Is It Safe For Your Kid To Drink Ensure?

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As your child grows up, all you think about is how to keep her in the best of health and how you can add more wholesome foods to her diet. And, if you are one of those health-supplement moms who don’t want to leave things to chance, or indeed to your child’s whims, you could consider feeding your little darling some Ensure or Pediasure.

Now, the skeptic in you, is probably thinking ‘Is it safe to drink Ensure for kids? Well, hold on to that question! Because we at MomJunction, have listed some relevant information to help you answer any queries you have about Ensure and how it affects your child.

What Is Ensure?

Ensure is a prepackaged nutritional shake manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. It is a ready-to-drink nutritional shake for people of all ages. It is available in most popular flavors, like strawberry, milk chocolate, coffee latte, and also some uncommon ones like butter pecan, and dark chocolate. The drink supplies all the necessary nutrients and boosts your energy levels. It serves as a better alternative to unhealthy food, which is popular among kids. Each serving of Ensure provides almost 9 gms of protein, 220 calories, and 26 vital minerals and vitamins. The drink also helps you lose weight (1).

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Is It Safe For Your Kid To Drink Ensure?

Ensure help lose weight and is mostly suggested for adults and mature individuals. Medical consultants restrict children from taking Ensure in their daily menu, as the drink supplies a high amount of calories and your kid can turn obese. It is better to switch to other products that are apt for your child’s nutrition needs.

The same brand manufactures Pediasure, which health consultants prefer for your growing kid. The product contains vital growth nutrients. Your child whose age lies between 1 and 10 years can safely consume Pediasure. Both Ensure and Pediasure have similar levels of fat, protein, calories, and serving size. But the percentage of the nutrients present in both health supplements may differ.

Know The Difference Between Ensure And Pediasure:

1. Pediasure:

  • Your kid can be a fussy eater and often avoids the recommended daily dose of proteins, fats, minerals, carbohydrates, and vitamins in her regular diet.
  • When your kid does not gain her weight and height properly, the doctor may recommend her Pediasure.
  • You should get your kid drink three glasses of Pediasure mixed with milk every day.
  • Pediasure boosts your kid’s immune system and protects her from infectious diseases.
  • Pediasure contains the appropriate level of calories, vitamins, and minerals that promote mental and physical development.
  • The supplement further contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics that promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your kid’s gut and improves his digestion.

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2. Ensure:

  • The brand manufactures Ensure for weak and fragile adults who suffer from low energy levels.
  • Although it contains the same percentage of calories as Pediasure, they differ in proportion to vitamins and minerals.
  • Adults should consume the recommended dosage of Ensure.
  • Kids should refrain from drinking Ensure as the nutritional content does not promote growth.
  • Hospitalized adults drink Ensure after a major surgery or illness.

Common Side Effects Of Ensure For Kids:

Here are some adverse effects of Ensure for children:

1. Health Ailments:

  • Introducing Ensure into your child’s diet can lead to several adverse effects like nausea, diarrhea, and constipation.
  • An overdose of Ensure drink for kids may also result in muscle cramps, shortness or breathing, seizures and sudden mood swings.

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2. Interaction With Medications:

  • Ensure reacts adversely with several over-the–counter drugs and prescribed medications.
  • To avoid side effects, inform your kid’s pediatrician about her medications and nutritional supplements.

Did your kid drink Ensure at her young age? Did it help satisfy your child’s nutritional needs? Share your views regarding Ensure with other mommies here!

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