Can Girls Swim On Their Period?

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Swimming while she is menstruating, can seem quite impossible for a little girl. But, if she is a competitive swimmer, who must keep up with her regime, or someone who simply wants to swim, is it advisable to do so during her period? What can you do, as a mom, to help her? Well, for a start, you can read this post. Because here, MomJunction has listed some tips and measures your girl can take and continue swimming during her period.

Can A Girl Swim On Her Period?

Yes! Your daughter can swim during her menstrual cycle. In fact, her periods shouldn’t stop her from doing anything. Whether your growing girl wants to join gym or swimming classes, she should be able to enjoy these activities even during her periods (1).

Can Girls Swim On Their Period-Tips:

Whether your daughter wants to take a dip in swimming pool or a lake, here are some important things she can do, to enjoy swimming during her period:

1. Wear A Tampon:

  • After getting into the swimming pool, the menstrual flow biologically reduces. However, using a tampon prevents the water from becoming unhygienic for others.
  • It is quite safe for your teen girl to wear a tampon before getting into the swimming pool.
  • Tampons absorb the menstrual fluid so that it does not mix with the water in the swimming pool.
  • However, your daughter should be aware of the right way of inserting the tampon. If required, you can help her practice it for few times.
  • It is important to tuck the string of the tampon into the lining of the swimming suit so that it is not visible.

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2. Wearing Menstrual Cups:

  • Though tampons are quite comfortable to wear for your teen, she can also use the menstrual cups.
  • Your daughter can insert the cup into the vagina so that it stays still at its base and collects the menstrual blood.
  • One can wear the cups for almost ten hours consistently. The absorbing capacities of such cups are so high that the menstrual flow never mixes with the water in the swimming pool.

3. Carrying Extra Supplies:

  • If your teen wears a tampon while she is swimming, she must follow certain precautionary measures throughout the day.
  • Ask your daughter to carry extra tampons in her bags, when she goes out for vacations or holidays.
  • After she gets out of the pool, your daughter can change and wear a sanitary pad or a panty liner.
  • If your teen wears tampon on a heavy day, she must try changing it to every three to four hours.

4. Ignore Myths:

  • Ancient civilizations believed that swimming during menstrual days was rather unhealthy.
  • But there is no such science behind the logic. So your daughter can freely swim in a lake or pool, during her period days.

5. Wear Shorts While Using A Tampon:

  • If your daughter feels a bit hesitant with the tampon string showing, she can opt to wear shorts to feel comfortable.
  • You can make your girl wear Men’s style shorts, which look great with the bikini tops, and make her look stylish and chic..

6. Wearing Dark-Colored Swim Suits:

  • Even though a girl is wearing a tampon or menstrual cup, menstrual blood does not leak through the bikini bottom. But just as an added precaution, it is advisable for your girl to wear a dark-colored swimsuit so that the leakage is barely visible.
  • Your teen girl can choose dark blue or dark purple, and enjoy a fun day of swimming with her friends.
    Your girl should prefer to choose a swimsuit that has a thick bikini lining so that tampon string is not visible to bare eyes.

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7. Protection From Cramping And Bloating:

  • Some girls suffer from intense abdominal cramps during their periods.
  • Medical practitioners suggest that when your daughter experiences a menstrual cramp, restrict her from eating fried, unhealthy, and salty foods.
  • When your teen experiences severe pain after a swimming session, she can take some Motrin or other pain relief medicines to get relief from the uncomfortable symptoms.

A Word Of Caution:

  • Restrict your daughter from wearing a pantyliner or a sanitary pad during swimming. The pad can easily get soggy and wet. In such circumstances, it can no longer absorb the menstrual flow. So, when your teen enters the pool while wearing the sanitary pads, it may smell bad, and she would feel uncomfortable.
  • Your teen should always carry a spare long skirt or wrap on that she can easily wear on her swim suit. In the case of the menstrual stain, she can quickly cover up the embarrassing mark.
  • When the menstrual flow leaks and causes spotting in the swimsuit, your teen should never panic and make a scene. Instead, she could ask one of her friends to help and can even borrow a towel.

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  • Never restrict your teen from swimming during her period, as the water can help her feel better.
  • During the menstrual cycle, make your teen wear dark-colored shorts instead of the stylish bikinis. Your teen should never wear a sanitary pad in the water, but can wear a pad, after taking a shower and changing the wet clothes.
  • The visibility of the tampon lining makes your teen girl feel embarrassed in the public places. Hence, she should prefer wearing shorts or swimming trunks and try hiding the bump within it.
  • By wearing a dark bottom, your teen can stay relaxed from hiding the annoying stains, which mostly occurs during the period days.
  • If your daughter feels uncomfortable swimming during the period, never force her to get into the water. As excessive stress can hamper her health and increase abdominal pain.
  • If your daughter attends her swimming lessons and starts leaking suddenly, she should try making some excuses like “I am not feeling well”. She should calmly go to the toilet and wear the tampon or menstrual cup and resume her classes.

Did your teen girl swim during her period? Or Did she avoid it altogether? Tell us about it here.

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