Chicken Pox While Breastfeeding – Causes. Symptoms & Treatments

Chicken Pox While Breastfeeding

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Are you a lactating mom who suffers from a sore throat, foot pain, and fatigue? Do you notice a skin rash with red, itchy blisters all over the body? If these symptoms sound like you, you may have contracted chicken pox while breastfeeding. But, don’t worry! Read our post and learn all about the condition here and how it can affect you while you are breastfeeding.

Symptoms Of Chicken Pox While Breastfeeding:

The infection lasts for about five to ten days. Some common symptoms of the disease include:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Runny nose
  • Tiredness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Blister-like Rashes

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Rashes appear in three phases:

  • A raised papules or red bump that breaks out over several days
  • Fluid filled vesicles or blisters; that usually break after one day
  • Lastly, scabs and crusts that last for several days and take days to heal

Diagnosing Chicken Pox In A Breastfeeding Mother:

The symptoms are quite apparent, but the moment you feel that you feel you have chicken pox, seek immediate medical attention. The doctor can diagnose chicken pox just by looking at the rash. If there is a difficulty, the doctor might confirm the same using laboratory tests like the blood test. Be sure you stay away from people, as the condition is highly contagious.

  • Also, it is important to let the doctor know about the complications if any like:
  • Rashes spreading from one eye to another
  • Rash getting warm and tender
  • If the rash causes any dizziness, shortness of breath or any other discomfort (1).

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About Chicken Pox Vaccination:

Women who are trying to become pregnant, and who have not had chickenpox should get vaccinated to avoid the disease. Vaccines are a safe and effective way of protecting you from the disease. There might be a slight discomfort like redness, soreness, slight swelling on the site of the shot. However, it is quite necessary, and you can avoid the month-long recovery time of chicken pox.

Treating Chicken Pox For Breastfeeding Mothers:

Breastfeeding with chickenpox can be very dangerous. There are many treatment options for overcoming chicken pox in breastfeeding mothers. Airborne and contact precautions can be maintained for you and your infant, as the doctor might keep you under supervision, and under quarantine, to prevent transmission. The process promotes optimal breastfeeding, and you don’t need to avoid coming in contact with your infant. The doctor might also prescribe medicines to minimize the severity.

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Self-Care Measures To Ease Breastfeeding Chickenpox Symptoms:

Breastfeeding is a beautiful bond between you and your little darling. As a mom, you need not worry about being quarantined or separated from your infant while you are suffering from chicken pox. With the advent of technology and vast improvement in medical sciences, the number of cases and hospitalization has gone down dramatically. So, don’t worry. Just, get in touch with your pediatrician, and get better soon. Chickenpox is a highly contagious infection, and can infect your baby if he has not been vaccinated. So, be extra cautious about your diet and hygiene when you have been down with chicken pox.

Some measures include:

  • Do not scratch- It can lead to slow healing and can also increase the risk of infection.
  • To ease the itching use calamine lotion and dab it on the spots.
  • A bath with uncooked oatmeal can also help relieve itching.

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If you have any further information on breastfeeding mothers who are diagnosed with chickenpox, please do share it with us. Also share any dos and do not’s you have been following while breastfeeding your baby. The information will help you take better nursing decisions and keep your baby safe while you are breastfeeding. Share your story about chicken pox and breastfeeding in the section below. We would love to hear from you.

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