15 Most Popular Catalan Names For Baby Boys And Girls

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If you are searching for a chic name for your little one, check out these Catalan names for babies. The Catalonia region is located in Northeastern Spain. The Catalan language is originated from Occidental Vulgate Latin. The country has linguistic diversity, with the common languages being Spanish, French, Catalan, and English. The diversity in languages can also be noted in the names of individuals. As you scroll through our list of names, most have Catalan origins, while some are the vernacular forms of English names. Since you do not need to be a Catalan speaker to use these names, read on to find the best pick for your baby.

Popular Catalan Girl Names With Meanings:

1. Alba:

Alba is a two-syllable name that starts and ends with vowels. Alba means ‘white’ in Catalan.

2. Caterina:

Caterina is an elegant twist on the classic name Katrina. If you have Italian ancestors, name your little girl Caterina, which means ‘pure’.

3. Estel:

Estel is a variation of the name Estelle. Estel means ‘star’.

4. Flor:

Flor is an attractive Catalan name meaning ‘flower’. The name sounds as delicate as your little princess. It is a popular choice among celebrities.

5. Marta:

Marta is a Catalan variation of the name Martha. The soft melody and tasteful gestalt make this name appealing to parents even today. It means ‘lady’.

6. Luisa:

The name Luisa is a blend of the name Louise and Louisa. And we believe that it is a lot prettier and unusual than its original version. What do you think about it? Luisa means ‘renowned warrior’.

7. Jacinta:

Jacinta is the Spanish word for hyacinth, and it sounds sweeter and softer than its English term. The name Jacinda Barret, an Australian-born actor, popularized the name. Jacinta means ‘hyacinth’.

Popular Catalan Names For Boys With Meanings:

8. Alexandre:

The pronunciation of Alexandre is close to the female name Alexandra. But that should not deter you from picking this name. The name Alexandre means ‘defending men’.

9. Arnau:

Arnau is the Catalan variation of the name Arnold. It means ‘ruler’. The name is also popular amongst Latin parents, probably because of a Spanish television mini-series of the same name.

10. Guillem:

Guillem is the Catalan variation of the name William. Don’t you think it is an exotic spin to the old, classic name? The pronunciation for Guillem is ‘gee-yem’.

11. Iker:

Iker is a famous name in the Catalan region, but may be difficult to pull off in an English-speaking land. It is also one of the fastest rising Catalan baby boy names, all thanks to the football star Iker Casillas.

12. Jordi:

Jordi may seem like a nickname for Jordon, but is a given name. Jordi is, in fact, the Catalan variation of the name George. Catalan footballer Jordi Alba popularized the name. Interestingly, Jordi Alba’s family name Alba also features on our list here. Jordi means ‘farmer’.

13. Oriol:

Oriol will make an intriguing choice for your little prince. It means ‘golden’. The name is probably unknown outside the region. So if you like bold names, then you must pick Oriol for your son.

14. Pascual:

Pascual is a Catalan variation of the name Pascal. The meaning of Pascal is ‘Easter’. Earlier, boys born at Easter were called Pascual. So it will make an attractive choice if your boy has Gallic roots and has his birthday around Easter.

15. Nicolau:

Nicolau is a Portuguese and Catalan variant of Nicholas. The name originates from Greek and it means ‘people’s triumph’.

Catalian names for babies are chic and exciting. They have interesting meanings and sound delightful. However, it is important to match a name for your baby that suits them best. The name of the child plays a significant role in shaping an impressionable personality. Therefore, choose wisely and ensure that it’s a name that the child will appreciate when they grow up.

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