8 Serious Causes Of Acne In Toddlers

Causes Of Acne In Toddlers

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When you think teenage, the first thing you think of is raging hormones and acne. While acne breakouts are a common feature among teens, acne can occur at any stage or even age for that matter. So, did you know that even your little toddler can develop acne?

As incredible as it may sound, it’s true! When you see your little one develop angry red boils on his face and other parts of the body, may leave you dumbstruck. So, is acne common among toddlers, is it a reason for concern. Read our post and get the answers to all your questions here.

Is Acne Common In Toddlers?

While acne is not exactly common in toddlers and growing children, sometimes skin conditions and other reasons can trigger the onset of acne. Toddler acne typically exhibits reddened skin, inflammation, blackheads and possibly even small rashes.

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Causes Of Acne In Toddlers:

There are many reasons for acne eruptions in toddlers, which include:

  1. Breastfeeding toddlers may develop acne outbreaks due to certain skin reactions, which occur because of exposure to certain medications or foods through breast milk.
  1. Toddlers who consume cow’s milk may develop a reaction due to the hormones present in the milk.
  1. Exposure to irritants like soap and cleansers, which are commonly used to wash vessels and utensils, can also be responsible for acne outbreaks in toddlers.
  1. Exposure to fluctuating levels of hormones in the bloodstream during pregnancy is also thought to be responsible for acne in toddlers.
  1. If you use medications such as antidepressants, birth control pills, and steroids, it can also lead to acne in toddlers, as the compounds in such medications spread to your breast milk.
  1. In fact, certain dietary changes in your diet can also lead to your toddler having acne outbreaks.
  1. Products such as air fresheners, bleach, detergents, etc. can also be responsible for skin irritations in toddlers.
  1. In addition, if your toddler is teething and has a lot of drool around her face, the excess moisture tends to cause redness and rashes around your cheeks and the mouth, also possibly causing acne.

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Tips To Reduce Toddler Acne:

If your toddler develops itchy and red acne patches that don’t seem to fade away, you might want to visit the doctor and seek his opinion about your little one’s condition. In addition, you can also take some simple steps to reduce acne in your toddler and stimulate healing of affected tissues.

  1. Avoid scrubbing the affected area and remember that too much washing can further irritate your toddler’s sensitive skin, and may also leave it dry.
  1. Avoid using OTC drugs for acne for your toddler- most of those are meant for adults and a doctor’s advice is necessary before you have your toddler take any medication whatsoever.
  1. Avoid using chemical based oily lotions for your toddler. Instead, use natural and herb based products that are tailor-made for babies.
  1. Avoid using any detergents or harmful chemicals to wash your baby’s clothes and utensils. It is best to make your natural detergent in the initial stages.
  1. Stick to a healthy and nutritious diet yourself, and avoid consuming processed foods, especially if you are lactating.

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Talk to your doctor about which medications could be suitable for you to consume during breastfeeding so that they don’t impact your little one as well.

We hope our post helps you understand more about acne toddler. Did you find our tips helpful? Has your little one contracted acne before? Share your experience with fellow mommies here. Leave a comment below.

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