30 Road Trip Activities For Toddlers To Keep Them Engaged

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Going on a family road trip is always memorable. But your toddler may get bored easily on such occasions and may get restless during the journey. Here are some car activities/road trip activities for toddlers that will keep them engaged. Long road trips by car can be a lot of fun if you plan ahead. Though it might get challenging, planning some activities can make all the difference. Your best savior for such trips with a toddler can be easy and mess-free car activities that can keep them engaged for a long time and allow you to sit back and relax. Keep reading to know about the best car activities for toddlers that are easy to plan and make your journey enjoyable.

Keep reading to know about the best car activities for toddlers that are easy to plan and can make your journey enjoyable.

30 Car Activities For Toddlers

1. Search and find books

Before planning a road trip with toddlers, get a few search and find books from the library. These books encourage children to find hidden pictures in the illustrations. So, while you sit back and relax in the car, your children can get busy spying hidden pictures in the books.

2. Writing tablet

LCD writing tablets can be your best bet during a car trip. They come with a stylus attached to them, so there is no fear of losing or dropping it in the car. And, your toddlers are going to enjoy doodling their time away with these no-mess writing tablets.

3. Sticker books

Sticker books

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Stickers are an all-time favorite of toddlers. They love pulling them out from the books and pasting them on different surfaces. Make sure you get reusable stickers because you would not want them to be pasted all over your car.

4. Screen time

It’s okay to give toddlers some screen time when they are on a long trip. Screen time works best when it’s dark outside, and there’s nothing much to see. Download a few kid-friendly movies beforehand. Make sure your device is adequately charged.

5. Worksheets


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You need to plan this activity ahead of your trip. Take prints or make some toddler-friendly worksheets. Hand them over to your child during the trip. These worksheets may ensure that you have some restful moments for yourself.

6. Vehicle spotting

If your toddlers enjoy looking out of the window, this can be the perfect travel activity. Carry a printout with the pictures of various road vehicles and tick them off as children find them. Help them recognize and name the vehicles they saw.

7. Water painting

This is a great mess-free activity. All you need is a paint-with-water coloring book and water paintbrushes. During the journey, fill the paintbrushes with water and hand over the books to children. Toddlers are excited when the color appears on their books without using any paint.

8. Cookie sheet activity

Carry a cookie sheet and some magnetic alphabets, numbers, and puzzles to your next car trip. Let your toddlers have fun putting these magnets on the cookie sheet. You can make this activity a lot more interesting and educational by asking them to create certain patterns or form spellings with the magnets.

9. Play music

Music may work like magic for some children. If your toddlers enjoy listening to  songs, make a playlist of their favorite ones for the road trip. Then, play them in the car and let children enjoy singing along. Some songs can even be soothing enough to calm your toddlers and put them to sleep. A well-rested child is always happier.

10. New books

Nothing can beat the excitement of reading a new book! Picture books work best for toddlers, so head to the library and stock on some new picture books. These will keep your children engaged during the trip.

11. Glowsticks

This is a simple yet effective activity for toddlers. Glowsticks are lovely entertainers when it gets dark outside. Carry them on your road trip and watch children have fun waving these sticks.

12. Audiobooks

Sometimes it is not easy to carry too many books in the car, so audiobooks can come to the rescue. Download some interesting audiobooks for toddlers and play them in the car. Listening to audiobooks is a great way to learn new vocabulary and stay entertained.

13. Flashcards

Your toddlers will need an adult’s help in this activity. If you have flashcards lying around your house, it is good to get them for the trip. The activity will ensure that the children learn while having fun in the car.

14. Scratch art

These art books are handy. They have blackened pages that children scratch with a stick to reveal the colored pictures beneath. It’s a fun toddler car activity and does not create any mess.

15. Stamping activity

Carry paper and stamp pads with non-toxic, washable ink. Hand these to your toddlers during the trip. It’s easy to get children busy with this engaging activity. They may enjoycreating a unique art using stamps. However, you need to ensure toddlers know that they are not allowed to stamp all over the car.

16. Counting activity

In this activity, children count everything they see during the trip, such as animals, bikes, cars, and so on. This is a simple game and does not require any prior planning. However, there’s a lot of learning, practice, and fun involved.

17. Forgotten toys

It is interesting to see how toddlers suddenly become curious about old toys when they find them after a long time. So, before starting the car trip, hunt for these forgotten toys in the house. For an extra surprise, wrap them with foil or paper and present them to children during the trip. It may not just surprise them but also keep them busy for some time.

18. Quiet time

Toddlers need to rest during a long trip. So, carry their favorite pillows, blankets, and stuffed toys. Create a quiet time where they get cozy and relax. Most children might not sleep, but staying quiet might help them feel rested.

19. Colored tapes

Colored tapes

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Carry some colored masking tapes and a plastic tray. Let toddlers have fun sticking and tearing the tapes from the tray. This activity is going to keep them interested for a long time

20. Calculators

Most toddlers love calculators. Buy cheap calculators and offer them to children on road trips. They would love punching the numbers over and over again. Many children even pretend to use calculators as phones.

21. Guessing game

This activity needs an adult’s involvement, but it is a joy to play together and spend some travel time having fun. For young children, you can make an animal’s sound and they can guess the animal’s name. For slightly older children, you can describe food or place and ask them to guess what it is.

22. Question jar

Before the trip begins, prepare a list of toddler-friendly questions, such as their favorite food or something that makes them happy. Write these questions on small slips of paper and put them in a jar. During the trip, you can have a fun discussion with your child based on these questions. This activity will help both of you learn more about each other.

23. Don’t laugh

In this game, an older person plays with the toddler. The game is about controlling your laughter while the other person makes you laugh by any means. The one who can control the laughter for the longest is the winner. Play this game with your toddler and see what they do to make you laugh. This is a fun activity with loads of laughter involved.

24. Storytelling

Children of all ages enjoy listening to stories. So, a car trip can be a good opportunity to tell stories of your childhood adventures, family and friends, or any other interesting topic. You may even encourage your children to narrate their stories to you. This activity will help you establish a great connection with your toddlers.

25. Character toys

A small bag of character toys helps keep your toddlers busy for a long time during the car trip. It is amusing to see how children become a part of those characters in their imagination and stay engrossed in pretend plays for many hours.

26. Buckle and lace book

This book is a toy that may entertain toddlers during long car trips and helps develop their fine motor skills. In this activity, children thread the lace through holes and play with zips and buckles. Young children find this activity quite fascinating.

27. Mirrors

Toddlers love watching themselves in the mirror. They enjoy making silly faces and creating funny sounds. So, carry a mirror on your road trip and hand them to your little ones when they start getting impatient.

28. Unroll the ribbon

Unrolling spools of ribbon can be an entertaining idea for toddlers. All you have to do is keep rolling them back once they are unrolled, and a lot of your travel time will fly away with your child engaged.

29. Edible necklaces

It is a good idea to thread some snacks such as dried apples or cheerios in the form of a necklace and offer them to toddlers. This creative idea will keep them busy for long because it takes quite some time to eat these unique edible necklaces. However, these necklaces should only be provided under adult supervision.

30. Snacks


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Snack time is the favorite part of road trips, and they are a sure-shot way of keeping toddlers busy. Offer them food at some intervals. Carry only healthy, bite-size food, such as raisins, blueberries, cheese, and mini muffins, which are easy to eat and do not create a mess.

It is common to face unpredictable situations with toddlers no matter how much you plan. However, it should not stop you from planning a road trip with your family. Ensure you are well prepared to face these surprises. Check the car condition, tires, seats, and pack your bag with essentials such as diapers, extra clothes, baby wipes, water bottles, and everything else that you might need. Then, once you hit the road, relax, and enjoy your family time.

Infographic: Choosing Healthy Road Trip Snacks For Toddlers

Carrying food from home for toddlers can be a good option while traveling to avoid making unhealthy choices. Carry a cooler if possible to keep food such as whole fruits or juices fresh for a longer time. Save this infographic about the best snack options for your children to plan your next road trip better.

snack ideas for toddlers on a road trip [infographic]
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Key Pointers

  • Fill the trip with art activities like scratch art, coloring tapes, or sticker books.
  • Keep them invested with worksheets, vehicle spotting, or flashcards.
  • Play audiobooks or carry along a few books to keep your bibliophilic child happy.
  • Make snacktime interesting by creating edible necklaces.

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