13 Catchphrases Your Kids Will Say To Drive You Insane

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Kids are fast learners. The shows, cartoons, and movies that they watch influence the way they communicate. They interact similarly with their friends, and it can be quite entertaining. But some of the phrases that they use are not only bizarre but also have zero logic. They do not make sense, and you always wonder what they are trying to say or where they picked them up from. With pop culture being a huge part of their entertainment, it is no surprise that they are exposed to apparently cool lingo. While it might be hilarious to hear your kids say something, parents take a while to understand. So parents, scroll down to see how right your Gen Z lingo is and how many of these catchphrases you recognize:

1. “Boo-Yah”


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It doesn’t take more than an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for your kids to pick up this phrase. You have probably heard your kid saying “boo-yah” over and over again, while stomach bumping other kids. *Sigh*

2. “Nailed It!”

It isn’t the first time that someone who watched the TV show Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn caught on to this catchphrase. While it seems funny at first, it can start to test your patience when your kid overdoes it.

3. “Boom, Baby!”

Boom, Baby

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Oh, speaking of patience, parents, if you haven’t heard your kids saying “boom, baby” for everything you say, consider yourselves lucky. When the only reaction your kid has to good news is “boom, baby”, you cannot help but wonder if you failed as a parent (JK, you didn’t).

4. “Actually…”

Kids these days are so well equipped with the internet that they keep themselves updated on the most random facts. When you try to tell your kids something, they come at you with “actually…” like they are going to correct you because the whole world knows that a 6-year-old knows more than their parents (NOT).

5. “Jinx!”


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Whoever started this pointless trend had nothing else to do with their defected brain! Bless you, if you say the same thing at the same time as your kids because you’ll never hear the end of it. “Jinx”, and now we are not allowed to speak until they say our name unless we let them have ice cream for dinner. Who made these rules?

6. “Cool”

You know what’s not cool? Your 5-year-old saying “cool” after every sentence their teacher says to them. You might wonder where they picked it up and ask them, but the only response you might probably get is “cool”. Not cool, bruh!

7. “Legit”


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Who coined this? Seriously. Kids might not know the meaning of the word but use it every chance they get. No kids, Spiderman is not legit. No, he’s not. He’s a fictional superhero. Ugh!

8. “What Was I Going To Say?”

Hey kids, who is younger here? Kids are supposed to have better memory capacity, but they can’t stop saying, “What was I going to say,” in every conversation that lasts for more than 5 minutes. We get that your attention span is less than that of a goldfish, but come on!

9. “Totes”


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How hard is it to say “totally”? Why is there a shorter word for it? That’s just totes annoying, don’t you think?

10. “That’s Chill”

No, they are not talking about the weather. But when 4-year-old kids say “that’s chill” when you tell them they cannot eat the extra candy, it’s funny and adorable. But the cuteness dies when they continue to ask you for 63 other things and say the same thing every time you refuse to let them do something.

11. “I Don’t Care”

I Don’t Care

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The phrase “I don’t care” is a cue for parents who are about to witness their child’s tantrum. At this point, do you even care, parents?

12. “Oh Yeah!”

You start to wonder if your kids will make good cowboys because of how much they “oh yeah!”. Sure, it’s cute that they are excited, but it becomes a bit much when they are excited about going to bed or pooping. Enough already!

13. “It Was An Accident”

It Was An Accident

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If your kid says, “It was an accident,” when you ask them why they had ice cream for dinner, feed them broccoli and tell them it was an accident. Sometimes, you gotta learn from them and give them a taste of their own medicine.

With the huge generation gap, parents get to learn a lot of things from their children. Some are cute and adorable, and some are annoying and make you want to pull your hair out (JK, or are we?). How many of these catchphrases were you familiar with? Comment below and let us know.

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