101 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends

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Friends are the ones with whom you can be yourself without being judged. Good friends light up your life and make you laugh hard. Fun challenges for friends are a great way to have a good time with your buddies and create beautiful memories together. Your friends bring a lot of happiness and laughter to your life. We bring you several fun challenges that you can try out with your friends in this post. Whether it’s a party, picnic, get-together, or you’re just having a gala time with your gang indoors, these challenges will make sure you have a blast with your besties.

101 Fun challenges For Friends

These activities will leave plenty of hilarious memories for you all. However, make sure to take care of each other’s safety before you do any of these activities.

1. Ice bucket challenge

Let’s start with the classic that helped raise funds for Lou Gehring’s disease. The challenge involves getting your friends to have a bucket of ice cubes and ice water emptied over their heads while you film their reactions. It’s fun to do in summer, but make sure you have a nice big driveway or backyard where you can make the mess.

2. Taste testing

It is one of the most anticipated challenges for foodie friends. Order or cook some exotic food items and ask your friends to identify them blindfolded. You can have variations in this game by asking them to taste and guess flavors with unusual ice creams or list out ingredients in a cooked dish. The one who gets the most right answers in this meal challenge wins!

3. Marshmallow, don’t swallow

The name of this fun game is self-explanatory, but here’s what you do. Each friend stuffs as many marshmallows into their mouth as they possibly can. No swallowing allowed. Whoever gets the most in wins.

4. Chopsticks challenge

All you need is a bean and deep bowl and, preferably, friends who have never used chopsticks in their life. Ask them to pick up the bean using the chopsticks. If your friends are pretty familiar with chopsticks, you can still play the game by greasing the bowl with butter.

5. Alphabetic themes challenge

Choose a theme, say sports, and then each of your friends has to come up with a sport, going in alphabetic order. For example, aerobics, baseball, and it goes on. Go through the gang in circles until all the alphabets are done.

6. Hot pepper poppers

Yes, you got it—a bunch of hot peppers and friends with watering eyes and noses. See who can gobble the maximum number. But if any of your friends is allergic, then don’t force them.

7. Skribbl

Easy, virtual, and fun, this game is great for when you can’t have friends over. Guess what the other is drawing as the clock ticks down.

8. Lip sync

Let one friend start with a famous song or dialogue. Then, another has to lip-sync to perfection without facing each other. Ensure the song or dialogue is chosen out of a hat and is not known to the person lip-syncing.

9. A mouthful of cinnamon

Eating a spoonful of cinnamon is not fun, as your friends will discover if they sign up for this one. Although it works beautifully when added atop dishes, it is not quite something you want to eat by itself. So, don’t forget to tell them the rule: no drinking anything in between the cinnamon challenge!

10. Going Instrumental

Play the instrumental version of a song and have everyone guess which one it is. Make sure the song is not too famous.

11. What’s that BGM?

A variation of the instrumental game, needs you to find famous background music from movies or songs. Your friends have to guess where it is from.

12: Superhero themes

It is a simple game that can be played using the themes used in superhero movies. Play the theme, and your friends have to guess which superhero or villain makes a grand entry.

13. Eat or wear

Get foods with a strong taste or smell and that has a polarized fan base. Make sure your friends can’t see them. The food items should be numbered, and each friend picks a number and sees what they have got. They can choose to eat it, but if they hate it, they have to wear it!

14. Salad, anyone?

A master chef-worthy challenge, it is suitable for testing how culinary adept your buddies are. Pile up a bunch of salad-worthy items. Kale, cucumber, tomatoes, or cheese—take your pick. Your friends have to chop them all super fast and create a salad in the shortest time.

15. Impromptu fashion show

Get a friend to pick out random items of clothing from your wardrobe blindfolded. You have to wear those and do a ramp walk in a fashionista style. It is one of those challenges with friends that can give you plenty of photos.

16. One day designer

Ask friends to pick out three items blindfolded and then combine them in the most fashionable way they can. The most appealing ensemble wins.

17. Spot the item

You can play the challenge with your friends virtually when all are stuck in homes. It involves making a list of the most common household items we have at home. One person reads out each item, the others have to go grab it from wherever it is in their homes.

The one who gets back earliest to the screen gets the point.

18. Ice-cream sand- which?

It can be delicious or dreadful, depending on what you pick out of the bag. For example, have a large bowl of ice cream and it goes over whatever you choose blind from the bag that contains eatables such as cookie, waffle, crackers, lettuce, chips, and bread.

19. Photo fun

Make a collection of childhood pictures from all your friends. Show them one by one, and the rest of the gang has to guess who it is.

20: Photo memory game

Create a collection of pictures with your friends. The first one to recall where and when you took each picture wins.

21: Blindfolded touch challenge

One of your friends is blindfolded. Each of you takes turns touching the other’s palm. The blindfolded one has to guess correctly who the other person is.

22: Book memory challenge

It is a good challenge for book lovers. One person describes a scene from a book you all have read. Others have to guess which book it is from.

23: Guess the characters

Give the names of characters from movies, books, or TV shows. Make sure they aren’t the most famous ones. The friends have to guess the name of the show, movie, or book.

24: Acting chops

Act out a scene from a TV show and have your friends guess it.

25: Acting chops 2

Act out a scene with dialogues and accents, and your friends have to guess which actor or actress you are mimicking. It can be made into an accent challenge if you can mimic stars well.

26. Wasabi race

How much time would you need to down a teaspoon of spicy hot wasabi? Well, find out, along with friends, with a small challenge.

27. Biggest bubble challenge

Bubblegum, a group of friends, and plenty of lung power—that’s all you need in this game to see who blows the biggest bubble.

28: Layer up

Wear as many layers of clothing as you can. The one who gets the maximum number wins the challenge. Make sure to click pictures.

29. Raw onion binge eating

It is a foodie challenge, and not for the faint-hearted. So eat as many raw onions as you can and win the title.

30. Describe it

One person describes something in the room. The others have to guess what it is. Make sure to tell the most unusual things.

31. Color me___

One person calls out a color, and the others have to rush through the room and bring back as many things of that color as they can find.

32. Recipe book

List out three ingredients, and have your friends name the dishes that have all three. It is a good challenge for cooking aficionados.

33. Blind guess

Hold out an object to a blindfolded friend and let them guess what it is. Get some cold things, slimy items, squishy ones, and wet things to make it more fun.

34. Messy makeup

The challenge is suitable for a ladies’ night out. Blindfold the person who has to do the makeup and put out an assortment of cosmetics for them to use on another. Find out how good your friends are at wielding makeup products when they can’t see.

35. Food color

One friend calls out a color, and the others name all the foods that are of the same color.

36. Backwards song

Play a famous song backward and see how many people guess it right.

37. Backwards song 2

In this version, write song names on pieces of paper. Your friends have to pick one each and have to sing the song lyrics backward.

38. Ping pong score

An empty tin can, ping pong balls, and a table are all you need. Get your friends to line up and try to score a hoop by throwing the ball right into the tin.

39. Mixed personalities

It can be a suitable challenge for those who love acting. Choose a famous movie or TV show scene. Now enact the opposite of what the character did. For example, if it is a tragic break-up scene, then do it by laughing uproariously, or a do funny clown dance.

40. Chilled feet

A little like the ice bucket challenge, involves putting your feet in a tub of ice and keeping them there for as long as you can. The one who keeps them in longest wins.

41. Ice cube tin

The challenge involves some great detective skills. Place a cube of ice underneath one tin or metal cup along with a couple of empty ones, all upside down. The other friend has to guess which one has the ice within 10 seconds without touching the cups or tins.

42. The best French fries

Get French fries from five different places. Take them all out of the packaging and put them in plain bowls separately. Your friends have to guess where each one came from.

43. Memory mix up

The challenge can get embarrassing if you lack a good memory. Ask your gang of friends to write down the birthdays of everyone else. The one who gets the least number right has to go for an ice bucket challenge.

44. Gallon milk

All you have to do is down one gallon of milk in one hour. Easy? Well, maybe not. Experts say you can’t do the gallon milk challenge without throwing up. Why not find out?

45. Mirror less makeup

It is a variation on the blindfolded makeup test. Here, you do your own makeup, but without the aid of a mirror.

46. Sour lemon race

All you have to do is eat sour lemon slices and not make a face while eating it. How long can you last against your friends?

47. Up in the air

Get balloons of different colors, blow them up, and ensure they don’t touch the floor. Well, you can’t use your hands, though. All you can do is blow air at them when they start to get close to the ground. The one whose balloon stays up in the air for long wins.

48. Lick it up

Put smoothie in a saucer and lick it up while your hands are tied behind. The one who finishes it off first wins.

49. Identify the veggies

Place different vegetables on the table and lead a blindfolded friend to them. They can touch and feel but not smell or bite into them. They have to guess what it is.

50. Smell test challenge

Line up various things on a table and get your blindfolded friends to identify them by sniffing. No touching. And yes, smelly socks are allowed.

51. Memory test

Lay out 20 different regular household items on a table. Your friends have 10 seconds to memorize everything before you cover it all with a sheet. They have to list out the items in there without peeking.

52. Memory test 2

A variation is to call out ten different names of people, fruits, countries and then ask friends to list out as many as they can recall.

53. Mimics

Each friend mimics one of the others in the gang. It could be impressions, specific accents, special mannerisms, or anything. The others have to guess who it is.

54. Color water balloons

It is a fun-filled outdoor challenge. Fill up balloons with colored water. Each friend gets a specific color. You have to color every one by throwing the balloon at each other. The one whose color gets on most of the players wins the game.

55. Oreo stacks

A delicious challenge indeed! Stack up the Oreos and fit them in your mouth. The one with the biggest stack wins the title.

56. Escape room

You can make one in your home. Hide the key of the room and set up clues across the place. Make two or three teams, then each team tries to find the key in the least possible time.

57. Treasure hunt

It is a variation of the escape room with some treats hidden. Write down clues and send your friends on a merry hunt.

58. Pin the donkey’s tail

It is a simple game that is a time-tested classic. Each friend is blindfolded and has to pin the tail to the donkey’s picture in the right place.

59. Darts

You need a dartboard for this one; it’s a good investment if you regularly have friends over. Extremely challenging yet simple, the game will hone your aim and also improve concentration. You can amp up the game by making it a card throw challenge too.

60. Lemon/Egg spoon race

A large backyard or driveway is the ideal spot for a race that you probably remember you’re your school days. The lemon or egg goes on the spoon. The spoon goes in your mouth, the wrong side between your teeth. You have to get to the finish line first without dropping your precious cargo.

61. Shoelaces

It can be quite funny when you realize that you can’t tie your shoelaces in a matter of seconds, as you thought. Ask your friends to get the lowest time and don’t be surprised if no one gets under the 7 second mark.

62. Stack up

Plastic cups and plastic plates are all you need. Get your friends to make the tallest tower possible by stacking a cup and a plate.

63. Dice pick up

Hand your friend an empty glass, place three or four dice on a table. Your friend has to swipe the glass over the tabletop, scoop up the dice within it. Once they have all the dice collected safely inside, they have to turn the glass right side up. The challenge is that they can only pick up the dice with the glass. No hands allowed there.

64. Linguists

Play a dialogue in a language your friends are unfamiliar with and ask them to guess what is being said. The one who gets closest to the right translation wins the challenge.

65. Blind artist

Blindfold your friend and get them to make a drawing. No need to do a Van Gogh, a simple cat or bird will do. Then see how much the final output resembles the brief.

66. Nonstop prattle

Write down ten topics on pieces of paper and drop them into a jar. Each friend picks one and then has to talk for one minute on that topic. Pick out exotic topics like ‘hoopoe birds,’ ‘political situation in Lithuania’ so you don’t make this easy at all. The first friend to fumble for words loses.

67. House of cards

Everyone gets a deck of cards, each to make their own fabulous house of cards. The one who can manage to get theirs up and standing for 10 seconds is the winner.

68. Name changers

Assign yourself each other’s names and carry on a conversation. For example, you are now ‘Harry’, your friend Harry is now ‘Samantha,’ and so on. The first one to call you by your name loses.

69. Paper Titanic

You have a paper boat in a tub of water, and your friends have to carefully place M&Ms inside the boat in turns without making it capsize or sink. The one whose M&M drowns the boat loses.

70. Guess what I said

Give noise-canceling headphones to your friend, and whisper phrases. They have to guess correctly by reading the lips. Those who guess the most right answers win this whisper challenge.

75. Sweet or spicy

It is another blindfolded challenge involving taste buds, but the person has to guess whether the item being held out is sweet or spicy without touching or tasting it. They can sniff at it, though, and guess from the smell.

76. Squeaky speech

Play a dialogue in fast forward and ask your friend to repeat. The same can be done with super slow dialogues too.

77. Candy pick up

Pick up candies and drop them in a bowl. The one who gets the most wins. Sounds easy? Well, you can only use a straw to pick them up.

78. Knotty problems

Knotted ropes and strong teeth are what you need. Your friends have to undo the knots with their teeth. Remember, no hands are allowed.

79. Brushing it off

You have all painted with watercolors. But have you done it with the brush in your foot instead of your hand? It is a good time to try. See which one of your friends can color within a given shape in the best possible way.

80. Tough typing

Decide on one phrase, say, ‘Good morning to you all.’ Now everyone types this text on their phone but with their non-dominant hand. The first one to get it right with no typos wins.

81. Ball throw

Make two teams. Each team throws a ball, passing it from one to another without letting it fall. The team that lets the ball fall loses.

82. Mini dodge ball

Your backyard is a good place for this challenge. All of you have to hit each other with the ball. If you score a hit, the other leaves the game.

83. Dice balance

All you got to do is balance three dice on a butter knife held in your mouth. You can make this a race too, similar to the lemon and spoon race.

84. Spill proof

Fill up glasses with water up to the brim. Your friends take turns dropping coins into it. The one who makes the water spill over loses, and the coins inside go to the one who went right before them.

85. Counting kings and queens

Empty a bunch of M&Ms in a bowl. All of you take turns guessing how many there are. The one closest to the right count gets them all.

86. Pizza slicing

Order your favorite pizzas. Line up your friends blindfolded and hand them knifes to cut the pizzas into equal slices. The one who slices the best wins.

87. Twister

It is another classic and fun-filled challenge. You can make your own twister ‘mat’ by coloring squares on your driveway with chalk and calling out the colors that each of your friends is supposed to put a limb on.

88. Spray battle

You have balloons floating up in the air, each a different color for different people. The task is to get the balloon into a trash can at the other end of the room by only using the spray to direct it.

89. Rice race

Transfer uncooked rice grains from one bowl to another using chopsticks. The one with the most grains at the end is the winner.

90. Blind guess

Six bowls, some with edibles and some not. Your friends have to guess them without looking or touching them.

91. Book worms

Read out the title of different books, and your friends have to guess the number of pages in each. The one who gets the closest guess wins.

92. Which is a country?

Call out names of places and have your friends guess which of them are countries. This one will brush up your geography too.

93. Real or fake language?

Speak a few words in a different or made-up language and have your friends guess if it exists or you are faking them out.

94. Name them right

Choose a topic or field of work and have your friends name as many well-known people as they can from that field. The one to name the maximum within a minute wins.

95. Word chain

Start with a word. Your friend repeats your word and then their own word, and it goes on with each person repeating all the words given previously plus a new one. The first one to miss a word loses.

96. Cereal box jigsaw

Cut one side of a cereal box into shapes and mix them all up. Get your friends to put it all back together as quickly as they can.

97. Well tuned

Play a 10-second snippet of a song by picking the lines from the middle. Your friends have to guess which one it is.

98. Straight face

Play funny YouTube videos, crack jokes, or watch a hilarious show. But you can’t laugh or even smile. The first one to let lose a laugh loses.

99. Alphabet number

The challenge is for the more serious crowd. Call out an alphabet, and your friends have to say which number it stands in the alphabet sequence. For example, B is two, Z is twenty-six.

100. Dizzy task

Write simple tasks on a spin wheel. Ask your friend to spin around as fast as you can until you get dizzy. Now you spin the wheel and do the task even as your head is spinning. The dizzy challenge makes for some hilarious videos.

101. Pringle tasting

Pringles come in such a variety of flavors that every friend of yours may have a unique favorite. Find out how well they know their favs by getting in five different ones, pouring them out in bowls, and then getting your buddies to guess the flavors.

Having a fun time with friends is the best way to cement bonds of friendship and build memories that last for life. The legendary games of playing dart or spoon and marble race can be supplemented with other 101 games that will make sure that you have interesting challenges for friends and have a great time with them. Moreover, you do have options to choose different genres of games. You can also revisit your childhood through the candy pick up challenge. So, gather your buddies and go for it.

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