ appropriate for kids?

The movie ‘Family Camp’ is a funny comedy by The Skit Guys. It’s meant to make everyone in the family, from kids to grandparents, laugh and feel good. However, you can review the movie’s preview or other reviews to know if the movie is a fit for your child.

Infographic: Camping Movies For Children

Going camping with family and kids is a fun way to spend quality time and connect with nature. If you are planning to take your child out for a camping trip, you may want them to know about it before. And what better way to understand than watching camping movies? So, we bring you the following infographic with some wonderful choices. If they like the movies, they would want to experience the fun for real.

camping movies for children (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Camping movies such as Camp Cool Kids, Camp, or Heavyweights are an amazing way to recall your camping memories.
  • Moonrise Kingdom and Meatballs are the types that tickle your funny bone, while A Week Away and Camp Rock take you on a musical journey of camping.
  • Scroll down to find Magic Camp, The Baby-Sitter’s Club, and many more fun camping movies for kids.
Camping Movies For Kids_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Experience the magic of summer camp, adventure, friendship, and laughter with these incredible Summer Camp movies that wil surely leave you feeling nostalgic.

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