5 Celeb Mums Who Experienced Depression During And Post Pregnancy

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Being a mother is not an easy feat. It comes with several challenges that people don’t talk about because motherhood is only fantasized as a magical experience. It sure sparks maternal feelings, but the path is sometimes not that smooth. One of the most common mental health issues among new mothers is postpartum depression. Therapy is important to avoid sad consequences in a mother (1). It begins from the time you conceive to even after you’ve had a child. Mood swings, drastic body changes, and depression are some of the most common side effects of pregnancy, and it’s time we talk about it! Celebrities have it even harder due to the constant public limelight and discussion around their newborns. While spreading mental health awareness for mothers, many have been vocal about depression and their struggle to protect their babies from prying eyes. So, without further ado, let’s look at a list of five celebrity mommies who suffered from depression during and after pregnancy and were not afraid to talk about it:

1. Mandira Bedi

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The superwoman MandiraBedi is known for a lot of things from the 90s until now. She’s a fashion designer, anchor, and fitness enthusiast. The 49-year-old woman gives us major body goals and looks fitter than most young women, but it was not all roses and rainbows in her life. The mother of two was a victim of postpartum depression and addressed the issue during an interview. She said that she had it for six weeks and did not fall in love with her baby the moment she saw him. She spoke about how adjusting to change was not easy, and she is not ashamed to admit that she had postnatal depression. Mandira also said that it’s essential that your family knows about such a condition and supports you through it.

2. Shveta Salve

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The Indian television actress Shveta Salve, who is popularly known as the runner-up in JhalakDikhhlaJaa, suffered from prenatal depression during the third trimester of her pregnancy. The small screen actress spoke about how her insecurities took over when she was pregnant with her daughter Arya. She said that she suffered from aches, pains, and carpal tunnel syndrome. The mommy stated that depression set in, and she questioned herself and her capabilities a lot. As a celebrity, being vocal about these things might give courage to many young mothers to act on it and know that it’s okay to feel troubled and it does not make them a bad mother. If there are people who badmouth your state by calling you irresponsible, all you need to do is shut out the negativity and focus on your personal development and then on your child.

3. Avantika Mohan

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The famous blogger and wife of the author Durjoy Dutta opened up about her battle with prenatal depression. She said that she was diagnosed with depression when she was 19 years old and was treated for it. After feeling fine for a long time, depression came knocking at her door again during her pregnancy, and she suffered from it. Avantika said that she felt ashamed because she wasn’t overjoyed about pregnancy, and it didn’t help that everyone around her told her how much of a blessing it is. The fashion influencer also said that people could be sad even in happy situations, and that’s what depression means. She explained how you don’t have to have anything go wrong in your life to suffer from depression because it is inexplicable.

If you have a history of depression, it is best to see a therapist all through your pregnancy as it will let you vent your woes without bottling your concerns inside. Even though there might be some traces, it won’t feel like you’re all alone. Most Indian mothers ignore the importance of their own health over their children. It is good to be selfless, but if you are not healthy it will indirectly affect your child too.

4. Deepika Singh

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The Indian TV actress Deepika Singh, popularly known for her role as Sandhya in Diya AurBaati Hum, is another celebrity who opened up about postpartum depression. In an interview, she spoke about how she suffered from low energy levels and low self-esteem levels. She said that she experienced a sore back and was confused about how to take care of herself and her baby. Many times, new mothers feel a sense of despair after the child is born and bury it deep inside to avoid criticism from others. It is normal to sometimes not feel that overwhelming happy feeling and be overcome with confusion. At times like these, you can find someone to confide in, be it your mother, sister, a close friend, or your husband.

5. Chahatt Khanna

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The famous actress of the TV series Bade AccheLagteHain is a mother of two beautiful kids. In an Instagram post, she opened up about her battle with postpartum depression. She said that she suffered from body aches, weakness, and weak bones for six months. She claimed that nothing comes easy in life, and a small hope of life can help you when things seem dull. The actress advised her Instagram followers to stay fit, stay calm and try to smile a lot. Physical pain also becomes the cause of depression sometimes. A beat-up body after giving birth needs time to heal. Women who have gone through complications during and after pregnancy have an equal chance of feeling sad and remorseful because their body feels alien to them.

Depression is a tough battle, and the stigma attached to any mental illness makes it even harder to cope. It is crucial to learn the difference between prenatal, during pregnancy, and postpartum, after pregnancy, depression (2). The severity of depression is dependent on environmental, family, and other internal factors. It is best to diagnose instead of distracting yourself by engaging in work or temporary entertainment. If neglected, it can worsen over time. We are proud of these celeb mammas for coming out and speaking about it, despite the taboo. We hope it becomes a topic of conversation that’s normalized. Did you suffer from depression during or after your pregnancy, like these celebrities? Let us know your battle with it in the comments below!


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