Canker Sores In Toddlers - 7 Causes, 10 Symptoms And 4 Treatments You Should Be Aware Of

Canker Sores In Toddlers

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Does your toddler find it difficult to eat and drink normally? Do you notice any sores on his tongue or mouth lining? If you nodded along worriedly, you might want to read our post. Here we look at canker sores and how they can affect your little tyke.

What Is A Canker Sore?

Canker sores are mouth ulcers that appear on your toddler’s mouth lining or tongue. The sores are also popular as aphthous ulcers. Canker sores are quite different from fever blisters and cold sores and aren’t contagious and don’t spread through contact. However, canker sores can make it difficult for your little one to eat or drink. So it is important to treat the sores as soon as you discover them. (1)

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What Causes Canker Sores In Toddlers:

Even though the researchers do not know the exact cause of canker sores, there are several factors that cause canker sores in toddlers. Here are some possible causes of mouth ulcers in toddlers.

  1. Diet
  1. Allergies
  1. Infections
  1. Nutritional deficiencies, such as deficiency of vitamin B12, folic acid, and iron
  1. Stress
  1. Trauma
  1. Reaction to a medication (2)

Canker sores occur several times in toddlers who have a weak or hyper immune system. Kids with a normal immune system also suffer from the sores. However, most toddlers suffering from the ailment have no particular cause for it.

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Symptoms Of Canker Sores In Toddlers:

What are indications of mouth sores in toddlers? Here are some common symptoms of the sores in toddlers.

  1. Red spots or sores in the mouth of about one inch across
  1. Sores in mouth are painful
  1. Irritation in mouth of toddlers
  1. Sores can be single or in groups
  1. The area may tingle some days before the sore appears
  1. Sores turn into whitish gray ulcers with a yellow or white coating
  1. Difficulty in eating and drinking
  1. Fever
  1. Fatigue
  1. Swollen lymph nodes (3)

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How To Treat Canker Sores In Toddlers:

Visit a pediatrician and follow the right line of treatment to minimize your little one’s inconvenience and irritation due to canker sores. Here are some tips to treat your little one’s canker sores.

1. Have Vitamin Supplements:

If your toddler is continually suffering from the canker sores, the pediatrician will examine him to understand the underlying cause. He may suggest vitamin supplements and foods rich in the particular vitamin to include in your kid’s diet. Make sure you include the vitamin in your little one’s diet to cure the sores.

2. Apply Anti-Inflammatory Creams:

To treat canker sores, your doctor may also prescribe one or more anti-inflammatory steroid creams or ointment, such as benzocaine, to apply topically. Applying these creams regularly on the sores can help quicken the healing process. (4)

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3. Avoid Feeding Your Toddler Spicy Food:

Prevent your little one from eating acidic, spice, scratchy, and hard foods since these foods can only aggravate the pain and irritation of the sores. So avoid giving him salted nuts, tomatoes, potato chips, lemons, and soft drinks.

4. Use Appropriate Toothpastes:

Provide your toddler mouthwashes and toothpaste that do not possess sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Also, teach him how to brush lightly. Make sure the bristles are soft and won’t hurt your toddler mouth sores.

A Word Of Caution:

Follow the appropriate treatment to help treat toddler canker sores. Remember that your pediatrician knows best, so don’t be tempted to try any home remedy or alternative medication without consulting him first.

Did your toddler suffer from canker sores any time? How did you treat them? Share your experiences here.

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