18 Reasons Why You Can’t Stop Thinking About Him

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You ran into him again at a friend’s dinner party. He appeared to be the type of guy you could fall in love with, and now you can’t stop thinking about him. You think of him at work, in the kitchen, and even while you’re just sitting on the couch watching television. Regardless of how hard you try not to think about him, he is constantly running in your mind. He may be an ex-boyfriend, a next-door neighbor, a coworker, or a guy you met on the train while going home. If he’s always on your thoughts and this notion is bothering you, continue reading this post as we explain the possible reasons for it.

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18 Reasons Why You Cannot Stop Thinking About Him

1. You are lonely

Loneliness may cause you to constantly think about him
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Whether you are single, in a relationship, or married, it is normal for you to think about your man when you feel lonely. If you are in a relationship, you might feel neglected by your partner. If you’ve just had a breakup, you may be experiencing the pain of separation and fall back to thinking about the good times you’ve had together.

One of the best ways to stop pondering about him is to distract yourself. Call your best friend and go shopping or take on your hobby or rekindle an old one. Just keep yourself occupied with something that you always loved to do. This could keep him off your mind.

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Acknowledge your feelings of loneliness. Know when to engage or disengage from the online world. Find a volunteer opportunity or pursue a new hobby. Most importantly, use your time to practice self-care.

2. Your chemistry is good

Are you alone to be blamed for the intense feelings you have for him? Or is there something else working? Your constant thinking about him could be the work of your hormones. When you fall in love or are infatuated, your brain sends signals to your glands to release the happy hormones – Adrenaline, Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Vasopressin.

These hormones make you feel ebullient and create a warm and fuzzy feeling within you (1). Interestingly, your body gets addicted to a warm and happy feeling. If remembering the time with him gives you the warm and fuzzies, you could be thinking about him more than you’d like.

3. You are in love

You may be thinking about him all the time because you are in love
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One smile could be enough to ignite a romantic relationship. Once you start discovering each other, you find common ground to fall in love with him. Soon, you could be daydreaming about spending time with him. Love causes an intense attraction, and you may find it difficult to perform even daily tasks without getting lost in his thoughts. You may want to be with him almost all the time.

You may often daydream about him or smile to yourself thinking about his quirky ways. However, if the feeling is not mutual, you should try to get a grip over your emotions and avoid thinking too much about him.

4. He has impeccable manners

Who does not like chivalrous men? Women appreciate a man who opens the restaurant or car doors or pulls out a chair for them. Display of such gracious gestures and impeccable manners can be appealing.

If you don’t often see such mannered men in your circle, there is a chance that you’ll be reflecting more on the one who has gone out of his way to make you comfortable. You will think about his gentle ways and hope to be in his company more.

5. He is popular

Is the man you’re addicted to influential or popular among his friends? Does everyone seek an opportunity to acquaint themselves with him? If yes, you could be merely attracted to his magnetic persona.

Such men have the innate capability to draw people towards them and be the center of attention at any party. A man with a charming personality looks no different from others. He may not be immaculately dressed but may drive you crazy even in a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans!

You keep dwelling on being in his social circle and may even want to become famous by association. Or it could be that you want to make your friends jealous by being acquainted with him or maybe even in a relationship with him.

6. His body language is suggestive

A man who is attracted to you sends signals through his body language. He may lean towards you, talk animatedly, or seek you out actively to discuss his thoughts. These are enough indicators to know that he might be attracted to you. This, in turn, increases your interest in him, and you start speculating about him more and more.

7. You have been through a breakup

Post-break-up is the time when you are most vulnerable. The hurt is immense if you have been together for several years and suddenly part ways for some reason. The pain could be even more if your ex happens to be your first love.

You will endlessly keep reminiscing about your ex and wonder why things didn’t work out. You may shut your doors to the outside world and relive the good times together in solitary confinement. You may start pining for them.

Rebound attraction is another issue most people may face after a breakup.

You find yourself at a loose end and immediately start looking for a replacement for your ex. If you find someone who you think might be perfect for you, you may end thinking about this new found love more than you’d want.

8. He exudes confidence

A confident man is attractive to many women
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Confidence and poise in a man can be a huge turn-on for many. Women may find men with confidence and the ability to stand up for themselves attractive. However, there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance, which can be a turn off for women.

A man’s confidence reflects in his walk, smile, eye contact, handshake, and talk. A confident man thinks before he talks, but he puts across his thoughts in a precise manner, and you might find such men very attractive and find yourself fantasizing about them often.

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Confidence is attractive because it shows that the person knows their self-worth and is not willing to settle for anything less.

9. You suppress thoughts about him

What would you do if someone asked you to stop eating fries? You will start craving them, won’t you?

Suppression works similarly. If you are told not to think about your man, you will start thinking about him more. Your brain starts hankering you to spend more time focusing on him.

Some people suggest suppression techniques help you forget your ex. However, suppression may not work effectively, and may even backfire, making you think more about him than you did before.

10. He manipulates you

A man might be manipulating your thoughts, something that you may not be aware of. If he wants to get closer to you, he may indulge in certain activities that you like. A master manipulator learns about your weak points and then exploits them.

If you love dogs, he may adopt a dog and invite you to play with it. If you love going on long drives, he may arrange trips and invite you. You get enamored by his gestures and get so involved with this man that you start contemplating spending more time with him.

protip_icon Quick tip
Manipulation is a major red flag in any relationship and should be handled delicately. Clear communication and positive confrontation is the key.

11. He is composed

The man of your thoughts is calm and composed and makes you feel at ease when you speak to him. If you were asked to choose between him and the others who fumble or get all nervous when they speak, you would prefer the man who is composed.

Anyone would want a partner who would make them feel comfortable and reduce their burden, not compound them. And if you meet a man like that, you may get attracted to and keep ruminating over the time you spent with him. You would want to spend more time in his company.

12. His speech displays intelligence

Some men tend to speak less but radiate intelligence and positive energy. As they say, wise men speak less but keep their ears open. Their intelligence shines through the few words they speak. It is difficult for women to resist being captivated by an intelligent man’s charms, even if he does not want to charm anyone on purpose. You might find yourself musing on his words unendingly if you come across such a man.

13. You check him out on social media

Social media is both a blessing and a bane. It keeps you connected with friends and like-minded individuals. If you are in a relationship, you would want to check out more about him through social media. Even if you have started to date recently, social media can allow you to get attached to your partner by offering you insight into their life.

Concurrently, if you have broken up recently, social media could be a bane. You could be consumed by the need to check out their activity. You may inadvertently find yourself looking at your ex’s pages and trying to figure out what he is doing. Either way, you end up thinking about him.

14. You need closure

Seeking closure may help you move on
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If you recently broke up, the hurt would still be raw, and yet you want closure. You might want to forgive him for causing the breakup or seek answers about why the relationship didn’t work. Whatever could be the reason, you may end up thinking about him and all that he has done to figure out what went wrong.

This can be a good way to experience any emotions and find a way to heal yourself before moving on. To get over him completely, you may have to think about him and why you broke up with him. While it is normal to become nostalgic or wistful once in a while, if you are always yearning for your ex, you might want to talk to someone.

15. He is an enigma

Is your man mysterious? Is he the strong yet brooding kind? If you have met this man many times and yet cannot decipher him or his thoughts, he may get to you. You get mixed vibes from him, and you would like to get to know him better for some clarity. The more curious you get, the more you may end up musing about him.

16. You’re distracting yourself from something else

Oftentimes when we “obsess” about anything (or anyone), it can be a way of distracting ourselves from deeper feelings or things we don’t want to think about. Ruminating about drifting off into fantasyland about Prince Charming is an excellent way to avoid the debt you’re in, the fight you had with your best friend, your family problems, or issues at work. Consider whether you are just thinking about him or obsessing over him.

17. You share similar experiences

Shared experiences create a strong bond between individuals. If you and the person have gone through similar situations in life, it can create a sense of understanding and connection that is hard to let go. The emotions associated with shared experiences can linger in your thoughts, evoking a sense of nostalgia.

18. You have shared goals or values

If you and the person share common goals or aspirations, your mind may be occupied with thoughts about how you could have achieved them together as a team. You may also be hopeful that your paths may intersect in the future, making it difficult for you to get rid of his thoughts.

Things To Do When You Cannot Stop Thinking About Him

Exploring new places can help you take your mind off him
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When you continuously think about him and realize that it is not healthy, it is the first step towards self-improvement. Here are the next steps that will get him out of your thoughts.

  • Create new memories: Meet new people, visit new places, try new things, and learn new skills. Do things that only you like, and not what you did as a couple. As you meet new people, you may develop a new perspective and think more about other things and start missing him less.
  • Indulge in self-care: Me-time is an important part of self-care. Take out some time for yourself daily. Indulge and pamper yourself. Get a spa treatment done. Get a new haircut. You deserve some TLC.
  • Don’t suppress your thoughts: Forcing yourself to stop thinking about him will not help. It could end up paving the way for a barrage of thoughts involving him. Instead, try to redirect your thoughts to something else slowly, and eventually, you will stop being enamored of him and start to focus on positive thoughts. Sometimes, you might find yourself rambling about him and it is still perfectly okay.
  • Forgiveness: If he has caused the breakup, forgive him. Forgiveness is difficult but important. If you do not forgive him, you will move on to the next man with a lot of emotional baggage that is difficult to handle. Forgiveness helps release him from your thoughts and can be the best thing you can do for yourself.
  • Focus on your negative aspects and improve them: No one is perfect, not even you. If you feel there are some aspects to your personality that drag you away from leading a fulfilled life, focus on them, and try to improve. This way, you will be doing yourself and the people close to you a favor.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it hard to let someone go?

If you have invested a lot of time and effort into a relationship, accepting that it has come to an end can be difficult. Breaking ties with them could change your routine, lifestyle, and future. They may have also left you with a lot of emotional baggage. Thus, it may be hard to let someone go and move on with your life.

2. Is it normal if I can’t stop thinking about him all the time?

If you can’t stop thinking of him – whether he is an acquaintance, a crush, or an ex-lover – it could mean he has made an impression on you. You may have felt a connection with him, and since you are not ready to make the next move, your mind is preoccupied with his thoughts. Though this is natural, ensure your thoughts do not spiral and affect your daily life.

3. What emotions can cause obsessive thoughts about someone?

Strong infatuation, feelings of jealousy, anxiety, fear, resentment, guilt or regret, and avid yearning or longing are some emotions that can trigger obsessive thoughts about someone.

4. What are the risks of continuing to think about someone I can’t have?

Constantly thinking about someone you can’t have can lead to emotional distress and turmoil. It may cause sadness, frustration, and longing, negatively impacting your overall well-being. Focusing solely on someone you can’t have might cause you to neglect opportunities for personal growth and emotional development. Constantly dwelling on unrequited feelings might strain your relationships with friends, family, or potential romantic partners.

5. How does anxiety affect my thoughts about someone I am attracted to?

Anxiety often leads to overthinking, which can cause you to obsessively analyze the other person’s behavior and gestures. You may also find yourself constantly questioning their intentions and searching for hidden meanings in their words or actions. It can also make you excessively worry about potential rejection, humiliation, or disappointment due to over-imagination. Furthermore, anxiety can trigger self-doubt, hindering your confidence and preventing you from pursuing the relationship or expressing your feelings.

When you are in love with a guy, you can’t stop thinking about him. You may even be picking up hints he left to show his interest in you. While these may seem positive progress towards a relationship, there are other perspectives as well. For example, your brain may be playing this trick of rushing hormones and neurotransmitters to distract your mind from something more crucial. So, try thinking clearly before coming to any conclusion and letting his thoughts overpower you. Focus on constructive activities and take out your time for self-care to eventually help you get things under control.

Infographic: Bonus Reasons Why You Still Think About Him

Whether he’s your crush, your friend, a guy you met somewhere, or your ex, it is normal if you think about him and can’t shake him off your mind. But if you know you can’t be with him, and these constant thoughts affect you, you must let go of your feelings for him. The infographic below helps you learn about some more causes which are getting you to think about him and some effective ways to get over it.

how to manage your constant thoughts of him (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • You can’t stop thinking about him either because you are lonely or you are attracted to his charming personality.
  • To stop those thoughts bothering you all day – focus on yourself, indulge in self-care, and find a new perspective to life.
  • When your mind is free, you can make better decisions for yourself.
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Can’t stop thinking about someone and not sure why? This video can help you identify the reason and understand where these thoughts are coming from.


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1. Love and the Brain; Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Institute

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