15 Fun Facts About Cars For Kids


Children do not take much time before they blurt out the names of various cars in the market. Surprisingly, they even recognize and differentiate among the various brands. They have their preferences, likes and dislikes about cars, so much so that they can discuss for an hour on the topic with their friends. If you can relate these traits with your child, this is a must-read for you. MomJunction gives interesting car facts for kids which they will love to hear from you.

Car Information For Kids:

1. There Are More Cars Than People In The World:

According to World Population Clock, the population of the world is estimated at 7.4 billion whereas according to Elite Daily, there are more than 10 billion cars in the world. The question that arises is who drives them. The truth is many cars are manufactured every year, not all of which are in use. Some of the unused or unsold ones are disposed of or left to rust forever.

2. Car Is The Most Recycled Product In The World:

Approximately 95% of the cars that have stopped working are recycled. Roughly 27 million cars are reprocessed every year.

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3. There Are Almost 30K Parts In A Car:

An average car has as many as 30,000 parts in it. Imagine solving a puzzle out of so many units. Constructing a car is almost equivalent to that. When these parts are put together in the right places, it forms the car that we drive. Most of these units are recyclable, like the battery, oil filters, scrap metals and tires.

4. The Longest Living Car Was 82 Years Old:

Graduation gifts are special. But the Piccadilly-P1 Roadster by Rolls-Royce that Allen Swift of Massachusetts was gifted by his dad after his graduation was a little too special for him. He owned, drove and treasured it for a good 82 years.

5. The Longest Traffic Jam Was Recorded On February 16, 1980:

According to Guinness World Records, the longest traffic jam in the world spanned between Lyon to Paris when hundreds of tourists were on their way back home from Ski holidays. A stretch of 109 miles was at a standstill on the French Autoroute as a result of poor weather and traffic blockage.

6. The First Automobile Accident Took Place In 1891:

The first car accident occurred near Cleveland in Ohio City. It was James William Lambert’s car which hit a tree root and got sidetracked leading it to crash into a hitching post. Though the injuries were minor, it left its imprint on the history of cars.

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7. Volkswagen Owns Companies Like Audi:

If you thought Volkswagen was a single brand, you are wrong. The German company boasts of owning several other prestigious car companies like Porsche, Audi, Bugatti, Bentley, Lamborghini, and overseas brands SEAT and Skoda.

8. Self Driven Cars Soon To Feature On Roads:

Autonomous vehicles or driverless cars are currently in existence in the form prototype, developed by Google. These cars could possibly put a check on the number of vehicles actually needed on the road to commute and also decrease road accidents. The futuristic automobiles are expected to be available for commercial purposes by the year 2020.

9. Self Driven Cars Would Require Driver’s License:

The future automatic cars will need a licence for driving on open roads. In the US, Nevada was the first state to authorize these cars on their roads and the first ever autonomous vehicle licence was imprinted as a result.

10. How Much Did A Car Cost In 1908?

Back in the beginning of the 20th century, the cost of buying a car would be around $825. The Ford Model T was worth $950. The price is quite unimaginable but it would be around thousands of dollars in today’s time.

Fun Facts About Cars:

Here are some added trivia on cars that will intrigue your kid:

  1. Ferrari, the reputed company, has an exclusive and strict policy of manufacturing a maximum number of 14 cars per day.
  1. The “New Car Smell” may be a thing you love. But it is actually dangerous to inhale it for a long time since it is made up of assorted volatile compounds.
  1. Benz was the first car company up for sale in 1887.
  1. The maximum speed of a car during the early years, say 1769, was 4km per hour. Who would want to drive that?
  1. Putting the right kind of oil in the car engine is not as simple as it seems. A rough estimate says that in one year over 150,000 drivers end up putting the wrong kind of fuel in their car.

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  1. Driving at 90kmph, it would take six months to reach moon.
  1. The most expensive car ever made was a 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe, and it cost $8.7 million.
  1. Hitler begged for car loan from Mercedes-Benz when he was in jail.
  1. Toyota is the largest producer of cars with 13,000 manufactured every day.
  1. 165,000 cars are produced every day world over.

The right effort towards your kid’s interest may yield results that you never imagine. If cars and automobiles enthuse your little one, go ahead and let him know these fun car facts. Your child will most certainly be delighted to learn new things on a subject that appeals to him or her. If you can think of other interesting car facts for kids, feel free to let us know.

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