15 Inspiring Characteristics & Key Traits Of A Good Mother 

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Which traits of a mother make her perfect? Well, every mother is perfect for her child as motherhood is a self-learned journey, and the instincts come naturally to her and are not acquired. So if you are pondering over how you can be a perfect mother, stop worrying and go with the flow. You will eventually know what your child wants and what works for them. However, if you want to adopt certain qualities that can be helpful for your child, then this post brings you key traits that reflect motherhood.

15 Characteristics Of A Good Mother

Here are some of the inspiring characteristics of a good mother that can guide you.

1. Role model

You brought your child into this world, and you are their first point of contact, it’s natural that they look up to you. Being an ideal parent might be a difficult job, but if you want your child to grow up to be a good person, you too have to practice those behaviors as they will learn from you.

2. Source of love and affection

Shower them with kisses and hugs, children who constantly get affection from their parents tend to have a healthy mind and body. Studies have also shown that it helps in the proper brain development of your child (1). When you are caressing and affectionate to your children, they will be happier and more successful as adults (2).

3. Problem solver

Kids see and learn everything that their parents do. Whenever there is a problem or if they do something wrong, make them politely understand what is right or wrong instead of scolding them. They will learn the way you deal with problems in life.

4. Patient

Motherhood is a beautiful experience, but it can also be quite taxing on your emotional and physical well-being. After completing a series of chores, finding your child has spewed milk all over the floor might make you feel stressed out and frustrated. Patience is key here, understand that hurtful words will not solve the situation. Be calm and resolve the situation.

5. Forgiver

Your kids will make mistakes as they grow up, you need to understand this and forgive them. Forgiveness is not an easy task to do, even adults have a hard time forgiving. However, when your child sees your forgiving nature towards them, they too will acquire the trait from you while growing up.

6. Respectable

Respect is important in any relationship, even as a parent, you should respect your child. Understand that they are growing and learning. If they have a different opinion than you, it does not mean they are wrong. You have to be understanding towards
them and respect their opinions as well.

7. Tutor

A mother is the first teacher of a child. Your children would not know what you expect from them unless you express. Setting some ground rules right from their foundation years will make them understand their boundaries. Be consistent with your rules, changing them frequently could confuse them.

8. Optimistic

Positive reinforcement is the way to go whenever your child makes a mistake. Instead of criticizing them about what they have done, focus on what they should do next to correct their mistake. It helps in disciplining their behavior.

9. Strong and resilient

Your child will look up to you for almost everything. Being their mother, you have to be strong and resilient even when under stress. You will be the one to comfort them when they are at their lowest, if you don’t find strength in yourself, you cannot help your child.

10. Disciplined

Kids are natural troublemakers. Losing your temper when they mess up will make them stubborn. Being their mother, understanding that instilling fear is not the answer here. Teaching them how to be disciplined is important, and that too in a non-violent manner.

11. Friend

When mothers say that they have raised their children where the children perceive their mother to be their friend is not the right way to do it, at least not until your child is of legal age. A mother must fulfill their duty as a parent and a caregiver first until they are 18 or 19, after which she can be their best friend.

12. Humility

Humility is a virtue that most people forget. Be humble, and they will learn it from you and become a good person growing up.

13. Sense of humor

People tend to look for a partner who has a good sense of humor, well now is the time to cultivate the same for your child. Instead of being serious and strict with them all the time, having a sense of humor will only strengthen the bond between you both.

14. Adjustable

If your kid is young, it might seem too early to teach them basic survival skills such as cooking, doing their own laundry, cleaning up their bedroom, and many such things. As a mother, you should teach them these skills as they grow older. They will thank you later on in life.

15. Artistic

Many kids like a particular form of art or sports from a young age. You engage in an activity you like, and they will learn from. This way, they can hone their artistic skills, and who knows, they might even turn out to be a prodigy.

As much as being a mother leaves you with beautiful memories right from the start, it can also be quite taxing on your body and mind. You will only be able to take care of your children when you can take care of yourself. Keep on doing the good work, and your children will keep learning from you.

Key Pointers

  • A mother is a role model for her kids and is always their first love.
  • Patience, respect, source of unconditional love are a few of the many attributes of a good mother.
  • Along with taking care of her children and family, a mother needs to take care of herself as well.

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