107 Festive-Themed Christmas Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Looking for Christmas baby names might be on your to-do list if you have a baby’s arrival due in December. Christmas is truly the most beautiful time of the year, with Santa Claus, jingle bells, shimmering lights, surprise gifts, and delicious food. Now that you’re expecting a Christmas baby, why not name them something that reflects the season’s spirit?

There are a plethora of baby names inspired by Christmas. You might choose a name inspired by carols, blessings, the savior, hymns, or television series and movies, or the ones that scream Yuletide season. Here is a list of Christmas baby names that include both to assist you in your decision. Read on!

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Christmas Names For Girls

1. Abigail

If you want to bestow a Biblical or spiritual name on your daughter, Abigail could be considered. In the Old Testament, Abigail was the name of King David’s third wife. Abigail means ‘my father is joyful’.

protip_icon Did you know?
Abigail is inspired by the Hebrew name, ‘Avigail,’ meaning ‘my father’s joy.’ Abbey, Abby, Abs, and Gail, are some popular nicknames.

2. Amaryllis

Amaryllis means to sparkle

Amaryllis is a beautiful flower associated with Christmas. This Greek moniker, meaning ‘to sparkle’ was first used as an appellation of pastoral beauties.

3. Angel

This adorable moniker is gender neutral but sounds better on girls. Alternatively, you can opt for Angela as well. Angela Lansbury is its popular namesake.

4. Angelina

Angelina, the subtle variation of Angel and Angela, sounds festive without sounding over the top. It means ‘angel’ and who best than Angelina Jolie herself to be a namesake.

5. Anya

In the movie Santa Claus, Anya was Mrs. Claus’s first name. Anya is the exotic Russian variation of Anna and means ‘grace’.

6. Audrey

Audrey was the youngest Griswold daughter in the movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. It means ‘noble’.

7. Bell

This musical name was a huge rage at the turn of the last century, reaching the 275th spot in 1884. However, it has been lying unused since the year 1915. Bell means ‘ringer of the bell’.

8. Belle

In “Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol”, the first holiday program for television, Belle was the name of the long lost love of Scrooge’s. Belle means ‘beautiful’ in French.

9. Berry

When you can have names like Clementine and Plum, why not Berry, the fruit found abundantly during Christmas? A noted Berry is photographer Berry Berenson.

10. Beth

Beth, as in Bethlehem, the city where Jesus Christ was born, would be quite a festive name. This sweet name is a diminutive of Elizabeth and means ‘pledged to God’.

11. Cady

The name Cady is associated with the French word ‘cadeaux’, which means ‘present’. Or you can consider it as a trendier alternative to Katie.

12. Candy

This sugary name is as sweet as a candy cane. Candy originated as a diminutive of Candace, which means ‘pure’.

13. Carol

During the holidays, the streets, churches, and houses are filled with the sweet chants of carols. So why not name your daughter after it? The prime representative of this name has to be Carol Burnett, the American actress. Carol means ‘manly’.

14. Chiara

This Italian moniker meaning ‘light and clear’ has been borne by several Italian saints, including St. Chiara, who was late anglicized as St. Clare.

15. Christina

Derived from the word Christian, Christina was at the summit of popularity in the 1980s. It means ‘follower of Christ’.

16. Christmas

The name Christmas has been used for both boys and girls in the past, but sounds better on girls. This name translates to ‘the mass of the Christ’, which we celebrate every year on the 25th of December. If you are looking for nicknames related to Christmas, you can go with Snowflake or Gingerbread.

17. Cindy

Cindy Lu is the character from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. It is mostly used as a diminutive of Lucinda or Cynthia.

18. Clara

This vintage name, meaning ‘bright’, always manages to make a place in the US top 200. In “The Nutcracker”, Clara is the name of the little girl.

19. Clarice

Clarice is the name of the female reindeer who likes Rudolf just the way he is, even with the red nose. It means ‘bright or clear’.

20. Clementine

The origin of this name does not lie in Christmas. But it’s during this season these yummy oranges are abundant. And admit it, it sounds much better than Satsuma. This name means ‘mild or merciful’.

21. December

December is a wearable name for both girls and boys, but it’s often seen listed in the christmas girls names. How would Dax sound as a nickname for December?

22. Eira

Eira, Christmas baby name

Eira is the feminine form of Aneirin, meaning ‘very snowy’. It refers to the blanket of snow on our roofs during Christmas.

23. Emmanuelle

Forget Emma for a while and pick Emmanuelle, the Old Testament Messiah name. This Hebrew name means ‘God is with us’.

24. Epifanio

One of the least common names in the list, Epifanio is a Hispanic name, meaning ‘bringing lights’. In the Catholic calendar, Epiphany, the season following Christmas, which makes it a potential Christmas name. Epiphany means ‘manifestation’.

25. Eve

This traditional Hebrew, Christmas inspired baby girl name has everything you want– simplicity, strength, biblical roots, and loads of power. Eve means ‘enlivening’.

26. Faith

Ever since Nicole Kidman opted this name for her daughter, its popularity has been increased manifolds. Faith means ‘trust or belief’.

27. Gabriella

While Gabrielle is definitely Christmassy, Gabriella sounds fresh from the oven. It is strong, yet feminine and comes with loads of nickname options such as Ella or Gaby. Gabriella means ‘God is my strength’.

28. Ginger

Ginger, as in Ginger Bread, one of the staple cookies during Christmas, means ‘pure’.

29. Gloria

Gloria, taken from the word glory, features in several Christmas hymns and carols. It means ‘glory’.

30. Holly

This English name refers to the plant with red berries that people use to decorate their house during the holidays. Holly means ‘to prick’.

31. Hope

The word name Hope denotes the expectations of believers in the eternal life and resurrection.

32. Jeanette

The inspiration behind this name is “Bring a torch, Jeanette Isabella” a beautiful Christmas carol. Jeanette means ‘God is gracious’.

33. Jemima

This unique name meaning ‘dove’ is climbing its way up in the Social Security Administration list. In the Bible, Jemima was the name of Job’s eldest daughter.

34. Jovie

Jovie is one of the modern Christmas girl elf names. It is taken from the Holiday movie “Elf”, in which Buddy falls in love with a girl name Jovie. Jovie means ‘jovial’.

35. Joy

A girl named Joy is sure to bring happiness to everyone around her. This christmas baby girl name is in steady use, especially in the middle. Or you can pick Gioia, the Italian version of Joy.

36. Karen

Karen is the kind-hearted girl who returned Frosty to the North Pole to prevent him from melting. Her name means ‘pure’.

37. Lucy

This Latin name, meaning ‘light or shiny’ conjures images of twinkling lights we see in and around our houses.

38. Marley

Marley, the name of the ghost in “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” is currently at the 209th spot for girls. It means ‘pleasant wood’.

protip_icon Quick fact
Marley is a gender-neutral name and is also used as a surname.

39. Mary

How can we not mention the mommy who gave birth to the child whom we celebrate on Christmas? Mary means ‘rebellion’.

40. Merry

This cheerful Christmas girl name was given to hundreds of girls in 1950s by parents who found Mary too commonplace. We think it will work best in the middle spot or as a nickname. Merry means ‘Guardia of the sea’ in Welsh.

41. Mitzi

This spunky form of Marie belonged to Rudolf’s mother in “The Red Nosed Reindeer”. Mitzi means ‘rebellion’.

42. Natalia

Natalia is a French name, meaning ‘Born at Christmas’. It cannot get apter.

43. Natalie

At 14th spot, Natalie, meaning ‘birthday of the Lord’ is at its highest point ever. This name has been a favorite of the girls born during or on Christmas. One of the most conspicuous bearers of this name is Natalie Portman, the American actress.

44. Natasha

This super trendy name is the Russian version of Natalie and means ‘born in Christmas’. The other famous Natashas are Natasha Bedingfiled – the singer and Natasha Richardson – the actress.

45. Noel

One of the first choices of a lot of mothers, Noel is a French term, meaning ‘Christmas’. This name brings to the sophisticated and witty playwright Noel Coward. Then there is “The First Noel” one of the most popular Christmas carols of all time.

46. Nora

Capture the essence of this bright and cheery season by naming your daughter Nora, which means ‘light’.

47. Olive

This name will forever be connected to the holidays, thanks to the movie “Olive, the Other Reindeer”. We think it’s a great option for parents who avoid overtly feminine names. Olive means ‘olive tree’.

48. Paloma

The name Paloma refers to a dove

The name Paloma, meaning ‘dove’ featured in the song, “12 Day of Christmas”.

49. Rachel

We’re not talking about “FRIENDS” Rachel here. Rachel is also the name of the first wife of Jacob and Joseph’s mother. It means ‘ewe’.

50. Seraphina

Not only is this name unique, rhythmic, and beautiful, it also means ‘fiery’, which nods to the toast fire that we enjoy during the holiday season.

51. Snow

Now that unconventional noun names and Disney princess names are gaining ground, how about picking Snow for your daughter? It’s white, one of the primary colors associated with Christmas, and comes down mainly during winters.

52. Starr

We all know that star is a Christmas symbol. So how about naming your daughter after this celestial object? You can snip the second ‘r’ if you want to keep it straightforward.

53. Stella

Mark your daughter’s arrival by naming her Stella, which means ‘star’. It will refer to the star of Bethlehem mentioned in the Christmas tales.

54. Suzy

How about naming your daughter after the famous snowflake, Suzy? Suzie means ‘lily’.

55. Taraji

This beautiful Swahili name, meaning ‘hope and faith’ commemorates the spiritual side of the season without being too blatant.

56. Tiffany

Tiffany derived from the medieval English name Theophania and means ‘appearing from God’ in Greek. The film and novel “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” has made it even more popular. Tiffany means ‘epiphany’.

57. Virginia

Apart from its connection to the Virgin Mary, Virginia also featured in the powerful newspaper editorial of 1897. Virginia means ‘chaste’.

58. Winter

Just like other noun or word names, Winter is also on the rise. Harlow Winter Kate, the American actress put this season name on the map. A spelling variation of this name is Wynter.

59. Zuzu

Zuzu is the name of Jimmy Stewart’s adorable daughter in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. A name with loads of pizzazz, Zuzu means ‘lily’.

Christmas Baby Names For Boys

60. Abner

This Biblical name, meaning ‘father of light’, reached the peak of its popularity in the 1880s. And it continues to move upwards the list.

61. Alfredo

This name references to the elves that work hard day and night to make Christmas presents for the little one. This Christmas boy elf name, Alfredo is the Spanish and Italian version of Alfred and means ‘elf counselor’.

62. Alonzo

In the Christmas special movie, “Meet Me in St. Louis”, Alonzo was the name of both brother and father in the Smith family. This Latinate name means ‘eager for war’.

63. Arthur

Arthur was Mr. and Ms. Santa Claus’ son in the 3D Christmas special movie, “Arthur Christmas’. This name has begun returning to the nurseries of Britain and the United States after years of hiatus. Arthur means ‘noble or courageous’.

64. Augustus

This moniker may sound a bit imposing, but it belonged to one of the kindest hearted character in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. Augustus means ‘noble’.

65. Balthazar

Balthazar, also spelled as Balthasar, is the name of one of the Three Wise Men who brought gifts to baby Jesus. Balthazar means ‘Baal protects the king’.

66. Caleb

The religious ties of Caleb make it an appealing Holiday name. Caleb means ‘devotion to God’.

67. Charlie

If you are a fan of the classic Christmas movie, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, you can consider the name Charlie for your son. It means ‘man’.

68. Christian

No other name can proclaim your faith more than this moniker. Your son will even get to share his name with Christian Bale, one of the most iconic actors of our generation. Christian means ‘follower of Christ’.

69. Christopher

St. Christopher, the patron saint of the travelers is believed to have carried baby Jesus across the river. It means ‘bearer of Christ’.

70. Clark

Clark is the name of the head of the dysfunctional Griswold family in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. Clark means ‘scribe or secretary’.

71. Claus

Both Claus, and its spelling variant Klaus would make a cool name for your son. It began as a nickname for the name Nicholas, which we believe, explains the name Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas). This name means ‘people’s victory’.

72. Clement

This name will honor Clement Moore, the writer of “’Twas the Night Before Christmas”, who disclosed the names of the eight reindeer. The meaning of Clement is ‘mild or merciful’.

73. Comet

Christmas baby name that means long-haired

Comet is the name of one of Santa’s reindeer. This astronomical name is reckoned to gain extreme popularity in the coming years. It means ‘long haired’.

74. Cristobal

Cristobal is a unique, Christmas inspired name, meaning ‘bearer of Christ’.

75. David

Cecil Frances Alexander had written a poem, which inspired the classic carol, “Once in Royal David’s City”. David means ‘beloved’.

76. Ebenezer

Ebenezer is the name of the biblical place that was set up by Samuel to commemorate his victory over the Philistines. It also featured in Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” as well. You can shorten the name to Eben to make it sound unique. Ebenezer means ‘stone of help’.

77. Elden

Elden is another name meaning ‘from the elves valley’. And it’s one of the least familiar names too!

78. Ember

This name, meaning ‘hot ashes’, exudes the fuzzy feels that makes Christmas our favorite holiday. Or you can use it as a short form for December.

79. Emmanuel

Emmanuel, the biblical name given to Messiah, is a worthy contender for a xmas baby name. It means ‘God is with us’.

80. Felix

Felix means ‘happy’, which is what we associate Christmas with. The ‘x’ ending makes this name even more Christmas friendly.

protip_icon Trivia
This name has numerous variants with slight differences in spelling. In French, it is written as ‘Félix,’ while in Catalan, it is spelled as ‘Fèlix.’ In Italian, the name becomes ‘Felice,’ and its Polish and Serbian version is ‘Feliks.’

81. Forest

Wondering what Forrest is doing on the list? It is taken from the traditional English carol “Down in Yon Forest”. Forest means ‘woodman or wood’.

82. Frank

Frank as in Frankincense, is one of the gifts Balthazar gave to Mother Mary on the birth of Jesus. This warm and friendly name means ‘free man or Frenchman’.

83. Frederick

Fredrick or Fred Claus, is the older brother of Santa Claus. His name means ‘ruler’.

84. Frost

This cool name is perfect for a child born at this time of the year. It was earlier heard as a last name, but has now entered the scene as first. Frost means ‘white haired’.

85. Gabriel

Anyone who has read the Christmas story would know that Gabriel was the archangel who informed Mary that she was going to give birth to the Son of God. Gabriel means ‘God is my strength’.

86. Gaspar

This variation of the name of the ‘wise man’ is less common that Casper. It means ‘treasurer’.

87. Geoffrey

Another name tied to peace. Geoffrey is a European name, dating back to the Middle Ages. It means ‘peace’.

88. Jack

Mr. Jack Frost would be truly honored by your choice. This durable and cheery form of John means ‘God is gracious’.

89. Jefferson

“Christmas in Connecticut”, a vintage Christmas movie featured a charming hero named Jefferson. Jefferson means ‘son of Geoffrey’.

90. Jesus

Jesus, the man Himself! In the Catholic countries, Jesus is a popular pick for baby boys. It is pronounced as ‘Hay-Zoos’ in Spanish and ‘Gee-zuhs’ in English language. Jesus means ‘God saves’.

91. Joseph

In the Bible, Joseph was the carpenter whom God chose to father Jesus. This Hebrew moniker is famous in every English speaking country. It means ‘increase or addition’.

92. Linus

This name is best remembered for the animated musical show, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, which featured the Peanuts gang – Lucy, Linus, Violet, and Frieda. Linus means ‘flaxen haired’.

93. Luke

In the Old Testament, the Gospel of Luke gives the longest account of the nativity. It narrates the incidence when the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary. This name means ‘light giving’.

94. Malachi

If you want a name with religious connotations, pick Malachi, which refer to the angels in the nativity scene. Malachi means ‘messenger’.

95. Melchior

Melchior was one of the Three Wise Men who visited Jesus. His name means ‘city of the king’.

96. Miles

If you want an uncommon variant of Milo, pick the cool and confident name Miles. This name featured in the movie “Elf”. Miles means ‘soldier’.

97. Natal

The geographers out there would know that Natal is the name of the place that Vasco de Gama spotted on the Christmas day. This Spanish name means ‘birthday’.

98. Nicholas

Some of you may not know, but the real name of Santa Claus is St. Nicholas and he’s the patron saint of children. Nicholas means ‘people’s victory’.

99. Pax

This cool, ‘x’ ending name meaning ‘peaceful’ perfectly describes the merry time of this year. Its spelling variation is Paix.

100. Ralphie

Most of you would recognize this name from the cult movie “A Christmas Story”. This nickname for Ralph, meaning ‘wolf-counsel’ is on the verge of a comeback.

101. Rudolf

Rudolf, the name of the Santa’s most favorite reindeer, is one of those vintage names that might be back anytime soon. Rudolf means ‘fame or wolf’. For the nickname, you can pick Rudy.

102. Snowden

Snowden is an English name, meaning ‘from the snowy hill’.

103. Tannen

Tannen signifies a fir tree

Tannenbaum, the German word for ‘pine’ also features in the carol, ‘O Tannenbaum’. But to give it a modern touch, you can shorten it to Tannen or Tannon. This name means ‘fir tree’.

104. Timothy

The best-known reference of this name would be the loyal disciple of St. Paul, who was executed for denying worshiping Goddess Diana. It was further immortalized in Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”. Timothy means ‘honoring God’.

105. Waite

The association of this Middle English name with Christmas comes from the practice of calling carolers Waits as the tradition began with a group of watchmen singing tunes. Waite means ‘guard’.

106. Wenceslas

If Slavic or traditional names tickle your fancy, Wenceslas could be the one for you. Wenceslas is the name of the good king who attended the feast of Stephen. It means ‘greater glory’.

107. Yule

A name fit for a future pop star. The origin of the name Yule stems back to Old English and means ‘winter solstice’.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I name my baby after a Christmas character?

Yes, naming your baby after a Christmas character, such as Rudolph, Gabriel, and Angel, is a personal preference and your interest in the Christmas season.

2. Is it important to choose a Christmas-themed name if my baby is born during the holiday season?

No, it is unimportant, but it depends on your preferences and interests. You may also choose gender-specific or unisex names or popular Christian names.

3. Can I choose a Christmas baby name if my family is not religious?

Whether you love the Christmas season or your faith is associated with Christianity, you may choose a Christmas baby name even if your family is not religious. Many Christmas baby names without any religious significance can be used as secular names.

4. Is it appropriate to name my baby after a Christmas song?

Yes, there are many names inspired by Christmas carols, such as Carol, Melody, Jingle, Fanny, Harold, Angel, and Twinkle.

5. How has the popularity of Christmas-themed baby names changed over time?

Christmas-themed names have always been popular naming choices among parents, especially among Christian families and those who are born during this season. However, nowadays, many parents are choosing Christmas-themed names. Also, while Christmas-themed names in earlier times were used to be mostly from the Bible and certain traditions, such as Mary, Joseph, Angel, Clementine, and Emmanuel, nowadays, many Christmas names are derived from Christmas movies, songs, and other aspects of the Christmas season. These names are Bell, Snow, Winter, Candy, Carol, Eve, and Ginger.

6. Are there any cultural or religious considerations to take into account when choosing a Christmas baby name?

When choosing Christmas baby names, it is important to consider any cultural or religious significance that might have a wrong portrayal. For example, names like Grinch or Herod are names negatively associated with the Christmas season. Also, names like Bell and Ginger may sound unusual if they are not seen in alignment with the Christmas season.

When choosing a name for their precious little one, parents draw inspiration from multiple elements. Some parents may be fascinated and rejoice with the idea of festive names that allude to a cheerful environment filled with glee and fun. Keeping this in mind, our list of Christmas baby names is for parents expecting a baby in December or who are mesmerized by the euphoria and miracles of Christmas. So, check out these fantastic baby names, explore their meanings, and then choose the one that sounds the best to you.

Infographic: Christmas Names For Boys And Girls

Christmas is the most-loved season of the year, filled with joy, celebrations, and togetherness. So, if you would like to name your little one after this festive season, check out the infographic below. We bring holy and festive names for your little munchkin.

christmas inspired names for your little angel (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Festive-themed Christmas baby names are inspired by the Bible and names of characters in popular Christmas movies.
  • The names have meanings associated with Christmas traditions and nature.
  • You can choose a Christmas baby name even if you are not a Christian due to their significance and melodic sound.

Christmas Baby Names_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Explore this video on holiday-inspired baby names for boys and girls! Get ready to find the perfect name for your little one this Christmas season!
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