Camping Outdoor With A Baby In Tow: Tips and Ideas

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Having a baby can bring about changes in many facets of our lives. No longer can we partake in activities with the carefree spirit like we used to. Even simple activities like driving your car to the grocery store, attending office meetings, or just spending time at home have to be done, keeping the comfort and safety of the baby in mind. So, an activity like camping outside with a baby sounds almost impossible and too much of a hassle, right? We’d like to convince you otherwise as nothing is impossible with the right mindset and some good planning. And if you are a camping enthusiast who enjoys the varied experiences that the outdoors offer, camping with your baby will be one to write home about.

Here are some essential tips that will help you plan your next camping trip with your baby in the great outdoors:

Things To Pack

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The first phase of your camping trip is planning. Before rushing into a trip, take some time to list all the things you will require while camping. You would have to carry everything your baby needs — diapers, napkins, towels, changing clothes, etc. Decide on the number of days you plan to camp and pack the essentials accordingly. Don’t hesitate to carry a bit more than what you anticipate, as you probably won’t have access to a store to restock.

Once you have made a comprehensive list of essentials and are sure that it would suffice, purchase them well in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute, i.e., the day of the trip. This will give you ample time for careful packing. Systemic packing is vital so that you don’t fumble and waste time searching for items when you need them the most. You can note down the locations of the items in a notepad instead of trying to test your memory. By doing this, you will probably save a lot of time while looking for things you need.



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For lactating mothers, it might not be convenient in certain situations to breastfeed your little one. During camping, many times it would be far more convenient to feed your little one using bottles. For such situations, you can express milk in advance using a breast pump. You can store the milk in tiny bottles and put it inside the freeze box. However, make sure not to store milk for more than 72 hours as that might cause a reduction in the nutrients present in the mother’s milk (1). Also, ensure that the cold box you are using is capable of maintaining a temperature of below 10 degrees Celsius.

Making a baby eat is a time-consuming activity. At home, you have the luxury of chairs, tables, and other furniture to place the baby. Outside, you may struggle to find good spots to have your baby sit upright for feeding. For this reason, carrying a compact or foldable baby high chair is a must. Chairs that come with strap-on belts would prove to be of further convenience.

And while you’re carrying a chair for your baby, add one for yourself as well. Camping chairs are often lightweight and comfortable and come in real handy when you might have to breastfeed your baby.


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Unlike your home, you can’t guarantee a noiseless environment when camping outside. Babies can easily get disturbed out of their sleep, waking up earlier than they are supposed to. This is where noise-canceling earmuffs can be of great help. In addition to providing a quiet sleep, they also provide warmth.

In case you will be camping in a location that can have bees, mosquitos, or other insects, it would be prudent to carry a baby mosquito net cover with you. Insects can not only disturb your little one’s sleep but can also cause harm or disease. Insect repelling creams will also come in handy but make sure with the pediatrician before opting for any such lotion.

Another important aspect would be the size of the tent you are camping in. While camping alone or with friends and family, it is common to squeeze into a small tent during sleep time. However, with a baby in tow, it is advisable to have a bigger tent that has enough room for you to maneuver freely. Also, be sure to include a compact mattress that fits inside the tent so that both you and your baby can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

Games And Activities


Babies have to be kept busy with games and activities. It would be difficult for you to carry the baby at all times. So it would be prudent to take with you certain things that would let the baby play and move around safely, giving you some time to sit, watch and relax. A medium to large-sized air mattress would allow the baby to crawl or move around without risking injury. A portable cradle with high enough walls would also prove to be of great help in ensuring the baby’s safety even when you’re not entirely on watch. Don’t forget to carry some of your child’s favorite toys that can help keep them happily occupied.

For mothers who want to share the joy of trail walking or hiking with their little ones, certain accessories would come in handy. Specialized baby carriers are available in the market which are designed keeping adventure activities in mind. A hiking carrier will make sure that your baby doesn’t face any discomfort while you tackle the great outdoors. A good carrier would be easy to fasten and unfasten without needing additional help from others. A good trail walk would be exhilarating for both mother and baby, and a moment to cherish in the future.

With the proper execution, you don’t have to miss out on years of amazing outdoor camping waiting for your little one to grow up. Camping with your baby can be a challenge, but it comes with its own set of rewards. You can give yourself a pat of congratulations for arranging a successful outdoors trip which many think is too hard to do.
The memories you make with your baby outdoors are going to be much different than the usual ones at home. Be sure to snap enough pictures and take videos of your adventure to cherish them for a lifetime. Have you taken your baby camping? Let us know your experience in the comments below!


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