120 Cherokee Names For Baby Girls And Boys, With Meanings

The Cherokees are a Native American tribe with a unique inclination towards a matrilineal society. Their naming traditions include a holy ceremony after a new baby is born. Then, the high priest, who is the eldest woman, chooses a Cherokee name that is closely associated with nature.

Ravyne Hawke, a.k.a. Lori Carlson, a poet, artist, writer, and essayist, shares how she got her Cherokee name. She says, “I am both Ravyne Hawke and Lori Carlson. Ravyne Hawke (pronounced Raven Hawk) is my Cherokee name, and the raven and the hawk are my spirit guides (i).”

She describes the incident that introduced her to a shaman who gave her her Cherokee name, “I had the chance to join a friend and her daughter at a Cherokee retreat in North Carolina… Afterward, I roamed outside of the tent, and the Shaman spotted me and called me over to her. She looked me dead in the eyes and said, ‘It is time for you to find your spirit guide.’ I nodded in agreement and followed her back to her small tent… She took a ladle and poured a small amount of the brew into a cup, and handed it to me. It was bitter and sweet. A very strange combination. After I’d drunk it all, she told me to stretch out on the pillows and close my eyes. As I lay there, the Shaman spoke softly to me, and after a while, her voice became distant. My body felt heavy at first, and then slowly, I began to feel light as though I were hovering above the tent. Before long, I was soaring through the air and could see through strange, new eyes. I was hunting prey. For a split second, I saw myself in a pool of water. I was a beautiful, majestic hawk. After a while, I settled upon a branch and looked down at my wings. They were no longer the color of hawk wings but a brilliant bluish-black. I let out a long caw caw caw, which startled me at first until I realized that now I was a raven. I don’t know how long I’d slept, but when I came to and told the Shaman all I’d seen, she told me that I was one of the few to be given two powerful spirit animals. She then named me Raven Hawk and taught me everything I needed to know about these two spirit animals. To this day, I remember her teachings and am guided by them (ii)”

Cherokees generally have beautiful nature-inspired and tranquil-sounding names, but if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind name for your little one, check out this list of Cherokee names for boys and girls with wonderful meanings. Keep scrolling for the complete list and pick one that you think will bring a lot of auspicious luck to your newborn.

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Cherokee Girl Names, With Meanings

1. Adisila

The name Adisila is a nature-inspired name carrying the beauty of spring as it means “blossom.”

2. Agasga

The verbal name Agasga means “it is raining.”

3. Aiyana

This Cherokee name symbolizes foreverness as it means “eternal bloom.”

4. Ama

In Cherokee, the name Ama carries the essence of nature’s vital force, “water.”

5. Amatha

The name Amatha would be a lovely choice for a baby girl born in the coastal regions as it means “fish.”

6. Awinita

The adorable name Awinita would hold a special significance in your hearts as it refers to a “fawn.”

7. Ayita

It is an artistic Cherokee name that means “first to dance.”

8. Behita

The name defines the events conspiring after the birth of your baby as it means “beginning of an event.”

9. Catori

This pure Cherokee name is holy as it means “spirit.”

10. Chenoa

If you love animals, then this Cherokee name Chenoa would be great for your baby. It means “white dove,” which symbolizes peace, prosperity, and new beginnings.

protip_icon Trivia
The Kentucky River is referred to as Chenoa by Native Americans. Chenoa is also the stage name of Argentine singer Mara Laura Corradini Falomir.

11. Citlali

This is a celestial name appropriate for a baby born during the night as it means “star.” It is a unisexual name.

12. Cuhtahlatah

The name Cuhtahlatah means “wild hemp.”

13. Dyani

The name Dyani or Deyani is of Native American origin. This pretty name refers to the gorgeous animal “deer.”

14. Elu

Simple and perfect, the Cherokee name Elu means “beautiful.”

15. Enola

It might remind you of the fictional character Enola Holmes. This name is of Cherokee origin and means “magnolia.”

16. Euna

This beautiful and elegant Cherokee name refers to “waterfall.” Isn’t it the perfect name for your little princess?

17. Fala

This Cherokee name is unusual as it means “crow.”

18. Galilahi

It is of Native American origin and means “attractive,” perfect for your little cutie.

19. Ghigau

This name primarily means “beloved woman.”

20. Gola

Gola, a beautiful Cherokee girl name
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It is a name perfect for a baby born during the cold seasons as it means “winter.”

21. Guwisti

The uncommon unisexual name Guwisti means “sieve.”

22. Hialeah

This name is said to be of Muskogee origin. It derives from the word Haiyakpo, which means “prairie,” thus, giving it the meaning, “beautiful meadow.”

23. Immokalee

A name that is sure to make your child love nature even more, as it means “tumbling water.”

24. Inola

This pretty name of Cherokee origin means “black fox.”

protip_icon Did you know?
Inali and Enoli are two other Cherokee boy names with the same meaning as Inola.

25. Istas

Ideal for babies born during the winters as it means “snow.”

26. Kachina

The name Kachina is a name that shines from within as it means “spirit.”

27. Kamama

Kamama is a name of strength and transformation. In Cherokee, it means “butterfly.”

28. Kasa

The name Kasa is descriptive as it refers to someone “dressed in fur.”

29. Kimi

The name Kimi adds a magical touch to your baby’s life as it means “secret.”

30. Koko

Originating from the Algonquin tribe, this name means “the night.”

31. Lomasi

A charming name for your beautiful baby, since Lomasi means “pretty flower.”

32. Lulu

It is a name that works well as a first name and nickname. Lulu means “rabbit” and is of Apache tribe origin.

33. Mika

The name Mika refers to a “raccoon.” It is of Sioux origin.

34. Mitena

This classic and stylish Cherokee name has an astronomic touch to it, as it means “coming moon.”

35. Moana

A name popularized recently due to the Disney animated film of the same name. The name means “bitter,” as per the Zuni tribe. It also has Hawaiian origin, meaning “calm waters.”

36. Nanye_hi

This name is taken from nature and refers to the bird “heron.”

37. Ninovan

The name is bound to make your baby feel safe, comfortable and bring togetherness in your family as it means “our home.”

38. Noya

Noya is a Cherokee name ideal for a baby born near coastal regions as it means “sand.” It is a unisexual name.

39. Odina

Meaning “mountain,” the elegant name Odina would be suitable for a baby born in hilly regions.

40. Opa

Referring to an “owl,” this Cherokee name symbolizes wisdom. It is of Choctaw tribe origin.

41. Pavati

The name Pavati has a pristine sense to it as it means “clear water.”

42. Pocohantas

It is a name that is known to many Disney fans. It means “playful one” and is of Algonquin tribe origin.

43. Qaletaqa

Qaletaqa is a traditional and modern Cherokee name worthy of a woman of the future generation. It means “guardian of the people.”

44. Salalai

This is an adorable name for a baby inspired by nature. It refers to a “squirrel.”

45. Scatchwah

Scatchwah, Cherokee name for girls
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This Cherokee origin name refers to the majestic wild animal, “wolf.”

46. Selu

The name Selu means “corn.” If your baby is born near cornfields, then this name would be an appropriate choice for them.

47. Sequoia

It holds a special significance in the Cherokee language. Apart from its meaning “sparrow,” it is also a name of a Cherokee Indian, Sequoyah, who invented a method to write the tribe’s language.

48. Soyala

It is a perfect Cherokee name for babies born during the Christmas seasons as it means “the time of the winter solstice.”

49. Tala

Offering the inclusiveness and strength of the elegant wild animal is the name Tala, which means “wolf.”

50. Tanamara

This poetic name of Cherokee origin means “lonely wind.”

51. Tayaneta

It is a name that takes into account the endearing nature of a “young beaver.”

52. Trahlyta

It is a name inspired by the story of Trahlyta, who was a beautiful woman of the Cherokee tribe.

53. Tsistunagiska

The simple, elegant, and traditional name Tsistunagiska means “wild rose.”

54. Tsula

Tsula is a Cherokee name that means “fox.” This name would make your baby girl independent and clever.

55. Unega

The name of Cherokee origin means “white.”

56. Wahya

The name Wahya means “wolf.”

57. Walela

The pretty name Walela means “hummingbird.”

58. Winona

The name Winona is perfect for your first baby girl as it means “firstborn.” It is of Sioux tribe origin.

59. Woya

Woya is a name of peace and freedom, as it means “dove.”

60. Yano

The simple name Yano means “wolf.”

Popular Cherokee Boy Names, With Meanings

61. Adawosgi

The name Adawosgi is in its verb form and means “he is swimming.”

62. Adohi

Adohi is a nature-inspired name of Cherokee origin and refers to “timber” or “wood.”

63. Amadahy

Being a name from nature, Amadahy carries a sweet essence and freshness of the earth with it. It means “forest water.”

64. Ama-edohi

Meaning “water-goer” or “rainmaker,” this Cherokee name has a refreshing touch to it.

65. Atsadi

Atsadi, a fish
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This Cherokee name means “fish.”

66. Atsila

It means “fire.”

67. Attakullakulla

Meaning “leaning wood,” Attakullakulla is a name of comfort. It consists of Atta or Ada, which means “wood,” and gulkallu, which means “standing against.”

68. Bidziil

Bidziil means “he is strong.” So, this masculine name would be a symbol of strength for your little guy.

69. Chasse

Perfect for your elder boy as Chasse in Cherokee means “firstborn son.”

70. Chea Sequah

This is a unique name with two words. Chea Sequah in Cherokee means “red bird.”

71. Concotocko

The name Concotocko means “standing turkey.”

72. Cochise

It is an inspirational masculine name that means “renowned warrior chief.”

73. Dakota

The name Dakota refers to the vital relationship we all are intimate about, a “friend.” It originates from the Sioux tribe.

74. Danuwoa

It is a powerful masculine name that defines a leader as it means “warrior.”

75. Degataga

The name Degatage resembles strength as it means “stand firm.”

76. Dustu

This unique name of Native American origin means “spring frog.”

77. Elu

This name of beautiful Native American origin means “graceful.” We would say that this is a name fit for your little prince.

78. Enoli

In Native American, Enoli is an adorable yet unique nature-inspired name, meaning “black fox.”

79. Enna

Enna, a beautiful waterfall
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Enna is a beautiful Cherokee tribal name that means “waterfall.”

80. Gaagii

Originating from the Navajo tribe, this Cherokee name means “raven.”

81. Gala-gi na

Capturing the essence of nature, this animal-inspired beautiful name means “male deer.”

82. Gawonisgi

It is a name suitable for a leader as it infers to the vocal power needed by them. It means “speaker.”

83. Hania

Originating from the Hopi tribe, this Cherokee origin name is that of bravery and strength. It means “spirit warrior.”

84. Hototo

The name is revolutionary and pleasant at the same time. Originating from the Hopi tribe, it means “warrior who sings.”

85. Istas

Ideal for babies born during the winters as it means “snow.”

86. Illanipi

The name of masculine origin means “amazing man.”

87. Incalatanga

This unique name of Cherokee origin means “double-headed.”

88. Jacy

Jacy is a beautiful celestial name for your baby boy as it means “moon.”

89. Jistu

We would say that this Cherokee name would trigger the funny and adorable mischievous side in your baby as it means “trickster rabbit.”

90. Kaiyatahee

This unique name of Native American origin celebrates plant life. It means “corn tassel.”

91. Kamuna

Kamuna in Cherokee means “bullfrog.” It symbolizes transformation and good luck.

92. Kanagatucko

The name Kanagatucko means “stalking turkey.”

93. Koo-wi-s-gu-wi

This traditional Cherokee name refers to a “little white bird,” ideal for your little prince.

94. Kosumi

Meaning “fishes for salmon with a spear,” this is a Cherokee name originating from the Miwok tribe.

95. Kunokeski

This Cherokee origin name means “young tassel.”

96. Leotie

This name Leotie means “flower of the prairie.” Although it has a feminine vibe to it, Leotie is a common unisexual name.

97. Mato

This name represents the adorable and powerful animal of the wild “bear.” It is of Mandian tribe origin.

98. Mohe

Referring to the strength and agility of the gorgeous animal, Mohe is a Cherokee name that means “elk.”

99. Nahele

The masculine name has Hawaiian origins and it means “forest.”

100. Nakamo

The charming name Nakamo would make your baby rock on with a mic as it means “to sing.”

101. Ohiyesa

This is a name that would inspire your baby towards success as it means “winner.” It has origins in the Sioux tribe.

102. Onacona

Meaning “white owl,” this Cherokee name is a symbol of endurance and wisdom.

103. Ostenaco

The name Ostenaco in Cherokee means “big head.”

104. Oukonunaka

This elegant Cherokee name refers to the majestic “white owl.”

105. Paytah

Offering the strength and agility of one of nature’s elements is the name Paytah. This name originates from the Sioux tribe and means “fire.”

106. Salonitah

The name would add an adventurous touch to your baby’s life as it means “flying squirrel.”

107. Scolaguta

It means “hanging maw.”

108. Seattle

It is the name of the Lushootseed tribe. The name represents a one in power as it means “man of high status.”

109. Sequoya

It is the masculine version of the feminine name Sequoia. It means “sparrow.”

110. Tahoma

This name marks the beginning of the water cycle and is a name of hope. It is a name originating from the Puyallup tribe and means “giver of the water.”

111. Tayanita

It is the masculine version of Tayaneta and refers to an adorable “young beaver.”

112. Tokala

Tokala, an independent and playful fox
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It means “fox” and originated from the Dakota tribe. This name is a symbol of independence and playfulness.

113. Tooantuh

This name symbolizes the playfulness and agile strength of a “spring frog.”

114. Tsiyi

This Cherokee origin name means “copper.” It also means “canoe.”

115. Tyee

Tyee is the name of power as it means “chief.” It originated in the Chinook tribe.

116. Wapi

This name is the verbal representation of what their life would be. It means “lucky” and is of Sioux tribe origin.

117. Wesa

This simplistic name refers to a “cat” in Cherokee.

118. Wohali

It means “eagle.” The name would bring your child royalty, power, and determination.

119. Yona

Yona is a name that would work as a first name and nickname as it means “bear.” This powerful name would bring wisdom and strength into their life.

120. Yonaguska

This Cherokee origin name means “the bear drowns him.”

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Cherokee baby names differ from names in other Native American cultures?

One of the significant differences found between the names of Native American and Cherokee people is the use of syllabary, a unique system of writing that uses symbols in the place of letters.

2. How have Cherokee baby names changed over time?

During the early days, Cherokee names were inspired by nature or emphasized traits such as bravery, wisdom, and skill. However, over the period, many Cherokees began to adopt European names or adapt traditional Cherokee names to fit European naming conventions.

3. How should I choose a Cherokee baby name that honors my family’s heritage?

Researching different Cherokee names and their origins, considering your family names, and taking advice from elders can help choose a name that honors the family heritage.

Cherokee names are inherently beautiful since they are inspired by nature. Interestingly, in the Cherokee culture, a person may change their name multiple times during their lifetime as they evolve and achieve great things. Choosing one of these meaningful names will make your little one stand out and ensure they have an interesting way to introduce themselves when they grow older. If you’re intrigued by the Cherokee culture and believe such a meaningful name would benefit your child, go through our list and take your pick!

Infographic: Cherokee Names For Baby Girls And Boys, With Meanings

The names in the Cherokee tradition are inspired by nature and can make a unique naming choice for your little one. The following infographic includes a list of Cherokee names for boys and girls that you can use as a guide. We suggest you share these names with your friends and family members who might be expecting a baby.

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