50+ Missing Your Ex Quotes, Captions And Messages

Do you often reminisce about all the wonderful moments spent with your ex and feel like getting back together with them? In this post, we bring you some heart-touching and emotional quotes to make your ex miss you.

You can text them these quotes to convey how much you miss them because a single text can reveal to them how much their presence is missed, and things could even turn out in your favor. So, let go of your ego and grudges and share your thoughts with your ex. Read this post for some interesting missing-your-ex quotes, texts, sayings, and captions that you could text or post on social media.

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51 Missing Your Ex Quotes, Texts, Captions, and Sayings

Missing Ex Quotes

Many a times, we want to quote some important lines about breakups and love to express yourself. Pick one of these to show how much you miss your ex.

  1. I remember his eyes. They are just like mine. Every time I look in the mirror I see him. I try not to look at myself too much. -Ida Lokas
  1. “I miss holding your hands and talking to great lengths.”
  1. “I miss you more than the sun misses the sky at night.” – Taylor Swift
  1. “I thought I was over you, but my heart still aches for your presence.
  1. “It hurts when one day you wake up and you know you are missing someone from your past but they are not there for you anymore.” – Norma Marthalia 
  1. “You have left an indelible mark on my heart and in everything I do, I see a reflection of you.”
  1. “I miss him in so many ways, but right now I miss him in the way you always miss someone when you`re single among a room full of couples.” – Emily Giffin 
  1. I keep busy the whole day because I know, every time I would pause, I will think about you.”
  1. “Your name is on my lips, our memories in the brain, the life you gave me is in my heart and your presence will always be in my soul. I miss you and I still love you.”
  1. “Even though you left me and decided to walk away, my heart still craves for you and is still ready to accept your love.”

Captions To Make Your Ex Miss You

Captions on any social media platform are a great way to communicate how you feel indirectly.

  1. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. – Marilyn Monroe
  1. I wish to go back to the one I love!
  1. I still cannot understand why things did not work out between you and me. I think this love of ours is surreal.
  1. I believed in fairy tale endings until I lost you.
I believed in fairy tale endings until I lost you.

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  1. We started as strangers, and we are back on the same page. What happened between us stays between us. Still, I look forward to getting back to the same life.
  1. Letting you go was tough, but keeping you alive in my memories is getting tougher with each passing day.
  1. RIP to all the feelings and moments that I ever had with you. Can we make new memories?
  1. A relationship ends but the memories never fade away. I wish to revisit those moments.
  1. You were the right person for me. Unfortunately, I realized it late.
  1. Thanks for giving me such beautiful memories.

Messages To Make Your Ex Miss You

A simple message can solve misunderstandings. So, do not hold back your feelings, instead draft the right message and send it to your ex.

  1. After our breakup, I might have stopped loving you, but I can’t I stop missing you.
 I can’t stop missing you.

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  1. I passed the difficult times painfully, but still, all your memories make me cry. I miss you, love.
  1. Can I be your pillow again for all the nights to come? Because I want to feel and hug you again.
  1. It was Cupid who made us fall for each other. I wish he shoot the arrow again.
  1. You were my past, but I still see my future with you. I want this relationship to work, I don’t ever want to lose you again.
  1. I knew I still love you as you come to my mind every second of the day.
  1. Love, rescue me from my deathbed because our breakup sucked the life out of me when you left me.
  1. The flames from our breakup have burned me up, but it is the hope of you coming back that pacifies my soul.
  1. Loving you was oh-so-easy, leaving you was oh-so-difficult. But, now, missing you and not having you here is piercing my heart more than ever before. I miss you, my love.
  1. My tears have dried out, but my love for you is still as naïve as it was before.

Things To Text Your Ex To Make Her Miss You

Quotes to make your ex miss you

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If you are thinking of sending an ‘I miss you’ message to your ex-girlfriend, then don’t delay it anymore. Choose a suitable set of words to make your ex miss you.

  1. I deleted all your messages and blocked you everywhere, but I don’t think I can delete you from my heart. I miss you so much, please come back to me.
  1. I am texting you to remind you that your ex-boyfriend is still madly in love with you and is desperately waiting to have a glimpse of you again. Come back to me, my love, I so miss you.
  1. I thought I was a strong man, but after you left, I feel weak. Your love for me is my strength. I miss you a lot.
  1. The only way through which you can feel my pain is by putting your hands on my heart.
  1. You left a strong man alone, fragile and incomplete. I will never forget you because in my memories, you will always be there. I hope you come back to me soon. I miss you.
  1. The silence between us is killing me and giving me even more reasons to miss you. Please, come back to me.
  1. Today, all the tiny promises that I made to be with you brought tears to my eyes. I want to fulfil those promises.
  1. Everything I do reminds me of you. From the first thought in the morning to my last one before I sleep, it is just you. I wish we are together again, because baby, I still love you.
Everything I do reminds me of you

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  1. I know you are no longer my girlfriend, but all I want to say is that I still miss you. Just give me one more chance to prove it.
  1. It is human nature to make mistakes. But, I know, we all deserve second chances too. I really regret letting you go, and I miss you like crazy.

Things To Text Your Ex To Make Him Miss You

Tell your partner about the emptiness you feel without his presence through these messages and make him feel loved.

  1. From the day we met till the day you left, everything is in front of my eyes right now. Let’s get back together, my man, and relive those beautiful moment
  1. You are the best man that I have ,ever met and our relationship was a journey where we enjoyed every bit of it. Since you left, I have been wondering if we can get back to the track and reach the destination?
  1. Though we live in different places and our needs and wants are different, nothing can erase you from my heart. Come back to me, I miss you.
  1. Baby, I still look at our photos and realize that I have been so happy with you. I miss seeing the sunsets with you. Please come back to me because I still love you.
  1. The more I try not to think about you, the more I feel how much I love this man.
  1. Honey, I realized that our relationship is worth one more chance. I still love you, my man, and the way you left me has left me in pieces. Come back to me.
  1. There is a hole in my heart where you used to be, come back and make me complete like before.
Make me complete like I was before

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  1. How do you expect me to move on when I never wanted to leave in the first place? You are the man of my dreams and will always be. Let’s be together.
  1. I am sick of this denial; I cannot lie to myself anymore. I cannot live without you. You are the man of my life, and I still love you, and I miss you every second.
  1. I know our relationship ended in a mess but I know we can still solve it and become stronger than ever. I miss you, my love.
  1. When I think about you, it is the happiness that comes to mind and not the pain. You are all worth the effort, you are the man I always wanted to have. Come back to me, my love.

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After parting ways with your ex, you may discover certain things about them, want them back in your life, and start missing them badly. If you want them to feel the same way, you may check out these quotes to make your ex miss you and rekindle the spark in your relationship. These quotes may convey how much you value their presence and how your life is still incomplete without them. So, take cues from these quotes to send a heart-touching text. Who knows, one heartening message could dissolve your conflicts and dissolve your difference and help bring your ex back into your life.

Infographic: Messages To Make Your Ex Miss You

If you want your ex to get back, you may express your feelings by sharing a touching message. Read some text suggestions in this infographic that will bring back memories of the old days, making them miss you.

how to make your ex miss you over a text (infographic)

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