Top 10 Cartoon Games For Kids To Play

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Does your kid love cartoons just as much as other kids? Does he enjoy playing games as well? If you nodded along excitedly, then you should read our post. Here, we combine cartoons and games to let your kids go wild. Check out our different and super fun suggestions below.

Here are our top ten recommendations of cartoon games for kids that will surely help them stay glued on for hours:

Top 10 Cartoon Games For Kids

1. A Bug’s Life In A Bug’s Land:

Your kid’s objective in the game is to help the bug collect food for his entire colony.

  • The bug, or Filk, needs help to navigate around the city in search of food.
  • Your kid has to guide Filk’s dabdelion seed and help him gather all the extra nuts and leaves that will help his colony.
  • Through the trip, Filk also has to take care to avoid the many birds and rocks.
  • Your kid has to help him dodge all obstacles and keep afloat till he reaches the colony.

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2. Abu From Aladdin Dress Up:

Abu is the much-loved monkey from the very popular cartoon tale Aladdin.

  • In this interesting game, Abu is looking for some change of clothes.
  • He is not sure what will look good on him or what will fit him well.
  • Your kid has to help Abu dress up and look good as well as feel comfortable and stylish.

3. Snowy Treasure Hunter 3:

Snowy is a cute polar bear who wants to go to the Ancient Mystery Castle in search of wealth.

  • Your kid will have to help Snowy search through the different locations and gather useful bonus that will help through the game.
  • His main aim is to help Snowy move through various obstacles and find the treasure.
  • The game has some bright and colorful graphics and soulful music that is light and kid-friendly.

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4. Go Go Gourmet:

Go Go Gourmet is a fun kitchen game where your kid will have to mix the adventure of finding hidden objects as well as learn time management.

  • He will be inside a kitchen full of smells and heat. The objective of the game is to help the character Ginger become a senior chef.
  • He has to help fulfill all customer orders on time and make sure to slice, bake, boil or fry, as required.
  • Once the dish is ready, your kid has to help get it to the table too.

5. Bonga:

Bonga is one of tne fun cartoon games for children, that will teach your kid all about trying to build life from scratch.

  • In the game, the characters have been expelled to a lonely island where there is nothing available.
  • Your kid has to help the Bongies, the Bonga family, begin a new life on the island.
  • The objective of the game is to teach them how to build a hut, how to make it comfortable for living, how to grow plants and fruits and how to expand the community.

6. Farm Frenzy 2:

For the game, your kid will enter a farm and help feed and grow the livestock.

  • Your kid will be able to feed chickens, collect eggs stock up the warehouse and ship off the goods to the market.
  • With the money earned, your kid will further have to help expand the business.

7. Adventures Of Fox:

Your kid has to take on the role of the courageous Fox, who lives in the forest.

  • With the appearance of the lumberjacks, all animals have had to leave the forest.
  • Fox has to help out his best friend.
  • Your kid’s objective is to look at all parts of the forest to rescue little Squirrel.

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8. Alice In Wonderland Decoration:

The game revolves around Alice and her world; your kid has to help make sense of the crazy garden of Alice in Wonderland.

  • Alice has made a mess of things and the entire garden has shifted place.
  • Your kid has to try and remember what goes where and put everything back in its correct spot.

9. Garden Defense:

The objective of the game is to help save a garden from hungry insects.

  • Your kid has to help the family in defeating the many flowers eating bugs to save the garden.
  • The game plan includes planting the flowers and fixing the scarecrow, amongst other things.

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10. Ariel’s School Of Fish:

Here is one of the fun kids cartoon games, that has the popular cartoon character Ariel who will help your kids enjoy some number fun.

  • Your kid will have to solve various maths puzzles at the top.
  • The little fish in the water will help your kid know if the answer is correct or wrong.

Let your kid go through these ten fun and free cartoon games for kids that will make for some fun hours of gaming. Does your kid have a favorite cartoon game? Tell us here.

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