100+ Cute Captions For Newborn Baby Boy And Girl Pictures

Your bundle of joy has finally arrived, and you want to share the good news with the world. You may want to post a cute picture along with some adorable newborn baby captions.And since the news is huge, you need an equally exciting caption to go with your birth announcement.

If you are new to social media or can’t come up with the perfect caption, this post could help you. Keep reading this article to pick the best caption to share with your post from this collection of innovative captions for baby boys and girls.

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Newborn Baby Captions 

  1. “We dreamt it and it’s now a reality.”
  2. “We have no words to express our new joy of life.”
  3. “Our world has become a better place with the new member.”
  4. “This one has touched us with love.”
  5. “Happiness is born at our home.”
  6. “Keep calm, our baby has arrived.”
  7. “Here’s my baby’s first photo.”

    My baby's first selfie

    Image: IStock

  8. “My lovely little champ has arrived.”
  9. “Proud to announce that I am the mother of this bundle of joy.”
  10. “I promise to be the best mother/father to you.”
  11. “Our family is now complete.”
  12. “You have given me the toughest job on the earth.”
  13. “A huge miracle in such a tiny person.”
  14. Thank you for choosing us as your parents!”
  15. “It’s official! Our baby (name) has arrived!”
  16. “Welcome to your new world, (name).”
  17. “We have grown by two feet. Excited!”
  18. “Ten little toes and ten perfect fingers have filled our home with purity that overflows.”
protip_icon Quick tip
Avoid cryptic and ambiguous captions while announcing the birth of your baby. Keep the content and language simple and universal.
  1. “Baby (name) was eager to meet us and arrived early.”
  2. “New star comes to the planet.”
  3. “Our baby has added fresh happiness to every day of our life.”
  4. “Our Christmas gift has arrived early!”
  5. “Our little one has arrived to add giggles to our lives.”
  6. “Within no time, you have become the first priority in our lives.”
  7. “A perfect gift wrapped in love has been put in my arms.”
  8. “God has given his piece of heaven to me.”
  9. “From head to toe, you are the happiness I know.”
  10. “You are what I would define as perfection.”
  11. “My new world starts with you.”
  12. “Today, I witnessed a fairy tale come true.”
  13. “You will be the mark that I will be leaving in the world.”
  14. “My baby’s smile works like magic for me.”
  15. “Hey little buddy, keep smiling and bring happiness to this world.”
  16. “My baby’s cuteness has the power to destroy the negativity of the world.”
  17. “The most beautiful flower has bloomed in the garden of my life.”
  18. (Name) fills my life with happiness and good luck.”
  19. “The loveliest part of our destiny has arrived.”
  20. “I promise to be on your side now and forever.”
  21. “Here comes the sunshine of our family.”
  22. “It’s an incredible feeling when I hold you in my arms.”
  23. “And our lifelong adventure begins.”
  24. “Isn’t it love at first sight? Sure, it is!”
  25. “Welcome, my heart and soul.”
  26. “They said raising a baby is the toughest job. I accept it.”
  27. “Nobody else but you matters the most.”
  28. “Your first breath has taken mine away.”
  29. “Happiness is spending time with you, my love.”
  30. “Sometimes, what matters lies in the tiniest thing.”
  31. “Thanks for promoting me to be a parent.”
  32. “Only the Supreme Power knew how much I needed you.”

Newborn Baby Boy Captions 

  1. “Hey handsome, you have melted my heart.”
  2. “My little man has taken my heart away.”
  3. “Hey son, you belong to me.”
  4. “The star of the sky has landed in my arms. That’s you, my baby boy!”
  5. “We shall be a happy mamma and happy boy forever.”
  6. “Hey boy, you will always be the hero of my life.”
  7. “I am going to love him today, tomorrow, and forever.”
  8. “He is the sweetest boy I have ever seen.”
  9. “Our homemade product has turned out so handsome!”
  10. “Introducing Mr. (name) as a super boy.”

    Super baby caption

    Image: Shutterstock

  11. “Hey world! Please welcome the new heartthrob of the girls.”
  12. “He has the power to make everyone smile.”
  13. “My cute baby boy reminds me how much love is still there in the world.”
  14. “My baby boy has given me a new life on the planet.”
  15. “Just cannot describe how much I adore this little man.”
protip_icon Be watchful
Exercise caution while sharing photos of your baby on social media. Change profile settings to ‘private’ before posting any personal pictures.

Newborn Baby Girl Captions 

  1. “My little princess has made me a queen today.”
  2. “This baby girl is the miracle of my life.”
  3. “Nothing could be more adorable than my sweet little angel.”

    Sweet angel newborn caption

    Image: IStock

  4. “My mother thought I was the cutest in the family. You proved her wrong.”
  5. “I see the moon and star in your wide grin, sweetheart.”
  6. “You are not just my daughter, but have come to be my best friend for life.”
  7. “Introducing to the world – the queen of all the sweet pies in the world.”
  8. “She is sugar and spice. And she is pure delight.”
  9. “My darling daughter has made my life a happy place.”
  10. “Here’s a new princess in town. Wanna meet her?”
  11. “It’s not just a girl. It’s a super girl who’s arrived at our home.”
  12. “I have my precious jewel and will always keep my treasure safe.”
  13. “Her little feet are enough to make footprints in my heart.”
  14. “Some dream of having an angel. I have got one.”
  15. “She is the Barbie girl that I always wanted to hug.”

Cute Captions For Newborns

  1. “Have no words to express this wonderful feeling of holding you close to my heart.”
  2. “My little pal’s smile is enough to wipe my tears.”
  3. “My baby’s laughter is the most melodious sound I hear every day.”
  4. “Our sequel is released.”
  5. “Our colorful bouncing baby has entered the world.”
  6. “After having you, we need nothing more from the universe.”
  7. “My baby has made me a powerful mother/father.”
  8. “Blessed to have this little one holding my hands.”

    Holding newborn's hands

    Image: IStock

  9. “This little one is our entry pass to the parent club.”
  10. “I never knew the pain would be worth this wonderful blessing from God.”
  11. “Hey new love, I promise to hold your hands forever.”
  12. “Your smile is enough to fill my day with happiness.”
  13. “I did cry to bring you into the world. But I’m sure I will always be happy when you are around.”

Captions For Multiple Babies

  1. “Now we know why the more is the merrier.”
  2. “Double fun, double happiness, and double love.”
  3. “We asked for one gift, God has blessed us with (number).”
  4. “Introducing my sun and moon to the world.”
  5. “Our family is not big, it has become bigger.”
  6. “Fortunate to be blessed with a big bundle of cuteness.”
Big bundle of cuteness

Image: IStock

  1. “Welcome, my beautiful daughter and handsome son. Can the world get better than this?”
  2. “Happy to experience double fun and half sleep.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long should a newborn baby caption be?

The caption for the new baby shouldn’t be excessively long. The ideal caption should be short, simple, and easy to understand.

2. How can I make my newborn baby’s caption stand out from others?

Try adding a personal touch to the new baby’s caption or a special moment from the pregnancy or birth to make it stand out. Make sure the caption, however, is genuine and serves the purpose.

3. Can a newborn baby caption be humorous, or is it inappropriate?

It is okay to add an element of humor to the newborn caption as long as it doesn’t offend anyone.

As parents of a cuddly baby, your feelings and emotions know no bounds. You do not have words to describe your happiness. But, now that the little one has arrived into the world, you may want to share the good news with everyone on social media. So, if you already have an instagrammable picture of your baby, use a heartwarming and joyous caption from our list. You may choose the one that resonates with your feelings and share it with your loved ones.

Infographic: Humor-Filled Captions For Posting A Newborn’s Pictures

Share some giggles and laughs with a fun picture post of your little troublemaker. Add a touch of humor and reality to your social media posts with the help of these funny captions in the infographic below.

captions for newborn babies (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

These 10 sweet captions will surely capture the magic of your newborn. Delve deep into the video and be inspired.

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